JUNE 29TH CREATED TO ARREST AND DECLARE MARTIAL LAWMNN. June 20, 2007. Phil Fontaine is the hired Fascist who is doing what any “quisling” does. He works in cooperation with the occupying forces and leads them to kill or capture the resisters. Is there a coup in the works? The three largest police forces in Canada are working together. All three have been investigated recently for corruption and criminality – where heads rolled. They’re all looking for something to take public attention off their misdeeds. The new heads appear to be mostly handpicked by the oligarchy. Now they’re setting a trap to arrest the only people who dare to resist their goose stepping march toward totalitarianism, the Indigenous people.

June 29th is being planned and financed by the Canadian government at the behest of their “masters”. This is a “set up” to create a situation to justify the declaring of martial law across the country.

Yesterday the colonizer’s hired “saboteur”, Phil Fontaine, got together with Interim RCMP Commissioner, Bev Busson , Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian “Little Mouselini” Fantino, the head of the Quebec Police and who knows who else [maybe some U.S. intelligence agents?] They signed an “anti-violence agreement”. [Remember Orwell’s 1984 where all ministries were named the exact opposite of what they were doing?]. The newspapers report this as a “Joint AFN/RCMP Response Team”. Fantino reported we are lumped in with “no fly lists” and “terrorists”. Oh-oh!! Here we go again. Remember Joint Task Force 2? What’s this, JTF3?

Phil, we don’t know what kind of a trap you’re helping Canada to set for us. Someone said that maybe you’re trying to help them “smoke out” our leaders. They don’t understand our system. We don’t have any leaders. We know we are all equal.

Nevertheless, the alarm bells are screaming for all of us who know a bit about international law and the history of Indigenous relations with Canada . At best this “Tree house gang” is ignorant. More likely they are puppets of the “cabal” that is establishing the police state.

These kids in the tree house are signing accords among themselves and planning how and when they’re going to sic the JTF3 on us? They’re dangerous. They may be acting like a bunch of 9-years olds, but the guns are real and we’re in the cross hairs.

Let’s not forget, these are cops, not politicians who have to answer to the public. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

These snot-nosed Machiavelli’s say they’re worried that things will [they hope] turn “ugly”. Look at what we already have – the holocaust, the rape, pillage and poisoning of our land by multinational mining and oil companies, the pollution, the murders, the starlight tours, the missing 500 women, the scandalous residential schools genocide strategy, the destruction of the caribou, fish stocks and other traditional sources of food, desperate poverty, millions spent on communications strategies to demonize us, the tainted water, the suicides, the despair and the third world living conditions. How bad do things have to get to call things ugly?

Canada has it upside down and backwards. They haven’t established THEIR claims to our lands. We don’t have a thing to prove. The land is ours. Their the ones with unsettled claims to our lands. Phil. This is about our “jurisdiction”.

Bev better brush up on international law and democracy 101. 1. We are not part of Canada : International law has determined that no people can be absorbed into a foreign state unless the majority have given their informed consent through a free and fair vote. We never voted to become part of Canada or the British Empire . We were never conquered. We never gave up gave our sovereignty or jurisdiction. It’s still here and it’s still the law.

We took no part in that BNA Act 1867 that was passed by Britain ’s parliament to set up the Dominion of Canada . That’s a law for Canadians, not for us. Section 91(24) gives Canada the right only to negotiate WITH us on behalf of the British Empire . That’s all! Canada has no right to make laws for us. It doesn’t now and it never has, except in someone’s fantasy. [Check your archives].

2. The AFN does not represent us. The Indian Act was illegally passed by Canada ’s Parliament and does not govern us, just as Mexican and U.S. legislation does not apply to Canadians. We’re not part of Canada . The AFN is a colonial office invented by Canada . It’s not legal. 3. Our relations with Canada are nation-to-nation. The AFN, RCMP, OPP and the SQ have no authority to conduct diplomatic relations on behalf of Canada . Their attempts constitute international aggression.

We hear that Canada is passing an “endangered species” act that protects every form of nature that was here before colonization, except us.

Let’s get back to June 29th. It’s a day of peaceful mourning for the unrecognized holocaust, the pillage of us and our land. The rail lines, roads, bridges, cities, dams are all trespassing on our territories. They were put there without our permission. The Supreme Court of Canada is just beginning to recognize that our consent is required to do anything on our jurisdiction. That means Onowarekeh/Turtle Island .

