MNN. May 30, 2013. Corporation of Canada Member, Rob Clarke, is trying to pass a corporate by-law to change the Indian Act. With the stroke of a pen Indians will be no more.

Clarke: "Gonna wipe 'em out with one swipe".

Rob Clarke: “Gonna wipe out dem Injuns with one swipe”.

The foreign corporation called “Canada” was created by the Law of the Seas. This company has been illegally placed on Great Turtle Island. It made a by-law called the “Indian Act” to rob and kill off the Indians and make it appear legal. Now Her Majesty’s subject from Saskatchewan, Rob Clarke, is changing this by-law to try to kill the survivors of the genocide. The desperate bankers need our ever growing $130 trillion Indian Trust Fund for war!war bill

Clarke said he consulted all 633 of their corporate injuns that control the Indigenous control grid. He asked, “Can we keep on raping your people and your land? We promise to make you rich. It’s better than nothing!” They said, “Sure!”

While everybody is being distracted by the corruption scandals in Ottawa and Toronto, Prime Minister  Harper is getting his henchman to push through this WMD by-law.  Harper said, “Clarke, get this through. I don’t care who you bribe. It’s all from the Indian Trust Fund anyway.”

Clarke says, “The original by-law is working against the corporation. It lets a few big mouths complain and make life complicated for us. This one will shut them up as we will take everything from them, their identity, lands and resources. Hee-haw! We finally get away with the genocide.”

Senate: "Ya-hoo! They'll be begging for our vote!"

The Senate: “Ya-hoo! They’ll be bribing for our votes!”

“We just have to read it one more time and okay it. Then, bingo, the senate rubberstamps it. Then the Indigenous people are no more. It’s all ours. As simple as that. Hee-haw!”

Clarke says he’s worried about our Indigenous economy. Then they should leave our tobacco business alone. Our economy will greatly improve if you liars and crooks went back to where you came from.  Otherwise you are all going to that big jail near Attawapiskat for the rest of your lives. You’ll have to do your own laundry, try to grow food on poison ground and eat the garbage your fed to your victims in the Residential School Death Camps.Indians & Pilgrims

The world is onto Canada’s horribly bad act, and will be dealing directly with the true sovereigns soon. As Robbie Robertson sings; “In circles we gather Moonlight fires are kindled, Sending it back We just make it go back. Beating hearts, beating hearts
Come as one, come as one. This is Indian country, This is Indian country” Stomp Dance


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MNN. May 28, 2013. More trouble brewing for the thugs of the Corporation of Canada. What happens when the CEO, officers and accomplices become openly evil? Ghost Busters can’t help? These fearful dictators are flanked by bodyguards. Despotism is called “democracy”. They donate Indigenous land and possessions to fellow foreigners in exchange for paper immortality and off-shore bank accounts. Laws are made to protect them.

Harper: "We've been exposed!"

Bankers: “Harper, you idiot! We’ve been exposed!”

These pall-bearer politicians tell their followers to wave flags to celebrate their loss of freedom. Questioners are threatened with arrest and torture. They are treated like idiots and criminals. Who voted these politicians in? The dearly departed? Many say they never voted for them. 

“Out to Lunch” signs go up to evade public discussions. They talk out of two sides of their mouths while their eyes roam elsewhere. 

The public is being treated like Indians! The politicians’ salaries double or triple while education, health and welfare benefits are cut. That’s how our ever-growing $120 trillion Indian Trust Fund got stolen. Remember, these invaders and their followers all came to Great Turtle Island with nothing! They have nothing they can take when they leave! 

derangedWhile these weakened dons and their henchmen sharpen their knives, honest civil servants join the unemployment lines. 

Deranged power operates on a gut level. To protect ourselves: As an anti-terrorist, carry an eagle feather, tobacco and sweet grass to stop assaults. Wear Indigenous clothing whenever possible. Never sign anything that compromises our heritage. Give thanks to Mother Earth daily. Put a leaning stick inside our doors to bring peace and harmony to our households. Only the traditionally condoled are “chiefs”. The tribal and band council ones are corporate garbage Injuns. These punks think treason turns them into hunks. They are ruptured rodents who will answer to the law of the land.  

Porter: "Hey, Stevie, whaddaya want?'

Porter: “Hey, Stevie, do you really want me back?”

Another corpulent crony of Prime Minister Harper has been caught in Panama. Dr. Arthur Porter diagnosed himself with inoperable cancer, was treating himself and could not return to Canada. Now he is returning in handcuffs. He allegedly stole over $22.5 million of Canadian taxpayers’ money from the SNC Lavalin construction of Montreal’s mega hospital. Harper had previously appointed him as his oversight head of corruption at CSIS, Canada Security and Intelligence Services. 

