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MNN. JULY 23, 2017. America was never great. The invaders came from the streets of Europe, slavery, prisons, orphanages, prostitution, children to work on farms, to populate the colonies. Incest was a program to increase their population.


Women were casual women or domestics sent to the towns to populate the west. Now the white race has the lowest birth rate in the world. Their population is in decline. 


The oligarchs conditions them into gullible slaves through their educational institution. 

They live in an unsustainable society far removed from the natural world they found when they arrived on turtle island. They poisoned land, water, air, environment and all natural life. Genocide was the main means to get rid of us. “It is beyond the realm of possibility that Indians might get the impression that there was a conspiracy for the elimination of the race by this means” [sterilization]. [An Act of Genocide, Colonization & Sterilization of Aboriginal Women, p. 49. Karen Stote 1937

Finland, Canada and US have the highest rate of Alzheimer in the world, followed by European populations of Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Spain, France, UK, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg and Germany. 

The political and financial psychopathic monsters set up the global octopus of war – military, government, banking frauds and media, the deep state, false flag terror, war propaganda, religious and education brainwashing machines.

When 10% wake up from the institutionalized slumber, then the other 90% will wake up.    

The empire broke down our system of peace. The immigrants were part of the attack on us.  

These fake people have no natural basis on our land. They appropriate our stories, murder us and made these into their stories and culture about themselves. We were demonized in the media by Hollywood. 

Our stories are based on nature with a scientific understanding.

They evolved from macabre evil background. They alter their faces, hair, bodies [transgenderism] as they don’t know who they are.  

The pigment melanin is in all life except the white race. They don’t have it in their hair, skin, eyes and cannot absorb sunrays. 

They vote for the artificial system to continue. 

Louis Armstrong sings about those who recreate themselves: “I’ll take the legs from some old table. I’ll take the arms from some old chair. I’ll take the neck from some old bottle. And from a horse I’ll take the hair. I’ll take the hands and face from off the clock. And baby when I’m through, I’ll get more loving from the dum-dum-dummy, Than I ever got from you”. [The Dummy Song]

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MNN. 15, 2016. The following jury summation by one of the victims/plaintiffs was stopped half way through by Judge Frederick Scullin. NYS delayed this trial for almost 20 years.

Freddie Scullin [Bones] instructing the court.

Freddie Scullin [Bones] instructing his court.

 Three lawyers will Appeal the Jury Verdict in Jones, et al v. Parmley, et al to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of all 15 Plaintiffs.

Justice delayed is par for the course.

“We tried to give you evidence of what happened to us on May 18, 1997:

1.The easement issue is false. In Oct. 2005 Justice Sonia Sotomayor of the US Supreme Court for the 2ND Circuit Court explained in Jones v. Parmley that NY Interstate 81 is on the Jones property. The Jones Family gave NYS Dept. of Public Works a limited right to go on their private property to repair the highway. No right was given to the NYS Police. This includes acreage next to the highway on which the Jones house and yard are located. The NYSP I-81 INDIAN Detail was trespassing when they attacked the people on May 18, 1997. [2nd Circuit opinion].consensus

The attempted massacre to get us off a highway on our land which we were not on is not justified. All INDIAN Detail police witnesses at the trial said the plan was to clear the highway. They marched, lined up, came onto the private property towards us, beat us and then arrested us. It is unlawful to attack a peaceful gathering on private property!

2.District Attorney Mulvey said it’s all about money. We are all pro se, without lawyers, because our lawyers [Hoffman, Aniello and the others] dropped us without notice. There were over 100 of us victims, mostly women and children. 125 plus and over 200 Jane and John Does were on the INDIAN Detail who acted as a unit. There are now 54 charged!




3.The attack, beating and arrests were criminal,. It was during the start of the ohenton kariwa tekwen, a sacred ceremony. They busted it up, violating our first amendment rights.

4.NYS Police has no Caucasian, African-American or any other racial profile Detail. Only an I-81 INDIAN Detail. We were singled out as INDIANS.

5.Mulvey demanded we identify our assailants when the INDIAN Detail can’t even identify each other. The INDIAN Detail met at the staging area at the Kmart and the Fire Hall in Nedrow to plan this premediated attack. There was to be no negotiation.

NYS INDIAN Detail two-step to knock out ceremonies on onkwe'hon:weh land.

NYS INDIAN Detail two-step to knock out ceremonies among onkwe’hon:weh people at onondaga.

6.Mostly women and children were sitting around chatting at picnic tables on a nice sunny day. The children were playing nearby.

7.Videos show nobody on the highway then. Cars were slowed down.

8.At the ceremonial fire somebody said they saw cops marching down the highway towards us. We saw no one on the highway. The cops had stopped or slowed down the cars. We saw the military unit marching with riot gear, guns, batons and other war equipment. We felt totally threatened.

9.Most of us were around the ceremonial fire in the field about 150 yards from I-81. The attack was a violation of our inherent rights. The evidence proves we were not protesting. We immediately started looking for our children.

10. We saw the I-81 Indian Detail line up along the highway and silently march towards us. They were wearing military helmets, visors, we couldn’t see their eyes, no name plates and started doing their dirty deed. They started to hit everybody. There was chaos. Everyone was yelling, “Get the kids. They’re going to kill us”.

11.The INDIAN Detail surrounded us. We tried to back away. We never heard any commands that we disperse or that we would be arrested. My granddaughter had been grabbed and thrown into a van or car and driven away. I later found her waiting with other people at a restaurant.

12.Our children were hysterical, screaming and crying as they saw their parents being beaten. They will never forget this. The Indian Detail grabbed two children on Kennedy Road and slammed one of them against a car. They ran for their lives.

