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MNN. 30 Mar. 2015. Prime Minister Harper wants to replace the genocidal Indian Act with tougher corporate rules to kill the natural people of this land. These colonial genocide laws do not legally apply to us, only to your corporate members who vote in your system.

Canada, US, New Zealand, Australia and Israel want to legalize genocide so the Vatican cannot be punished for carrying out the biggest genocide in all mankind. These serpents are in the Vatican, City of London and Washington DC. making war on everyone. The Minister of Immigration’s vile rhetoric about attacking Russia is how the murder of our people was discussed and planned in Parliament. Monday night Harper’s government voted to extend the Iraq mission indefinitely and to bomb Syria. UK and EU voted not to. Canada and US are bombing Syria.   superman

Canada is a corporation, a colony of the British Empire, not a legal country. Ia-te-ho-ne-se-ra-ien means they have no footprints on Great Turtle Island. Their ship can only make a small whirlpool. They cannot make a final assault on us with these new rules.

We Ongwe’hon:weh will write the rules after the collapse of Canada. With no Indian Act the Great Peace will apply to every part of Great Turtle Island. We will negotiate with all the colonial settlers so they can become of one mind with us, as we did in 1701. We are the land. They must follow our way or leave.

Canada must implement the 1960 UN Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial People.Decolonization Act. Once the Indian Act is gone, everything reverts to us. Over $900 trillion of our stolen funds will be returned from the bankers. All taxes and rent will be turned over to us.



When we told one of our men, the same age as Harper, about his plans for the final solution of the INDIAN problem, he said, “I challenge warrior chief Harper to a bare knuckle fist fight to the death in Parliament so everyone can witness it. Winner takes all!”

The Iroquois Confederacy think those who would try to destroy us cannot do so without bringing about the downfall of the whole earth. The dream is world union under the shade of universal law. Unless Canada sits down quietly under the Tree of Peace with us, they will destroy themselves.

Stephen Harper, Motorhead sings this directly to you: “If you like to gamble, I tell you I’m your man. You win some, lose some, all the same to me. The pleasure is to play. Makes no difference what your say. I don’t share your greed. The only card I need is the Ace of Spades”.

No. 1: 100 million Ongwe’hon:weh. 15 worst genocides in history.

Minister of Immigration war-mongering:

Canada & US going it alone.

Putin preparing for WW III.

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MNN. 3 Jan. 2015. The National Museum in Ottawa is removing the vast Ongwe’hon:weh exhibit. The new theme for the existence of Canada is based on corporate fiction. Education about us is one page in a history book. We are now being forced to sell ourselves as being incorporated INDIANS or being packed and stored with the rest of the original exhibition. CANADA’s corporate policy towards Ongwe’hon:weh business development is: no jobs except for their INDIAN agents, theft of our economy, starving our businesses by harassing our customers, starving us into submission and a disappeared people has no need or right to lands and resources. This is their business plan.

This is Harper's fake colonial history show.

Harper’s has to fit this turkey into his new corporate colonial history story.

The incorporated INDIANS integrate and assimilate for their own profit, while true Ongwe’hon:weh professionals are driven out of our communities. We are betrayed for that government cheque. They make us give up our languages, culture and very identity, while holding the guns that are turned on us.

Strictly maintained records of bloodlines categorize us as “full”, “half” and “quarter” bloods, to tear our communities apart. Blood quantum legislation is apartheid. Incorporated INDIANS facilitate the policy of racial hatred, following a tradition like that of Hitler’s ”judenrats” [collaborators]. We condemn those who willingly take up this foreign identity? Those who do so “under duress” should remember what our Kaia’nere:kowa allows.

Atleo, Mercredi & Fontaine: "Yipeee. "Now we're helping the pipelines screw our people!"

INDIANS Inc. Atleo, Mercredi & Fontaine: “We got to the top of the corporate INDIAN ladder by pow-wowing our own people! And we got off-shore bank accounts. Ha-ha-ha!”


