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MNN. Jan. 24, 2017. onkwe’hon:weh does not mean sovereignty. It means we are the natural people who follow the original way and are placed on this land by creation. Everyone else is an invader. 

Donald Trump is the president/CEO of a bankrupt private corporation, the ‘United States of America’ [US incorporated ISO #3166-2:US [Feb. 21, 1871]. U.S.A. is like a pirate ship. When the pirates raid another vessel, they take all the stolen loot and stash it on one of their secret islands. Maps are secreted for future pirates to find the booty.

If any holders of the US debt demand payment, the corporation called the United States of America will be forced to file for bankruptcy.

Trump is experienced with bankruptcies, which makes him an ideal president for the shareholders of the corporation. Those private shareholders will be absolutely liable for the debt of the corporation. They have names and addresses.

U.S.A. has no gold to back their money. Federal Reserve Bank notes are worth as much as the paper they are printed on. Their only valuable assets are the military hardware [aircraft carriers, missiles, guns, ammunition, bombs, planes, etc.] These will be turned over to all their creditors. Once U.S.A. is out of the game, there will be no more war problem on earth. 

Trump plans to terminate the corporate INDIANS tribal councils starting with Alaska. All the Western Hemisphere belongs to the onkwe’hon:weh, the natural people. We never surrendered or sold any to U.S.A. or anybody else. Peace treaties allowed them to stay on our land. They violated every peace treaty with the onkwe’hon:weh, which are now null and void. Everything goes back to one day before the treaty was signed.



Trump and Trudeau plan to terminate us. They will be terminated. We will be where we belong, on our land. [Canada incorporated ISO #1366-2: CA [1867].

The corporate tribal and band councils do not represent us. They are deck hands on the ship. They have to obey the Captain or he can make them walk the plank.

The settlers have always had an option to join with the onkwe’hon:weh. [Article 3, Jay Treaty of Trade & Commerce 1794] and follow the Red Road [great peace].

Trump ordered the Dakota and XL Pipelines to immediately steal our resources to squeeze every drop of oil from great turtle island to pay their debt.

It was the veterans and the large numbers of supporters who stood and fought with us that stopped the pipeline.


U.S.A. is desperate. Removing the US from the UN will makes them a rogue state in the world.

The women of the world displayed their awesome power as we saw on January 21, 2017. Stand now to protect the water of mother earth.

Jimi Hendrix could be singing about Standing Rock: “Water, don’t ever change your ways. Fall with me a million days. Oh, my water fall”.

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STANDING ROCK STANDING Standing Rock letter.

Donald Trump Disaster. CBC.


Trump on DAPL.

Trump first exec order to stop hiring of federal employee but not military.

Federally recognized tribes should brace for possible termination policy under Trump

fed recognized tribes face ermination to privatize and ransack our lands. Our people are pursuing privatixzation headed up by ‘pretendians’.


America’s Putin Derangement Syndrome


DAPL http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-press-conference-dakota-access-pipline-sean-spicer-white-house-a7542481.html

terminate Indian tribes.

Every major city had womens march. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1y5bojq_3Q












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MNN. JAN. 2`1, 2017. This is real! The women of the world are taking their natural place everywhere in every community. They want the principles of the consensual decision making process as the great peace, kaia’nere:kowa, directs. The key to peace on earth is when the women take their inherent responsibility to control the communities where their babies are born. This will be the beginning of peace on earth. As we say, “The mocassin makers shall be the war breakers.!”. 

The time has come to revisit the 1754 Albany Plan of Union, a plan to place the British North American colonies under a more centralized government. They met with the rotino’shonni:onwe, Iroquois Confederacy, to learn from us what is a true democracy that works and is perpetually sustainable. This originated from the original instructions on great turtle island. The plan was rejected by the City of London owners of the corporate colony of the United States of America. The meeting was initiated by Benjamin Franklin and his cohorts.

kaia’nere:kowa is based on the relationship between people and all of creation, coexisting together in peace and harmony. kaia’nere:kowa is the true law of this land. The decision making process provides an equal voice and power on how to carry out our duties to our mother earth and all life.


The London owners of the colonies did not want to empower their women because they owned them, legally. If this plan of union had been adopted we would not have to march for our human rights today.


The women of the world are marching because the time is here for everyone to come under the great tree of peace. Power throughout the land is based on the natural world. Everything has to be made right.

Trump immediately after being sworn in as CEO of the corporation visited the CIA headquarters in Langley Virginia to thank them. The CIA are the secret police for the owners [sharesholders] of the Crown Corporation that owns America. The CIA’s job is to create war and divide public opinion worldwide. [ordo ab chao].


As the swearing in was taking place in Washington, the Dakota Access Pipeline private mercenaries were viciously beating the Standing Rock Lakota peaceful water protectors.

Trump is unaware that he is so misguided by greed, as Stonewall Jackson sang: “I was born in Macon Georgia. They kept my dad in the Macon jail. Dad said, “Son, if you keep your hands clean, you won’t hear them blood hounds on your trail’. I washed my hands in the muddy water. I washed my hands but they didn’t come clean. I tried to do like daddy told me, but I must have washed my hands in a muddy stream.”