I-81 INDIAN Detail: "Just following orders"!

I-81 INDIAN Detail: “Just following orders”!

13.Women were shaking as they hid in the bush hanging on to their babies.

14. Why didn’t Beach and Parmley meet with us to politely ask, “Please don’t go on the road”. One squad car parked on the side of the highway would have been enough.

15.The Indian Detail was staged at the Fire Hall and Kmart. Over 75 victims are not here today. Some have passed away. This premeditated attack was based on surprise ambush tactics. One witness said that BIA tribal chiefs Oren Lyons and Ollie Gibson were at the fire hall during the planning of the attack. This indicates their complicity.

16.The Indian Detail wore no nameplates. [NYSP Supt.] George Beach went around the Fire Hall and ordered them to remove them so no one could identify them. As soon as they removed their badges, they all knew they were breaking the law.

Cops hard at work.

Cops hard at work.

17.Everyone has a right to defend themselves against illegal assault by outside forces.

18.Dennis Blythe, the special investigator, met regularly for 12 years with the tribal chiefs at Orchard Valley golf club and sat in the longhouse with them. Setting up the Indian Detail racial profile means he, Parmley and Beach knew such ceremonies are part of our culture. Their attack is an act of genocide to eliminate part of a racial group. Gibson told the Indian Detail to “arrest everyone”.

19. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. The First amendment provides that the cops have a duty to protect everyone’s right to have a ceremony, to assemble peacefully and to speak freely.

20. No one ever told us that we had done anything wrong.  Budgie and Stone Horse both told the commanders that we were not going on the highway and that it was a peaceful gathering that had started on May 8th, which the cops were monitoring. All charges against us were dropped immediately.  hqdefault

21. I-81 Indian Detail worked as a unit and committed criminal assaults together. They should all be convicted. Everything happened to all of us.

22. Our limited evidence was not disputed nor denied. The Indian Detail said they did not remember very much. They never told us our rights. They had no dispersal plan. There was no dialogue with us. The metal tipped baton is a deadly weapon. In the Nuremburg Trial it was confirmed that “I was following orders” is not a defence. Those in cars and paddy wagons, out of sight, in the offices all played a role.

23. We were terrorized. Mr. Bucktooth was beaten by at least six cops near the ceremonial fire for holding a eagle feather fan. The medicine woman was sitting there when Trooper Smith picked her up with his baton. The handicapped child in the body cast was knocked over and trampled. There was no legal reason to touch any of us, to handcuff us, to rough us up, to push the women or anybody or pull babies out of their seats from the cars and throw them on the ground, to arrest an 11-year old girl and cuff her to a chair for hours at the Police station, or to knock a 6 months pregnant woman on her stomach to the ground and handcuff her behind her back.


Whose peers?

Who are their peers?

24. The jury found the NYS I-81 INDIAN Detail not guilty.

25. Judge Scullin did not allow us to question each juror that was selected or to have our rightful say throughout the trial.

As Bobby Bare points out in his song “The Winner” as he sings to Judge Scullin [Bones]: “Now, you remind me a lot of my younger days, with your knuckles a’clenchin white. But, boy, I’m gonna sit right here and sip this beer all night. And if there’s somethin that you gotta gain or prove by winning some silly fight, well, okay, i quit, i lose, you’re the winner. So i stumbled from that barroom, not so tall and no so proud. Behind meIi still hear the hoots of laughter from the crowd. But my eyes still see and my nose still works and my teeth are all still in my mouth. And you know, I guess, that makes me the winner!”




Adam L. Pollock

Angela C. Winfield,

Brittany E. Aungier,

Carol. Rhinehart,


Devin M. Cain,

lkan Abramowitz,

Gabriel M. Nugent, Joanna Gozzi,

Jodi M. Meikin


Robert J. Anello

Terrance J. Hoffman

TimothY P. Mulvey

The jury found the INDIAN Detail innocent of this assault and beating:

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MNN. Sept. 29, 2019. A subpoena was served on Oren Lyons and Ollie Gibson of the Onondaga chiefs, to appear in the trial of the “Onondaga15” in Syracuse on September 28, 2016. They sent their traditional anglo lawyer, Joe Heath, bedraggled, in a burlap sack suit, and no tie.

Onondaga chief: "You mean I'm not the Lone Ranger?"

Onondaga chief: “What do you mean I’m not the Lone Ranger?”

Heath said the corpo chiefs have sovereign immunity. They cannot answer for their part in the violent attack on the onkwe’hon:weh. He cannot be sued or come to court because Oren is a clergyman, a religious faithkeeper of the Handsome Lake Code. He heads a corporation. He can be made to answer to the people of the Iroquois Confederacy.

One plaintiff said: “They are hiding behind sovereign immunity. The Onondaga Tribal Council of New York Inc. is under the US Constituion. kaia’nere:kowa, our constituion provides that anyone trying to establish anything else would lose their native name, land and birthright”. Oren cannot escape immunity for his crimes under the kaia’nere:kowa, the great peace. He incorporated himself and his followers under the Bureau of Indian Affairs for recognition by corporate entities. They accepted all laws, rules and regulations of the USA. Only the people are sovereign according to the kaia’nere:kowa, the law of the land. The council pretends to be the rotino’shonni, Iroquois Confederacy. tekentiokwanhoxta, the 49 original families, are the basis of rotin’shonni sovereignty. The two row wampum is our agreement with creation.

“Royaner must follow a path and cannot stray. Should he stray, he will be removed. Oren tries to impose his will on the people. He is a Seneca and must follow his mother’s lineage. He can never claim to be an onondaga titleholder.

