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MNN. Sept. 22, 2017. The following notice is served on the violators of the kaia-nere-kowa by Registered Mail on September 22, 2017. 



TO: The Township of Southgate , 185667 Grey Cty Rd 9
RR 1 Dundalk On N0C 1B0, 519-923-3483, Petawawa Renewable Power Corporation PO Box 15   Orangeville, Ontario, Canada L9W 2Z5 416-209-7351 mbell@petawawacorp.com, Corporation of Canada and Corporation of Ontario
Regarding Bio-Fuel Proposal in Dundalk Ontario within kanekota, a territory in kanienkeh, also known as rotino-shonni-onwe 

FROM: The kohtihon-tia-kwenio of the kanion-keh-haka/Mohawk of the of the rotino-shonni-onwe [Iroquois].

OBJECTION: To the encroachment by the corporate entities on a portion of our territory known by the occupiers as the “Haldimand tract” and by the onkwe-hon-weh as kanekota. It is located on the northern part of the British protectorate for the kanion-ke-haka. The corporate encroachers are trying to illegally install a biomass development on kanekota without our knowledge or permission. This imposition violates the kaia-nere-kowa, the original instructions of creation, and the order made by Captain General Haldimand in 1784.  

BASIS OF ACTION: WAMPUM 44 OF THE kaia-nereh-kowa, the great peace.

WHEREAS the original instructions designates the kohtihon-tia-kwenio – the women – are the natural caretakers of the land, water and air of “onowarekeh” [Turtle Island] since the beginning, to preserve and protect the land for the future generations.

WHEREAS the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People affirms that the all corporate entities must seek our permission and consent to encroach on our land.

WHEREAS states must fully explain their intentions for and violations of all life on turtle island; we hereby notify the above noted corporations and the Chief of the General Staff in London, of this current violation of the kaia-nere-kowa.

WHEREAS According to the original instructions between us and creation, the kohtihon-tia-kwenio, speaking for all life, order these corporations to protect all life on ono-ware-keh or leave turtle island.

WE, THE kohti-hon-tia-kwennio OF THE rotino-shonni-onwe, MAKE NOTICE OF THIS OBJECTION AS FULL AND FAIR NOTICE THAT:

These corporations will not violate our authority as true natural caretakers of the land since the beginning of the original instructions to survive and coexist with all nature as brothers and sisters on mother earth; that no foreign sovereign will pass laws and legislation violating this; and that these entities must deal with the kohtihon-tia-kwenio as required under our original instructions; that all individual or foreign entities shall not invade our human, spiritual and political rights on ono-ware-keh; and that they shall come to us through proper diplomatic channels to explain how they will fully adhere to the original instructions on all issues affecting land, water, air and all life on ono-ware-keh. turtle island.


1)The women do not tolerate violations of the original instructions, ancient customs, traditions, inherent rights and agreements by the corporations of Canada and its entities. The women and the waters from the ground have a duty to sustain all life without interference.

2)These corporations are ordered to inform the women as the inherent authority on these lands and waters on behalf of our mother earth on how they will carry out the original instructions.

3)Should these corporations breach the original instructions of creation, necessary measures shall be taken. Govern yourselves accordingly.

Kanion’ke:haka of the rotino’shonni:onwe:

kohtihon’tia:kwennio rotiskarewake /s/________________

Contact: 519-925-9695. thahoketoteh, rotiskarewake aserakowa 4-325 Robert Street, Shelburne, [inside kanekota] ON L9V 3B8.

To: Prime Minister Hon. Justin Trudeau, 80 Wellington St. Ottawa ON K1A 0A2 justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca; Premier of Ontario Hon. Kathleen Wynne, Ontario Legislature, Toronto 416-42-6777, kwynnempp.co@liberal.ola.org; Gen. Sir Nicholas Carter, Whitehall, London SW1A 2HB”

Tekentiokwenhuksten are the 49 families that make up the rotino-shonni-onwe/Iroquois confederacy. They form the circle that exercises the power of the people that comes from the original instructions.  

Notice published on Sept. 22, 2017.

The Skillet sing about resistance: “I am a nation, I am a million faces. Formed together, made for elevation. I am a soldier, I won’t surrender. Faith is like a fire that never burns to embers. (Who’s gonna stand up, who’s gonna fight?) The voice of the unheard (Who’s gonna break these chains and lies?) Love is the answer. I gotta speak it, believe it, that’s how I feel inside. can’t, can’t sit here quiet.”