Before you freak out, take a step back and think. Despite the tragedies you have inflicted on us, we have never attacked your right to live. By contrast you have always attacked our right to live. Your colonial government has always defended the theft of our land and resources by both foreign corporations and private individuals.

As Garry Kasparov, the former Russian Chess World Champion, told the Empire Club of Toronto , “Every system will contain a problem that cannot be solved within the system itself”. One of the problems that cannot be solved within the existing Canadian system is the ugly colonial legacy of how Canada continues to illegally occupy our land and exploit our resources. Canada cannot solve its problem with us internally because it’s not an internal problem. Our resources are not even benefiting Canadians. They’re being sent out to foreign countries.

More than anything else, June 29th is a day of mourning. Bev Busson, we’d like you to join us by carrying a placard that says, “Respect international law”. Mr. Fantino could carry one that says, “Respect the rights of Indigenous people”, and Phil could carry one that says, “Down with Traitors”. The Quebec Police could carry one saying, “Respect Mohawk Jurisdiction”.

No guns. No arrest. No pepper sprays. If you can’t be peaceful, stay away. Get out of our jurisdiction, which is all of Canada . Leave us alone.

Phil, stop pretending you represent us. We are not your flock. You are their colonial flunkie. Everything will be peaceful if you stay with your colonial masters. Get some psychological help with your delusions of grandeur. Julian, stop sucking up to the oligarchy and stop threatening us.

If Canada is setting up the JTF3 to engage in civil disobedience against us, then they should be prepared to accept the consequences. Meanwhile, we are asking the world community to recognize Canada for what it is, one of the most ruthless undemocratic states in the world.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

SEE: Fontaines’ lynching party with RCMP, OPP & SQ

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Brothers, Sisters, Friends and Allies:Phil Fontaine is hosting a negotiations lynching party in his colonial office in Ottawa tomorrow morning at 10:15 am. with the RCMP, OPP and the SQ. We can only conclude they are working out covert acts of aggression to stir things up on the June 29th day of action that has been planned “to mourn the rape, pillage and colonization of Turtle Island”.

Canadian citizen Phil Fontaine pretends to speak for us. He has been placed in this position by his bosses, the Canadian government under imposed Canadian laws. He is paid by Canada. He reports to Canada. He does not report to us or represent us in any sense of the word. This secret meeting is further evidence of his collusion with Canada against us.

We know cops. They can’t keep their fingers off lethal toys and are trigger happy especially when they have an “Indian” in their sights.

Fontaine seems to be setting himself up as a top policeman over Indigenous people in the police state that is being created. He wants so desperately to complete his job of helping Canada to undermine us that he will go to any means to help Canada assert its fantasy.

Send emails to this Canadian SOB to stop playing deadly games with our future and that of our coming generations.

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“Public Safety and Security Protocol Renewal signing between Assembly of First Nations and RCMP


OTTAWA, June 18 /CNW Telbec/ – AFN National

Chief Phil Fontaine and RCMP Commissioner
Bev Busson will sign a Public Safety and Security Protocol tomorrow morning at approximately
10:15 a.m. This is the renewal for another term of a three year protocol agreement, originally signed in 2004.

Witnessing the agreement will be OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino and Stéphane Chabot, Député Director Géneral of the Sûreté du Québec. Prior to the protocol signing. the RCMP, OPP and SQ will meet with the National Chief to discuss concerns and approaches to addressing public safety during the National Day of Action on June 29th.

Where: National Chief’s Office, 11th floor, 473 Albert Street, Ottawa;

When: 10:15 a.m. , Tuesday, June 19th

The Assembly of First Nations is the national organization representing First Nations citizens in Canada.

For further information: Bryan Hendry, A/Director of Communications,(613) 241-6789 ext. 229, cell (613) 293-6106,; Nancy Pine, Communications Advisor – Office of the National Chief, (613) 241-6789 ext 243,(613) 298-6382,; Rene Pollett, Communications Specialist, (613) 241-6789, ext. 314, cell (613) 295-2149,

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 – THE DISMANTLING OF AN ILLEGAL ORGANIZATION MNN. April 29, 2007. Back in 1969 the Liberal government of Canada under Pierre Trudeau decided to do away with Indian Affairs. They weren’t going to do away with the “Tower of Terror”. They were going to do away with us by pretending to remove their obligations, budget and protections. They wanted to push us out onto the streets of Canada to die out.