Always follow the money. Remind colonial legal systems we are a sovereign Indigenous nation. Do not fear these noisy infestants. Clean water wards off money-hungry, greedy political idolaters. They can be fought with real history and the law of Great Turtle Island, Kaia’nereh:kowa. Remind them of their weaknesses and greed. Watch out! They might get so mad they may release their pagan gods, their law enforcement goons. cop line

The medicines and our minds will oust them and set us free. Nothing less! Wish them the worst. May we never hear the words from their tongues again. May all their bank accounts go from “mega-bucks” to “nega-bucks”. As Michael Jackson sings in “Thriller“: “Cause this is thriller, Thriller at night. And no one’s gonna save you, From the beast about to strike.”

Porter story

Ford fiasco

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MNN. May 27, 2013. Big government and big business are one and the same in a true fascist state like Canada. Instead of stopping big companies like Monsanto and McDonalds from poisoning the people through gene manipulation, they are directly creating the obesity problem. “Obesogen” is a foreign chemical compound that disrupts normal development and balance of lipid metabolism.obesity cycle

Addictive nutrition-empty fast food is created to slow down, stupify humans and promote hatred of themselves. Rulers use this tactic to control the masses. It’s weight apartheid! A new extortion is being created. A fat tax on fattening foods, beverages and people, allegedly to discourage unhealthy diets that causes heart disease, diabetes and strokes. They create the problem. When the people demand a solution to the problem they created, the solution is always to take away more rights of the people. More power is put into less decision-making hands. It’s no longer just the totalitarian tiptoe through the tulips, it’s now a Gestapo goose step! fat police

In the Western economy two out of three adults are overweight or obese. One in 5 kids between 5 to 17 years old are obese. A tax could be levied on each pound a person is overweight. For the rich, they can be two tons as they can afford to pay the fat tax.  

Japan has a measurement of waist size as a condition of retaining employment. The company or government department is subject to a fat tax. In Denmark tax on butter, milk, cheese, pizza, meat, oil and processed foods backfired. People stocked up before the tax went into effect or crossed the border to smuggle in calorie-laden-ed junk food. The law was scrapped. 

Samoan Airlines is proposing that obese passengers pay according to their weight as they take up more space. There would be first class, economy class and fat class. Children would cost less. Thins won’t have to pay. The airport fat police could catch weight liars, who could be fined or prohibited from traveling. What about muscled, pregnant, large, heavily boned people? First it’s the overweight, then the elderly and then disabled. They want everybody to be and think the same or they’re headed to the FEMA “fat farm” camp. After the fat police will come the thought police. poverty

Government hands out 87% federal tax subsidies to meat, dairy, corn and grains to make junk food. Less than 1% goes to fruits and vegetables. Twinkies are cheaper than carrots. Coke is cheaper than water. 

The poor are forced to spend more of their income on food. The Aga Kahn, the founder of the All India Muslim League, in 1936 found a way to serve his people. On his jubilees he was put on the scale and weighed in diamonds, which were then distributed to the poor. Harper, the senators and all their banker accomplices should be weighed together in public in gold bars against the ever-growing compounded daily interest on the $115 trillion Indian Trust Fund. With guys like Rob Ford and Mike Duffy in their crew, Indigenous beneficiaries should be getting a lot of our interest money because of their ever-growing obesity. As Fats Domino sang: “They call me the fat man …”

CBC on fat tax

Aga Kahn: "Shouldn't have had all those baba ghanoush with pita and sour cream!"

Aga Kahn getting weighed in diamonds.

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MNN. May 25, 2013. Canada’s Prime Minister Harper admits his corporate government should fall. Before he became the new CEO of the Corporation of Canada, he condemned the liberals and demanded the Prime Minister’s resignation over a less corrupt scandal than the one he is dealing with now. Senators oversee the officers of the government on behalf of the shareholders, draft bills and report to the bankers. As the leader of the bankers’ hierarchical system, Harper has to fall on his sword over the exposure of this corruption, “If he has one moral bone in his body”. His “bagman”, Nigel Wright, was ordered, “I told you to discretely take care of that Duffy swindle, you embecile! Now I might have to resign!”

Poor House is that way.

Poor House is that way.

Where will these sewer rats go? If they’re lucky, some will be taking that long walk up the hill to the poor house where a ride home to the Old Country awaits them! The rest will be left behind to live in third world conditions in mold infested, shoddy constructed, e-coli-contaminated shacks that were left behind by the Indigenous people. Inspectors will make sure their houses are built to indecent unlivable standards. You’re going to the new reservation built just for you and your crew near Attawapiskat, Harper. Our third party managers will take care of you. You’ll wish you were sitting in a rotten jail across the sea in the Fatherland, for as long as the grass grows, the rivers flow and the sun rises in the east. 

