Mi’kmaq and allies turned the fracking trucks around Thursday!
Thumper trucks came for seismic testing for Southwestern Energy of Houston, SWN

*** Scroll down for video: Security firm protecting frackers SWN hired company owned by ex-con who claimed undercover work for RCMP in Akwesasne
Jennifer Choi CBC photo: Mi’kmaq and allies watch as trucks turn around late Thursday. SWN says it will be back tomorrow.
Photo Jennifer CBC Fire for the night after turning the trucks around.

APTN reports SWN said it will pull their seismic testing trucks for the day and return tomorrow.
Canadian police protecting US frackers.

Photo 11 am Thursday New Brunswick Photo David Bell
Photo collages of early this morning when trucks arrived. APTN’s Ossie Michelin “The ground shakes as SWN thumper trucks test the earth for shale gas deposits.”

Michelin: Lorraine Clair, shown praying in photo three, was just arrested.

APTN 11:47 am New Brunswick Thursday
Photo Savvy Simon 
Photo Savvy Simon
Demonstrator smudges RCMP photo APTN Ossie Michelin


Photo APTN Ossie Michelin
Photo 3: 11:20 Ossie Michelin APTN
Photo 2
Photo 1: Thursday morning: Mi’kmaq and allies walk in front on thumping trucks to slow them down/Ossie Michelin photo Time: 11:11 am New Brunswick, Thursday Nov. 14. Raw video http://www.livestream.com/activistworldnewsnow
More raw video from today: http://veetle.com/index.php/profile/1966487346?play=d595c6fc97b1cf5e11b7634d670f873d
*** APTN reports: Security firm protecting SWN hired company owned by ex-con who claimed undercover work for RCMP in Akwesasne: http://aptn.ca/pages/news/2013/11/14/security-firm-protecting-swn-hired-company-owned-ex-con-claimed-undercover-work-rcmp-akwesasne/Please share our link at Censored News

Thanks to APTN for sharing their coverage, and for those at the scene who posted on Twitter.
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MNN. Oct. 29, 2013. A brawl is a fight which turns into a brawl, as more and more people join in and fall by the wayside. It’s like the sinking wooden ship when all the rats scramble to the highest point.

Senate: "Quick. Call 911!"

Senate fights: “Quick. Somebody. Call 911! Back room dealers are getting bashed for not offering enough! “


It’s an old story. The senators conspired to kill Julius Caesar during a Senate meeting. They drafted a fake petition demanding he hand all power over to them. Caesar met with them. They stabbed him with daggers hidden in their togas. There was a civil war. Then a fascist state was set up.  

Watch the fights: “Political brawls!”

"Senator Duffy, you're first to run the new senate vetting gauntlet."

“Senator Duffy, it’s the senate exiting gauntlet.”

The artificial Corporation of Canada is one of the world’s most corrupt colonial institutions. The Senate keeps an eye on Parliament and reports to the shareholders of the corporation, the bankers.

This current human cockfight is over distribution of our ever-growing $500 trillion Indian Trust Fund and resources of Onowaregeh/Great Turtle Island among themselves. A public beating of three senators is good entertainment. They’re showing the masses that being deprived of a job and paycheck could happen to anyone. The senators being lynched don’t want to live in third world conditions like the Indians!

Classified: Third World Mansions available in PEI, Saskatchewan, Maniwaki, Attawapiskat.. "

Classified: Third World Mansions available in PEI, Saskatchewan, Maniwaki, Attawapiskat.. “


Indigenous Senator Patrick Brazeau’s attacks on Indigenous people were based on “talking points” drafted by Prime Minister Harper. Brazeau fired back at Senator LeBreton, who called him “a failed experiment!” These Nazis murdered over 100 million of us and have been conducting eugenic experiments on us ever since. They and their artificial government are failed experiment! 

