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MNN. Oct. 13, 2006. The Indian Affairs Minister, Jim Prentice, has announced a new policy of forced “privatization” of Indian lands. This is a repeat performance of what happened in the United States where there was a mass execution of Indians. “The only good Indian is a dead Indian” is an old policy that is being introduced in a new form by Canada all gussied up in star studded robes topped off with a dunce cap and a political broom.

The sorcerers are trying to mesmerize the Canadian people into a stupor. They want to see them march lockstep toward their own destruction. Those being used are going to get nothing out of it. Only the sorcerers will benefit. The apprentices like Gary McHale, Marie Trainer and all those professional rioters who have been attacking the Indigenous people at Six Nations will one day walk into the middle of a big public inquiry into all their shenanigans. Videos and cameras will show who has been physically involved and sent in to run around like madmen attacking Indigenous elders, women and children. The sorcerers in the background will fly off on their brooms unnoticed to count their money down in Texas.

How do the sorcerers do this? They seem to look normal. They make promises to their apprentices who are suffering from the “oil disease” of the mind we call “owista” which leads them to believe that mega millions await them after their performances. They need a scapegoat so they are targeting the Indigenous people. Just like Hitler picked the Jews as the scapegoat for the Germans.

The sorcerers are directing people at us as being the cause of all their problems. To the sorcerers we aren’t even human beings.

No one ever forgets those people and children lying dead in the snow after the Massacre of our people at “Wounded Knee”. They want a repeat of this picture and others of unwanted Indians starving and homeless with no place to go. They want us to die or migrate from our lands to the inner cities where we can die as alcoholics and derelicts on the streets or killed in their jails. The privatized prison system are becoming the biggest “reservations” on Turtle Island.

This is what happened to our people in the United States.

The Sorcerers and their Apprentices who run the “Tower of Power” in Ottawa got the old U.S. recipe for concocting “Indian Termination”. They are going to use the old colonial broom and sweep us into their toxic brew to disappear from the face of the earth so they can make a final claim to our land and resources. Where does this idea come from? In 1887 the U.S. passed the General Allotment Act to break up indigenous governments, abolish Indian communities and force Indians to assimilate into white society. They divided up the communally owned lands into private plots to break up Indian nations and bring “whites” in to “civilize” those who did not die out.

It was catastrophic. The Indians were never consulted. Most lands left were not suitable for farming. To stave off starvation many were forced to sell their lands for very little or they were forced to foreclose on them for not paying taxes.

Of the 140 million acres under Indigenous control, only 50 million acres remain. Of course we still have aboriginal title to Turtle Island as long as there is one Indigenous person left that adheres to the traditional ways.

In 1934 the allotment system was abolished. Congress passed the Indian Reorganization Act “to rehabilitate Indian economic life”. It recreated new land bases and reorganized the Indigenous communities.

During the 1950’s Congress brought in “termination” which was the forced dissolution of our land bases. This brought Indigenous people to the brink of collapse. At the same time they passed to the states jurisdiction over criminal and civil matters without the consultation or consent of the Indigenous people. The states which were the traditional enemies of the Indians had always wanted control over Indian lands and resources but did not want responsibility to provide services to Indians because they had no agreements or treaties with them, so they argued.

In 1968, President Lyndon Johnson denounced termination and declared: “We must affirm the rights of the first Americans to remain Indians” “We must affirm their rights to freedom of choice and self-determination”. They started to reverse termination when it was too little too late.

In their cauldron the Sorcerers and their apprentices are cooking up their potion. They think that Canada has the power to wipe out Indian nations with or without theirs or the Canadian peoples’ consent. Canadians are being suckered into committing genocide by a U.S. based sorcerer. The sub-sorcerer is in Canada. In Canada the sorcerer’s apprentices are known as “band councils” which they’ve incorporated under their laws. These apprentices have no choice but to do what their bosses tell them because of their greed. They’ve been socialized as not being successful as human beings unless they live a certain colonial lifestyle. Their only access to this as Indians is to be sell outs. The people standing up to all of this are the traditional indigenous people who have many non-native supporters.

Canada must not adopt this illegal U.S. made policy to do away with Indigenous people in Canada. Call your Member of Parliament and tell them you don’t agree with the Conservative government’s policy of genocide. They are puppets of the corporate controllers of the Republican Party in the U.S. who are running the Conservative agenda in Canada.

It is frightening not just to the indigenous people but to all Canadians when they cannot see what is in store for them. Don’t think they’re going to stop with us. They plan to take over everyone. The U.S. has always wanted to reverse their defeats in 1776 and 1812 when the Iroquois helped the British stop the American invasion. They’ve always wanted to take over Canada, the first place they ever tried. The protection from encroachment of the Six Nations as British allies is set out in the Haldimand Proclamation 1784. It was not a grant of land. It was a contract to stop encroachment. Canada, you’ve breached this contract. You better make it right immediately! The world sees that you do not honor your international promises.

Please come down on Sunday October 15th to Six Nations for the “Peaceful Potluck” to celebrate the reclamation of our land.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

poster: Thahoketoteh