The incorporated INDIANS, recruited to carry out this oligarchic agenda, finger independent thinkers. They spout pro Ongwe’hon:weh rhetoric at us, like “We oppose what Canada is TRYING to do to our people” [?!]. At the same time they are the front line of the state assassination troops. We are being labeled as “subversives” with no trial or due process. The incorporated INDIANS are part of the white serpent that has us squeezed so tight we can’t breathe, trying to steal our life, breath by breath.

The masters study the traitors thoroughly, what makes them tick, their fears and shame. They are paid well for what they do. In the natural world, the law of karma is, number 1. you will reap what you sow. Their masters tell them, “Keep speaking out of the side of your mouth” and “Keep playing those suckers”. It’s a prostitute/pimp relationship. The traitors among us cannot survive, their actions will reveal who they are. The natural law will prevail. As in the forest, if a bear betrays another bear, there will be only one bear left.

Incorporated INDIAN Chief: "I'm here to defend my people"

Incorporated INDIAN Chief: “I sort of look like an INDIAN!”


The life of the quisling is – scared, vulnerable, doomed, uncertain, paranoid, undeserving. Someone will tell on me! The agent councilors and the agent chiefs go on feeding the flow of information right to the War Room at Indian Affairs of Canada Ink.

“I stand up next to a mountain and i chop it down with the edge of my hand. And I pick up all the pieces, make an island, might even raise a little sand. Cause i’m a voo-doo child.”

Hitler’s Jewish soldiers


Mohawk Nation demands $663 billion from city.

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MNN. Oct. 4, 2014. Two related incidents. The orchestrated attack on selected Mohawks by Canada’s band council of Kahnawake MCK inc.

Corporate band council meetings in Kahnawake.

Corporate band council meetings in Kahnawake.

And an attempted murder of a young driver by the Surete du Quebec SQ. Both are part of the “ordo ab chao” conflict strategy to create fear and confusion in Kahnawake.

Under the eye of the corporate council, certain people were ordered to leave the community. They were deemed to be unqualified under the colonial Indian Act to live here.

The underlying issue appears to be our legitimate demand for the return of 45,000 acres of our land known as the Seigneury of Sault St. Louis. Kahnawake is on this tract which is part of the Iroquois Confederacy territory. Ten non-native municipalities are on this tract which must now be returned. According to the Kaianerekowa, the supreme law of the land, the Mohawks and the Confederacy cannot sell the land, much less accept money. According to international law, a vote, referendum or consensus of all adults is required. In violation of the Two Row Wampum – Guswentha, Canada illegally turned Kahnawake into a reserve without a surrender and a treaty. They are trying to do this in the West now. 

The “legal fiction” is that in 1680 French King Louis XIV gave our land to the Jesuits. In 1762 General Gage of the British military dispossessed them and affirmed the land as that of the Iroquois and our friends and allies.

Nobody wants to meet our o'ien'kwen:ton!

O’ien’kwen:ton! We have a duty to defend our land!

In 1974 Canada could not send the military or RCMP into Kahnawake. The Mohawks were removing non-native people. Lawyer, Gaetan Robert, informed us that Minister of Indian Affairs, Jean Chretien, had secretly enacted an illegal order in council on November 16, 1974, turning Kahnawake into a reserve. This order cannot be found. The SQ riot squad came in. A battle ensued. They and the white families left. The SQ, RCMP and the military have no legal authority to enter our community known as Kahnawake for any reason.

The Government of Canada Indian council do as they’re told by their real rulers. Other fear tactics are now being used on us.

SQ: "Okay, I see you have your seat belt on!"

SQ: “Okay, you have your seat belt on. So I’ll put my gun away!”

On October 2, 2014 a young man with his two year old daughter was followed by the SQ onto a side road in Kahnawake and pulled over. The driver immediately called the local Indian cops and then put both hands on the dash. The cop yanked the car door open and pointed his loaded gun with his finger on the trigger at him, “Show me your license and registration”. The Mohawk coolly said, “First take your finger off the trigger and point your gun somewhere else”. Local cops and neighbors quickly arrived and diffused the situation. Apparently it was a misunderstanding. The Quebec license bureau had not yet registered his paid up car registration.