Due to our resistance the rulers will have to declare bankruptcy and dissolve their scam. According to international law, nothing can be taken or sold by this foreign corporation without our fully informed consent.

leaving soonThese culprits will try to plunder whatever they can for pennies on the dollar. Our land will be left to decay and debt. The bankers fear their initiates who carry out their dirty work. All these criminals will be washed away together to return to the “Fatherland” from whence they came. There they will rot in their prisons. Then we the natural landowners will descend on our ‘hill’ where these crooks elevate themselves above their slaves.


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Was fix in for Mi’kmaq Warriors at Elsipogtog?

mnnlogo1MNN. Oct. 25, 2013. Journalist Miles Howe was at the anti-shale protest at Elsipogtog throughout. He stood with the grassroots people and the warriors. His stories were reasonable and factual. Some of those who worked with our enemies genuinely thought they were helping. They did not realize how much damage they could cause. We continue to praise our Mi’kmaq sisters, brothers and supporters. In the end, on the front line, the strength and will of the people won. Read his interesting coverage of secret behind-the-scenes intrigue of RCMP, US Forces, cops, band council, UN and other advisors, AFN helpers, pacifists and other visitors!


We're going forward!

“Look at what the Mi’kmaqs did! We’re heading toward respect for our sovereignty!”

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MNN. Oct. 21, 2013. Tribal/band councils are “corporate city-states”! Mohawk Council of Kahnawake issued a statement they are in effect a corporate city-state separate from the Iroquois Confederacy.Kahnawake Band Council a city-state.


Caregivers speak truth without fear!

Caretakers speak truth without fear!

RCMP authorized local “Peacekeepers” to warn us we could be arrested for standing in solidarity with the Elsipotog Mi:kmaqs of New Brunswick. They are resisting multinational corporate fracking by SWM Resources of Canada and US of our inherent land, which is NOT “crown” land. Mohawks of Kahnwake handed out flyers in support and to protect all children from the poison of fracking. We are overwhelmed with worldwide non-native support.   

To understand the dangers of fracking to our health and environment, go to MNN. “Pipe Dreams”.

See  MNN. “Warrior Cohorts” and the attached McDonald-Laurier think tank report “Canada and First Nations, Cooperation or Conflict”  http://www.macdonaldlaurier.ca/files/pdf/2013.01.05-MLI-Canada_FirstNations_BLAND_vWEB.pdf  It outlines the on-going Canadian and US government timetables for carrying out Indigenous extermination. They want to keep trying to steal our resources and transport them worldwide. Railroads are be smashed and destroyed to be replaced by pipelines, at the price of fires, explosions, human and environmental death.  

All have a duty to defend ourselves from murderers!

We all have a duty to defend ourselves from murderers!

Guns were aimed at unarmed women, elders and young children. the report depicts our toddlers as “baby warriors” who could point pacifiers at and scare the heavily armed cops and US forces!! Ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha!  

Agent provocateurs are infiltrating to start conflicts and destruction to be blamed on us. The corporate media was cut off and starvation was commenced. Worldwide alternative media stepped up.  

Might is not Right. RCMP and US Forces attack Mi'kmaq on behalf of multinational energy corporations.

Might is not Right. RCMP and US Forces attack Mi’kmaq on behalf of SWM Resources multinational corporate thieves.

The corporate cops couldn’t find our non-existent leaders. We are lead by Kasatstensera kowa so oiera, the Great Natural Power.  We are mandated by the Great Law of Peace to protect and defend our land and our People.  International law provides we have a right to full consultation and permission, based on the Two Row Agreement. 

We unarmed people gather everywhere in our communities on Great Turtle Island and the world to demand peace. Watch video: “Showdown Mi’kmaq Blockade – the Real Story” Our message is, “Thou shall not steal!”


How does it feel to beat, aim guns and shoot unarmed people for protecting our possessions?

How does it feel to beat, aim guns and shoot unarmed people for protecting ourselves, our Mother and the environment?

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Decisions, Decisions




MNN. July 27, 2013. How do we resolve issues using the Mohawk consensual decision-making process? Divide the group into three clans, Wolf, Turtle and Bear. Sit in a circle and face each other as equals. Use the basic criteria – peace, righteousness and power. 