Killing off a criminal organization like Indian Affairs is inevitable. We have to take it apart piece by piece. We have to do it ourselves every step of the way. The Indian Act was the “weapon of mass destruction” [WMD] meant to kill us off. How are we going to kill off Indian Affairs? By enforcing the Great Law of Peace and the Two Row Wampum.

Indian Affairs is currently the subject of an avalanche of criticisms and various lawsuits. The murders of our kids in residential schools, the police brutality, military attacks against us and the constant lies and deceptions by politicians has to stop. Their sudden dismantling Indian Affairs may be a ploy to remove the defendants in actions for liability for all the cruelty and larceny they’ve committed against us. They say, “remove Indian affairs, the Indian Act and to hell with them!” We can see right through them. They want to change our status as Indigenous people into “Canadians” so they can get out of their liability. It won’t work, Canada! We are not and never will agree to be Canadians.

So far, our relations with our colonial visitors has been one of “breach” rather than honor. They tell us the Indian Act is the only “vehicle” for delivering Canada’s obligations to us. Based on what we’ve been getting so far, this is an empty vehicle and it’s time to junk it.

We’ve always been struck by Indian Affairs’ similarity to organized crime organizations like the “Mafia”, except it’s “disorganized”. The head “Don” is the “prime minister”. He has cohorts and henchmen called “provinces”, “ministers”, “corporations”, “judges” and “armed forces” that are given authority over certain territories. The cohorts go out and enforce their rules. The government legitimizes its criminal activities with picturesque language that no one understands.

Originally the Mafia came in and lent money to immigrants to set them up. If somebody couldn’t pay them back, the enforcers would demonstrate their unseen power over life and death. The government’s cohorts set up this Mafia style system over us. They stole everything we have to make it look like we can’t function without them.

Indian Affairs cohorts must also take something akin to “blood oaths” to Queen Elizabeth and have to keep secrets until they die.

This Indian Affairs Mafia will control us unless that control is taken from them. Like the original Mafia, the only way to become a full “patch member” is to be from a certain ethnic background. The band councils strive to become full patch members so they can exercise the rule of terror over us to keep us in line. No matter what, they’ll never be accepted as full members of the white Mafia. The government encourages them to try anyway.

Indian Affairs was originally supposed to carry out nation-to-nation relations with us and to negotiate with us on land use. Greed lead the colonizers to “goose step” their mandate. Indian Affairs was set up to carry out the “final solution of the Indian problem”. Parliament gave itself extraordinary powers beyond its authority under the British North America Act 1867 to carry out the genocide of our people.

It’s time to close down the butcher shop and go back to the beginning. The real relationship is between us as landowners and them as “squatters”. We want our tenants to live up to the leases they made with us, to obey the laws and keep their promises. We want full accountability and a total forensic audit of Indian Affairs and its entire gangsta’ apparatus.

Once the Indian Act and Indian Affairs are removed, then Indigenous sovereignty, rights to self-determination and stewardship of all of our territories will be dealt with on a proper landlord-tenant nation-to-nation basis. Canada, stop falsely claiming our land. Start planning how you are going to carry out our instructions and authority over every square inch of our land. You have to stay in your ship and not pull our canoe as the Two Row Wampum agreement provides.

Canada, stop aiding and abetting corporate squatters who are gobbling up our assets, polluting our land and destroying the inheritance of our coming generations.

No more encroachment! Enough of our land and environment have been seriously damaged. It’s on the verge of becoming unlivable, not just for Indigenous people, but also for the colonial visitors who don’t seem to care about their own future generations or anyone else’s.

The abuse of us, our lands and possessions is the biggest scandal in history. Bringing down Indian affairs means freedom and self-determination for us.

Why do we think this is going to happen? Well, so far huge amounts of profit have gone towards the colonial machines that defraud and oppress us because of our complaints everywhere. A lot of lawyers and consultants have been getting big career boosts and piles of money out of inquiries and investigations into the criminal acts committed against us by the colonial government of Canada without resolving them.