As Hank Williams advises, it’s time to fall in love with your Indians again: “Poor old, Kaw-liga, he never got a kiss. Poor old, Kaw-liga, he don’t know what he missed. Is it any wonder that his face is red. Kaw-liga, that poor old wooden head”.  Hank Williams. “Kaw-liga”.

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NOTE: Corporation of Canada is a system of bylaws that have the appearance of legality.All acts committed, proceedings taken or things done or suffered under or pursuant to the provisions of the said Order in Council of the 12th July, 1906 (P.C. 1419), are hereby declared to have been valid and effective to all in- tents and purposes as if the said Order in Council had been lawfully made”. All their acts are corporate bylaws, assumed to have the color of law. The corporate system is for the benefit of the shareholders, the bankers. The corporate business plan is to steal all the resources from the earth. Caughnawaga into reserve without consent.

Amending voting.

Kahnawake timeline.  





MNN. FEB. 10, 2014. The hierarchal charade is ending. Looks like Canada is joining the US and UN control grid [Agenda 21]. Lawyers for the Corporation of Canada are fleeing and saying in effect, “Let’s get out now while the going is good. We’ll join Piper, the international law firm, run out of the UN. We can help make laws for the bankers worldwide. We already have our stolen money in off-shore accounts so no one can touch it”. 

Dream on!

Dream on!

The first law firm to fold was home to prime ministers, supreme court justices and federal and local politicians. Their job was to take the heat off the bankers. Now they’re jumping ship and going back to the “Fatherland” to their mansions. harper slave shipThese criminals should be going to jail. They don’t want to go back on the slave ships they came in. It’s first class on their own terms, they think. They’re trying to dictate the terms of their surrender. 

There is no reconciliation with those they leave behind. The corporation of Canada is bringing in new immigrants with loads of money who won’t be told they are on Indigenous land. They will set up businesses and steal everything that their predecessors left behind. Their job is to continue the genocide.  

Canada has no constitution in place that overrides the by-laws of the Corporation of Canada. it’s a pretend democracy based on theft and abuse of our land. Prime Minister Harper is strengthening the corporate rules and enforcement system. 50,000 new prisoners can be warehoused in the new private prisons.  

We Indigenous are to remain fenced in by Indian Affairs and the Indian Act. Indian Affairs and RCMP are both divisions of the Canadian army.  

The corporation is dissolving. The shareholders are trying to steer the dissolution in their favor. We demand the list of the shareholders of the Corporation of Canada. We will charge them with genocide and theft of our ever growing $650 trillion Indian Trust Fund. The world wants to see this.

Banksters & their minions: "Our greatest fear that we will be sent back from whence we came!"

Banksters & their minions: “Our greatest fear that we will be sent back from whence we came for all eternity!”


Canada and US need to take a lesson from Iceland who put all their crooked bankers and politicians in jail, rewrote their constitution and took away their money machine. They have to pay back everything they stole.  

They think they are going to take the money and run. Like Billy Joe and Bobby Sue, you can’t run forever. “Take the Money & Run!”

“Jumping Heenan Ship”.

“Coming Fall of House of Windsor”

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mnnlogo1 MNN. Dec. 13, 2-13. TransCanada Corp.’s Energy East’s pipeline wants to steal our resources and transport it through 180 Indigenous communities. According to international law the true natural people of these territories must be consulted and give our consent.  The Corporation of Canada touts this theft as a “nation-building heist”.

We have to give our consent to develop pipelines, oil and gas projects, mines and electricity generation. They want to steal $650-billion worth of our resources in the next decade, which we never surrendered!

Indian Act corporate “Injuns” want a cut of the $12-billion stick-up. These shameless crooks gathered in Gatineau, Que. to scheme how they would help their corporate puppeteers carry out the trans-Canada highway robbery.

Phil dressed up as royalty, to impress the Indigenous.

Phil dressed to sit unnoticed among the Council of Women!