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trumps embarrassing UN speech https://www.veteransnewsnow.com/2017/09/20/1015574-trumps-embarrassing-un-speech/


NEW/OLD INDIAN ACT SCAM http://policyoptions.irpp.org/magazines/september-2017/when-moving-past-the-indian-act-means-something-worse/ 

water theft https://finance.yahoo.com/news/nestl-makes-billions-bottling-water-090016218.html




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“MNN. May 31, 2008. Last November 2007 the Six Nations Confederacy reminded the Mississauga that Toronto sits on part of Haudenosaunee Territory. We refused to give up the 372 square miles of land on Lake Ontario.


In 1787 the British brought in the Mississauga who are Algonquian from northern Ontario and got them to fraudulently sell our land to them. The Mississauga said, “It’s not our land, but we’d be glad to sell it to you!” They accepted L1,700 pounds and signed a blank sheet of paper. Why? Because they knew it wasn’t theirs. 

Now 221 years later Toronto is trying to buy it again because it wasn’t done “right” the first time. Once again, the colonists are trying to buy it from the Algonquian “misclaimers”. The “Toronto Purchase of 1787 & 1805” and an area 12, 944, 400 acres in south and central Ontario known as the “Williams Treaty” of 1923 are part of this shady land deal. . . . 

Read on to get the full picture of the fraud: 


Johnston Charles M. “The Valley of the Six Nations”. 1964: P. 47 Mississauga Speaker told Colonel Butler, in effect, we don’t own this land laying between the three lakes but we’d be glad to sell it.

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THE VAMPIRES STRIKE BACK: “ONE DEAD INDIAN” BLOOD AND GORE TO CONDITION THE MASSESMNN. Sept. 7, 2006. Why are CTV and APTN showing the film, “One Dead Indian” over and over again? This film is about the Ontario Provincial Police OPP attack on the Stoney Point people who were defending their land, known as “Ipperwash”. Dudley George was shot and killed in cold blood.

When they sit and watch this, who are the Canadians identifying with? Many would be with the Indigenous People, some would be neutral and a few would see the viewpoint of the cops. Then there is the lunatic fringe and some of the ordinary people who had no previous interest in Indigenous issues. These two groups would be drawn in subconsciously. They are the ones the establishment wants to reach and influence. These people who might end up watching this because they’re looking for a good action flick.

When people watch the bull fights, after seeing a few bulls ritually executed with blood flying all over the place and the matadors taking bows for the murders, the crowd screams for more blood. There is no therapeutic value in any of this.

Why aren’t they trying to stop the arousing of anti-Indian feelings? Reasonable and rational thinking about constructive ways to deal with Indigenous people and our grievances should get equal time on television, in the movies and on the media.

Canadians have been conditioned all along to see Indigenous People as the lowest rung on their hierarchical ladder. To this day they’re being taught that people who live in the natural world are “primitive”. We have been “spun” as someone they can look down and trample on to make them feel superior.

Look at the 500 Indian women who have disappeared. The police won’t do an investigation. Was this because they think they’re primitive? What about the Indigenous boys who were left out in the snow to freeze to death? The cops put them there. Only when the Indigenous People made an outcry was something done. The cops shot J.J. Harper on the streets of Winnipeg. The subsequent film gives a sympathetic view of the police officer who killed him. There were discussions about how to cover this up right in the film. After it was shown nationally, no Parliamentarians were outraged nor did they condemn such a depiction. During the Oka Mohawk Crisis of 1990 two old men were stoned to death which was shown over and over again on national news to get people used to how to treat “Indians”.

“One Dead Indian” depicts us as a problem. The viewers are being conditioned to think that the solution is to kill off all of us. They want to see us suffer and bleed. They’re being conditioned to see us as natural targets. For their fulfillment and to set us up for the corporate/government agenda, movie makers are being given millions of dollars of government funds to make gory bloody films about Indians. Never are they shown how we can sit together as equals and discuss our legitimate relationship.

During the 1920’s and 30’s Germany put out propaganda depicting Jews in caricature. German people were conditioned to accept the “final solution” which was to exterminate a race.

When people see Indians being shot, abused, beaten up and killed often enough, it makes them want to see more Indian blood. This is the old Cowboys and Indians movies paradigm.

