MNN. Apr. 8, 2013. Prime Minister Harper keeps throwing his corporate Indians at us and the public to make himself seem legitimate. Corporations are managed by people without moral conscience. This is how our band and tribal councils fit into the World Health Organizations “psychopath checklist”: psycho chickens

1. Callous unconcern for others: they will put our blood in a jar and offer it as collateral for their benefit. 

disnformation2. Can’t maintain enduring relationships with us: Their corporate masters are told about our weaknesses and failings. They even attend our Longhouse and make notes for their bosses. “Pseudo traditional” bodies like the “Iroquois Caucus” are set up to usurp our inherent constitutional powers. 

3. Disregard safety of others: The colonial masters are briefed on our minds and ways to attack and undermine us secretly. Our families are pitted against each other. Outside police forces are invited in. The doors to foreign ventures, taxation, confiscation, imprisonment, privatization and violence are opened by them.  

4. Repeated deceit, lying and conning: disinformation is spread. Propagandists and agents infiltrate every forum around, especially bars. Corporation critics are attacked. 

5. Using others for profit: our sovereignty is used to get financial gain for themselves and their accomplices. The corporate tribal and band council open doors for non-native entities to enter our communities and operate businesses abusing our collective rights. 

rez cops6. Unable to experience guilt: they bring in courts, police, armies, law and order and conduct “low level warfare”. Their master’s methods are copied to create cheap Indian labor so they can set up sweatshops for low wages and no benefits.  Law enforcement keeps us living in fear, loss of our children, jobs, houses, benefits and services. 

7. Fail to conform to social norms regarding lawful behavior: they hate being called “sell-outs”. They refer to themselves as sovereign “nation” or “chief”. Just enough of our cultural infrastructure and identity is stolen to pass themselves off as traditional. As Bob Marley sang: “Build you penitentiary, we build your schools. Brainwash education to make us the fools. Hate is your reward for our love. Telling us of your God above. We gonna chase those crazy bald heads out of the yard.” Crazy Baldheads

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