Our third party managers!

Our third party managers!

You invaders came here with nothing. Your cohorts that are complicit in the brutality against us will be joining you on the new reservations. Your banker buddies will return every cent of our ever-growing $115 trillion Indian Trust Fund and be joining you on the reservations. With our money; you built yourselves the stately Parliament Buildings, homes, railroads and all the infrastructure, which are crumbling. The system based on bribery and corruption is broken. Auditor Deloitte was sent in to balance the books so the whole rotting system could continue and the public would turn a blind eye to the problem. 

smoke signal biggerHarper is in a hurry to get his corporate tribal and band council Injuns to sign over everything to him. He is giving them more power and money to make our living conditions worse to drive us into submission. They have become rich and experts at carrying out the genocide for their masters.  Our houses will be condemned so we have to be removed. Not for the sake of our health, but for the minerals and other wealth underneath.   

The “left behinds” could follow the Great Law of Peace and come to one mind with us. As Five Finger Death Punch sings: “Politicians, bathing in their greed. No idea on how to be all they can be. Have you no honor? Have you no soul? What is it they’re dying for? Do you really even know? Have you no backbone? Have you no spine? Whatever happened to “No one gets left behind”?” No one gets left behind

Harper on Corruption

Canada on Iran TV

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MNN. May 25, 2013. Lacrosse [TEWARATON] was created before the people arrived on Mother Earth. The first game was played between the winged ones and the four-legged ones. In the end the winged ones won because they understood that every mind is important to the whole, no matter how small. When a final decision in the consensus process is at a stalemate, Tewaraton, the game of creation, is played to resolve the issue and replace war.     

iroquois nationals

Haudenosaunee Lacrosse has been using the Haudenosaunee passports since 1990. In 2010 The UK Border Agency of the British Government refused to accept the legitimate Haudenosaunee issued passport and travel documents. Being legally sovereign the Haudenosaunee must compete as a nation. Germany took the place of the Iroquois in the top 6 teams. 

The U19 team pulled off the biggest upset in international lacrosse by defeating Team USA in July 2012. In January 2013 a decision was made to deny the Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse a position in the top division at the 2014 World Championships in Denver on Onowaregeh/Great Turtle Island because they were denied entrance to England. It was appealed to the Federation of International Lacrosse which upheld it. A second appeal was launched to the General Assembly. 2/3 majority is needed to overturn it. 

It’s an “in your face” violation of our rights. The colonists, US and Canada, want to control us. If we are to use our passports, they want to control that. The military are in charge of the global intelligence system of ID and access to information about us and everybody else.  

control freakPresently these “control freaks” have no legal rights to our personal information. When we cross any border, we tell them our name and nation. When we agree to let US and Canadian corporate entities issue us their IDs, they will have access to all data from our computers, pocket PCs, networks, phones, social security, social insurance, medical records, financial information, credit cards, our property, our family relations, and so on. 

With this information US and Canada can manage, control and enhance the genocidal policies against us. We have every right to resist it. We have to be contained while the corporate colonists pillage our lands and resources. We are targeted for unequal opportunity, unequal dignity and unequal quality of life because we are the titleholders of Great Turtle me your papers As John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band sing: “Power to the people. Power to the people. Power to the people, right on! Say you want a revolution. We better get on right away. While you get on your feet and out on the street. Singing, power to the people!

Lacrosse Magazine article

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MNN. May 22, 2013. Canada and Israel are “bosom buddies” settler colonists. Both exist by dispossessing or displacing Indigenous people for our land and resources. They call their autocratic governing systems “liberal democracies” which have no accountability for their theft and crimes against humanity. These bogus corpo-nations dominate by organized state terrorism.

Netanyahu: "I told you not to brag about our relationship!"

Netanyahu to Harper: “I told you not to brag about our relationship!”

Both want to head or be a major part of global military empires. Canada would be the leader in extracting stolen Indigenous resources. Israel threatens a nuclear holocaust using weaponry “made in America” with Canadian resources. Israel constantly threatens to annihilate the Indigenous Palestinians. Canada punishes the Palestinians for resisting genocide by threatening boycotts and withholding aid. 

Our land and resources are being driven into the marketplace. Like a dishonest used car salesman, Prime Minister Harper travels the world “fencing” stolen Indigenous property. We pay Canada’s bills from our stolen, ever-growing $110 trillion Indian Trust Fund. Until recently no one knew about our secret account. Now the world watches while Canada tries to distribute it among the money greedy international bankers that are the shareholders of the Corporation of Canada and owners of Israel. The bankers need Canada’s massive deposits of indigenous natural resources to fund their continued theft of Palestine, which is also unsurrendered Indigenous land. 