About six months ago the New York Times did a scathing article on the Mohawks of Akwesasne, which was publicized all over the world. Their main message was that we are criminals and deserve the bad treatment we are getting and going to get more of. Akwesasne, they say, is a haven for criminals and that Mohawks are part of “organized crime”. The U.S. is trying to get people to think that our warriors are “terrorists”. Who planted the story? It’s part of the continual assault against us. It’s meant to justify whatever they do to us in their genocidal quest.

A lot of the initiatives against us seem to be coming from the United States. Why are they doing this? It’s because Indigenous People stand in the way of their exploitation of our resources. Don’t forget, most of the companies operating in Canada today are U.S. owned and controlled. They’re the same corporate giants that control the U.S. government. They’ve obviously taken control of some parts of the Canadian government.

The ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) came to Canada to work with the OPP. How long have they been here? Maybe for 20 years! Our people catching them was hardly mentioned in the corporate media. It would have been a scandal to Canada a few decades ago. This has got to be one of the biggest outcomes of the Six Nations land reclamation issue. We found out who our enemies are, that Canadian institutions are just puppets for corporate America. Who has been organizing the attacks on us? Is it a U.S. procedure that has been put in place by people in Canada who’ve been bought off or manipulated?

Could this be similar to what happened back in 1812? This is when Tecumseh and General Brock beat back the American general who declared they were taking over Canada, “Your choice is to join with us or enslavement!” This was the first time the U.S. ever invaded foreign soil. Invasions of this kind are a continuing theme in Canada-US relations. It’s obviously happening again? This time what’s shockingly different is that Canadians seem to neither notice nor care. It’s being done through control of the economy and by infiltrating the police and governmental institutions. This is how the U.S. has already marched into Canada and no one even knows. The ruthlessness of the U.S. towards Indigenous People will frighten Canadians so they will be too scared to resist the takeover.

What are the politicians and their corporate bosses getting the Canadian public ready for? They have invaded Iraq and Afganistan. They appear to be getting ready to invade Iran. The new “passport control” is probably going to end up as a “bait and switch” operation. People will get so upset about the passports, they’ll accept the “smart cards” that allow control without even noticing how much freedom they’re losing.

The U.S. is the only nation in the history of the world that dropped nuclear bombs against another nation. They are blood thirsty and brag about it when they teach history, especially their ruthless takeover of Turtle Island from the Indigenous People.

In the recent covert operations against the Six Nations land reclamation, nothing goes back onto the police forces, even though they’re behind it. Their tactic is using (un)ordinary people to do their dirty work, such as the skinheads, fascists, KKK, the Brown Shirts and the heavily state funded Caledonia Citizens Alliance to attack the Indigenous people. These groups might all have died out had they not been called back into service and funded by the state. Just what is the justification in using tax money to finance hate groups like these?

“One Dead Indian” satiates the appetite for Indian blood for this portion of the public. It’s part of their indoctrination. This is similar to the frenzy of sharks when blood is thrown among them, called “chumming the water”. The sharks can smell the blood from miles away. They speed towards it. It drives them crazy. They eat everything except each other. Then they need more and more blood. They’re driven to attack again and again.

The ancestors of the non-natives on Turtle Island did kill off 99% of the Indigenous people in the Western Hemisphere. These people today are their descendants. They’re being indoctrinated to release their self-control through video games and violent films where multitudes of people are violently killed.

The police and army are trained to shoot at targets that are replicas of their enemies. In Saskatchewan the police were caught shooting at a replica of an Indigenous woman. It’s meant to stir up their hatred for the targeted people.

How do we protect ourselves? Making people realize they have been set up as tools to eliminate the descent within their society of totalitarianism.

This is how the U.S. prepares their society for war against helpless people around the world. They use their military hardware to shoot innocent people as practice to exercise their dominance over other human beings.

At first some of the soldiers say they do not like what they are ordered to do. However, these young soldiers are trained to be sadists and are trigger happy. They go to war as nonchalantly as kids go to video arcades at the mall. To them going to Iraq is like going to a local garbage dump and shooting rats. They begin to enjoy menacing and killing defenseless people. After a while they can’t control themselves. Don’t forget, they’ve been given carte blanche to kill people without impunity. Remember the public inquiry on the Mai Lai massacre during the Vietnam War when the soldiers went on a murderous rampage killing countless innocent women and children?

Today on Turtle Island we are being used as their guinea pigs. The so-called super master race (billionaires of the world) feels they can abuse and kill those of other skin colors and languages whom they have determined to be inferior to them.

