Dekanawida and the formation of the Great Peace: Part 2

To those of you who are taking the time to read this piece of our oral history, I say Niawen Kowa. This is the story as it was heard in the times of my Great Grandfather, Massey Green. He would have been about thirteen years old when these words were spoken by the Onondaga Chief, John Arthur Gibson. They may not be the words you have heard in the past in your teachings, but they are typed by my hand exactly as they were spoken in 1899. TehonikonratheEnjoy, and now; 


Now in turn, the other, my third saying, ‘now it is arriving, the Peace’, this means that everyone will become related, men and also women, and also the young people and the children, and when all are relatives, every nation, there will be peace as they
roam about by day and also by night. Now, also, it will become possible for them to assemble in meetings. Then there will be truthfulness, and they will uphold hope and charity, so that it is peace that will unite all the people, indeed, it will be as
though they have but one mind, and they are a single person with only one body and one head and one life, which means that there will be unity.

Moreover, and most importantly, one is going to assemble in meetings where it will be announced that all of mankind will repent of their sins, even evil people, and in the future they will be kind to one another, one and all. When they are functioning, the Good Message and also the Power and the Peace, moreover, these will be the principal
things that everybody will live by; these will be the great values among the people.” Then Tekanawita’ said ” Now that I have finished my task I will depart.”

Thereupon the older people said, ” We are accepting the things that we have heard about the Good Message, and the Power and also the Peace.” Thereupon they distributed the corn bread and the meat of the game animals and they shared these
among the whole group, and they feasted, they rejoiced, and they were grateful to Tekanawita’

Thereupon Kah,etehsu,k, and her mother, Kaheto’ktha, and their child Tekanawita’,
returned home, going back to the place they call (?) When they arrived back there, Tekanawita’ said, “Now I will get going and start to build myself a boat. Furthermore, when I have finished my boat, I will depart, and it is toward the east that I will go. Moreover, I want you not to become unhappy when the time comes for me to get ready to leave.” Thereupon Tekanawita’ went all day long. When it got dark, he returned home not carrying anything with him, nor did he say anything, and
then they went to sleep until dawn. Thereupon he departed again, returning home at dusk, he carrying nothing with him, nor saying anything, and they slept till dawn.

Thereupon he departed again, returning at dusk, and again he had nothing with him. That is how it goes: every day he departs, and he always returns when it gets dark; for a long time that is what it was like, and never does he say anything, and it is
the same with his grandmother and also his mother, they never say anything when he arrives at night. After a time Tekanawita’ said, “Now then, I can tell you, grandmother and mother too, that I have now finished it. Therefore at dawn we will leave. Moreover, first we will go to the top of the hill, where I will show you a certain tree, a pine tree, growing on top of the hill; this will be able to tell my
fortune when I am gone. Now that I have finished my boat, I will launch it. Furthermore, you two will help me when we launch the boat. Moreover, you will observe what kind of boat it is that I made here on earth. I alone will use the boat for the length of time that I will travel about where the lakes and also where there are rivers. After my task is completed, my work, then no one may use my boat, for as to that, I shall take it back when I return home from the earth.

” Thereupon Kaheto’ktha and Kah,etehsu,k understood that now, indeed, the time had come for it to happen as foretold in his grandmother’s dream. At dawn the two women prepared a
meal. When they were finished the grandmother Kaheto’ktha, said, “Now, indeed, we have finished, and we will all eat. Truly, we do not know whether this is the last time all of us will eat together. Now, indeed, the time has come that the man told
about and which was revealed from within his dream.” Thereupon they ate. When they finished the meal, Kah,etehsu,k said, “I love you my child, Tekanawita’. Now indeed the time has come for us to part. As to that, we do not know whether in the future, in days to come, we will ever see each other again.’

