MNN. Sept. 25, 2008. Who would have thought that artificial economies and their worthless paper currencies, based on theft of Indigenous resources, would come tumbling down? Greed and oppression can’t go on forever. These foreigners have been wheeling and dealing with goods stolen from us. Remember, they came here with nothing! Every inch of Onowaregeh, Turtle Island, they stand on is unsurrendered Indigenous territory. We are the caretakers. We will never give it up.

These colonial money grubbers never treated us right. They killed, hurt and weakened us and then took advantage of us. It looks like payback time. Nature is getting even. The natural order has to be restored. The people have to face up to what they’ve done or allowed to be done. The rape and pillaging of our mother earth has to stop. She has to be cared for.

Yes, it looks like we Indigenous will have to hang onto our hats and ride out the storm. We are still the trustees of everything over, on and beneath the land. We still have our lives. We still have our families. We still have the future generations to look out for. These rapacious thieves did not take care of mother earth as we did. They plundered her for instant pleasure and then moved on without thinking of the future. The colonists think they have to “conquer” nature and its caretakers, us. What are they afraid of?

The European throngs swarmed to our territory for deceptive ends. The so-called “conquest” of the “ New World ” was a European concoction. These pirates embezzled the “ownership” our property and forced people into slavery to work for them for next to nothing. Onowaregeh was occupied and ruined by a class of white European men who set up an individualistic capitalist exploitation system. Even when they charged over here for the “gold rush”, they had no concept of leaving anything for the future generations, or even of sharing with anybody.

The few elite made products with our resources, sold it and set up banking and monetary systems that were backed by the gun. Their highest ideals were racism, individualism, greed, grabbing other people’s property and accumulating more wealth than they needed. The driving feature is that the white race is superior and could enslave and kill Indigenous people. The lower order “settlers” were infected as well. They have a similar mentality of exploitation and victimization. Anyone who came here could grab our land and make a homestead. Today settler society is divided between the “parasites” and those who worked for them.

Developers have been putting up our unceded territories as collateral on the stock exchanges to raise billions of dollars from the public. This is fraud. The U.S. economic system is based on stolen Indigenous goods, lands and resources to prop up its ailing dollar. Countries worldwide accepted the U.S. dollar as the international currency. Now they have to work together to keep this whole fake economic engine going. If they bring it down it will bring chaos to them.

Their economic fantasy is that they think they can endlessly put value in the circulatory process they’ve created. They steal everything, create nothing and sell it to each other. The U.S. and Canadian production bases have been totally eroded. The reality is that you can’t consume what you don’t produce. The colonial entities have to take what they need through force, like oil from the Middle East. The dollar has to be back with armed force to steal other people’s resources.

It’s all inter-connected. The corporations sell ‘air’ at inflated prices, paid for with worthless paper money based on “faith”. Wall Street is based on greed, investing money and watching markets here and there. The U.S. government looks desperate. They fear their delusional bubble will burst. The oligarchs have made an exit plan to run away with suitcases of money. When the Russian Czar’s regime went down in the early 1900s, people fled with cash that was later worthless. The Wall Street oligarchs have an army to cover their tracks.

Despite the propaganda, the people are going to be alright. It can always get worse. The deprivation can go to a deep dark end. We need to resist their dire threats of medieval retrogression to torture chambers, burnings, hanging, drawing and quartering and impaling. It doesn’t have to happen.

Now the U.S. government is going to take money from the taxpayers and give it to the bankers who caused the problems in the first place. When the people go to the bank to borrow money they will be told, “There’s no money. We had to give it to our banker friends.” The U.S. visible and invisible government is trying to control all the land and housing.

Instead of charging them with criminal acts of treason and conspiracy, the buy-out is going to the company heads. The drafter of the buy-out is U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Paulsen, who worked for Goldman and Sachs on Wall Street for 35 years. According to the package, once he gets the money, he is not accountable. He is beyond all courts and legislation. This is a reversion to the “divine right of kings”. They want total control over society, a “coup d’etat”.

The “wrecking ball” scenario is based on fear, intimidation and blackmail.

The 3rd Infantry Division of the 1st Brigade Combat Team is being brought back to the U.S. from Iraq in case there’s a public “fall out”. John McCain suspended his election campaign. Next the constitution will be suspended. The election could be pulled. There will be no discussion or debate. An immediate decision on the package is being forced to serve the needs of the oligarchic ruling elite.

The U.S. is the leading imperialist. Presently with outsourcing, unemployment, housing foreclosures and economic and social problems the base for consumption is getting narrow. The industrial base is shrinking. Its main production is military weapons, armaments and surveillance equipment. Scientific and technological research is aimed at creating more lethal weapons to kill innocent unarmed people.

The second seller is high end luxury goods to a narrow elite market. The basic necessities of the majority is neglected more and more. The economy is being hallowed out through impoverishment and ruination of people. Other states are still tied to the U.S. monster. They are making new arrangements to separate themselves from this world crisis.

The public is crying out for major change to end the colonial racist greedy system. They have to look at Indigenous culture and harmonize their society with ours to survive. They need to renew all their arrangements with us to live, think and govern themselves so that the parasites are pushed aside. Sacrifices are necessary or humanity will destroy itself.

There is another world, a world of resistance. Our fate rests in our own humble hands. Indigenous people have survived. We kept our philosophy, our notions of governance, our duties to mother earth and our way of life which was terribly damaged. We have been able to resuscitate it and bring it back to a healthy life. We all have our strengths. We have an enormous evolved consciousness. People are beginning to see through this fraud.

Do U.S. President George Bush, Republican candidate John McCain and Democratic candidate Barack Obama want to really re-arrange the economy and society on a new basis? Do they want to dig up the roots of the colonial past and harmonize relations with the Indigenous people and mother earth?

Throughout, the colonists and their banker backers thought they could just ride rough shod over us while they devastated the planet. We are still here because we always resisted.

Karakwine & MNN Staff, Mohawk Nation News www.mohawknationnews.com Katenies20@yahoo.com

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