Indian Affairs, we hope you’ve shut down your “War Room” in the Tower of Power run by the military! Stop funding racists like Gary McHale and the skinheads, KKK, Brown Shirts and rioters he’s organizing to attack us. Department of Defense, stop financing the demonizing of us in your military manual as “domestic insurgents” so that you can find an excuse to round up our “leaders” and young people. We know you want to put us in “Guantanamo Bay” prisons without charging us, for indefinite periods of time because you have labeled us as “terrorists”.

Hey, colonial crooks, let’s not get stuck on details. Let’s go back to square one when you landed here with nothing.

No, we’re not afraid to get rid of Indian affairs. They think they’ll shut us up by threatening to cut off all services and benefits. They can’t. They have an ongoing debt to us supported by all the human rights covenants Canada has signed and supports internationally.

We have to sit down and start talking about the terms under which you “intruders” can remain here. You know we never gave up the land. We never will. We can’t.

Europeans are Europeans, no matter what. The British are British. The French are French. And the immigrants are immigrants. For over a century colonial states have been dumping their rejects and social problems on our land. These displaced people tried to kill us off. We cannot tolerate the presence of this insane grasping culture which continues to commit genocide on us and our land.

These starving and disease ridden ragamuffins killed most of us off, stole our land and possessions and continue to try to stomp us out. Do we have to keep on being kind to them? We think we’ve given enough. We will look at the new situation pragmatically. We have to carry out our original instructions. The land has to be taken care off. The damage committed to us has to be repaired. The heritage of our future generations has to be restored. The visitors have to return Turtle Island back into the beautiful paradise they found when they arrived.

Kahentinetha Horn

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MNN. Dec. 7, 2006. Ottawa cuts education and basic health care to, as some people say, “pamper their pigs at the trough”. We prefer to refer to them as “taming the rez dogs”.

Band councilor of the colonial government are not just lap poodle show dogs. When our backs are turned they’re vicious junk yard guard dogs that will go for the jugular if any little kid happens to roll under their fence. They want to keep what they’ve got and they don’t care who falls along the side of the dirt road as long as their master is protected.

What went on in Ottawa at the Assembly of First Nations AFN conference was a disgusting display of raw colonial greed. Jim “Jonestown” Prentice must have been jumping with joy when he looked at the sea of former rez dogs yapping at his heels. They are the well-fed photo-op dogs that have come to sign whatever their master tells them to. The real rez dogs are back home in the poor Indigenous communities. At least these rez dogs are still roaming free.

It was said that you can tell the conditions of an Indigenous community by looking over the rez dogs. If they’re shaggy, dirty, skinny and mean, then the band councils have done a good job of keeping the people down. Over 100 Indigenous communities don’t even have decent drinking water. The most basic human right that the United Nations, another colonizing outfit, is attempting to ensure is decent drinking water in third world countries, those that have not been co-opted by the colonizer’s agenda.

Canada has one of the highest standards of living in the world. You just have to wonder how it manages to have so many communities without basic human necessities that were here for everyone before Turtle Island became polluted by white “civilized enlightenment”. They look away from our Indigenous children who have to live in these horrible conditions.

Mongrel “Heinz 57” Prentice just cut education expenses. He’s hoping the current generation of educated indigenous activists will die off and that there will be no one with enough education to take our place. So they don’t want us to get out and see what’s really going on.

These well groomed rez dogs are trying to pass themselves off as high society lap dogs. They are wearing colonial style clothes made of the best leather and carrying fancy empty brief cases which they hope to fill with money from selling out our people. They wear artfully tailored suit jackets designed to make it look like the real imaginary Indians that every white person hopes to meet. They’re wearing so much “Indian” jewelry they look like a Christmas trees with turquoise and silver dangling all over them. It’s Hollywood gong show time! We poor Indigenous people back home have to be satisfied with homemade porcupine quill and beaded earrings and chokers, or nothing. Most of us have to wear hand-me-downs or hand-me-ups.

They’re staying in the very best hotels of the very best chains, which are all savvy about what’s going on. They’ve positioned themselves to cash in on the Ottawa peanut scramble.