Oren is not onondaga. He and Ollie have brought in outside police forces to terrorize the people. In 1996 the chiefs bulldozed businesses on Route 11 while the NYS Police stood by. Atotharho Leon Shenandoah said the businesses belong to the women on behalf of the people.

The two row is the oldest agreement between the onkwe’hon:we, US and Europe. To maintain the peace we would travel as equals and help each other.

The onondaga tribal chiefs are informants to New York State. They tried to enter into secret taxing compacts to share the taxes and control the people. Many resisters have no rights, benefits, jobs, running water or hydo. These are treasonous actions.

“Warriors and their families were coming to the May 18, 1997 ceremonial event. I went there as a rotiskenrakete that was on the “Dialogue Team” to inform the media and American public about what was going on. We ended up getting billy clubs and arrests.

Scullin admitted the comments were eloquent. “You may be right. I have to apply the [white] law that exists. This council is recognized by the state. They do enjoy immunity. I cannot enforce the subpoenas and quash them.”

According to Dennis Blythe’s interrogatory, i appears the chiefs provided false intel and allowed the police to attack us. How do we face our accusers?

On September 28th The ‘Onondaga15’ rested their case. Final submissions will begin on Tuesday, October 4, 2016. 12th floor, room 6, 100 South Clinton St., Syracuse. 9.30 am. Come and stand with us. The jury begins deliberations after that. thahoketoteh.


14449945_10157591708135571_8752493981282670335_nTHE ONONDAGA 15 ARE:

Andrew Jones, Robert E. Bucktooth Jr., Cheryl Bucktooth, Robert Bucktooth III, Ronald Jones Jr., Debby Jones, Karen Jones, Nikki Jones, Sean Jones, kahentinetha, dyhyneyyks, tekarontakeh, Ross John, Nadine ganonhweih Bucktooth.



New York State Troopers, Major James J. PARMLEY; Captain George Beach; Inv. Pamela Morris; Inv. Dennis J. Blythe; Inv. John F. Ahern; Sgt. Joseph W. Smith; Trp. Jeffrey Sergott; Trp. Michael S. Slade; Trp. James D. Moynihan; Trp. James K. Jecko; Sgt. Robert Huamann; Trp. Mark E. Chaffee; Trp. Christopher J. Clark; Trp. Paul K. Kunzwiler; Trp. Douglas W. Shetler; Trp. Patrick M. Dipirro; Trp. Gregory Eberl; Sgt. Gary A. Barlow; Trp. Mark E. Lepczyk; Trp. Martin Zubrzycko; Trp. Glenn Miner, Trp. Gary Darstein; Trp. Kevin Buttenschon; Sgt. Chris A. Smith; Sgt. Norman Mattice; Capt. John E. Wood; Lt. Thomas P. Connelly; Inv. Jerry Brown; Sgt. Harry Schleiser; Inv. Norman Ashbarry; Trp. Peter S. Leadley; Trp. Martin J. Williams; Trp. Gloria L. Wood; Trp. David G. Bonner; Trp. Dennis J. Burgos; Trp. John P. Dougherty; Trp. David V. Dye; Trp. Darryl O. Free; Sgt. James J. Greenwood; Trp. Andrew Halinski; Trp. Robert B. Heath; Trp. Robert H. Hovey, Jr.; Trp. Robert A. Jureller; Trp. Stephen P. Kealy; Trp. Troy D. Little; Trp. Edward J. Marecek; Trp. Ronald G. Morse; Trp. Paul M. Murray; Trp. Anthony Randazzo; Trp. Allen Riley; Sgt. Chris A. Smith; Trp. Federick A. Smith; and Sgt. Steven B. Kruth, Defendants-Appellants-Cross-Appellees, Superintendent of New York State Police James W. McMahon, in his personal capacity; County of Onondaga; Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department; Onondaga County Sheriff Kevin Walsh, in his official and personal capacity; Mark Bender, in his personal capacity as a New York State Trooper; and Peter Obrist, in his personal capacity as a New York State Trooper, Defendants-Cross-Appellees, Town of Onondaga, and the following persons in their personal and official capacities as New York State Troopers, Allen V. Svitak, Jr., Michael L. Delorenzo, James A. Armstrong, Mark Williams, Clifford A. Heaslip, Edward C. Fillingham, Kimberly A. Fillingham, Jeffrey D. Raub, Eric D. Parsons, Robin Palmer, Michael Grandy, Thomas Irwin, George Mercado, Frank Jerome, James Rogers, Art Brocolli, William A. Agan, William M. Ambler, Donald W. Barker, Mark A. Caporuscio, Michael G. Conroy, Peter A. Kalin, Matthew J. Navin, William J. Armstrong, George M. Atanasoff, David R. Barry, Peter J. Beratta, Steven M. Bourgeois, George W. Brownsell, Robert M. Burney, Rodney W. Campbell, Mary A. Clark, Mark Dembrow, Gerald J. Deruby Jr., Michael L. Downey, Gary W. Duncan, John Evans, John J. Fitzgerald, Robert Gardner, John E. Giddings, Douglas R. Gilmore, Gary L. Greene, Andrew A. Lucey, James Martin, James W. O’Brien, Gary Oelkers, Derrick A. O’Meara, Richard J. Sauer, Michael H. Scheibel, Gary S. Schultz, Timothy J. Siddall, Robert J. Simpson, Katherine Smith, Jay Strait, Michael R. Tinkler, Michael J. White, Donald M. Dattler, Thomas E. Elthorp, Harrison Greeney, Matthew A. Turrie, Dennis J. Cimbal, Kenneth Kotwas, John Doe 1-100, and Jane Doe 1-100, Defendants. 