Great Turtle Island decisions are in the best interests of all.

Great Turtle Island decisions are in the best interests of all.

The issue: pretend to be people of an Indian reservation where a train rammed into the center of the community. Ten people died. They are going to be overrun by the FBI, social workers, media, grief counselors, helpers, curious people, assorted authorities and the train company’s representatives. The people need to gather before the world spotlight is put on them. 

The Wolf Clan deliberates first. After discussing the many facets of the horrendous event, they come up with three good ideas. First, ask neutral observers to deal with the outsiders. Second, ask a neutral group to be on the front lines as a buffer. Third, the clans will deal with the victims, families and community. Everyone wants peace. These 3 decisions are passed over the fire to the Turtle Clan, who then discuss them. They agree with the three ideas and expand on the third one. Then it is passed over the fire to the Bear Clan who discuss it and sanction the decisions of the other two clans. 

Everyone is equal and everyone has a voice.

Everyone is equal and has a voice. All have a duty to put their ideas into the process to come to one mind – an agreement or a complete understanding.

This is a traditional Haudenosaunee way of resolving issues. Each person must participate so the level of knowledge is raised and discussed until it is understood. A resolution is reached which is in the best interests of all. It is essential that they come to one mind.  

The structure of decision making in international law and the rule of law come from the Iroquois constitution, Kaia’nere:kowa/Great Law of Peace. It is meant for the whole world to stop war. The US Constitution was based on this philosophy of equality and everybody has a voice. The tools for resolving issues is based on our relationship to the natural world. The problem is the US maintained their hierarchical commercial system within it. The Charter of the UN is based on the US Constitution with this flaw. Everybody has the duty to save the true rule of law for the world. 

In the corporate system the banker bribes everybody and makes the decision.

In the corporate system the banker bribes everybody, keeps information and makes the decision.

The decision-making process gives each a voice. Their thoughts and feelings are validated. They don’t wait for fabricated information and then decisions are made by a few people, which are then implemented by force. Each must seek the real truth. As the Mavericks sang: “I want to know everything..” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlUpmv4oZrY

Consensus Decision Making http://www.seedsforchange.org.uk/consensus




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decision 2007


MNN. Apr 30, 2013. Federal Court of Canada was asked: Does Canada have a constitution? Are Sections 109 and 132 still part of the British North America Act 1867? If so, our rights to our lands, resources, funds and our sovereignty supersede that of Canada. [Thahoketoteh of Kanekota v. the Queen, T2007-13, Apr. 8, 2013].  Judge Snider refused to answer this simple question, in 4 pages of nonsense. She ordered Thahoketoteh pay $500 for the tele-conference trial, which cost $0. The corporate court system is set up to encircle, subvert and overthrow anyone going against the Corporation of Canada. rule of law

Kanekota was a direct confrontation in their own arena, by their own rule of law, which they did not follow. They sit in judgment as one of the parties in the dispute. This violates international law against genocide. Canada could only deny us our basic human rights.  

Canada has a constitution which the courts do not have to follow because it was not ratified by the people. At the signing of the 1948 UN Declaration on Human Rights, Canada and US signed. A clause was added exempting US and Canada from the International Criminal Court. They could never be tried for any human rights violations. They can only be tried domestically. Accordingly, they are waging war everywhere in the world.   

Their blatant disregard for the questions indicates their uncertain future. With their accomplices, the UN, IMF, World Bank, BIS and other Rothschild owned banks, they are fighting the advancing consciousness of the people who live with the land. junta

We are a free people with free minds. Their fake system needs our resources and our labor. They are trying to break us up into moderate and militant blocks to fight or negotiate with one side or the other. The world balance is shifting. Rather than encircling us, they are being encircled. To start WWIII they need to steal our resources, funds and labor.   

Many supported our case to help promote our constitution of peace. Judge Snider’s “fatally flawed” decision opened the eyes of all, that going into their theater of the absurd is a waste of time.   