In Ottawa the hotel suites have open liquor bars. There is an endless supply of fancy alcohol – no “Baby Duck” here. Then there are white women groupies stashed around the room. You can be sure that when the accounting is done, the cost of all these luxuries is going to be lumped with education and health care to try to prove there just isn’t enough money for basic necessities. The Canadian people will be lead to believe one more time that Indians are a parasite on the economy which will be heavily promoted by the corporate media.

In other words, Indian Affairs is run like a corrupt third world dictatorship. We do not mean to insult the African or Asian or Latin American people when we say this. All we’re saying is that these are tried and true techniques. Its part of a well known colonial strategy honed in the third world where corrupt dictators are kept in power to oppress the people. Behind all this is the military backed comic book super heroes who come in and pretend to straighten out the mess they’ve created. It’s really another take over.

If there is any resistance by the Indigenous people, you can be sure they get out the guns and declare martial, just like they did in Venezuela in 1994 and elsewhere. Speaking of dogs, don’t forget about what happened at “Abu Graib” prison in Iraq. The U.S. soldiers used shepherds and doberman to control the naked Iraqi inmates and to break them down to get information.

Here the fancy lap dogs are the only so-called “leaders” that colonial Canada will condescend to deal with. They want those who will party hearty in high style without raising any uncomfortable questions. These are the ones who have caught the “Jim Jonestown syndrome”. Watch out for the kool aid, folks, its spiked.

Meanwhile back home people are living in rat infest molding houses and drinking poisonous water with ten times the incident of diabetes 2, and other infections. That’s where a mother of 4 with a brand new baby is forced to stay in a shack because there’s no where else to go. She can’t make a living because of the imposition of the artificial lifestyle. The band council is too busy jet setting around and living it up. They have no time to roll up their sleeves, pick up a hammer and do the hard labor that’s needed to ensure that there is decent housing, clean water, a functioning school, health care and all the basic necessities, never mind keeping up with the standards enjoyed by the colonists.

What kind of a nut runs around primping and preening all day long. These chiefs suck, sniff and lick the top dog’s ass while chasing their white concubines. Every man should be providing for his own women and children of his community.

Indian Affairs loves the AFN. They’re such good pimps. They both pressure native girls to go to the parties when the Indians come to town. They always need a few Indian princesses to decorate their cake. We know this from first hand experience. One attractive mother with teenager daughters did not want to go to those parties. She was pressured to attend and to neglect her family responsibilities. That’s the game in Ottawa, Winnipeg, Vancouver, San Francisco, Washington and wherever the colonists throw their parties and where the honey flows.

These are not Indigenous people. We can’t even call them “apples” anymore, red on the outside and white on the inside. They’re white through and through. They’re moccasin-less colonial puppets wearing chicken feathers, with their guns pointed at their own children and the seven generations to come. They are nothing more than hired assassins who will do anything to keep the despots on the throne.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News
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MNN. Dec. 6, 2006. Jim Prentice, the Minister of Indian Affairs in Canada, has been continuing the program of proselytizing certain band council chiefs who are already his followers. They are handsomely rewarded. For example, James Gabriel of Kanehsatake can do no wrong. He was a court appointed chief with no limits to his oppression of the people. He thought that the taxpayers had bottomless pockets. Santa wasn’t going to cross anything off his Christmas list. When anyone objected, or tried to take him to court, Indian Affairs put up all the money that top lawyers and public relations firms needed to help him. He had carte blanche to do anything to keep the people in their place. Indian Affairs handlers know how to keep their dog on a leash.

He is not alone. Joe Norton, long time chief of Kahnawake, could get away with any kind of dubious activities. He now lives in one of the biggest mansions in ritzy Rockcliffe in Ottawa. Mike Mitchell of Akwesasne had unlimited immunity from his years of serving the master very well. David General of Six Nations walks around in his shiny suit and smiles at his victims.

We are informed that there are band council chiefs right across the country who have become part of this army of corrupt followers of Jim “Jones” Prentice and his predecessors. You can spot them at the airports on their way to the next conference or meeting, where a blonde date awaits them. [They must be thinking, “This beats the bush any day!”]