Adam L. Pollock,

Angela C. Winfield,

Brittany E. Aungier,

Carol. Rhinehart,

  1. Karle,

Devin M. Cain,

lkan Abramowitz,

Gabriel M. Nugent, Joanna Gozzi,

Jodi M. Meikin


Robert J. Anello

Terrance J. Hoffman

Rimoth P. Mulvey

Vern Gosdin has some advice for the New York State state of mind: “You think by now you would have Used up all your lies. Who are you gonna blame it on this time?”

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MNN. 10 APRIL 2016. Protest in solidarity with Lac Simon Anishnabeg community on Monday in Montreal. We are presently mourning the April 6 murder of Jean-Pierre Bony, killed by a plastic bullet from the SPVM in Montreal North. Jean Pierre Bony murder. natives matter

On April 7 the police struck again. That night, Sandy Michel, 25 year old, died. He was brutally assassinated by the anishnabeg reserve corporate police in Lac-Simon Quebec, near Val-d’or. He allegedly showed an objet that law enforcement officers thought looked like a weapon. The police crushed him with their car then shot him dead. The police killed his older brother in 2009. The murders of onkwe’hon:weh youth in northern Quebec, like the murders of black people in northern Montreal, is institutional racism. Non-white lives are being liquidated without trial.trudeau:martin

In the wake of this tragedy, the people of Lac-Simon, after years of police harassment, immediately assembled and asked the police to leave their territory. The Quebec police immediately intervened. Media was forbidden to go to the killing area during the investigation. Media black-outs have become routine. After the recent revelations of sexual atrocities committed by Surete du Quebec police officers around Val-d’Or, the SQ is desperate to hide their systemic violence against our men, women and children. The so-called «aboriginal police» had just returned to Lac-Simon, which they were forced to desert after the death of one of their officers in February 2016. Anthony Raymond Papatie, 22 yo, shot him before he himself committed suicide.

SQ shit has to stop!

SQ shit has to stop!

Shootings leave Lac Simon reeling

The police refuse to see the nature of the people to survive. The police actions on reservations are part of the genocide plan. In solidarity with Sandy Michel’s family and the community of Lac-Simon, a demonstration of solidarity will take place on Monday April 11th, at 19h [7.00 pm], metro Saint-Laurent in Montreal. Indigenous Lives Matter! Contact for info. 

Let's stand together.

Let’s stand together.

As the band Muse points out poignantly, it’s time for an uprising, people: “Paranoia is in bloom. The p.r. transmissions will resume. They’ll try to push drugs to keep us all dumbed-down and hope that we will never see the truth around. Another promise, another scene, another packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed. And all the green belts wrapped around our minds and endless red tape to keep the truth confined. They will not force us.They will stop degrading us. They will not control us. We will be victorious. … rise up and take the power back. I’s time the fat cats had a heart attack!” [The Muse]


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Lac Simon man shot dead.

SQ kill Sandy Tarzan Michel.

If you can’t go to demo, gives these politicians a piece of your mind:

Surete du Quebec, 514-598-4141

Quebec Minister of Justice Stephane Valee, 418-643-5140, 1-800-536-5140

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau 

RCMP HQ 613-993-7267

CSIS 613-993-9620

Minister of Indian Affairs, Carolyn Bennett,

Bureau of Indian Affairs 202-208-5116 Washington DC


CLAIM OUR MINDS – tsinion’kwarihoten



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MNN. APRIL 4, 2016. “Land claim” means “Here’s some pieces of paper. Give up your minds”, “Stop following the natural path to survival”. “Turn away from your natural instincts”. “Speak this newly created INDIAN language that doesn’t connect you to your mother”. “Don’t worry about anybody else. Just think of you and your immediate family”. In other words, die!last tree2

Our birthright is to live our lives naturally by following our instincts. No one can claim what creation provided to each of us. We can’t sell her. We are to have free use of creation part of it. She gives us a path, kaia’nereh:kowa, that was passed down to us by our ancestors. Our language reveals the journey to that path into our past, present and future.

Our language is our connection to our land and our mother earth. She holds the rotikonsatatie, the faces of the unborn who are still beneath the earth. Several years ago Microsoft tried to buy our language and store it as their intellectual property. They wanted the right to modify its meaning to break our natural guide to survival.indians inc

When someone tries to pay us for a land claim, do they doubt that we are of this land? “owista’ dominated  band and tribal council corporations operate by rote programming designed by the matrix. They do not travel in the natural direction in harmony with nature, sa oiera. Tsiniion’kwarihoten is to steal away who we are as nature designed us, so that we would become unnatural as well.

When the corporate visitors try to make a claim to our land, they try to convince us we don’t know she is our mother. We know we have DNA of this land. They say we have to take a maternity test to prove this. A baby’s bonds with their mother cannot ever be taken away.fate

The corporate matrix makes rules to steal our mind and connection. We don’t have amnesia. We know who we are and who our mother is.



The Rolling Stones sing about those who are pulling away from nature and getting  so lonely.

[Rolling Stones – 2000 Light Years From Home

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Earth Guardians: our kids are taking on the challenge.

Gina Deer of Mohawk Council of Kahnawake


Oren Lyons recently learned about Doctrine of Discovery.

Venezuelan Ambassador in kanteke.

Fake Brussels Attack.

ISIS is not funded by our legitimate tobacco trade –

World Class Journalist Admits Mainstream Media Is Completely Fake: “We All Lie For The CIA”

Get over it!