Thereupon Tekanawita’ said “Now moreover, we will leave to go to the top of the hill, where the living tree stands, the great pine.” Then they departed. When they arrived there, they ascended to the top of the hill. When they got to the top of the
hill, they stopped. Thereupon Tekanawita’ said, “This living tree is able to tell our fortune. Now, indeed, the time has come for my work to begin. So now I will leave, going toward the east. Moreover, once I have departed, you should notch this living tree. Thereupon sweet sap will appear, and you two will eat it; and this is what you will think, ‘we are in luck, ‘ for all is peaceful as I pass the long road of my work. Moreover, this is what will happen if you notch the tree and blood
begins to spill: Thereupon you will know at once that something has spoiled our good fortune.

If just so it should happen, that blood should begin to spill from this living tree, that is, if something should spoil my good fortune, and my blood should
begin to spill, then here on earth we may not see each other again. I, moreover, I will be the first to notch it, you two will watch out for what is to happen…and when it becomes necessary to you, it will inform you two. After you notch it, and
sweet sap flows, you will realize that my luck is good, you know, but if blood flows, you will know that my luck is bad.” Thereupon he said, I myself, will be the first to notch it, and you two will watch to see what is to happen, what kind of luck is to be mine.” When he notched it sap flowed, and he said, “I will have good luck when I travel.

Thereafter they ate the sweet sap which resembled honey. Thereupon Tekanawita’ said, ” Now you two saw that it is able to tell what kind of
luck is to be mine.” Now after Tekanawita’ hit the growing tree with his stone axe, sap flowed from it. And they, eating it, found that it was sweet like honey.

Thereupon Tekanawita’ said, “Now you are looking at how it is to be in the future, for a number of days to come, for it is able to inform you about the state of my affairs, however many times you look at it.

So now we will depart, going to the place where the boat I have completed lies. This, presently, is what you will see: The kind of boat I will launch when I take off for the other side of the lake.” Thereafter Tekanawita’ said “Now, indeed
we’ll depart,” and they left, Tekanawita’ walking in front of them, and they following him, his grandmother and his mother; and they followed a path until, it seems suddenly, they saw a rock ledge at the top of the hill where they arrived.
Thereupon Tekanawita’ stopped, saying, “Now we have arrived here where it is located, my boat.” Thereupon he showed it to them, and they saw a stone boat and paddles of stone. Thereupon Tekanawita’ turned it right side up, the boat.

Thereupon he said, “Examine it, and you will know what kind of boat I have made, here on earth.” Thereupon Kahetoktha said and Kah,etehsu,k examined it, and were surprised at the kind of boat it was. Thereupon Kah,etehsu,k said “I love you, my child, but what are you doing in launching a stone boat, for surely, indeed, it will sink beneath the water’s surface, the boat?” Thereupon Tekanawita’ said “If it is true that it will sink, my boat, then I also may not survive nor can my work go forward here on earth.” Thereupon Tekanawita’ said, “Now, indeed, you two will help me as we
drag the boat; then, into the water, we will launch it, and you will watch as I get in. You, moreover, will be the first to see this surprising accomplishment, and it is you who are to be the witnesses as I take this step.” Thereupon he said “Now, then, lets pull the boat.” Thereupon his grandmother and his mother and Tekanawita’
pulled the boat, and then they launched it on the water.

Thereupon he shook hands with his grandmother and his mother and he said, “Don’t become unhappy now that we are separating. Furthermore, don’t ever forget how it began, this matter, and also
what happened concerning my mission, For it is you who witnessed my departure today.” Thereupon he got into the boat and disconnected it. Thereupon his grandmother and his mother watched it depart, Tekanawita’s boat, with him in it; he was in the boat, paddling swiftly when it left, and in a short time it actually disappeared as he was paddling along, Tekanawita’.

Thereupon the two women turned back; then they went home, arriving back at the place where they had their shelter. Thereupon Kahetoktha said, “Now, indeed, he has departed, Tekanawita’. So now we two will go home, returning to the village to recount what has happened; and this, probably, is it: It is right for us to tell the elders and the people, even the children, everybody we will tell about the things that happened and also what he has foretold us about what is to happen in future days to come; and also about what we ourselves observed: how he showed us, one might
say, astonishing matters; and they will know the whole story, for we will tell everything he spoke of, Tekanawita’ he who has now departed.”