They have total control over the people who can’t taste the poison that’s put in their “kool aid” by their “great white father”, Jim Jones Prentice. They can cut off welfare payments, take their children away and keep them living in shanties if they don’t behave. They control every cent that comes from the Tower of Power in Hull Quebec. It is sometimes called the “Peoples’ Temple”, “people” being Jim Jones Prentice’s legion of Indians dressed like colonists standing at the turret pointing their guns at us.

Eventually these certain band council chiefs are driven to a state of unreality. It’s a psychological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power and omnipotence. It is also known as delusions of grandeur. Indian Affairs knows how to seduce them into catching this disease. It’s an aberration created by taking an egalitarian person and stuffing him/her into the hierarchy [a round peg into a square hole].

The colonists have been doing it since they landed here. They carefully select their pliable nominees. They are ignorant and willing to play the part of an Indian chief for the Canadian public. [“Stand here. I want yer picture, chief” Snap!]. Back home they are social outcasts. They are feared by their people, except those monkeys with tin cups they drop a few coins into. Don’t forget, they are also backed by the guns of the Indian police.

These chiefs become obsessed with grandeur and extravagance. It’s part of keeping the bootie in the war of keeping us poor on behalf of their cult leader. This can be seen as a manic or paranoid disorder. How dangerous are these people? Would they “follow orders” like keeping us in a state of ignorance, fear and willing to take the crumbs they throw at us? You bet!

Bill Wilson of Pine Ridge set up goons armed better than the marines, with the backing of the FBI. They murdered Lakota men, women and children. The government gives these people a false sense of importance and security. When they’re done with them, they throw them away. You can see them walking around in a daze like ghosts that nobody will talk to. Many have a great big bag of dirty laundry that the government keeps in its smelly closet. You better believe it isn’t just dirty socks and foul gym shorts.

Jim Jones Prentice’ cronies are programmed something like the “Manchurian Candidate”. I think they are dangerous. They are unconcerned about the welfare of our people. They have been seeing the gravy train for too long and all they want is to continue to monopolize the money that’s coming into the community. The oppressed have become the oppressors. We always thought that when they go outside of the circle, we could bring them back. Some maybe! Most are too far gone.

Has this happened before? Let’s look at what happened to the Peoples Temple. Jim Jones started out poor as a preacher of an evangelical religious group in Indianapolis. He began helping poor people by setting up soup kitchens, food banks, literacy programs and other social service initiatives. He set up a church to bring his followers together. As time went on, his charisma brought more and more people to him. He would get his followers to attack those who criticized him. He would give donations to those who supported him.

Jim Jones decided to move his flock to Ukiah California to set up a commune that he said would be the “perfect society”. Most who followed were poor people of color. There were some well-to-do groupies. He became more politically involved and drunk with power. Local and city politicians were paying attention to him. He never experienced such notoriety and unquestioning power over people before. This went to his head.

He acted like he was a king sitting on a throne. He set up systems of control like taking all the elderly people’s welfare and pension checks, demeaning the people in front of their community and forcing them to practice mass suicide by drinking a red liquid at his command. Although his wife stood by him throughout, he could have as a sexual partner any woman or man he wanted. There was just no limit to what he wanted and what he could get.

He became worried about the defectors who were pressing for investigations into the mistreatment, moral and financial situation in the commune. Jones decided that he would move about 1,000 of his people to South America so no one could keep an eye on him. He set up “Jonestown” in the jungles of Guyana, 400 miles from the city of Georgetown.

In June 1979 a congressman, along with his aides and media, flew to Jonestown to investigate the rumors of maltreatment and torture he had heard about. The controlled atmosphere there made it impossible for him to fairly assess the situation. He decided to return to the U.S. 20 dissenters decided to leave with him. While boarding the plane a tractor used for clearing the jungle approached them. Nine men dressed in camouflage disembarked and started to shoot them. 5 were killed, including the congressman, and many were wounded, some escaping into the jungle.

Back at the compound Jim Jones ordered everybody to drink the purple kool aid laced with cyanide, starting with the children. The authorities found 914 people laying on the ground with their faces down, dead and bloated from the hot sun. This disturbing picture shows you how sick hierarchical power can be.

Many band council chiefs found they can practically get away with murder. There are honest folk who get elected. They seem to be powerless. They typically turn their backs on politics in disgust. All that happens to those who follow Indian Affairs is that they get another shipment of kool aid.