They hired long-time quisling, Phil Fontaine, the former selected head of the government owned Assembly of First Nations. He’s one of the well-paid swindlers with huge off-shore bank accounts. He’s going to try to brainwash us like him. These carpetbaggers will flee rather than face us for their treachery. Does Phil carry a big bag of money to give to “the right people” in our communities?“NB Mi’kmaq chiefs got SWN Contracts”.

Criminal Injuns have no treaty rights, resources or land. Only us natural sovereign inherent people do. We opposed Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline in British Columbia; blocked logging roads in Quebec and mining roads in Ontario; and shutdown Southwestern Energy Co.’s shale-gas fracking in New Brunswick. Fraudulent agreements with government agents [band councillors] are already in place, which we knew nothing about.

Since we own it all, they should wait for us to tell them if we will give them anything! We demand payment for everything they owe us. Nothing more will be taken until the debt is paid in full.

Former prime minister Paul Martin is pushing education. Before we talk, we want to ‘learn’ what they are doing with our ever-growing $600 trillion Indian Trust Fund. We are the fastest growing race in Canada. We refuse to be a slave labor pool for these gangsters who washed up on our shores bringing nothing with them except lies and diseases! If anyone needs education, it’s them! Like the truth about us and our inherent rights to everything on Great Turtle Island.

See:Globe & Mail, Dec. 11/13. “Pipelines struggle with Indigenous”.

These multinational energy companies should be facing us women, the “progenitors” of the soil of Great Turtle Island and everything above and below it.

Mohawks: "Go back and tell your general what the women did to your troop!"

Mohawks: “Treacherous corporate Injun, go tell your puppeteers what the Council of Women do to betrayers of the people!”

Phil, when did you put on a skirt to sneak into the Council of Women? Back stabbing shysters like you have no business trying to sell our Mother.

Philly, you will be singing those ‘Bye bye, baby blues’ on your way to the jail in the Fatherland with your corporate masters!

Phil & corporate Injuns heading to Fatherland with their corporate masters!

Corporate Injuns heading to jail in the ‘Fatherland’ with their masters!

We won’t miss you. “Having to lose, hatin’ to lose/guess I got a lot to learn/all of my friends have lost now and then/I guess it’s just my turn”. The Judds. “Bye, bye. Baby Blues!”

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MNN. May 15, 2013. Baby Indian Act was hatched in 1876 in the parking lot by Parliament Hill in Ottawa. It was the birth of a monster whose job was to “Go out and finish off the Indians”. It was the foundation of the NAZI holocaust and the South African apartheid regime. It’s the “iron fist” to justify the immoral “manifest destiny” to occupy our land by force. The crime that breaks down the rule of law is genocide, when a military power occupies the territory of a foreign nation. Baby Indian Act’s job was to fill mass graves with Indigenous and break the spirit of the survivors or anyone who resisted them.

MP birth witnesses: "The genocide job will be easy for this calm looking beast!"

MP birth witnesses: “The genocide is hatched!”

The main mourners at Baby Indian Act’s funeral will be the corporations, their federal, provincial and municipal band councils apparatus and all their thieving partners, that are stealing from the ever-growing Indian Trust Fund. The rest of us will be celebrating the death of the tyrannical genocidal extermination policies. No more small pox blankets, gatling guns, residential school death camps, pass systems, adoptions out, torture and death. Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Duncan Campbell Scott, the predecessor of Eichmann, was preparing us to be eaten alive. 

Bureaucrats stopped at nothing to stomp out us and our title to Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island. Haudenosaunee land was carved into little pieces named ”New York State”, “Vermont”, Pennsylvania”, “Ohio”,  “Ontario” and “Quebec”. Kaianerekowa, the law of the land, was ignored. 

end is nearThe beast will go down soon taking with them the foreign corporation of Canada and their Injun puppets. A wooden stake will be thrust through Baby Indian Act’s heart to lay their WMD to eternal rest. Soon a bunch of vultures will start eating the dead bodies of Indian Act corporate Injuns and their bosses.