Thereupon Kahetoktha and Kahetehsuk went home, going back to the village, and arriving back there, they went to the place where he had his house, the leading chief, whom they told everything they had seen, the great words and what Tekanawita’
had predicted, as well as that he had now departed. This is what the chief did, at the village he gathered all the people together. Thereupon he spoke to the group about what they had told him, Kahetoktha and Kahetehsuk, “These are the amazing events that took place, and they saw them, that is, they witnessed what he has
predicted, Tekanawita’ and this story will continue on, it will proceed, now that he has departed, going east toward the sunrise.”

Thereupon the chief at the village said, ” Now, indeed, we are informed that he has set out, Tekanawita’ then, just so we were informed of his predictions. First, that on the hill, at the top of the
hill, there is a living tree, a great pine tree, and this can tell whether his fortune will be good, and in that event sweet sap will flow, which is a sign of his
work proceeding, and also in the event that blood will flow, it is a sign of this, that his luck will become bad and that hey will not function, the Good Message, Power and the Peace. Thereupon I desire that everyone in the group, the elders, and
also the children, that we all wish his good luck, and this especially: we should not forget the message, which is now concluded; we have heard what he has said, Tekanawita’. Now this, therefore is what I am saying to you, to the whole group, the
elders as well as the young people, don’t forget the words he has spoken in front of the children and us who are the elders.

This is where they should rest, his words, in the bottom of our hearts, so that, whatever ones age, one will keep remembering the story that he himself, Tekanawita’ , has told.” Thereafter the children repeated it, reminding themselves of what he had said in front of them.

This, moreover, is what happened when he crossed over, Tekanawita’: There was a mans camp near the lake where resided a husband and wife and their family who had come from Kanye’ke, and the reason for their departure had been their killing one another by scalping, which was why they had left that vicinity, moving their camp a distance toward the west into the bush near a lake, where they had erected their shelter and where they had settled down with their family. Shortly thereafter the man went out to dip water at the lake shore.

This one, when he had dipped, climbed back up the
bank, rested, and then, looking in the direction of the lake, he saw something coming in the direction of and proceeding towards the lake shore to the place where he stood. It came along swiftly and soon he realized that it was a man coming along
propelling a boat. In a very short while after landing, the man disembarked, pulled the boat out of the water, and then the man who had been standing there looked at him, the man pulling his boat out of the water, and the man who had been standing there saw the stone canoe, which was the boat he had propelled, that one, the man
who was arriving.

Then he came to the place where he was standing, the one who had been resting, the one who had gone to dip water, they gave thanks and greeted each other, and then he began speaking, as soon as he arrived, saying, Now we are seeing each other, we who are strangers, just now being the first time I am seeing you.

Thereupon the one who had been resting there said,” It is true, this is the first time we are meeting, we who are strangers, this is the first time I have seen you, and I don’t know you, where, then, did you come from, and what is your name?”

Thereupon he began to speak, he who had just arrived, saying “I have come from a village of kindred people and my name is Tekanawita’. Now, then, I will ask you where in fact, you have come from and what your name is? ” Thereupon the man said, “Indeed, it is Kanye’ke we come from, my family and I, we having just now fled our shelter at the village because too much warfare was going on. This, in particular: they have been scalping one another by day and by night, and they are in the process of massacring one another, and the reason I am here is for us to survive; as for me, indeed, my name is Thoihwayei’.”

Thereupon Tekanawita said, “Now I understand who you are. Now, moreover, I will tell you that it is you I chose, for you to be the first person I meet. So now I will tell you what you should do. As to that, you should now return home at once, and
without delay go back to the settlement. And this, when you arrive back there, go straightaway to the place where he has his house, the leading man of the village, or I should say, the chief, and this is what you will tell him, indeed, you will say,
‘It is arriving, the Good Message, and next this: the Power, and next this: the Peace.’