During the Oka Crisis of 1990, Canada brought over Col. Musgrave who had developed the strategies for the British in their conflict against the Irish. In a newspaper article, he bragged that he could break down the Mohawks in three weeks. They started flying jets and choppers over us all night long so we could not sleep, shot and detonated concussion bombs and flares, held back food and then gave it to us, spread fear among the public by showing threatening videos on television about all the warheads we had, spread lies and propaganda and shut lights and water off and on. It didn’t work. In fact, it backfired! Some of the soldiers involved had nervous breakdowns.

Their masters are experimenting on those they consider to be inferior and whose life isn’t worth anything to them. In fact, getting rid of us would be very beneficial to them. Then they would complete their illegal theft of our land.

“One Dead Indian” shows us hundreds of menacing cops “goose stepping” into Ipperwash, banging in unison on their shields. This reminds us of the Gestapo in movies about Nazi Germany where they marched into the Jewish areas of the cities. They must be getting the public ready for a total police state. A few former OPP officers are absolutely disgusted with the direction their force has gone.

Martial Law already exists in Indian country. As long as we behave according to their dictates, we don’t see the cops. As soon as we step out of line we see the armed forces showing up in droves. Why can Canada and other colonial nations that are squatting on Indigenous territory defend their so-called “sovereignty”? If we try to defend our human rights and our sovereignty against their brutality, we are called “terrorists” and criminalized.

Like the vampires, once they start drinking blood, they can only stay alive by drinking more blood. These corporate and government vampires are trying to suck the blood out of the people who are preaching peace to the world.

Canadians, you’re next!

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

poster: Thahoketoteh


Corporate Machine

TELEPHONE TERRORISM: CORPORATE BULLY ROGERS IGNORES CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION – ATTACKS FREEDOM OF SPEECHMNN. August 14, 2006. On August 9th at 3:20 pm I picked up my home phone to make a long distance call. A man came on. The first thing he said was, “This is Rogers and we’ve disconnected your long distance”. Rogers is my long distance server.

“Why?” I asked. He told me I hadn’t paid my June 2006 bill of $103.19. This is not really normally considered past due according to normal collection policy. I was surprised. I always pay my bills and had never received a “past due” notice. While he waited on the phone, I pulled out my June receipts There it was. I had indeed paid my bill at the local Caisse Populaire Bank in Kahnawake. The Rogers employee, Shawn, at 1-800-818-1248 became both nervous and nasty. He claimed the money was not in their account. As far as he was concerned it had not been paid. He wanted me to pay him again by credit card. It crossed my mind that this could be a scam of some kind. If it wasn’t, I couldn’t understand why I should pay again. I offered to fax him a copy of my receipt. He didn’t want it. He again told me he wasn’t going to do anything to check what the problem was. The long distance service would remain cut.

While he was still on the line, I called the Caisse Populaire 450-638-5464. It is the bank in my community. Sure enough they found that I had paid my bill on June 28th 2006 to Teller No. 7. The bank confirmed that the money had been sent to Rogers. The man was still on my other phone line listening to us. I explained what the bank said. He became even nastier. He informed me he wasn’t going to reconnect. To the bank employee and me, it looked like the mistake had been made at his end. But that did not matter to him. He said he had no more time or patience for us and abruptly smacked the phone down on us.

As an elder, over 65 years old, I need my long distance service to stay in touch with my family. I was greatly distressed over the way this young man spoke so angrily and rudely to me, a senior citizen. He was so offensive that I thought about changing my long distance service and telling all my friends to do the same. I wrote to the CRTC (Canadian Radio Telecommunication Commission) telling them I would appreciate it very much if they would investigate these strong arm harassment tactics by Rogers to threaten one of its helpless clients. Especially those who live alone and are desperate to maintain crucial telephone contact. I sent a copy to Rogers. To this date I still have not received any response from the CRTC.

Around noon on Friday, August 11th, the bank called me and said they had “repaid” the June bill and my service should come right back on immediately. They told me to call Rogers and confirm that they could now turn my service back on. I called. They refused to do this. They claimed they had not received this repayment. I sent my receipt to two people at Rogers. They transferred me around to five people. I had to explain everything from the beginning to each one of them. They still would not give me long distance service. I was on the phone with them for over two hours. Still no service.