Powerless corporate executives and their band councils will run to Indian Act’s graveside to coax it to crawl back out. Indian Act will stay dead. The stake will remain stuck through the heart of the vampire. When Indian Act is no more, it will be filled with the Kaianerehkowa, to bring peace and freedom to all the people. As Jimi sang: “You’ve been messing with my children, and screaming at my wife. Get off of my back if you want to get out of here alive. Freedom, that’s what I want. Freedom, that’s what I need. Freedom, to live. Freedom, so I can give.”

'Laying the egg' to rest at last.

‘Laying the egg’ to rest at last.

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MNN. Feb. 16, 2013. The Corporation of Canada is trying to do away with us by pretending to remove their international treaty obligations, budget, protection and stealing our ever-growing Indian Trust Fund. They want to get out of actions for liability for all the cruelty, larceny and crimes they’ve committed against us. They think the stroke of a pen can make us into “Canadians” against our will. They will not get away with genocide. Obviously, they will try anything. 

Burn, Indian Affairs, burn!

Burn, Indian Affairs, burn!

We’re not disappearing. Indian Affairs will be killed off piece by piece. The Indian Act is the “weapon of mass destruction”. We are using the law of the land, Kaianereh’ko:wa/Great Law of Peace, the Two Row Wampum and taking over our massive Indian Trust Fund. Then we can do what ever we need to do. We will set up law of the land courts. Everyone has to follow it. 

We want full accountability and total forensic audit of Indian Affairs and its entire gangsta’ apparatus, subsidiary companies, contractors, and the names of all the shareholders of the derelict corporations. We will be holding the feet of the criminals to the fire. A lot of lawyers and consultants have been getting big career boosts and piles of our money by misrepresenting us and feigning investigations into criminal acts committed against us by the colonial government without resolving them. By design, they are meant to be lost. 

Queenie: "Look what you did. Now I have to get a job".

Queenie: “Look what you did. Now I have to get a REAL  job”.

Indian Affairs is organized crime. Prime Minister Harper is the head Don. The provinces, ministers, corporations, judges and armed forces are all part of it. They take blood oaths to the godfather [mother], Queen Elizabeth, to hide their wrong doing, as Pope Ratzinger is doing now hiding in the Vatican to avoid prosecution.  

The tribal and band councils are striving to become full patch members to exercise the rule of terror over us to keep us in line. They are all following the business plan of the royal economist bankers. 

A proper land-lord tenant relationship will be set in place. Settlers will stop gobbling up our assets, polluting our land and destroying the inheritance of our coming generations. We will  sit down and start talking about the terms under which they can stay here. Their future relationship will through Guswentha to the Kaianereh’kowa. They must become of one mind with us, or the war will continue. 

No, we’re not afraid to get rid of Indian Affairs. They have an ongoing debt to us supported by their own laws [Section 109, BNA Act, Royal Proclamation, and so on] and the human rights covenants Canada signed and supports internationally. We have to carry out our original instructions. The land has to be taken care of. The damage has to be repaired. 

Indian Affairs accomplices, take a good supply of canned goods with you,.

Discussion in the lunch room at Indian Affairs.

As David Bowie sings in “Space Oddity”: “3, 2, 1, Blast off! And may God’s love be with you”. “Space Oddity” by David Bowie

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MNN.  Jan. 23, 2013.  It’s “Nazism”. [Operation Paperclip]. Harper and his criminals are trying to get away with genocide and the biggest theft in banking history, our “Indian Trust Fund”. With the help of his band councils and provincial and territorial organizations PTO, Prime Minister Harper is trying to assimilate us, terminate our rights and end our identity as the original people of Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island, as if we never existed.

Harper & corporate Indians in the same boat.

Harper & corporate Indians in the same boat.


His ‘tables’ will force us to terminate ourselves.  If we don’t agree, the table will be folded and taken away.  The PTOs think they will get piles money for helping him.  Advisory services will be picked out to bypass our defending our lives and stopping the theft of everything we have.  

"Elites" heading for their hideouts.

“Elites” fleeing to their hideouts.

Former Bank of Canada head, Mark Carney, is in London to complete the theft of our $3 trillion “Indian Trust Fund”.  Our funds are meant to prop up their banking fraud and top up the blood line system [apartheid].  