Moreover, what will happens that he will ask you, ‘Who is it, then, who has told you about this?’ And you will say, ‘Tekanawita’.’ If he says, ‘Where did you see him?’, you will say, ‘At the lake shore, and in fact, he is coming and will be arriving soon in this village.’ Thereupon you [all] will hear everything, that is, he himself will reply to everything.

“Now you shall hear what you should do when you go to tell the chief. As to that, in this direction, here, there are located two groups; these are dangerous, so I will halt their evil and sinful activities which go on by day and by night to the extent that both are dangerous, and I will end it as soon as possible. Thereupon peace will take hold among the inhabitants. Moreover, when I have completed this task, then I will go to Kanye’ke.” Thereupon Tekanawita’ said, “Now, then, you go back, go straight to the village.”

Thereupon Thoihwayei’ returned home, arrived at their shelter, and said, “I saw a man, we conversed, and this is what he commissioned me to do: to go to tell about it to the chief, saying, ‘They say that now it is arriving, the Good Message, and,
next, the Power, and next, the Peace’.”

Thereupon Thoihwayei’ went back, returning straight to the village where the chief had his house, and arriving there said, “I have a message along that is directed especially to you, and this is what the man has commissioned me to tell you: ‘It is now arriving, the Good Message, and the
Power, and the Peace’. Then the chief said, “Who sent you to tell me the message you have along?” Thereupon Thoihwayei’ said, “This, indeed is what happened: at dawn I went to dip water at the lake. And when I finished dipping I went back up to the
bank, stood on top of the bank, and looking towards the lake I saw a boat coming; a man was in it, paddling along rapidly, straight to the place where I stood.

After a short time he landed, tied his boat to the bank, and then got out from inside the boat; I looked at the boat, and it was made of white stone, the boat was. Thereupon the man said, ‘Where did you come from?’ and I said, ‘It is close by, our shelter, we having fled, my family and I, for the reason that there is to much danger to my
life. In fact as matters stand, every single day and every night they massacre each other, and this is the reason why we traveled elsewhere, my family and I, for me to save them so that one may survive for a few more days.’ Thereupon the man began to
speak, saying, ‘Now go back home; they are arriving there, the Good Message, and the
Power, and the Peace.’

Thereupon I said, ‘Where did you come from, who are you and what is your name? ‘ [?] he said, I am coming from the west [and] east is the direction I am going towards; as to my name, what they say is Tekanawita’.’ Moreover, he sent me to tell you that he is coming, and that he will arrive here
before long. This actually, is what he told me, that towards the south there are two dangerous groups, and in this direction he took, Tekanawita’.”

After Tekanawita’ had departed in that direction he came to a house belonging to a cannibal who had his house there. Then Tekanawita’ went close to the house. Then, when he saw the man coming out, departing, sliding down the hill to the river, and
dipping water, thereupon Tekanawita’ hurriedly climbed onto the house to the place where there was a chimney for the smoke to escape; he lay down on his stomach and looking into the house he saw that the task of breaking up meat and piling it up had been completed. Then the man returned, and he was carrying a drum of water in it.

Thereupon he poured it into a vessel, put meat into the liquid, when he saw, from inside the vessel, a man looking out. Thereupon he moved away without removing the meat, and sat down again on the long bench, for it was a surprise to him, seeing the man in the vessel. Thereupon he thought, “Let me look again”. Thereupon he, Tekanawita’, looked again from above where the smoke hole was, again causing a reflection in the vessel, and then the man, standing up again, went to where the
vessel sat, looked into the vessel again, saw the man looking out, and he was handsome, he having a nice face.