I told them I needed the long distance desperately as a close family member, an ironworker, had just fallen off the job and was in a coma in a hospital. I needed to get in touch with other family members. They said that they would allow me a “courtesy” call. To get this, I had to call a certain number, go through their recorded messages, hit numbers and dial “0”. Someone finally came on. He asked me all kinds of personal questions. Who was I calling? Why? Where? And so on. Then he dialed the number for me. After ten minutes of this trouble I got through. I was told I could only speak for 5 minutes, then the call was cut without warning. Due to the family crisis I was forced to do this several times.

On Monday, August 14th, still no service. Finally about 4:30 pm I tried and got a long distance call through. Still no explanation. Still no apology. Still no rebate for the loss of one-quarter of a month’s service and all of my time. What gives? Rogers clearly breached its contract with me. Who knows why? Who knows what they’ve been doing. I am starting to get calls from people saying
“Where were you. I’ve been calling all week, leaving messages.” I never left home. I never got one long distance message though I did get some local ones.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this? How can customers defend ourselves from corporate bullies? Now, may I ask – if they reconnect, are they going to deduct the time they gave me no service and are they going to charge me for reconnection? Doesn’t it sounds like a scam? Whatever happened to old fashioned respect for people who pay their bills on time?

In my note to the CRTC I asked whether any long distance provider has a right to cut off my service when my bills have been paid. Rogers did reply. On August 10th they sent me a “Termination notice” because they allege that “my bill was severely past due” even though I have paid it twice. They are now sending this to a collection agency. They want me to pay it again for a third time, this time $172.76. In other words they want me to pay three and a half times the agreed upon rate for the phone service. You know what? They’re wearing me out. If there is freedom of speech and freedom of association in Canada, how can anyone be subjected to such mistreatment?

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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poster: Thahoketoteh


Forgotten arguments of Deskaheh. (Speech)

Conference McGill University
Speech by Kahn-Tineta Horn

MNN. Nov. 10th 2002


Canada’s Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples now admits that the relationship between the First Nations and the European colonizers began with the Two Row Wampum Treaty. We agreed to live side by side with each other – with us in our canoe and they in their ships. This is an agreement that allowed our peoples to share the river. The Two Row recognized that the Indigenous Peoples and the newcomers belonged to different families with different languages, culture, laws and ways of life. Back in the days of first contact, Europe’s monarchs recognized that we were not their subjects and they agreed to leave us alone to live according to our laws and customs. We agreed to share the land as separate social groups, not as one political entity.

As time went on the colonizers started to look at things differently. They forgot about the Two Row Wampum and adopted a geographic description of themselves. They had battles with their European cousins over who could come to North America. Then they started to impose their laws and ways on everyone over here based on the treaties they made to end their wars with each other. They never consulted the Indigenous nations who had been taking care of the land since time immemorial. Instead of staying in their own ship they decided to take over the whole river.

Some of Britain’s North American colonies confederated in 1867 to form Canada. The new political organization was called a “dominion” because the colonial visitors started thinking they had a right to dominate the land and all the people on it. They changed the way they defined their political identity. Instead of basing it on the allegiance they owed to their king or queen, they based it on the land they claimed. They changed from sharing to dominating.

There was no legal basis for this change. Canada was a British colony and Britain could not give her subjects here more than she had to give. All the British had was an agreement to share. Maybe Canadians forgot about the Two Row Wampum, but Britain could not give Canada the right to make laws for our people because we were never British subjects.

The Indigenous peoples never agreed to change the terms of the Two Row Wampum treaty. Our ancestors were not consulted. They would never agree to such a serious change because that takes the land away from our future generations. And they had no right to do that. The whole concept violates our law. We are the caretakers. We hold the land for the future generations. Britain’s Canadian subjects had no right to force Indigenous peoples into their territorial concepts of nationality and property. They have no right to continue to disregard the original agreements by imposing their new geographic definition retroactively.

When Europeans first came to Turtle Island everybody knew they were subjects to their kings, and that Indigenous people were not. The way of life of the Indigenous peoples was a revelation to Europeans. We were free. We treated everyone equally. We were all citizens of our own nations.

The European peoples were influenced by the freedom we had. They didn’t want to be subjects anymore and so there has been a change in the colonizer’s way of thinking about law and international relations. Europeans have formally embraced equality along with the rest of the world. Britain does not have subject status anymore. Canadians define “nationality” in territorial terms now. They have citizenship based on place of birth. But they have not fully grasped the meaning of equality. Their institutions don’t give their citizens much of a voice. And their new First Nations Governance Act shows that they don’t respect our voice at all. They are ignoring their obligations under the Two Row Wampum.

