MNN.  JAN. 1, 2013.  Corporate band and tribal councils are falling.  A new day is coming.  Out with individualism.  In with collectivism.  The fraudulent corporations of Canada and the United States of America are duly put on notice that you will be soon dissolved. Your shareholders will be liable for all their crimes.  The strategy of corruption, deceit and death through their band and tribal council apparatus is over.  They are all going down.  There will no longer be a means to apply the genocide program on us and everyone else in the world through this fraudulent corporate business plan.sun never    

The band councils job is to help Canada and US kill us, destroy us, buy us and make us give in. Through them we have been attacked militarily, politically, socially and ideologically. Illegal orders violating their own corporate constitutions, to totally exterminate us physically and psychologically, have never been rescinded. The Appropriations Act of l871 and the Indian Act of 1876 are illegal corporate by-laws.  Because traditional truths were passed to us by our elders, we are still here.  [Sun never sets on Indigenous people].sunlilght    

If Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat dies of hunger, it’s the symbolic death of these councils.  Harper and Obama rely on them to control us, our land and resources. When they fall, so do their parent Corporations, Canada and the US.    

We shall reclaim Great Turtle Island.  No more divide and conquer. Honest people here and the world know we are the land and resource owners.  Stealing from us to enrichment themselves is going to stop. Government prison guards patrolling the community cell blocks are sell-out Indian and paramilitary police. Any advance by them is an act of war.     

We will protect our communities, improve our living conditions and bring peace to everyone.  We are not the enemies or rivals. We did not commit the frauds and attacks that caused centuries of suffering to us and our Mother Earth.  Our visitors are welcome to live under the protection of the Guswentha and the Great Law, where our protection comes from.  They must come to one mind with us on the original agreements allowing them to live on Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island. 

The great natural power designed our ways to give us our instructions, energy and courage.  We will set things right without military weapons, death or destruction.   

Our Mother wants us to remove you corporate bloodsuckers.   You can leave with what you came with.  Nothing!

As Wilie Nelson and others sang, “Turn out the lights, the party’s over.  They say that all good things must end.  Let’s call it a night. The party’s over”. partys over



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  1. I am all for the rights and respect of the Native people of this country, but one thing I am not for is the mismanagement of hundreds of millions of dollars by the native leaders who create smoke screens to hide their fraud, their lies, and their complete lack of respect for their own people. The Native people are lead to believe their leaders are doing the right things, but they are not. They are stealing millions while letting the native people of this country live in filth and sickness of every kind. It is the Native leaders who create this media frenzy you see today as a smoke screen to divert attention away from their complete lack of accountability of lining their own pockets and squandering crucial life giving money from their people to various avenues of corruption. All of this did not just happen, as this corruption has been going on for decades.

    Theresa Spence did this hunger strike because a forensic audit already shows she and her friends have banked money well passed what they were supposed to earn. What better way to divert attention from their own fraud and theft from the native people, then to have all the guilt ridden Native leaders step forward with their diversion tactics in a bid to hide their crimes. the Liberals and the Natives, and the NDP have been stealing money through this for years, and now they are exposed, and now you see the smoke screen and the diversion tactics.

    For the first time in history you see the Conservative government making the native leaders show how they will spend the money, and where it is going, and now you see the results. The Native leaders don’t want anyone knowing where hundreds of millions are going, so they fill their people with propaganda and lies, and they will listen because when you keep your own people sick, poor, and desperate they will do anything to have a better life.

    Shame on the Native leaders and I hope justice will prevail for the sake of the real victims here, the Native people themselves.

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