Thereupon the man moved away again and he sat down again on the long bench, and then he bowed his head, pondering and thinking, “I am exceedingly handsome and I have a nice face; it is probably not right, my habit of eating humans. So I will now stop, from now on I ought not kill humans anymore.”
Thereupon he stood again, went to where the vessel sat, picked up the vessel with meat in it, and then he went out, sliding straight down the slope beside the river and near uprooted tree he poured out the vessel full of meat.

Meanwhile Tekanawita’ hurriedly climbed down again from on top of the house, and went to where he had gone, the man carrying the vessel containing human flesh. Just then, he having ascended the top of the hill, the one holding the vessel, the two met. Thereupon they both stopped, and the man said, “We two are meeting; where do you come from? We are strangers; what is your name?”

Thereupon he began to speak, saying, “Really, it is true, we are strangers; it is the first time we have met. Now moreover, I will tell you that the place I came from is the other side of the lake, and as to me, my name, Indeed, is Tekanawita’.” Thereupon he said, “I will ask you what that is, that vessel you are holding?” and the man said, “It is surprising what happened: I was just about to take my meat out of the liquid to make a meal of it, when I examined it to see whether, indeed, it was done. And this: When I stood up next to the vessel, I looked into the vessel and I saw a man looking out. Now then, I went back to the long bench and sat down again and then I felt astonished at what
was happening, for never had I looked and seen that kind of thing. Thereupon I thought, I will repeat it and look again into the vessel.’ Thereupon I stood again and moved over next to the vessel, and I stood looking where the meat was cooking in
the vessel, and I saw the man looking out again; he was handsome, very handsome.

Thereupon I unhooked the vessel, and placed it beside the fire. Then I sat down again on the bench, pondering and thought, ‘It is an amazing thing that I, indeed, am handsome, very handsome.’ Thereupon I decided, ‘Now I will stop eating humans, and now I will stop killing people.’ Thereupon I again stood up, picked up the vessel, came out of the house and went near the hill to a tree that had uprooted itself; there I poured out the human flesh; so now I am stopping that work of mine. Only this, the vessel, that is what will remain, and I will use it for cooking meals.”

Thereupon Tekanawita’ said, “Now I understand everything; so now you will return, going to the village to tell your people, ‘Now it is arriving, the Good Message, also the Power, and also the Peace.’ Now indeed you have ended your killing of
humans.” That, moreover, is how it will happen; kindred people will stop massacring and scalping one another. As to that, it will stop now; from now on it will come about that everyone will be related, members of all of the different nations. So go
back now, take note of these matters, and accept the Good Message, and the Power, and the Peace. I also will depart now, I will go to the place where here, you share food with them; indeed, repeatedly, when they finish eating, they go on to kill people, and also to scalp them. And when these warriors return, they stop here again, and again you feed them, doing so repeatedly, and you help both sides, those living to the west and to the east. So now you will stop; now, indeed, it is coming, the Good Message, also the Power, and also the Peace. Now, moreover, you will depart
and towards the east that is where you will go. On the third day, indeed, you will become a peace chief and a leader for the Good Message, the Power, and the Peace. There, moreover, you will arrive, at the place where they will assemble, the chiefs; and you will all cooperate in working on the Great Law, so that all the people will survive, because now everyone will become related; now there will be peace in days and nights to come; and it will stop, the bloodshed among human beings here on earth. Moreover, we two will meet again there at the place where they will assemble,
where a number of nations will unite by accepting the Good Message, the Power, and the Peace.” Thereupon Tsikuhsahse’ said, “I accept the various words you have said to me. It will happen that I will go to the place where we will all meet again on
the third day.”