Thahoketoteh felt that the energy of putting his mind into the case was anti-spiritual. They will never rule against the corporation. Nor allow a third party adjudicator to make it a fair hearing. We are living in a military dictatorship with no rule of law. Our true constitution for thousands of year is the law of this land. We will not appeal this case.  The white roots of peace have been exposed for all on Great Turtle Island to follow to it’s source.CIRCLE As Jimi points out in his classic “If 6 was 9, I don’t mind. If all the hippies cut off their hair, I don’t care. Cause i got my own world to live through, and I ain’t gonna copy you.”


MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com

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MNN.  Jan. 23, 2013.  It’s “Nazism”. [Operation Paperclip]. Harper and his criminals are trying to get away with genocide and the biggest theft in banking history, our “Indian Trust Fund”. With the help of his band councils and provincial and territorial organizations PTO, Prime Minister Harper is trying to assimilate us, terminate our rights and end our identity as the original people of Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island, as if we never existed.

Harper & corporate Indians in the same boat.

Harper & corporate Indians in the same boat.


His ‘tables’ will force us to terminate ourselves.  If we don’t agree, the table will be folded and taken away.  The PTOs think they will get piles money for helping him.  Advisory services will be picked out to bypass our defending our lives and stopping the theft of everything we have.  

"Elites" heading for their hideouts.

“Elites” fleeing to their hideouts.

Former Bank of Canada head, Mark Carney, is in London to complete the theft of our $3 trillion “Indian Trust Fund”.  Our funds are meant to prop up their banking fraud and top up the blood line system [apartheid].  

Indigenous title will be extinguished. Underlying title will be turned over to the provinces.  Like the “Trail of Tears”, we will be forcibly removed from our homelands, thrown out on the snow in the middle of winter, with our children and elders. To get our homes back, we will have to register with the provinces.   “Leaders” will b selected for us.  

The Indian Act is illegal. To be interpreted by Harper and his puppets.  Our communities will be turned into municipalities. We will be separated and individualized.  Our communal society will be made illegal and dismantled. 

The final nail is:  neutralize us; taxation; provinces to get jurisdiction of us and our properties; eliminate our communities; impoverish us economically; dismantle all legitimate agreements such as the Guswentha [Great Peace of Montreal 1701].  

Band councilors are major consplrators to the crime. Harper’s corporate Indians are going to help him terminate federal trust responsibility, reduce spending, shift us to the provinces and get rid of Indian Affairs that holds our money.  He wants to renew the abusive relationship, not to remove the tarnish from the chain.  

This is the US termination Act and Canadian 1969 White Paper rolled into one. It is paper theft to accelerate the genocide and get away with it in the eyes of the world, so international bankers can continue to steal our natural resources. 

We are still here.  We will stop the theft and extermination attempt. We are a part of Great Turtle Island and always will be. Paper cannot remove us or separate us from our Mother.  Electronics cannot snuff us out. We are still on our land and will not let one single thing leave. Herr Harper, you will not be able to remove one single stone, tree or drop of water, from your jail cell in Nuremburg!  

Harper & Atleo:  We were following orders to commit the genocide.

Harper & Atleo: We were just following orders to commit genocide.

“We’ll hold our heads up high as we move along, thinking with one mind, as we sing our song.  We’re glad to say, we say loud and clear, through all the sadness, we are still here.”   Thahoketoteh: We are still here

Read Russell Diabo: Harper Launches Termination Plan:  As Negotiation Tables Legitimize Canada’s Colonialism. http://www.scribd.com/doc/113392661/Harper-s-First-Nation-Termination-Plan-2012  

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mnnlogo1CANADA AT WAR:  OKA 1990 

MNN.  Jan. 3, 2013.  Truth prevailed and only we can control our destiny.  Dekanawida instructed us to transform war into peace, to bring everyone to one mind.  We are telling Prime Minister Harper and his invading soldiers and police to refute the New World Order and sit in the shade of the Great Tree of Peace.  Otherwise they might be buried along with all the conflicts they have created. 