How many more Jonestown do we need? This strategy is ongoing. They probably don’t have a picture of the “Jonestown massacre” tacked to the wall of the war room of Indian Affairs, but it doesn’t seem to bother them that hundreds of Indigenous communities are stuck with poisoned water. It makes us think that there is a plan. We can’t understand how they can take their coffee breaks in comfort when the majority Indigenous communities are living in a state of perpetual emergency.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

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Tom “Scalawag” Flanagan Indian expert?

THE MAN BEHIND PRIME MINISTER HARPER’S “BREW CREW” ON INDIAN ISSUESMNN. Nov. 22, 2006. Guess what? The Conservatives want us to “sell” our homeland to help us get out of the poverty they’ve put us into. That’s what would-be comedian Tom “who’s-a-scalawag-like-his-zero-hero-Sir-Walter-Raleigh” Flanagan, a University of Calgary professor, said recently on the CBC. Did he ask us? No. “Selling reserve land could help solve poverty”, he said. How? We own all the land and resources of Canada, so why is he calling us poor? It’s impossible to count how many times we’ve heard this story before.

“One of the “only” ways to address poverty on native reserves is to enhance property rights”, said Harper’s former adviser [no wonder Harper’s in trouble listening to deficients like this]. Obviously, he hasn’t taken Indigenous Studies 101. This guy doesn’t seem to be familiar with the historical material in the Indian Affairs archives of Canada and the U.S. that shows we are the full owners of every square inch of Turtle Island.

Tom said, “The system in place is stopping aboriginal “Canadians” from improving their economies”. Yeh! You know who’s in our way? A bunch of ignoramuses like you, Tom “who-doesn’t-know-his-history” Flanagan. You say you’ve taken a “hard” look at property rights on reserves. Take a good look at the colonial usurpation of property rights over Turtle Island that has impoverished us. People like Sir Walter Raleigh and Humphrey Gilbert were selling millions of acres of our land long before they even came over here with their disease-ridden crew.

Tom “Acts-like-Eichmann” Flanagan says, “Here’s my [“final solution”] plan for you Indians”. Tom, you’re just another genocidal maniac. Why don’t you go back where you belong and stop teaching your off-the-wall stuff to another generation of colonial opportunists?

Guys like you left Europe because you messed up everything over there, including property rights. Instead of cleaning up your own house, you came here and messed up ours. Tom, you’ve inherited that mental disease called “greed” [owistah] and maybe some stupidity and certainly a lot of ignorance about us.

“The value of property on native reserves has gone up significantly”, you told the Ottawa corporate press, otherwise known as the “liar’s club”. They were sitting there salivating and rubbing their sweaty hands and their eyes were blinking chi-ching. “Especially on the outskirts of cities like Calgary” [where you and your oil buddies live]. Oh, my goodness! Where have we heard this one before? Any natives living on territories near major cities have to constantly watch our backs. We have to always stand ready to resist wave after wave of expropriation by governments and appropriation by your real estate vulture friends.

“Yet people on reserves live in poverty and their homes are falling apart”, said you. Isn’t that part of your plan? At least we have a house. If your plan goes through, we won’t even have a house. We’ll be dying on the streets of the cities of Canada. This happened in the US in the 1950’s and 60’s through the “termination policy” that completely wiped out over 100 Indian communities. They wound up dead. We’re on to your plan, Tom “Draco” Flanagan Lord of the Flies!.

You called us “dysfunctional” although you admit you’ve never been to an Indian community. You’re admitting you don’t know anything. You don’t need to. You work for the corporations to get your sticky palms on our lands for your backers, the real estate developers and resource robbers.

Eeek! How did you manage to call yourself an instant Indian expert? You must have been hatched from the same viper’s nest as Sir Walter Raleigh. There’s no difference between selling land you’ve never seen and writing expert opinions about something you know nothing about. You Conservatives have no inhibitions about waving the flag of your ignorance for all the world to see. The people running Canada seem totally detached from reality. After making a fool of yourselves in China recently and elsewhere, you’ve come back to Turtle Island to insult everybody’s intelligence.