As far as we are concerned, the colonizers are free to change the way they think of themselves….but this does not give them the right to define our identity and appropriate our resources. They made many changes in themselves during the 19th and 20th centuries. But, especially since Confederation, Britain’s Canadian subjects have been violating Britain’s agreements with the Indigenous nations.

Confederation and the British North America Act did not give Britain the right to let Canadians violate the Two Row Wampum. Britain recognized that its people could only come onto our land as a separate social group that would share the river with us. But Britain’s Canadian subjects fell into the erroneous habit of thinking that they owned the land. This lie is taught in your education system. Canada draws its maps to perpetuate the propaganda that justifies the theft of our resources.

The Six Nations Confederacy knew this back in 1920. In desperation they sent Levi General Deskaheh to ask the Supreme Court of Canada to stop the Department of Indian Affairs from violating the British North America Act. That piece of British legislation only gave Canada the right to negotiate with us in place of Britain. It did not give Canadians the right to impose their laws on us. But Canadian officials would not let Deskaheh have his day in court. Maybe they were afraid of losing their jobs.

After all, if Deskaheh had proven that what they were doing was illegal, these bureaucrats would have been out of a job. So they sent troops, the RCMP, to invade the small piece of the Six Nations`Grand River territory that was left after a century of theft and fraud. In the end they deposed the traditional government, one of the oldest governments in North America. This is the model the Americans copied rather poorly for their constitution. Since that time Canada has refused to recognize or deal with our real leaders. They will only deal with councils imposed under Canadian laws.

Six Nations diplomats had been honoured guests in Britain’s courts. But by the 1920’s Britain was refusing to deal with the problems that had befallen her old allies. This is why Deskaheh went to the League of Nations to appeal for justice. The Six Nations wanted membership in this new international organization so they could present our arguments and protect our legal rights. The Netherlands, Persia, Estonia, Panama and Ireland all agreed that the Six Nations complaints should be examined by the international court. But Deskaheh was ambushed again by Canadian officials skulking behind the scenes to make sure the case never got a formal public hearing.

Today, whether Canada wants to admit it or not, our people still maintain our right to independence. We were allies, not subjects of Britain and so we are not part of Canada – the colony that became a successor state. Canada imposed Canadian laws on us unlawfully, in violation of both the Two Row Wampum and modern International law. This is outrageous. As Deskaheh put it in his last address before he died in 1924, it’s as if Mexico tried to apply its laws in the United States. Canadians know how it feels when the United States tries to impose its laws on them. So why are they doing this to us?

The root of this problem is the failure of European colonists to fully understand the meaning of equal rights. Besides, they refuse to look at their own history and acknowledge that they have changed the way they define themselves. When we made the Two Row Wampum Treaty with Britain we both defined ourselves in terms of personal relationships. Our nations were based on our clans. The European nations were based on subject status and the allegiance they owed to their sovereigns. Their decision to shift to a territorial definition of themselves does not give them the right to impose their laws on us or to take our resources. As a successor state, Canada is still bound by Britain’s treaty obligations. The settlers and their descendants are still a guests on our land…even though Canada has presumed to take over our whole house. Canada has not worked out fair and valid agreements with the First Peoples.

When the colonizers celebrate “Canada Day” they forget that Canada was not an independent nation at Confederation. In 1867 there was no such thing as Canadian nationality. Nationality is tied to idea of having shared ancestry and culture. Being Canadian is not a nationality. The settlers and their ancestors have only the shared experience of fleeing oppressive regimes and immigrating onto someone else’s land.

Canada is a “dominion” that was produced by Britian’s will to dominate. The concept of a “dominion” has its origin in feudal customs carried to Britain by foreign lords who conquered the land and the people on it. It is based in deeply rooted cultural habits that violate the egalitarian respect represented by the Two Row Wampum concept.

As a consequence, the whole existence of Canada is illegal. There is no legal foundation for the present territorial description of Canada – even by the European’s own rules which say that treaties continue to bind successor states. Canada’s self-definition that appropriates both our political identity and our resources violates the initial treaties made by Britain with the Indigenous peoples.