Tobacco Bust Hoax!

Rez 3rd world living conditions.




Please post & distribute. Nia:wen.

MNN. OCT. 24, 2015. In Val d’Or Quebec ongwe’hon:weh women reported being systemically raped and tortured by the psychotic Quebec Police. Lonnie Landrud of Quesnel BC witnessed police murdering a young ongwe’hon:weh woman and disposing of her body on the “Highway of Tears”. He became aware of 8 other women being murdered by this same cop. Landrud reported the details in this video to every police agency in the hierarchy right up to the Prime Minister and Governor General. Police tried to murder him. He was arrested, put in jail, his guns and his driver’s license were taken:

Watch all 7 parts to see a real horror story. The corporation of Canada is a police state. Their murder squad has a bounty out on our women because they are child bearers. It appears cops get paid to kill us. Who’s paying them and who’s covering it up? Landrud shows they are all in on it. It appears to be a major cornerstone of the business plan for the corporation of Canada. Thousands of our women are murdered and missing, The state refuses to investigate. Obviously we have no protection. Those trying to help us are threatened and will be done away with just like our women. boat people

It looks like Paul Martin, the last liberal prime minister, was behind the coverup. This story is being emailed to the new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, asking him to launch a public inquiry with Lonnie Landrud as one of his prime witnesses. The public must push this issue. Don’t let Turudeau cover up this eugenics operation.

Everyone is welcome to stand with us at the fire vigil at the southern end of the Mercier Bridge in Kahnawake. Needed are wood, water, fruits, coffee. Please call these officials and raise your voices. “The power is the people. Not the money or the war. Lets raise our voices so they can hear us. let them roar!” Thahoketoteh “We are we, the people”.

Stop killing us.

CROWN, Stop murdering us.

As Talking Heads sing: “Psycho killer, qu’est-ce, que c’est fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa fa far better. Run run run run run run run run away. Ce que j’ai faite ce soir la. Ce qu’elle a dit ce soir la. Realisant mon espoir je me lance vers la gloire. We are vain and we are blind. I hate people when they’re not polite.” [Psycho Killer].

Mayor Denis Coderre, 514-872-0311; David Heurtel, Quebec Environment Minister, 418-521-3830; Hon. Leona Aglukkaq, Environment Canada, 613-992-2848. SUZANNE FORTIER, McGill 514-849-4179; Geoff Molson 514-398-0333. Surete du Quebec Police  514 598-4141, Quebec Government   514-598-4141

Quebec Police Systemic rape & murder of ongwe’hon:weh women.

2 min. video on school system.


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MNN. JULY 20, 2015. Joe Norton in the European created position of “grand chief of the Mohawk” at Kahnawake, should look at what he serves. The Queen, Queen Mother, her sister and Prince Edward do the Nazi salute in this 1933 film, one year after the Nazis passed race laws in Germany. 1933 film of Queenie’s Nazi salute. It shows they, the royal family, are among the poison which conquers, robs and destroys. Joe Norton is their tool that makes their evil possible.

Fatherland flags.

Fascist flags all.

The Queen represents the 1% who think poor people’s lives are miserable because we aren’t like them! Canada and US have always been fascists, the father of Nazism. It is their system. The Nazi salute is a fascists greeting and their symbol of belonging to the “master” race. For the 1% it is an inside joke as to how they think they’re getting away with genocide. Harper glorifies the CROWN because he is a promoter/servant of the 1%. He understands that those who worship a rich oppressor are easy to control.

Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. heading to Monday briefing by the CROWN.

Mohawk Council of Kahnawake Inc. heading to Monday briefing by the CROWN.

This makes Joe Norton a servant of the servant. The band and tribal councils emulate the CROWN’s corporate hierarchy by running our communities like dictatorships. Rules and military trained police protect them.

Those ongwe’hon:weh who do sing “God Save the Queen” only at the point of a gun, are thinking where in their system are the people, the earth and life?

As Sid Vicious beautifully sang: God save the queen, The fascist regime. They made you a moron, Potential H-bomb


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RCMP shoot wrong man Dawson Creek.

Alberta oil spill bigger than Kalamazoo disaster.

Harper’s Northern Foundation Fascist past.



MNN. Feb. 16/13. Fundamentalist whites think they are always right. Prime Minister Harper cruelly and coldly told Indigenous women victims of horrific assault and sexual abuse crimes by the RCMP to go to their rapists to file reports. This is a disrespectful white privilege remark to fuel racism.

Corporation of Canada logo!

Corporation of Canada motto.


When we walk into a store at the same time as a white person, the security guard follows us and leaves them alone to shop.

When a white persons tries to get into a school, applies for a job, or hunts for an apartment, they get it because they are white and don’t look threatening. The person dishing out the privilege is usually white. White privilege also means scores of second rate white people slide through the system because their ignorance and flaws are overlooked. This has obviously lead to mediocrity of brains and talent in high places. 

Backroom planning

Re: 2007 AFN-RCMP collaboration.

Whites benefit from living in a world they designed, mostly run by white people that has been built on our land. They always say they did not personally take the land, but continue to benefit from its possession and fruits. To do this they inflict systemic racism and lawlessness on the land owners. 

We always point out white privilege. No one listens to us unless a white person says it in mainstream media.  Otherwise the masses do not believe it. Historically, on MSM 4 bad stories for every good one on Indigenous to fuel racism. 

Here are some of the white insights into the issue: white privilege can’t be changed. They say affirmative action has made being white a disadvantage! It’s natural. White privilege is a good thing because white Europeans have civilized the world. Whites are inherently superior. Any white who says differently is a weakling and a traitor.    