Indigenous title will be extinguished. Underlying title will be turned over to the provinces.  Like the “Trail of Tears”, we will be forcibly removed from our homelands, thrown out on the snow in the middle of winter, with our children and elders. To get our homes back, we will have to register with the provinces.   “Leaders” will b selected for us.  

The Indian Act is illegal. To be interpreted by Harper and his puppets.  Our communities will be turned into municipalities. We will be separated and individualized.  Our communal society will be made illegal and dismantled. 

The final nail is:  neutralize us; taxation; provinces to get jurisdiction of us and our properties; eliminate our communities; impoverish us economically; dismantle all legitimate agreements such as the Guswentha [Great Peace of Montreal 1701].  

Band councilors are major consplrators to the crime. Harper’s corporate Indians are going to help him terminate federal trust responsibility, reduce spending, shift us to the provinces and get rid of Indian Affairs that holds our money.  He wants to renew the abusive relationship, not to remove the tarnish from the chain.  

This is the US termination Act and Canadian 1969 White Paper rolled into one. It is paper theft to accelerate the genocide and get away with it in the eyes of the world, so international bankers can continue to steal our natural resources. 

We are still here.  We will stop the theft and extermination attempt. We are a part of Great Turtle Island and always will be. Paper cannot remove us or separate us from our Mother.  Electronics cannot snuff us out. We are still on our land and will not let one single thing leave. Herr Harper, you will not be able to remove one single stone, tree or drop of water, from your jail cell in Nuremburg!  

Harper & Atleo:  We were following orders to commit the genocide.

Harper & Atleo: We were just following orders to commit genocide.

“We’ll hold our heads up high as we move along, thinking with one mind, as we sing our song.  We’re glad to say, we say loud and clear, through all the sadness, we are still here.”   Thahoketoteh: We are still here

Read Russell Diabo: Harper Launches Termination Plan:  As Negotiation Tables Legitimize Canada’s Colonialism.  

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MNN: IDLE NO MORE. Editorial

mnnlogo1MNN:  IDLE NO MORE.  Editorial 

MNN.  Dec. 12, 2012.  The Assembly of First Nations AFN and Iroquois Caucus IC merged their corporations on December 4th 2012. The Iroquois Caucus represents the band councils on the Mohawk communities in Canada, not the legitimate Mohawk people or Iroquois Confederacy.  They take credit for our grassroots activism.  In fact they worked behind the scenes to help their benefactors, the Canadian government, to try to silence us and continue the illusion of freedom.  

The AFN represents the other colonial band councils in Canada.  It appears that these two corporate branches are at the forefront of the ‘Idle No More’ movement or taking over the agenda. They are trying to give the impression that all Indians follow the Indian Act, which is a lie. 

The merger is supposed to be the start of a combative relationship between the AFN and the federal government.  How? Both lobby groups are being paid by the corporation of Canada. 

The Iroquois Caucus has nothing to do with resisting the colonists.  They are well paid to pacify, confuse us and make sure that the true Confederacy cannot institute the Great Law of Peace.    

They have no legal right to enter into any negotiations involving our people, land and resources.   They only represent the band council corporate Indians and the voters in the reserve elections.  Grassroots peoples will not be sitting at the negotiating table when these three corporations [AFN, IC and Canada] wheel and deal away our resources and place more genocidal restrictions on us. 

Prime Minister Harper is frustrated over AFN’s failure to shut us up and make us subservient.  His fascist bill C [whatever!] will create more starvation, imprisonment and death from economic, racial, cultural, spiritual genocide.  Every successful independent Indigenous business is criminalized.   Harper wants a new team of super obedient Indians.  As the Economic Hitman says, “Don’t worry about the people. Just think about you and your family”.  

The 1924 Indian Advancement Act placed us under the most oppressive economic sanctions of any people on earth, to try to starve us into submission.  The reserves were and still are prisoners of war camps.  To eat we are forced into oppression.  They want to remove us to take our resource rich land for the multinational corporations and to create toxic garbage dumps.  [Attawapiskat, Keshachewan, Akwesasne, Kahnawake, Tyendinaga, etc.].  