It violates both the European version of international law and our Indigenous law. It violates the principle of human equality that Canadians finally recognized in a formal way in the middle of the twentieth century – after the atrocities of World War II – when they signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Charter of the United Nations and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Deskaheh tried to present this argument way back in the 1920’s but Canadians didn’t get the message. Even today Canadians and their institutions continue to close their ears to our demands for political and economic equality. They have not thought things through. When Americans had their revolution they threw off their subject status. But they went crazy, grabbing land, killing people and destroying resources. They called the people of the First Nations “Indians” and treated us as vermin. In Canada people accepted this idea of the Americans that might makes right and that Europeans had a god-given right to grab lands, possessions, resources and lives. Canada thinks it was more honourable, but they bought into the sleazy American dream.

What happened was unthinkable. In the subsequent treaties on the prairies there was no meeting of the minds of the people who signed. The Anglo-Canadians imagined those people agreed to give up everything they had. The First Nations thought there was just an agreement to co-exist. It was not like the time of the Two Row Wampum treaty when there was a real meeting of minds. Back then the British knew they were British and recognized that Indians had nations. There was mutual agreement to live side by side.

The anglo-Canadian decision to shift to a territorial definition of themselves does not give them the right to take over our land and resources. All this has to be done through treaties and agreements. Canada needs our consent and we do not have to consent just because they lust after our resources and crave the right to ransack the land.

If Canada believes that all people are equal, Canada has no right to impose its laws and beliefs on us. We are the original caretakers of the land and resources. As a successor state Canada is still bound by the limitations of Britain’s treaty obligations, which were agreements to live as a separate social group on our land. This is according to international law which Canada has agreed to. The colonizers are obliged to share the land. They do not own it. They have no legal right to claim dominion over us, or to take our lands and possessions. They are visitors still. They have not worked out fair and valid agreements with us that consider the needs of seven generations to come among our people or among their own. Canada’s current attempts to force Aboriginal peoples to prove to their courts that we have a claim to our own lands is ridiculously backwards. They are the ones who are robbing us and their own future generations. They are the ones who must prove to us and to their descendants what right they have to be on this land, to ransack our resources and to leave a trail of pollution behind. If Canadians own this land, where is their receipt?

poster: Thahoketoteh



 WHAT HURRICANE KATRINA REFLECTED.MNN. September 20, 2005. Hurricane Katrina put up a mirror that exposed a hole within “democratic” society. She swept away the veil of delusion. She revealed a societal crisis. She showed our flaws. In a hierarchal system, only the man at the top can give the order. President George Bush delayed assistance to the victims for four days causing death, havoc and chaos. Now everybody is taking shots at George Bush. Bush says, “I take responsibility for what happened”. Does it really make sense to balance our lives on the narrow little shoulders of this man? What does he know of the struggle that the people are facing? Why should we turn to someone who has no experience in practical reality?.

The problem is deeper. Bush is a pawn in the system in which he exists. He is trying to play the hero. He has to look good. “I am responsible”, says he, while
saluting the flag. Who cares about a flag when babies are dying of starvation and dehydration in the middle of a cesspool?

Decaying structure. As Katrina showed, the Americans have a structure that’s supposed to take care of them. It’s rotted, crumbled and washed away by winds and tides, eroded by pollution and neglect. They aren’t sure how this happened. So they are trying to find some scapegoats, some sacrificial lambs that they can burn on the alter of convenience to feed their fear and confusion. The energy they waste would be better spent listening to the people.

Scapegoating takes American society off the hook. Nothing gets solved. Katrina showed us their system cannot cope. It is structurally fraudulent. How much can they build with delusional beams? They refuse to look at a system that is supposed to have a rule of law root. They think that all their hierarchical structures will stand every hurricane even though they’re crumbling.

Smoke and mirrors. Bush says he’s going to rebuild New Orleans. Their system produces contrived leadership. It tells people whatever they want to hear. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” It’s too busy asking silly questions to know how to roll up its sleeves and get to work rebuilding the structure and sorting out the rule of law.

The hierarchical system versus the true democratic system. The judiciary is supposed to uphold the basic principles of constitutional democracy and the rule of law. The judiciary has not permitted the power of the people to express itself, even though they have an inherent right to do so under the constitution. The judiciary is supposed to make sure a true democracy functions.

Our constitution. The Kaianereh’ko:wa/Great Law of Peace, is a true democracy that is not hierarchical. It is a tripartite system. Every citizen’s opinion is valuable. Every person is responsible. Individual responsibility goes along with individual empowerment.