Integrational whites are often paternalistic and condescending of Indigenous people. They want to keep the peace, avoid confrontation and maintain control. They want to keep the status quo, to continue the systemic racism. 

They’re adamant about keeping their white privilege. They are concerned about any of the settlers who are starting to stand against the genocide.   

White privilege is not merit. It is unearned. When we Indigenous seek a job, an apartment or a position in school and we are turned down, it’s because we are Indigenous. Unqualified whites will generally be put ahead of us on most lists.

hear that?

Kemosabe! When smoke come over big mountain 3 times, I will return.

As Procol Harum sang: “And so it was that later, as the miller told his tale, that her face, at first just ghostly, turned a whiter shade of pale”. Whiter Shade of Pale



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Oppose CN’s racism and colonialism;

Re: !! Tuesday/mardi (12h): Oppose CN’s racism and colonialism; Liberez le prisonnier politique Mohawk Shawn Brant! (Montreal)[français ci-dessous]

At the August 12, 2007 People’s Global Action (PGA) Consulta to plan actions against the upcoming meeting of Bush/Harper/Calderon and the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), the following resolution was passed unanimously:

“We call for the immediate release of Mohawk political prisoner Shawn Brant, without condition; we also re-iterate our support for the self-determination and sovereignty of the Mohawks of Tyendinaga.”

Tangibly, in Montreal, a picket will be held against CN RAIL this Tuesday, August 14 at NOON, at the Central Train Station (more details below). The picket will be denounce CN’s racist lawsuits against Mohawk protesters, including Shawn Brant. We will publicly stand for Shawn Brant’s immediate release from prison.

— Support indigenous struggles for sovereignty, dignity and self-determination on Turtle Island …

— Oppose CN Rail’s racism and colonialism …

— Protest Bush, Harper, Calderon and the “Security and Prosperity Partnership” (SPP)

Picket and Demonstration
Montreal Central Train Station
metro Bonaventure
(enter via the metro,
or via the street at 895 de la Gauchetière West,
between University and Mansfield)

** Meet at the large departures/arrivals sign in the main lobby of the train station. Bring your banners, placards, flags and other symbols of dissent. **

— We demand that CN Rail drop their racist lawsuits against Mohawk activists at Tyendinaga;
— We stand in support and solidarity with indigenous struggles for sovereignty and self-determination all over Turtle Island;
— We denounce CN Rail’s role in the corporate North American
Competitiveness Council and the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).

“When justice fails, block the rails!”

CN Rail is a multi-billion dollar company, headquartered in Montreal, whose tracks and installations occupy native lands from ocean-to-ocean.

CN Rail is currently pursuing multi-million dollar lawsuits against Mohawk activists from the community of Tyendinaga who are actively involved in the defense of their land.

The Mohawks of Tyendinaga are demanding the return of the Culberston Tract, which was stolen from them in 1832. Recently a portion of the land was reclaimed, with the Tyendinaga community demanding that the Ontario government revoke the license legitimizing a private quarry operation that is literally removing land from the Culberston Tract. For more info, consult:

CN is threatening more lawsuits against other indigenous communities and activists who block CN rail lines.

CN Rail and their executives are targeting indigenous community organizers who have effectively brought the issue of native sovereignty to the forefront. In the context of unsettled land claims, and the fact that their tracks sit on appropriated native territory, CN Rail’s actions are colonial and racist.

While CN uses the courts to attack native activists, their CEO — E. Hunter Harrison – is a member of the North American Competitiveness Council, a key promoter of the recently formed “Security and Prosperity Partnership” (SPP) between Canada, the United States and Mexico. The SPP continues the imposition of the neo-liberal North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), combined with paranoid “Homeland Security” policies.

The SPP is an attack on all working and oppressed peoples, especially the indigenous peoples of “North America”. The SPP leaders – George Bush, Stephen Harper and Felipe Calderon — will be meeting later this summer, from August 20-21, in Montebello, Quebec (just 90 minutes from Montreal).

Join us on August 14 in Montreal, as we build towards the protests against Bush, Harper and Calderon in Montebello on August 20 (info: )

Organized and endorsed by: Block the Empire-Montreal (BLEM), Liberterre, No One Is Illegal-Montreal, La Rue Brique, Solidarity Across Borders, Tadamon! Montreal, La Pointe Libertaire and others (to add your group endorsement, please contact

-> Text of the flyer passed out at the picket against CN on July 1,
2007 in Montreal:

-> “About the SPP” Background:

INFO: 514-848-7583,


Le 12 août dernier, lors de la Consulta du réseau de l’Action mondiale des peuples (AMP) en vue de planifier les actions contre le Sommet de Bush, Harper, Calderon et du Partenariat pour la sécurité et laprospérité (PSP), nous avons adopté à l’unanimité la résolution suivante :

«Nous exigeons la libération immédiate et inconditionelle du prisonnier politique Mohawk Shawn Brant; en ce sens, nous voulons également réitérer notre soutien à l’autodétermination et aux luttes pour la souveraineté des Mohawks de Tyendinaga.»

À Montréal, une ligne de piquetage contre la compagnie CN sera organisée, et aura lieu ce mardi le 14 août à MIDI, à la Gare centrale (plus de détails ci-dessous). Cette action dénoncera les poursuites racistes du CN à l’endroit des militants Mohawks, dont Shawn Brant. Nous appuyons publiquement la libération immédiate de Shawn Brant.