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wJOmub1-bM [I washed my hands in muddy waters].


RUSSIANS IN ALEPPO http://rusvesna.su/news/1484904134



Albany plan 1775 – https://history.state.gov/milestones/1750-1775/albany-plan

Trump White House Takes Down Native Americans Web Page from Website






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MNN. Jan. 20, 2017. Today Donald Trump on behalf of the vicious neocons, was sworn in as the new CEO of the “temporary” military occupation called the “United States of America Inc.”. It was dog and pony show number 45. The House Slaves sat behind him on the podium and the Field Slaves stood out front waiting for handouts.


This plantation illegally stands on our mother earth, ono’ware:keh. She was never acknowledged by this USA colony that was built on genocide, which continues to this day. Trump reassured the colonial slaves that our natural resources will continue to be stolen and our land destroyed.


Trump gave a ‘perpetual war’ speech, based on false history, failing economics, fraudulent financial of markets, blatant amoral pop culture and that Americans will no longer be spineless. The military and police will make sure everyone is obedient. The state will try to improve family and religious values. “American carnage stops right here”, which means to us they are vacating great turtle island!


Provocation and sanctions will be escalated against those deemed to be disagreeable to American interests. He announced the war will continue. As he said in his campaign, he is a lying politician, and so what? He admits to being a tyrant in order to win and ruthless if he loses. He carefully picked war mongering military and business white men for his cabinet.


Trump made an oath to the constitution/charter of the corporation of the United States of America Inc. The most meaningful words they could say to us is, “Good-bye!”. Lakota activist, Russell Means, reminds us that if everybody lived by the great law of the Iroquois, there would peace on earth. SEE CENSORED NEWS www.bsnorrell.blogspot.com  Standing Rock Update. “Russell Means Breaking the Silence on Obama” and “DAPL military attacks on  Standing Rock water protectors”. 

Smart phones, I-pads. social media, pop culture and other diversions are the opium of the masses:

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GN7NdtOEX2A one on one fight with music



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MNN. Jan. 18, 2017. In a house on shifting sands there are bound to be problems. Right now the greedy family that invaded ono’ware:keh, great turtle island, are screaming like vultures to get their chance to clean the bones.Their family fight is not ours.


For 500 years they’’ve been fighting over stealing our land, resources, rivers and all our possessions by committing the biggest genocide in all history. The biggest bully that heads up the corporation yells constantly at everyone, to fight and kill each other, to lie, cheat and steal from us and pilfer the possessions of all natural people around the world.

The chairman/president represents the upper crust swines who want everything, to keep the stolen loot coming in, while the rest of their family are kept poor, silent and ignorant. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Arguments are getting hotter and s..t is flying everywhere.


The colonial slaves liked how things went while they were benefitting. They never stood up for us. They accepted being lied to, abused, kept in the dark and ignored. Now they want more. They are descending on Washington DC on January 20th to plunder while their new chairman of the board of United States of America Inc. gets anointed.



How to stop a family fight. There is no trusted adult they will listen to. The richer roosters try to sweet talk their families and make all sorts of promises they won’t keep. 

When the family feud leads to a big punch up, the fight will end one way or another. The big bully tries to get the gangs to take each other out, threaten and call each other down. Then a deal is made.

When each get their pittance, the survivors will be friends again and jump on the outsiders or anyone who interferes. So don’t try to jump in unless you want to get beaten up or worse.

Some outside interests may not want a truce. Then it’s every man for himself until no one is left standing. Those who stayed out of it can sit down, make a fire and start the healing. Unfortunately, the invader family’s addiction to greed can’t seem to be healed.

Remember, friends might change, but family is forever.

Willie Nelson reminds us of how confusing families can be. We adhere to our clan affiliations. “Now, if my wife is my grandmother, Then, I am her grandchild. And every time I think of it, It nearly drives me wild. For now I have become, The strangest case you ever saw. As the husband of my grandmother, I am my own grandpa”. 

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Standing Rock modern indian war.

Canada aboriginal resource agenda.

Trudeau’s cheap simulation of justice.

Standing Rock update www.csndorednews.com


Poospatuck attacked by NY state

Poospatuck attacked by NY state

Here are the emails that someone sent along to us. Nia:wen. Kahentinetha
Email can be sent to Gov. Pataki at there’s a webform to email him
Email Eliot Spitzer via Webform at
http://www.oag.state.ny.us/online_forms/email_ag.jsp Prez Bush at president@whitehouse.gov, Vice Prez Cheney vicepresident@whitehouse.gov
Once again, New York State is knocking Indigenous nations to our knees by killing our economy. Protest by going on their website. Giving them a piece of your mind would help. Their constant bashing has got to stop. cc me your comments. Nia:wen – Kahentinetha
Kahentinetha Horn
P.O. Box 966, Akwesasne (New York 13655

MNN.Dec. 8, 2005.