“Under Canadian law, many people on reserves face restrictions when it comes to selling or leasing land”. Yes, the restrictions are supposed to protect us from vultures like you and your friends, Tom “Hannibal-the-Cannibal” Flanagan. You think some of these rules should be lifted so there is no protection at all? Yes, we agree something should be lifted. You should lift yourselves out of our sight!

“Aboriginal people should have the right to sell some of their land to business developers, who would make better use of their property”. Then after you’ve all the reserves what next? Are you going to start selling off chunks of British Columbia and New Brunswick? 99% of our land that you’re already squatting on hasn’t even been paid for yet. It’s all wrecked and it will cost more to clean your mess than what you stole from it. We can’t sell our land as we hold it in trust for our future unborn children. Now you want the 1% we presently live on.

Last night Canadian Hydro Developers went to a Six Nations band meeting to offer money for the north end of the Haldimand Tract. They are trespassing by having built 50 of their windmills on it and 100 more soon. They want to pay us $50,000 over the next ten years. Not in funds, but in scholarships for our people to attend their corporate universities that they will chose for us and which will give them tax write offs! They’re from Calgary too! Making that offer was recognition that we own the land. We know a thief when we see one. Do they think we’re that stupid?

Tom-Tom, you said, “I don’t think native people have much choice in the matter because they are maybe three per cent of the Canadian population.” Are you telling us that someone only has rights if they are part of the majority? We own all the land. According to your twisted thinking we have no rights because we’re outnumbered. You guys have more political, social and economic control and you have the guns to back you up. According to you, we have nothing. We won’t go to colonial courts which are stacked against us.

You said that we are surrounded by western capitalism everywhere. What do you mean by that? Are you openly declaring war on us now? Are you pushing the genocide policy? Is western capitalism what you call the guns that the police are pointing at us? That’s what the King of England said in 1738, “We shall beat the Indians through economy” as he waged economic warfare on us, the Iroquois. We’re still here, Tom “remember-the-French-and-Indian-wars” Flanagan.

Your comment apparently angered Wayne Courchene, an adviser to the Assembly of First Nations, a colonial government lobby group of sell-outs. He said your views are “narrow-minded”. “Narrow minded” is a strange name for genocide. His salary comes from the federal government. What can you expect from a dog on a leash? You can’t expect him to bite the hand that feeds him.

Tom “who-lives-on-our-real-estate-without-paying-any-tax-to-us” Flanagan, you question why First Nations should live in a tax-free environment with free housing. We are the greatest taxpayers on earth. Our real estate has been put up for the biggest economy in the world. So, shut up! You said that you’re not advising the government on aboriginal issues. If it’s true, thank goodness. But you are the mouthpiece for the corporations who want our lands for nothing. You’re planning to bulldoze us, put pipelines and oil wells in, take our trees and minerals and destroy the environment. Before you run away to make your next mess, pay for the clean up here.

Explain to us why Canadians aren’t paying taxes to the U.S. The law is that Indians don’t pay taxes. You want to change it. When Indian lands were illegally taxed, we lost everything. You can’t seize our property, so we can’t pay taxes. You’re after the wholesale destruction of our society and all of Turtle Island. It’s not going to happen if we can help it, Tommy boy!

Stop trying to get rid of us because we’ve been blocking all your evil schemes, Tom “Dr. Evil” Flanagan. We have always and will continue to fight your greed all the way. We will never surrender our interests to our land. If it wasn’t for us, all of Turtle Island would have been destroyed long ago. We will resist your efforts to remove us so your friends can come in and rape our land.

Tom “the-unfortunate-scalawag” Flanagan, come and visit us. You’ll need more than your cape to keep all that filth off your dirty feet, mind and mouth.

Tom, we hereby eject you from our homeland for conspiracy, fraud and espionage. If you’re not careful, we might put you away in that “Tower of Power” [Indian Affairs] dungeon in Hull. Your ideas about us are some of the lowest points we have seen in the last week. Don’t mess around with us. The gig is up, Tom “the-cat-is-out-of-the-bag” Flanagan. Don’t end up like Sir Walter Raleigh who made it back to England just in time to be executed on the 29th October 1618. You’re already there, Tom “will-bomb” Flanagan. You could end up like your zero hero, Walter. He ended up unpopular due to his greed, arrogance and skepticism.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

poster: kahentinetha