— Appuyez les luttes autochtones pour la souveraineté, la dignité et l’autodétermination sur l’Île de la Tortue

— Dénoncez l’attitude raciste et colonialiste du CN

— Manifestons contre Bush, Harper, Calderon et le « Partenariat pour la sécurité et la prospérité (PSP) »

Le MARDI 14 août, midi
Gare centrale de Montréal
Métro Bonaventure
(Entrez par le métro, ou par l’entrée du 895 de la Gauchetière ouest, entre les rues University et Mansfield)

** Point de rendez-vous à l’enseigne Départs/Arrivées, dans le hall principal de la gare. Apportez vos bannières, pancartes, drapeaux et autres symboles de protestation. **

— Nous demandons que le CN abandonne ses poursuites en justice contre les militants Mohawks de Tyendinaga;
— Nous sommes en solidarité et appuyons sans condition les luttes des peuples autochtones pour leur souveraineté et leur autodétermination, partout sur l’Île de la Tortue;
— Nous dénonçons le rôle du CN dans le Conseil nord-américain pour la prospérité et le Partenariat nord-américain pour la sécurité et la prospérité.

« Quand le CN attaque, on bloque la track! »

Le CN est une société privée multi milliardaire, dont le siège social se trouve à Montréal et dont les rails et installations occupent illégitimement les territoires des autochtones, d’un océan à l’autre.

Le CN poursuit actuellement en justice (pour plusieurs millions de dollars) plusieurs activistes Mohawks de la communauté Tyendinaga (Ontario) qui sont activement impliqués dans la défense de leur territoire. Les Mohawks de Tyendinaga revendiquent le territoire de Culberson Tract, qui leur a été volé en 1832. Récemment, une partie des terres a été reprise et la communauté de Tyendinaga exige que le gouvernement ontarien révoque le permis légitimant l’exploitation d’une carrière privée qui enlève, littéralement, la terre du Culberson Tract. Pour plus de renseignements, visitez :

Le CN menace d’engager d’autres poursuites contre des communautés et militant-e-s autochtones qui choisissent de bloquer les chemins de fer.

Le CN et ses cadres ciblent les organisateurs communautaires autochtones qui ont remis à l’ordre du jour l’enjeu des revendications territoriales non résolues et la souveraineté des peuples autochtones. Dans le contexte des revendications territoriales non résolues, et considérant que leurs chemins de fer se trouvent sur des territoires arrachés aux peuples autochtones, les actions en justice du CN sont profondément racistes et colonialistes.

Alors que le CN utilise le système de justice pour attaquer les activistes autochtones, le PDG de la compagnie, E. Hunter Harrison, est membre du Conseil nord-américain de la compétitivité, un acteur clé du nouvellement formé Partenariat nord-américain pour la sécurité et la prospérité (PSP), entre le Canada, les Etats-Unis et le Mexique. Le PSP poursuit le programme néolibéral imposé par l’Accord de libre échange nord américain (ALENA), mais y rajoute des politiques de « sécurité nationale ».

Le PSP est une attaque portée contre les travailleurs et les travailleuses et toutes les classes opprimées de l’Amérique du Nord. Les leaders du PSP – George Bush, Stephen Harper et Felipe Calderón – se rencontreront cet été, les 20 et 21 août prochain, au Château Montebello (Outaouais, Qc.), à 90 minutes de Montréal.

Joignez-vous à nous le 14 août à Montréal, alors que nous poursuivons nos actions contre Bush, Harper, Calderon et le PSP à Montebello, le 20 août prochain (info: )

Cette action est organisée et endossée par : Bloquez l’Empire! –
Montréal (BLEM), Solidarité sans frontières, Liberterre, Personne n’est illégal-Montréal, Tadamon! Montréal, La Pointe Libertaire, La Rue Brique, et autres (pour associer le nom de votre groupe à la liste des endossements, veuillez écrire à )

-> Texte du tract distribué à la manifestation du 1er juillet à Montréal :

-> À propos du PSP: un autre point de vue:

INFO: 514-848-7583,

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MNN. Feb. 1, 2007. Rumor mongering by non-natives that Onkwehonwe are barbarians, still running around in loin cloths, carrying tomahawks, sneaky, untrustworthy and drunk is the culturally entrenched way of looking at us. This is fiction. This false image is a reality we face all the time.

Today when our Onkwehonwe youth try to get a job, they have a lot to overcome. The mainstream stereotypes of our people as “drunken”, “lazy” and “won’t show up for work” keeps us from getting jobs. Our women and men are seen as lascivious and easy marks. There is a presumption that social services has to intervene in our homes because we don?t know how to take care of our kids, or that we let them hang out on the streets in druggie gangs. Where did all this come from?

Someone wants to make sure our Onkwehonwe youth won’t achieve anything. What are they afraid of? The film “Apocalypto” by Mel Gibson gives us some clues. It is stereotyping at its most vicious. It melds together the colonizers’ fantasies of letting loose according to their false sense of what’s natural and their simultaneous disgust and fear of their own lusts and base desires that they project on us. They are so subject to hierarchical control that they believe if there wasn’t someone lording it over them, they would behave badly. This means they don’t believe in their own ability to control themselves. it’s not our nightmare, it’s theirs. They want to see us as barely civilized barbarians. It gives them a false feeling of superiority. At a visceral level they’re still desperately seeking justification. Or maybe they’re trying to avoid responsibility for the genocide they committed and for their destruction of the environment of Turtle Island. They know their own ability to commit atrocities and fear those who restrain themselves when attacked. They are assuming that the ax is going to fall when they least expect it.

