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Since 1990 MNN has raised awareness of the political, economic and social issues of people who are oppressed everywhere in the world. MNN website has been hacked, crashed and interfered with, causing untold difficulties. MNN needs your donations so we can properly inform and defend ourselves. Please help any way you can. Monetary support is needed for the long term struggle.
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Sept. 1998.  "Canada and US to Hold Tricky NAFTA "First Nations" Summit in Calgary Canada".  8 pages. Nov. 7, 2007.  "Women Title Holders Position to Indigenous Border Summit of the Americas".  16 pages. Feb. 1998.  "Is Canada Under Corporate Occupation?"  15 pages. May 1998.  "Did Canada Accidentally Return Power to Iroquois Confederacy at Six Nations?"  20 pages.  1997.  "Commentary on Report of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal People. 30 Pages
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