Harper wants to personally break up the natural communally held Indigenous land into individual plots. Multinational bankers want access as soon as possible.   

Charles: "It's futile to resist!"

Charles: “I’m here only for the money!”

Harper announced he is is calling an election for October 25th  to continue his fake majority. He wants to install a longtime bloodline lay-about thief, Prince Charles, to “govern” Canada as a “regent”! This mocks Middle Eastern dictatorial kingdoms overseen by lifetime control puppets.   

Extensive bribery systems like the corporate band council “Injuns” allow capitalist development for the benefit of a few.

Canada and Israel could not exist without attacking resistance through repressive by-laws and military enforcement. Gross violations of human rights do not concern them. They deliberately drive down the standards of living of their native targets to live a hand-to-mouth existence.  

net & harperThe over-sized egos of these despots remove them from reality. Their one-man rule “kingdoms” are run by rampant, blatant corruption. Security is a prime obsession. Sheik Harper is rumored to wear a bullet-proof bra! 

Our safeguards are to hold our lands collectively; do away with the corporate tribal and band council control grid, confront evil and shake off the fear. As Tom Petty sang: Well I won’t back down, No I won’t back down. You can stand me up at the gates of hell But I won’t back down” I wont back down

confessions of NWO Zionists

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MNN. MAY 21, 2012. The word government means; to control (govern) the mind (mente), this action is terrorism.   Canadian Prime Minister Harper’s job is to continue using this terrorist strategy. A terrorist attack, demonizing tactic or friendly dictator is a scripted performance. Terrorism is the constant use or threat of violence to intimidate, create fear and submission. Actors or agents provocateurs are often used to set up directed attacks to demonize, assault and bring us under control.

Peace at last.

Peace at last!

The Corporation of Canada commits acts of unlawful violence and war. The formula is similar to criminal organizations and protection rackets, both have a chain of command and conspiracy cells. Opponents are legitimized so armed force can be sent in against civilians. Mental and physical violence are designed to frighten, kill innocent people and intimidate the population. The public is subjected to political, violent and psychological repercussions. 

Harper: "Duffy, Flanagan, Wright, Wallin, Rob, Patrick - let's go!"

Harper: “Duffy, Flanagan, Wright, Wallin, Ford, Brazeau – let’s go for it!”


The government runs a protection racket called “regulatory capture”, where an agency created to protect the public interest, instead advances the corporate interests of the sector they are regulating.  Government threatens imprisonment, property confiscation or damage if the people do not pay them for “protection”. Police enforce this “tax grab”. Corporate agents divide up the geographical, business or transaction territories. Officials demand bribes to look the other way, extort kickbacks or give campaign contributions for favors. Mainstream media is the ministry of propaganda in the corporate government and reinforces terrorism.  

Canadian terrorism is warfare against unarmed Indigenous people. Canada refuses to deal with unresolved political differences with the true land, resource and fund owners. Canada dominates through its military and threat institutions like child and social welfare, education, jails, courts, employment system, all funded by the bankers. Indigenous complain about oppressive by-laws, criminal procedures and enhanced military powers, like in Oka in 1990. Tactics include increased intelligence and surveillance and permissive interrogation and detention policies.

career choice

Even powerful dictatorships like Canada need more than fear. Psychological terrorism is manufactured to make the people give in to the government demands.  The government always act like victims of terrorism when in fact they are the terrorists. Terrorism is made up fiction by the fascists running US and Canada. In the end the terrorists will be exposed for who they are, no matter how many mass shootings or bombings they do against us, the people.  

Watch out for Indigenous WMD!

Watch out for Indigenous WMD!


Canada steals power by promising false security. They threaten to destroy businesses, kidnap children through Child Welfare, or send the victim to prison. Hillary Clinton admitted that Al Quaeda was a CIA creation. The media have convinced the People that their enemy is the elusive and imaginary Al Quaeda. Then the state legitimize killing its own citizens, at will. The more elusive or imaginary the government created foe or terrorist, the better for getting public support. As Conway Twitty sings; ” People see us everywhere. They think you really care. But myself, I can’t deceive, I know it’s only make believe.”Only make believe

Hillary Clinton on Al Quaeda

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MNN. May 21, 2013. We send greetings to our Oklahoma relations, all the people, animals, plants, birds, fish and all that are part of the natural world. We especially send our utmost regards to the four winds – owera – who continue to follow their original instructions to cleanse and bring about change to Mother Earth. Nia:wen kowa.