Colonial society creates hopelessness. This way we will have no leadership and they can continue to be the “great white fadder”. Waneek Horn Miller described recently on APTN how the coach of the National Women’s Water Polo Team asked her if she was going to be like all the other “Indians” by not showing up for practice and being irresponsible. The interviewer commented, “The usual stereotypes were pinned on you?” For 15 years she got up at 5:00 am to train and in 2000 went on to compete in the Olympics in Australia.

There are many like her. Ted Nolan is now a coach of the New York Islanders hockey team in one of the most competitive areas in the world. He was fired after a sensational year. He had brought the Buffalo Sabres up from nothing to the pinnacle of success. For 9 years no NHL team would hire him. Why? They thought he was too independent minded. They were afraid he was going to poison the minds of the other players against management, which was untrue. Nolan, just prior to being rehired, took a Nova Scotia junior team to the Memorial Cup and almost won it. This proves that his Onkwehonwe methods of coaching work. One year after taking over the Islanders they are at the top.

Because of this stereotype being flung at us universities have to hire Onkwehonwe ombudsmen to bring our people into these mainstream institutions.

What are some of positive traits of our young people? For one, they show tremendous self-restraint in the face of adversity. Otherwise we would never have survived. We do not react instantly. We think about what we are going to do.

So why can’t we get jobs. Nobody will hire us. Some of us go into cigarette manufacturing and sales. For this we are criminalized. If our businesses are successful, we are pursued to pay taxes to the very corporate colonial governments that stole our lands and resources and work to keep us down. If we get any kind of money into the community, Indian Affairs sends in their “handlers” so that we never know what’s happening to our funds. Businesses are set up in our communities by non-natives using us as fronts to take advantage of our sovereignty and tax-free status and jeopardizing our rights. This is creating hatred by Canadian taxpayers against Onkwehonwe.

Creating apathy among our young people is a product of the colonial society. The idea has always been to keep us as an uneducated working class who can be used for low paying jobs that no one else will do. It did not work. Onkwehonwe have a way of expressing very deep meaningful ideas. If trained they can do this publicly. Some of the greatest natural orators in history were Onkwehonwe who came from among people who were totally uneducated in the colonial system. Statements of Cornplanter, Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Seattle and many others have stood the test of time.

So what do we do? We take our positive traits, our knowledge of our rights and create our own way. There has to be encouragement of entrepreneurial skills among our youth. Many are already doing that.

The public is made to think that we don’t care about our youth. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Last weekend the Kahnawake Youth Center had a “Radiothon” to raise money to cover a deficit of $40,000. In the end the community and our supporters raised $200,000. What’s the message? The people will back up our youth and a good idea.

What about our youth? Their minds are open and sharp. They are not brainwashed to bend down to non-natives. The old methods of attacking their self-esteem just doesn’t work with this generation. They walk with their heads up and chests out. They know their rights and history. At the same time they have an uphill battle to take off the iron cloak of “stereotypism” that has been and continues to be strewn over us.

Remember, whatever we believe we are is what we become. If our youth are convinced they are victims, they will become victims. The residential school system was one of the most successful brainwashing strategies devised by the colonists. They destroyed generations with this “victim mentality”. The Onkwehonwe are no longer victims. Now we are conquerors. We are going to be in charge. No one is going to abuse us anymore.

Unfortunately the surrounding mainstream society hasn’t caught up with us or accepted our new attitude. What’s the reaction? Today the police and predators are gathering our youth and killing them. Our young men in Saskatoon and Edmonton were left outside of town to freeze to death. Hundreds of our young women are “disappearing” without a trace and they don’t think its worth looking into.

On the other hand, many see ourselves as being more capable than the colonizers we deal with. Our innate talents have yet to be utilized. The natural ability of Onkwehonwe has never changed. Thinking back about 50 years ago the big corporations and banks in Montreal used to recruit our Onkwehonwe women to be their executive assistants to help them run their corporations. They knew they were the best administrators. Some of them were my cousins. It was common back then.

Our men were able to do construction work that others could not do. In the U.S. it was known if you want to put up a skyscraper you had to call up the Mohawks who will make sure it gets done. Our men were top iron workers running big projects in the U.S. They came home and started successful businesses by translating their abilities into other directions.

How are the colonial government, their agents and mainstream society going to deal with us now? May we suggest that they talk to us? Threats won’t work anymore. Our ancestors and our older people proved that in Oka, Ipperwash, Gustafssen Lake, Six Nations and elsewhere. In the past we were necessary in their battles. They had to negotiate with us because of our positions of strength.

We can’t be ignored anymore. We want control over what is ours and benefits from anything that is happening to us and our land.

Yes, it’s hard to deal with all our educated people. The colonists don’t like it because they have to come to terms with us. They have to govern themselves according to the laws, past accords and solutions that benefit us on a long term basis. Trust funds, education, guarantees and benefits to us and our goals have to be all written down and dealt with fairly. They can’t keep closing the doors on the title holders of Turtle Island anymore.

Our youth is an important part of all this. They don’t have any of the fear that was built into the older generations. We have raised them in an atmosphere where fear wasn’t put into them. We stopped whining on and on about “doom and gloom” and how bad everything is. Indian Affairs promotes this in their ‘kneeling and healing circle” programs to push hopelessness among our people.

The powers that think they are know that if we are afraid then we are inviting people to attack us. They will get away with it if we are running scared. This is how we invite trouble onto ourselves. Canada and the U.S. raised a whole nation of terrified people that was supposed to be scared of everything. Now that’s over. We buried it. Our kids are bold, brave and talented. They want to be Onkwehonwe, not citizens of the colonial societies that are occupying our land. They’re going to find a way around these obstructions. So watch out, world!

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News
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