Army & Warrior faceoff 1990

Army & Warrior faceoff 1990

In 1990 when we objected to our burial and ceremonial grounds being turned into a golf course, Canada sent 5,000 heavily armed para-military police, RCMP and soldiers to surround us.  

The Corporation of Canada declared total war on us, using old Greek tactics.  The army laid a siege around us. Food was stopped to starve us to death.  People were imprisoned.  We could not go in or out of the razor wired compound.  Energy and communication were turned off.  After three months, they demanded we surrender or they would open fire on us.  We had to come out. The army brutalized and arrested us. Thousands of people ran to Oka, surrounded the army, helped some of us escape, protected the children and elders.  

Illegal charges were laid on us, which did not stick.  We proved that what we did was political and not criminal.  It was under the guidance of the Great Law.  We were sanctioned by Creation.  

Some soldiers told us later they were trained to carry out atrocities on us, such as racial slurs, hitting, spitting, brutalizing the women and children and even stabbing one child in the chest.  

We learned some strategies ourselves:  to stay dispersed; to keep some outside for communication, food runs and bail money; and to organize people to come to our rescue. Today’s flash mobs are effective guerilla tactics where we suddenly show up, do a round dance and then leave. 

LRAD attack

LRAD attack

During these occasions, security could bring in the cops to surround us, provoke riots, beat and then arrest us. We usually bring our children, so we would be unable to physically resist.  They will use the latest crowd control urban warfare methods, such as LRAD, a long range acoustic device and sonic weapon.  It sends pain inducing sounds that could burst our ear drums.  Now drones can be fired at us legally.  

In 1990 our sell-outs set up nearby to translate Mohawk into French and to advise the police and army. The time has come for all to assess our native and non-native allies.  

Afterwards this same elite Canadian airborne regiment was sent to Somalia to commit the same atrocities against the natives there.  

The UN, US and Canada are the New World Order.  We have the goods they want and need. We intend to eliminate the divide and conquer war strategy of the bankers who own the UN, US and Canada corporations. The idea that whoever has the money makes the rules is finished. The bankers’ money printing machines will be shattered.  They will be arrested and jailed for their fraud and crimes, and deported. 

The council of Women and the Council of Men will re-establish the peace.  It is a natural duty. The land is owned by the future  seven generations.  We are borrowing it from them. We will do everything necessary to take care of it for them.  We are fighting for our identity and rights to control our lives, territories, commerce and way of life.  

The administrators of Canada’s genocide, the band and tribal councils, tried to take over the “Idle No More” agenda.  These colonial serpents are not welcome. They are preparing to meet Harper on January 24th, which Chief Spence may attend if she has not died of hunger.  

Worried Harper

Worried Harper


As Memphis Slim sang:  “You may not have me all the time.  You may never go my way.  Mother Earth is laying for you, because of all the debt you’ve got to pay.  Don’t care how great you are.  Don’t care what you’re worth.  When it all ends up, you’ve gotta go back to Mother Earth.” 

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MNN.  Dec. 25, 2012.  Prime Minister Harper has declared war!  Gear up for liberation! For hundreds of years we Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere have seen the enormity of  destruction of our land and lives by foreign occupiers.  They placed us under economic sanctions.  We always resisted.  Nazi harper

Our right to protect human life is absolute.  Harper is a political assassin for deliberately legislating C-45 to enhance the deplorable living conditions of our people.    Letting hunger striker Theresa Spence of the Cree Nation die in her tipi in Ottawa is murder. She has a legitimate right to express herself as she sees fit.  He is no different from a Nazi war criminal, trying to weaken her fight against injustice.  villageHer death would prove he is an “Economic Hit Man” for the corporations.  She is responding to the economic and political strategies that are brutalizing her northern community of Attawapiskat. Her life is the only weapon she has to defend us from the enemy’s continuous attack. 

