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MNN. Jan. 30, 2008. The gross corruption revealed in “Access to Information” documents from Public Security and Emergency Preparedness Canada and Indian Affairs has not made the front pages of the corporate media. [Dossier No. 1336-A-2006-0034]. Instead they’ve temporarily sabotaged MNN. It appears to now be owned by 1599754 Ontario Limited!! How could this happen? How could we lose ownership of our website without our knowledge or consent.  We can’t think of anyone who would have a motivation for doing this. [“Canada ’s “Indian Affairs” financed war machine to attack Mohawks on Jan. 12, 2004” – Jan. 27, 2008].

We know that the Canadian government is riddled with corruption. They aren’t as careful to cover their tracks because they don’t see us as people. They think we are powerless, have no voice and are blind. They have secret meeting about us. We have no rights. They can plan to deprive us or even kill us.

The people written about are objecting to the nicknames we gave them, such as “ambulance chaser” and “turn coat”. They are not denying the factual substance of the information found in the documents we reviewed. None have expressed any concern for those who are suffering from poverty, poor health, inferior education and unemployment because they are withholding or diverting our funds.

None have called for an investigation. No criminal charges have been laid. This proves that Canada does not live by the rule of law. To them, as long as something is authorized by someone higher up, it’s legal even if it’s in blatant violation of their legal mandate set out for them by the laws passed by Parliament.

Back in 1978 when I was working for Indian Affairs in Ottawa, the Assistant Deputy Minister, Cam Mackie, had a Christmas party in his swank spacious office on the 21st floor. No Indians were invited. A fellow non-native employee invited me to go up there. Cam Mackie was walking around wearing a t-shirt with the message, “Let’s have an Indian Affair”. Honest to goodness! It was supposed to be a joke. Just reading it felt like a knife right in my gut. I was terrified for the future of my three little girls. How could I protect them as a single mother and a native woman?

“You are disgusting”, I said and went home to protect my little ones. My fear was real. Indigenous women are still being victimized. 500 are missing and not investigated. Everyone knew that it was open season on young native girls like Betty Osborne who had been raped and killed by four non-native young men. Everyone in the community knew. Nobody did a thing. It went unpunished for almost 20 years.

Here was sanction of the abuse of Indigenous people from the highest level.

Closer to hand, it was open season on young native boys. Kevin White, a Cree, was dying of AIDS contracted through association with Indian Affairs and high government homosexuals. [“Where Eagles Dare to Soar – Indians, Politics and AIDS”]. Not to mention the “Starlight Tours” in Saskatchewan where police left our young boys about 30 miles out of the city to perish in the freezing cold.

This abuse of our young people cannot happen without the express complicity of the colonial hierarchy. When water goes down the toilet, it’s a sick maelstrom that sucks in a lot of people. Those who betrayed the Mohawks of Kanehsateke may have started out with good intentions. They get into the momentum, forget to take a stand when necessary and try to drag us down with them.

They fell under the Svengali spell and started selling land like La Trappe without the people’s consent, negotiated away the beach or supported political manipulations with lawyers, third party managers, compliant band councils, and allowed the same law firm to represent the colonial government, the church and the Indigenous people. What a party they must be having with three major funding sources. These people are shocked to see themselves exposed.

Perhaps they were so entranced by their access to foreign colonial power and the promises that they thought they were doing the people a favor by making decisions without our consent and taking part in these manipulations behind our backs. Or just sitting there and doing nothing.

No one can complain they weren’t interviewed when it’s all there in black and white. Were we interviewed before they signed away our rights? What makes them think they can trash the democratic principles of rule by the people and think they are above everyone else? Once elected, forget about us!

The conference calls, discussions and reports in the documents were pure sleaze. Those involved knew they were hurting us. We invite them to publish the full text on the internet without their spin doctors slanting it and lawyers burying the news.

They’ve become props for outright dictators. They planned, schemed and sat there idly while our communities go without basic necessities like clean water, decent food and housing. They’ve diverted our funds to hire armed forces, manipulate the media and oppress and attack us.

It appears to be okay to call us “squaws”, “wagon burners” or “welfare bums”. It’s not okay to call an “elected official” who betrays his people a “turncoat” or a lawyer who to tries to profit from our misfortune an “ambulance chaser”.

They say if we had all the facts we would find that the nicknames are wrong. As far as MNN is concerned, they could be worse! Hey wait a minute! How could we get to “know all the facts” when the meetings are all secret or behind closed doors? If government was open and transparent the way it’s supposed to be in a society that supposed to treat everyone equally, we might find out more about this shocking abuse of governmental process and misspending of our money.

Why hasn’t anyone been criminally charged for misappropriation of funds and for exceeding their authority or fraud?

Why were people in Kanehsatake jailed for objecting to the attack made on us by a paramilitary force paid with money diverted from our health care, education and social programs?

Some of our communities are within spitting distance of the glitz and glamour lived by high public officials in Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. People grow fat on publicly funded buffets while there isn’t enough money to get decent education, healthcare and even proper nutrition for our people.

Why can’t they admit the horrendous reality of what they’ve done? What can we do to stop them?

Why do these people feel that they can lie to and manipulate us? They’re worried about silly nicknames? I am sorry, this is no kid’s party. We are real people that the bureaucracy is trying to trample into the ground by using our own resources they’ve stolen. How low on the UN scale do we have to live before Canadian politicians and Indian Affairs stop yawning?

They cannot admit to themselves how disgusting and vile their actions are. They stand behind guns that are pointed at us, manipulate the media and sabotage our right to freedom of speech, while they down more martinis and tranquilizers.

There’s nothing charming about poverty. There’s nothing charming about the misuse of our funds. There is nothing charming about Cam Mackie walking around with a T-shirt announcing that it is open season on our young people.

We’d be interested in hearing from our so-called “elected leaders” without the crutch of their spin doctors and public relations firms. They should be tried in open court, just like we are when we try to exercise our traditional sovereign rights that we have never given up. Steven Bonspille, Ghislain Picard and Phil Fontaine, get out of the way! Your genocidal services are not required.

Kahentinetha Horn

MNNN “Muzzled” Mohawk Nation News [for now]

In the meantime, we are in the process of retrieving our “abducted” website. Please contact us: kahentinetha2@yahoo.com, katenies20@yahoo.com

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2 thoughts on “WHO “CRASHED” MNN WEBSITE?

  1. Very good article. My brother was Kevin White. Didn’t know how much people knew of what happened to him. Very good book. Too bad it was squashed before it hit the stands. Printing press was turned over to whomever. Anyhoo…Hope it finds the stands at some point…I know Kevin would want it to be read by all aboriginals of Ontario…..even internationally. Good Story…..real life…real people….real mistakes.

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