Then Tekanawita’ said, Now, then, I will pass on, going to Kanye’ke where they are expecting my arrival.” Thereupon Tekanawita’ left, getting back to where he had his boat next to the lake. Then he departed. Moreover, when he got to the vicinity of
the village, there, near the river, he kindled a fire. Thus at dawn they saw smoke rising near the river. Thereupon the chief said, ” You two investigate who kindled the fire causing smoke to rise near the river, and if you see the man, bring him back, saying, ‘The chief commissioned us to summon you back with us.’ Indeed, now he is arriving, the one who sent word that he is coming; maybe this time it is the man who is arriving.” Thereupon the two departed, going to where the smoke had risen
near the river, and arriving they saw the man sitting next to the fire, and they said, “He sent us along, the chief, we have come to fetch you and take you back to where he has his house, the chief, there where the village lies.’ Thereupon
Tekanawita’ said “That is how it shall happen. Very well, let’s go.”

Thereupon that’s where they went, to the place where the chief had his house, and they arrived there. Thereupon the chief said, “It was I who sent them there to summon you, thinking perhaps this time it is you whom we have been expecting,
Tekanawita’, who sent the message that he is coming; for a long time we have been expecting you.” Thereupon Tekanawita’ said “Indeed, it is I, I have now arrived.” Then the chief said, “I will notify the Great Warrior and his deputy; we will all
assemble as a group, we will have a meeting, and you will wait until we are ready”
Then Tekanawita’ said “I accept the way in which you are planning it; I will wait until you are ready.”

Thereupon the chief sent his message to them, the Great Warrior and his deputy, for the two of them at once to spread the news among all the people, to come together at the chiefs house, for now he has arrived, the man whose name is Tekanawita’.
Thereupon they were informed, and immediately the two spread the news among all the people to assemble at the chief’s house, and the news spread immediately, that now he had arrived, Tekanawita’, and all of the people wanted to see the man, the one who had sent a message that he was coming. Then everybody, men and women and infants and children, they all assembled at the chosen place. And this: when all were ready,
the chief stood up, saying, Now we are ready. So now you will proceed with the matter; now you will reveal the matter you have along.”

Then Tekanawita’ stood up, saying, “I, indeed, am arriving with the Good Message and the Power and the Peace; now it will cease, the warfare and the scalping and the shedding of human blood. This, actually, is how it is on earth: there are pools and
streams of human blood. And this will now cease. This, too: you are the first whose village I am visiting with this message you are hearing now.

Thereupon the chief and the Great Warrior and his deputy conversed in whispers, deciding that they would ask what was the meaning of the three words. Thereupon he stood up, the chief, saying, “We have heard you report the message you are bringing, and we want to ask you about the three words: first, what does ‘Good Message’ mean; secondly, what is ‘Power’, and thirdly, what does it mean ‘Peace is now arriving?’ ”

Then Tekanawita’ stood up in front of the whole group and said, “You shall listen well, for you wanted to ask questions so as to understand what it means, Good Message’; t his is what it means: people respect each other as though they are one
person; also everybody is related among the various nations, so that now they will stop, the sins and activities of evil people; now everyone will repent, the old people and the young people; now everyone will respect one another among the
nations; and just this is what will operate again, the good, and that is what the ‘Good Message’ means.

Secondly, this is what ‘Power’ means: all of the Nations will unite all their affairs, and the group of several nations will become just a single one, and their power is that they shall join hands. This moreover, will be the basis upon which they will survive as a group, forming a single family, similar to being one person having one head and one life, surrounded by the Good Message. This is how peace will come about among all the nations, and power will arise for families to continue from here on in.

Thirdly, this is what ‘Peace’ means: now it will stop, the massacre of humans and the scalping and bloodletting among themselves, specifically, among the people of various nations. Now to that, it will end, the human slaughter, because the Great
Spirit never planned for humans to hurt one another nor to slaughter one another. So now it will end, the warpath, and everywhere it will become peaceful; the different nations’ villages are as neighbours and as to the localized families and
their children, what will happen is that they all will be very close relatives; and it will come to pass that they will become just like one family which will
encompass every nation and every language. And this: when everyone can travel from village to village, then it will end, the danger and the terror, and everything will be peaceful, and they will rejoice by day and by night as the family continues
on. There being no end to peace that is what it means, the Great Law of Peace, and everyone will be united; now I am finished.”