The “It’s-No-Use” AFN met recently in the Gatineau to tell us how bad and hopeless everything is and practically told us we had to keep on living with it.    

The delegates crossed the Ottawa River to march on Parliament Hill and tried to enter the House of Commons.  The scuffle was over in an instant.  The government knew it was their puppets and could slam the door in their faces.  According to the Indian Act the Indians are not allowed to go in.  


The true ongwehonweh of Great Turtle Island will not beg for what is ours. The visitors will be reminded of their illegal occupation of our land, theft of our possessions, the genocide and what they owe us.  

Why are our people fighting for treaties?  These illegal contracts are not worth the paper they are written on.  We don’t get anything.  They got the right to control us and take everything from us.  Every treaty has been broken, which makes them null and void.  

The only true treaty is the Guswentha in 1701 giving them refuge and to become of one mind with us.  They could never have any jurisdiction over us, our land, resources, air and water.  International law provides that when a treaty is broken everything reverts to one day before the treaty, June 24 1701. 

The occupiers issue corporate band cards.  The holders are deemed to be Canadian Indians under Canada’s corporate sovereignty and jurisdiction.       

If band cards were torn up tomorrow and Canadian corporations were renounced, only band council chiefs and those who vote in their elections would remain as their artificial corporate Indians.  The rest of us would be in the driver’s seat, not being part of the foreign corporations and having never given up anything.    

Canada loses $60 million a day, $22 billion a year, because of the discount prices they get for selling our oil to the US.  They want to sell it to Asian markets via the West coast.  We will never allow the pipeline to go through ongwehoneh land.    We closed down the Northern Gateway pipeline project.  In the 1970s we shut down the Mackenzie Valley pipeline.  Scumbags Enbridge was shut down.  The thieves don’t want to be honest with their landlords.  Instead they send their fake cops [police officers] to threaten us. 

The settlers came here with nothing, no common language, people or history.  They brought greed and a thirst for blood.  They are panicking, angry, frustrated and threatening us because they never thought they would be accountable.  It is time to dissolve the squatting illegal corporation of Canada.  Yes, we will tell foreign governments, corporations and their entities what they may or may not have.

We must work together as one inherent people of Great Turtle Island. There is a formula to come to a consensus so that we all survive.  If one goes hungry, we all go hungry.  Pushing for control of the interest on our resources is a start. 

all nations

We want peace, not pacifism.  We want control of our lives, our land, minerals, oil, water, gas, soil, eco-system, air and everything on it.   

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MNN. Dec. 27, 2006. Wow! There must be a Santa. Jim “Jonestown” Prentice got kicked out as Minister of Indian Affairs. Why? We hear the Indians were clobbering him for his “red neck” stances everywhere he went. He was committing political suicide. Big Daddy, Stephen Harper, had to hang on to all those connections that “Jonestown” has to those big oil companies in Calgary who backed his last election.

More important is that nobody has any business being a “Minister” of Indians or being our “great white father”. Putting a white fool from the colonial government over Indigenous people and our lands and resources is like putting the fox in the henhouse.

It’s time to get rid of the “Indian Act” and the Department of Indian Affairs and go back to the beginning to the real nation-to-colonist relationship. Don’t get any ideas that we will become Canadians. No way! We can and will handle our own affairs. So get out of our way while the going is good.

The Minister’s job is to keep us in our place so that the colonists and their corporations can steal everything we have. The Minister is just an overpaid concentration camp guard. The reserves are the penitentiaries without walls. They have guards there called “Indian” police who are trained and paid by the colonists.

Canada, you know everything belongs to us. We?re getting it all back. You, the corporation of Canada, have no business overseeing us. We are exposing your evil every single day and we aren’t going to stop! It is going to intensify by putting more truths out there for everyone to see.

Brown noser, Phil Fontaine, doesn’t want to stray too far from his master. He said that he wants “Jonestown” to stay on because he “knows so much about Indians, about our land claims” and about our faults!