We did not cry. Those who saw us as we passed cried.

Trail of Tears. We did not cry. Those who saw us as we passed cried when they saw our pride and our unbowed heads.

We never went to settle in the area of Oklahoma City because we knew it was the birthplace of the strong whirlwinds. The climatic turmoil in Oklahoma’s “Tornado Alley” is natural. We did not have permanent settlements there until we were forced to. We understand the sadness over the death and devastation caused by the fury of our mother. We remember how our people were sent to Oklahoma to die.  

The 1830 Removal Act forced the Eastern Woodland nations to move to Oklahoma. The Cherokee legally challenged it. Chief Justice John Marshall ruled in their favor. In 1838 US President Andrew Jackson violated the ruling. He ordered the military to force tens of thousands of our men, women and children to mostly walk from the east coast all the way to Oklahoma across the Mississippi River. The soldier rode horses. They wanted our prime land for setting up their empire. Half of our people died on the cruel “Trail of Tears”.

The following Indigenous nations were moved there: Cherokee, Apache, Sequoia, Seminole, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, Caddo, Wichita, Quapaw, Osage, Commanche, Shawnee, Delaware, Kickapoo, Kiowa, Ute, Pawnee, Ponca, Ottawa, Miami, Peoria, Modoc, Wendat, Seneca, Cayuga, Muskogee, Pottawatomie, Absentee, Iowa, Sac & Fox, Tonkawa, Kaw, Otoe Missouria and Arapahoe.Oklahoma indians

To avenge the genocide of millions of our people, our mother is scouring the earth trying to cleanse it. The devastation is karmic. We send our regards to all our relations for a complete return to the natural way. Our mother is showing us her power. Let us put it in our minds.  

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MNN. May 20, 2013. Corporatism depends on the dirty traitors, the lowest of the low. Our sell-outs receive financial security, law enforcement and judicial protection from us, the “troublesome Indians”. German author, Gurdjieff, said, “My way is to develop the hidden potentialities of man; a way that is against Nature and against God.” Ordinary man, “natural man”, the “Indigenous man” is nothing but “a guardian for worms”. Aren’t we all?

"Hey, band council puppies, the people will soon have to deal with our traitors!"

“Hey, band council traitors, you never were invisible!”

Nazism is the forerunner of “global terrorism”. Money, property, social puppeteers and their Indigenous Injun puppets are pushing the program of genocide of us, our rights, history, culture and traditional law. We are being redesigned and redefined. The corporate band council puppies demean and abuse their own families and people. 

"Operation Paperclip".

“Operation Paperclip”.


Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini thought they experienced a time of superiority over the common man. Fascism is the merger of state and corporate power. They thought the lords would emerge from the center of the Earth to make us into slaves, to place us on the dung heap that will nourish the roots of the New Cities that will arise! Hitler’s real aim was to perform an act of creation, a biological mutation which would result in an unprecedented exaltation of the human race, the apparition of a new race of heroes, demigods and god-men. [Dr. Achille Delmas]. Nazi corporations worldwide were set up in 1932 by Martin Bormann, the Deputy Fuhrer of the Third Reich. These corporations are still in play.  After WWII thousands of top Nazis were brought to Canada and US and placed in top positions in the bureaucracy. [Operation Paperclip]. 

A free people – free in thinking, living, sovereign – are a threat to this new world order. Corporate social engineering is trying to transform our communal society into a property and money-based society. Our “old ways” are seen as criminal behavior and the “new modern ways” are seen as civilized.

When the Indigenous desire what the outsiders have to offer, such as big business and money schemes, over our sovereignty and lands, the controllers will win. We must realize that all outside social structures, health and security programs are financed by our own Indian Trust Fund. We have to stop giving our rights, power and sovereignty over to a few foreigners and their tribal and band council “puppies”. We have to think self-empowerment, not replacing our sovereignty with dependence. Their strategy is to create a need, create a demand, create a dependency. In fact, the outsiders are totally dependent on our funds and resources, which was kept secret until now. To a liar, the greatest enemy is the truth. No longer secret, their economy is collapsing.

"We will deal with our traitors".

“We will deal with our dirty traitors”.

We are of the Earth, the caretakers of it and of all living things. We thrive in peace. We are taken care of by our Mother Earth. We want a world without war. We want a harmonious relationship with nature for the sake of our mutual survival. As Buffy Ste. Marie wrote: hey, baby. i just got back from town, where the bribes are paid. honey, they turned my offer down. t hey say the deal’s already made.”The big ones get away

Operation Paperclip

The rise of the fourth reich


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