Thereupon the Great Warrior stood up, saying, “Now we have heard Tekanawita’ explain
to us the three words he mentioned, and to me, this is what I personally am questioning:

What will happen if we accept the Good Message and the Power and the Peace, and the other tribes do not accept it? Subsequently this could happen: perhaps they will come to massacre us. Hence this is what I personally would say to this man who has
arrived, Tekanawita’, whatever the message he has along which now he has finished delivering to us, moreover, this is it: I might believe it, if he were able to climb that tree growing over there beside the river, on the high bank, and if when he sits
on the top of the tree, subsequently we were to cut down the tree, which would get knocked down in the direction of the river, now if this man has arrived, Tekanawita’ were to pass the test, surviving until dawn tomorrow, then I will immediately accept whatever message he has brought along.” Thereupon the deputy to the Great Warrior stood up saying, “I will tell you this; I will affirm what he said, the Great Warrior, to the full extent. If he is able, this man, to climb up and perch on top of the tree, and then we cut the tree which will topple into the river, and if this man will pass this test, If we see him the next morning, then I will accept and believe the message he has brought along.”

Thereupon he sat down again, the deputy of the Great Warrior and the chief stood up and said, “I rejoice that he has arrived, Tekanawita’, and that he has finished telling everything, explaining to us the happens of the Good Message which he has
along as well as the Power and the Peace. Moreover, now that I have heard everything, Tekanawita having completed his account, I now therefore accept the Good Message and the Power and the Peace; as they say, my people and also my
grandchildren, that is, the ongoing family, will carry on from here on into the future.” Thereupon the chief sat down again.

Thereafter Tekanawita’ stood up and said, “First I will respond to the questions of the chief, to what he said, for now it is beginning, that is, the action of the Good Message because indeed, Hayehwatha’ (the second Mohawk Title of the League Chiefs)
is accepting it. This moreover is how it is happening, because it kept you awake as it was arriving, the Good Message, and this especially, the Power and the Peace, consequently, this is now your name and they will use it to address you:
Hayehwatha’, and all of the people will live by it, your name, and it will help them in succeeding generations to say Hayehwatha’.”

Thereupon Tekanawita’ said ” Now then, I will respond to all the words spoken by the Great Warrior and his deputy for they want me to climb the tree growing at the top of the bank beside the river. Thereupon they will cut the tree so that it will go down into the river, and if I pass the test and survive until tomorrow, then they will accept the Good Message, the Great Warriors. Moreover, I agree to it, that this is how it shall happen.”

Thereupon the whole group said, “That is just what we want, for the truth to emerge.” Thereupon Tekanawita’ said, “Now just that is what I also am prepared for, that I should climb the tree growing there, I sitting down on top of the tree, and
then everyone will observe what is to happen.”

Thereupon the Great Warrior said, “Now we are ready to go to where the tree is growing.”

Thereupon they departed, the whole group, and arrived at the growing tree. Then the Great Warrior said, “This is it, this growing tree; you will climb it and when you sit down on top of the tree , you will look down at the river. Thereupon we will chop into it, cutting down the tree which will drop down to the river. Moreover, they will watch, the whole crowd, to see whether you pass the test and survive until tomorrow. Then we will respond to the message you delivered to us.”

Thereupon Tekanawita’ said “Now, then, I will climb up.” Thereupon he went towards the growing tree. Thereupon he climbed it, sitting down there on the top of the tree while a large crowd watched as witnesses as they chopped into it. The growing tree, cutting the tree which went down towards the river, and into the depth went the branches; he disappeared underneath the water’s surface, Tekanawita’ did, and nowhere did they see him again. Thereupon the Great Warrior said, “Now, indeed, it is coming to pass that we do not see Tekanawita’ anywhere. So now we will go home to
wait until tomorrow, just in case, indeed, he should reappear.”

(To be continued)

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