“Jonestown” Prentice was the chairman of the Indian Land Claims Commission. He walked out because, he said, “Nothing was being done”. What he really meant was that he was put in as Minister of Indian Affairs after he came from his political appointment on that Commission. He stalled all land claims. Indians refused to deal with the Commission.

“Jonestown” Prentice, you’re supposed to be the one with the biggest clout [or is it “mouth”] in the Prime Minister’s “inner” cabinet/sanctum. Indians Affairs was a major portfolio that Prime Minister Harper wanted to keep under his big size XXL belt. He was trying to bulldoze major pipelines, dams, oil and mineral leases on Indian lands for his friends. Prentice, you became powerless because the Indians stood up to you.

Right Phil! You and all the other sell-outs, especially the “band councils” should get on that ship and go down with your colonizer handlers. You can’t have a foot in each boat according to the Guswentha/Two Row Wampum. We’d like to see you take off those fancy buckskins and put on those pantaloons, ruffles and capes that the colonizers wore. And those guns you’re pointing at us, they’ll be shooting nothing but blanks.

Recently the Cape Croker Indians decided that they wanted their land back from the non-native cottagers. The leases had run out and the Indigenous people did not want to extend their stay. The cottagers formed a protest group to put pressure on “Jonestown”. He backed them and told them to stay where they were because he was “gonna take care of things!”

For your information, there should be no next Minister of Indian Affairs because the “Tower of Terror” in Hull is coming down. The fright and threats just won’t work anymore. We demand that your illegal invasion, trespass, occupation and assumption of authority and jurisdiction over us and our land by your Crown Corporation, federal, provincial, private and all your subsidiaries, Canada Incorporated et all and your Queen get off our backs and take a flight off our land. In other words, stop the genocide!

We the Kanionke:haka/Mohawks will carry out our duties as the caretakers of Turtle Island because we are rooted here. We will not allow you to continue to impose your laws and corporations on us. Canada is illegal. [Arrest it!] We never agreed to become a part of the corrupt colonies of either Canada or the U.S.

We are a separate people from you and this land is our birthright, not yours. Stop usurping our natural tie to the land of our past, present and future generations. The law of the land is the Kaianereh’ko:wa, the Great Law of Peace.

According to your own laws you do not have jurisdiction over territory that is not a part of the foreign corporation called “Canada”. There is no evidence that our territory is part of Canada.

You are nothing but leeches who won’t stop sucking the life blood out of our people. We’re going to decolonize you with the truths for the whole world to know.

Do not put in another Monster of Indian Affairs from among one of your squatters. This is “our” table you’re sitting at. We’ll decide what to do with our people, our land and resources.

Next, you can relinquish to us all the stolen money, trust, lands, rights and possessions that you took from us. As well, turn over to us the entire GDP for the year 2006 which was created totally out of the exploitation of us, our land and our resources which are being fraudulently controlled by the Department of Indian Affairs at gunpoint. This is why we want Indian Affairs disbanded and everything turned over to us. We don’t need a minister. The hoax is over, men!

Toodle-oo and ta ta, Jim “Jonestown” Prentice. Let’s hope you’re the last Minister of Indian Affairs. Shucks! We thought we had you out of our hair. But we can still kick you around as Minister of the Environment [taking over from Rona “hair” Ambrose] because of the great big mess you’ve made of our land.

Harper, if you have your wits about you, you won’t appoint anyone to that position. The Indian act is ultra vires the BNA Act 1867, now known as the Constitution Act 1982. Section 91(24) says that “Indians and lands reserved for the Indians” is a federal responsibility only for the purpose of negotiating with us on a nation-to-nation basis. If you want to use our land, you have ask us. Canada cannot makes laws and impose them on us, like whether our rez dogs can run loose and who is an Indian.

Let’s all sing together now: “We thought we’d washed that man right out of our hair. We thought we’d washed that man right out of our hair, and sent him on his way. We heard he’s taking over Rona Ambrose’s hairdressing contract. We heard he’s taking over Rona Ambrose’s hairdressing contract, and sent her on her way!” Jim “Jonestown” Prentice, you’re a joke and you’re gone. Bye bye.

Kahentinetha Horn
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poster: Thahoketoteh