MNN. June 2 2009. In the US everyone needs guns. Canadians don’t need guns to protect themselves, yet! It is still different enough. Canadian society went hard against anyone that used guns in a crime. In the US if someone burglarizes, the home owner can shoot and kill them. In Canada guns can only be used in self defense. They always thought they could work things out.Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, has taken on the US attitude where most enforcement agencies need guns to deal with criminals or the public, who will also need guns to protect themselves from the police. There are countless super violent standoffs in the US. This is being invited into Canada by Harper.

Harper wants to appear more masculine so that he is no longer just a sidekick of the US. To be the dominant party, he has to be as big and tough as Obama or Bush. He needs a macho image to compete with them. He needs a gun! Harper wants all enforcement agents to have guns. This idea is already expressed in many recent government legislation.

A truck driver in the US needs a gun to protect himself from being hijacked or killed. They used to get arrested when they crossed the border into Canada for carrying guns. They had to leave them behind. In Canada they still should feel safe. Things haven’t changed. It will always be a safe place even though Harper wants to change it.

What is the problem? It’s penis envy. In the minds of many men a gun is a phallic symbol which is a sign of masculinity and virility. This is untrue. If you get into a fight to defend yourself without guns, it requires a bigger person.

Harper was always fat and seen as the pudgy little studious nerd of the class, something like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. Everybody sees him as a wimp who wants to be in charge of all situations. He won’t let anybody around freely express themselves.

Harper, the sports trivia freak, was never good enough to play first string. He went into his closet and looked at all his hockey cards. That made him feel like a winner. His behavior is like a man who is concerned about the size of his penis.

Under capitalism a large penis is part of gender identity, a symbol of high masculinity, dominance and power. He became an economist. To him, money is power. Penis size is being popularized in the popular culture. It looks like Harper aspires to this. That’s why he is likely to have a picture taken of himself with a rifle in his hands to hang in every CBSA Customs building for every visitor to see. He is going put a Beretta in every border agent’s hand to let the world know that Canada has real macho men like him.

When it comes to masculinity, Harper thinks he always has to prove that he’s a man. Killing a deer and hunting for wild animals is a sign of the manhood he never had. He noticed this more when he left Canada, especially when he went to the US and visited so-called gunslinger, George Bush. We heard that Harper was afraid to get into the swimming pool and sauna with him where they would start comparing their jewels. He was scared of coming out second best.

This is an old trick U.S. President Lyndon Johnson used whenever he had guests at his ranch. He would dominate everybody by walking around in the raw, which scared everybody. Dick Cheney does the same but his looks like Haggis, a Scottish national food.

This is part of the macho image the Americans want to project to the world. Carrying guns is the epitome of being a real man. Harper bought into it. Now he wants to bring all Canadians into the sauna with him.

This is an American sickness that Canada cannot take part in.

With all that testosterone, the US is still in a state of collapse. Harper thinks he is going to rise up out of that and become the dominant control freak on Great Turtle Island. Canada thinks it can be a superpower by stealing the identity of the US.

Harper does not need to change Canada. As bad as it is, he should be himself. He does not need hormone injections, a personal trainer or a sun tan bed. Axe Body deodorant will not make them more appealing to women [Watch out! It’s full of toxins that lower the sperm count]. Male enhancement pills might help his personal life.

Buying powerful weapons of mass destruction is not going to make him more masculine. Canada must not become enraptured with war and guns. They proved themselves in both world wars. When the wars ended, they put their guns away and went back to the factories, farms and offices and carried on with a peaceful life. They have been influenced by the peaceful society that Dekanawida and the Rotinoshonnionwe developed. All countries of the world are aspiring to the peace embodied in the Great Law, our philosophy. Harper, go home and stop trying to be an American.

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