Many feel the least Prime Minister Harper can do is to visit Spence to tell her he doesn’t want her to die.  Otherwise his position is provocation.  The war against started the day the foreigners arrived.  Aggression is through outright killing and administering a program of genocide.  Police, courts, unemployment.  We are characterized as enemies, demons, sub-humans.

We have a right to resist annihilation, to struggle as freedom fighters, to fight for self-determination, which is legal in international law.  We want freedom and to fulfill our potential as individuals and social beings.  We have no leaders.  We will regain control of our usurped land and lives. Canada must lift their crippling economic sanctions, halt their systemic oppression, respect our inherent rights and better our living conditions as we see it.        

Canada uses raw power on us. We were not consulted on the invasion of these foreigners.  We have every right to resist the continuing effort to bring about our physical death, incursions, raids, arrests, threats, imprisonment, suppression of our economic activity and being denied our political rights.

We will derail Canada’s economy for selling our possessions to foreigners without our knowledge and consent. Our local businesses are raided and dissolved so we cannot have a livelihood to put food on the tables of our people.

Ordinary Indigenous People are using the internet to fire the most deadly assault weapon in the world – the truth. We are resistance.  We are reasonable.  The impact of the movement is coming home to roost.  Harper’s corporate media is minimizing coverage, because “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”.         

Deploying soldiers would incur heavy economic and financial costs.  Native police forces collaborate with them to monitor, control and threaten those who fight against imperialism.  At a moment’s notice they can become the para-military ART Aboriginal Response Team [secret Indian cops]. 

The corporation of Canada cannot legally banish our right to protect our land, resources and people.  We refuse the crumbs they throw our way for submitting to them. Oppression is heading out the door.    

This is a war of the mind. We will struggle until the wrongs are righted.  Canada’s reputation is being demoralized worldwide.  It offers a secure and prosperous lifestyle for their fellow foreigners, all based on the theft of our possessions.  Its white population is now a minority.  Ignoring the high unemployment, Canada is bringing in outside slaves to work for very little without benefits.  We won’t allow that.  We are united and cohesive.  Our anger has exploded.  Their attack on us does not bring fear.  It brings action.  A new level of outrage and resistance is coming. 

Canada prefers to negotiate with their compliant band and tribal councils they have illegally placed in our communities.  They’re job is to make concessions on our behalf. These well paid traitors and their voters do not speak for us!  Any so-called leader that does not express our legitimate aspirations will be cast side.  Their councils, national, provincial and territorial organizations exist to help impoverish us and our communities. 

Canada is calling us ‘terrorists’; ghettoizing us; imprisoning us and those who help us; and make false reports on us.  Terrorists, a made up term, to withhold civil rights to unjustly deal with those who do not agree with their aspiration to rule the world.    

US and Canada are controlled by the financial-media-military-industrial complex against the interests of the local Indigenous people.  They are trying to keep us in a permanent state of dependence, it’s too late. 

Artificial corporate powers are temporary and will ultimately collapse.  The time has come to dissolve them.  It is defunked, illegal and bankrupt.  They owe everything they have to us.

Canada is a colonizing power, a direct violation of the UN Charter and international law. Canada, an indigent corporation, has no right on our land. They are not the natural inhabitants.  Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island, is inhabited by us, the Ongwehonwe.  Foreigners are trying to exterminate our political, economic, social, educational, cultural, religious, historical and geographical existence.  These make our resistance legitimate.  

We are ready to put in a reign of justice and peace for the well being of mankind.  We must do everything in our power to live and safeguard our children and those our Earth Mother is releasing to us in the future.  

womenOur path to peace reminds us of the Beatles’ song, “The long and winding road that leads to your door will never disappear.  I’ve seen that road before.  It always leads me here, leads me to your door.” 

MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com  For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to www.mohawknationnews.com  More stories at MNN Archives.  Address:  Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0  Read Ellen Hunt in 1881, “A Century of Dishonor.  On Your Hands is the Blood of your Relation”. http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/11/20/the-absolute-right-of-palestinian-resistance/