The U.S. Constitution is based on the Kaianereh’ko:wa. Accordingly, each individual is responsible at the grassroots level. In our language we call the brain “oni kon ra” which means “it takes care of you”. We take care of ourselves with others by putting our minds together. Everybody has an opinion because humans are equal and everybody gets to have their say. The Longhouse government and court hears everyone, in the presence of everyone. This sets the truth free. By this means justice, as the application of truth to affairs, comes into existence.

The U.S. Founding Fathers have acknowledged the debt owed to the Kaianereh’ko:wa. They tried to copy our constitution. They got it almost right, but not totally. Now they’re busy covering up the mess they’ve created.

U.S. and Canada. The constitutions of the United States and Canada are both based on the rule of law. Neither the political leaders nor the people have given much thought lately to what this means. Their legislatures passed federal laws which violated their constitutions and undermined their nation-to-nation relationship with the Indigenous people. The newcomers turned their backs on caring for the people. Katrina left them with a lethal combination of chaos and despotism.

They have to go back to first principles. Any leader in any country at anytime is a product of the society. Bush did not create society or its rules. It is a tragedy to see so much responsibility placed on the non-existent shoulders of such an uninspired man. Under the Kaianereh’ko:wa he would still have his contribution to make. But it wouldn’t take precedence over the depth of human experience shared by fellow Americans.

Obligations. If they want to avoid chaos, they need to learn how to restructure their society in a way that respects their founding belief that all men and women are created equal. Everybody matters. Under the Kaianereh’ko:wa the relief effort in Southern United States would have been spontaneous. You have to help your brothers and sisters.

Symptom v. Cause. Bush made a deadly mistake when he delayed responding to the flood victims of New Orleans. What happened is deeper than any individual. He is a symptom, not the cause. The rule of law is not functioning as it should. To solve the problem you have to clean the wound and get the infection out of it.

Bush bashing is another way of avoiding responsibility. The man is not that important. The people are. We all have to join hands with our neighbors and learn how to work together again.

Everyone is responsible. The Kaianereh’ko:wa doesn’t scapegoat the guy at the top. There is no guy at the top. There isn’t a top. There isn’t a bottom. The people are all together with all else in the circle of interdependent life on Mother Earth. The Kaianereh’ko:wa is pure democracy where each individual, all the relatives and nature are respected. Everybody is entitled to speak and be listened to. You never know where a good idea might come from, or who will tell the truth when all others are lying.

What’s in store.? Katrina showed us what will happen if we don’t reform the structure. We must return to the fundamental principles of justice. If nothing is done about the structure, society will break down.

Root Cause. The rule of law will change society if they address the constitutional jurisdiction question. Our case in the U.S. Supreme Court, number 05-165, addresses the root cause of the breakdown of the system. The Kaianereh’ko:wa is the origin of civil government and society which is the rule of law. This is not working right now. The judiciary allowed the structure to be created that allows people to take advantage of other people, contrary to the rule of law. Bush is a competitor. He takes advantage of the system. Scapegoating him instead of correcting the system is merely treating the symptom, not the cause.

Restructuring. The Kanien’ke:haka/Mohawk have been trying to get the system to address itself structurally. Bush is operating competitively within the system as it has been set up to operate. Should we continue taking pot shots at him? Or can we listen to the Kaianereh’ko:wa and the Indian message? We are trying to stop the genocide of Indigenous people. When we help re-establish the rule of law then genocide of others will stop too.

The Kaianereh’ko:wa represents something good about humans. It expresses the justice that is inherent in the natural world when it is based on responsibility for “all my relations”. The people are the final decision makers. If Bush makes mistakes, it is the people’s response to correct it by insisting that their judiciary do its job of upholding the constitution. The rule of law is based on the power and responsibility of all the people.

We are getting conflicted messages. The Kaianereh’ko:wa message of taking care of each other, and the mainstream message to take care of number one. The structure out there is not working. It produces scapegoats instead of structural reform.

Conclusion. Can we save people from themselves by correcting the system that produces and rewards such people? Is it our fault that this happened? We do have the ultimate power. We are the people. Our system of constitutional law and the rule of law is the solution. This is implemented by weaning the judiciary away from opportunism about what it wants the law to be, into respecting the law as it is. There is no point in a people having the rule of law if the people’s judiciary makes up the law as it goes along instead of taking the law as given by the people.

Kahentinetha Horn
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poster: Thahoketoteh

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