Mr. George W. Bush
President, United States
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, D.C.

Mr. George Pataki , Governor, New York State
The Capitol, Albany, N.Y. 12224

Mr. Elliott Spitzer
New York State Attorney General
The Capitol, Albany, N.Y. 12224


It has come to our attention that the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance started on December 8th to place an illegal and unconstitutional embargo on businesses conducted by Indian nations. It is a blatant attempt to economically strangle our economy. You are criminalizing customers who purchase products from us by threatening to prosecute, jail, fine and seize their cars. Even internet and mail order sales have been criminalized. This is a small remaining part of our economy that survived your appropriation of the land and resources that sustained our ancestors from time immemorial.

Throughout the territory claimed by New York State, Indigenous people are governed by our constitution, the Kaianereh?ko:wa/Great Law of Peace. As a Woman Title Holder, it is my duty to inform you that you are violating the Two Row Wampum Agreement, which governs our relationship. You have no jurisdiction over Indigenous people. All of New York State is unsurrendered Indigenous land. According to our constitution, we can only deal with the President of the United States as set out in the U.S. Constitution.

New York State is not only breaching the two constitutions by invading our jurisdiction, but they are attacking our economy. Your embargo is meant to strangle our nation economically in order to topple our government. According to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, all Peoples have a right to freely assure their economic, social and cultural development. This obvious attempt to strangle us economically is a violation of the duty to promote international cooperation between nations. It?s an attempt to stop the creation of equal opportunities for employment and economic development for our people. It?s interfering with our social security and represents a new variation on the ongoing attempt to commit cultural, social and economic genocide.

Because of the economic stranglehold that the colonial states exercised over our people, cigarette manufacturing has become the largest employer of our people on our territories. No attempts have been made to negotiate alternate economic arrangements with our traditional constitutional governments. We have a right to conduct tax free commercial enterprises. Your attempt to stop people from buying products on our territories makes it obvious that you do not want to accord us the same rights that you assume you have on territories you claim to govern. Moreover, you are occupying our land for which you have not paid us any taxes whatsoever for your use of our land and resources. Whatever makes you think that we do not have the same right as anyone else to support our families?

You are the visitors on our land who stole everything from us. You impoverished us. Now you want to kill our means of livelihood. Everyone has a right make a living – individuals, states, nations. So do we, internationally and locally.

The Haudenosaunee and New York State have no treaty. A ?treaty? is ?a compact made between two or more ?independent? nations. New York State is not a nation. It cannot conclude treaties with Indigenous nations nor invade our jurisdiction. If you want to alter current relations you should send an emissary to our constitutional governments through the President of the United States. Your attempt to impose your will by force is a violation of international law and a throwback to the old days of colonialism and piracy. Only the President of the United can deal with us. Even in this case, a neutral arbitrator agreeable to both parties must help with the negotiations between us and the United States. Using the police and courts of the usurping party to threaten the other party is not legal.

We have never submitted to American sovereignty. According to the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 2, Clause 2, Paragraph 1, our relationship is nation-to-nation. The Poospatuck Nation is one of our allied nations whom we have agreed to protect under our Constitution of the Haudenosaunee. It is not legal for New York State to deal in anyway with the Poospatuck Nation of Long Island. New York State cannot invade this nation?s jurisdiction. There are no agreements with the United States for the Poospatuck to submit themselves to the jurisdiction of any foreign government such as the United States, or to any federal, state or local government without our participation and consent. The Poospatuck cannot gain federal law recognition without our permission.

In 1918, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson spoke for the world when he declared that the era of conquest and aggrandizement was gone. Everybody realized that you can?t have peace so long as strong nations continued to force their will on smaller ones. Not content to have driven us to the bottom rungs of the economy, you are continuing to search for new ways to squeeze the last drop of life blood from us.

New York State is an invading colonial society which is located on unsurrendered Indigenous land. New York State is committing a crime when it coerces customers to pay them taxes for purchasing cigarettes, tobacco, gas or any product from Indigenous nations. New York State is illegally invading the sovereign jurisdiction of the Poospatuck Nation who never gave their informed consent to give up their land, sovereignty and tax free rights.

Your illegal imposition of taxes to attack our economic base, to end our custodial responsibility for our land, to limit our rights in all the communities of the friends and allies of the Kanion?ke:haka/Mohawk Nation, to extend New York State and federal jurisdiction over us, or to otherwise compromise our inherent sovereignty is a crime.


Kahentinetha Horn

cc. UN Office of High Commission for Human Rights, UN Plaza, S.2914, New York 10017; St. Regis Mohawk Tribe, Route 37, Akwesasne (NYS) 13655; Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, P.O. Box 579, Cornwall, Ont. Canada K6H 5V5; Kanion?ke:haka Kaianereh?ko:wa Kanon?ses:neh; Bureau of Indian Affairs, Washington DC; Ganiengeh Mohawk Territory; Haudenosaunee On-Line.

poster: Thahoketoteh