Letter to Governor General 11/7/06

The Women Title Holders answer a letter from the GG’s Secretary. She is being asked to meet us on critical environmental matters at Kanekota [where the waters come from out of the earth].From: Rotinonhsonnion:we Women Title Holders

Nov. 7, 2006.


Right Honourable Michaelle Jean
Governor General of Canada, Rideau Hall, Ottawa

Att: Lisa Bryden, Office of the Secretary


We are responding to your letter of September 21, 2006 to the Women Title Holders regarding the situation in “Kanekota”, the northern area of the Haldimand Tract. We appreciate your considered response. For your information, this is not a treaty issue, but a proclamation/contract to protect the Mohawk and all our posterity from any encroachment whatsoever for all time to come. This contract has been and continues to be breached by Canada. According to protocol, we must deal with Canada and its agents through the Governor General of Canada.

Our concern is that Kanekota is being environmentally destroyed. It is the highest elevation where all the fresh waters in Ontario begin flowing in all directions. This area is being devastated almost beyond repair by industrial and chemical pollution. Presently two multinational corporations, Enbridge Gas Distrbutors and Canadian Hydro Developers, are exploiting our land for profit. They are trespassing and do not have authorized permission from us to conduct business on our land.

We, the Women title Holders, according to our constitution, the Kaiahereh’ko:wa/Great Law, have the responsibility to take care of the land, water and air of Turtle Island. We are accordingly asking you to meet with us as soon as possible to resolve this issue. The desecration that is continuing to be committed to Turtle Island is tragic. Please help us for our sake and for the sake of the future generations.

We need to clean this area immediately. Then the land will clean itself the way it was designed. It must have clean water coming out of the earth so that it can carry out its duty.

We would appreciate your meeting with us at your earliest convenience. You represent the government that has given unlawful authorization to the polluters, Enbridge Gas Distributors and Canadian Hydro Developers. We need your help to stop this illegal encroachment on and destruction of one of our most environmentally sensitive areas.

Onen kiwahi, Women Title Holders of the Rotinonhsonnion:we

Kahentinetha /s/ _________________
Katenies s/s ___________________

Cc: Confederacy Chiefs Council, %Gayetweh, RR #6, Hagersville, On; Enbridge Gas Distributors Inc., 10 Churchill Drive, Barrie, Ontario L4N 8Z5 1-800-461-4480, gr**************@en******.com ; Ann Hughes, Canadian Hydro Developers Inc., ke**@ca******.com, Suite 500, 134-17 Ave. SW., Calgary Alberta T7T 5S8.

poster: Thahoketoteh


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