MNN. June 30, 2013.  In 2005 the RCMP published a “ground-breaking” analysis on, “Aboriginal Organized Crime in Canada”. [43 pages]. Academics E. J. Dickson Gilmore and Chris Whitehead of Carleton University Ottawa were the fiction writers. Using classic fake racial profiling and character assassination, they gave the RCMP labels to criminalize all aspects of Indigenous life. 

Real RCMP.

According to modern international law, the Charter of Rights and Freedom and the US Constitution, “There can be no crime without a law”. Everyone is entitled to a fair and public trial. To get around this Gilmore made up a new definition of organized crime: “An ongoing activity motivated by political, social and/or economic conditions [or some combination thereof], .. articulated through formal and informal cooperative social relationships with the potential for corruption an/or violence to facilitate the criminal process.” [page 13]. 

If that’s the case, all corporate government like Canada and US are “motivated by political, social and economic ends”; have “a network of both formal and informal cooperative social relationships”; and “have a potential for corruption and/or violence”. 

She invented four “Aboriginal organized criminal types”: 

1.”Activist/Nationalists” who join an organization to express their culture, history or rights. Canadian and US culture is based on extortion of funds from the people by Revenue Canada and the IRS.  global org crime

2.”Random/Opportunists” are less sophisticated and expendable, motivated by peer pressure. 

3.”Activist/Opportunists” start as Nationalist/Activists who try to become selfish like Stephen Harper and Barack Obama. 

4.”Criminal/Opportunists” are motivated by profit, like the multi-national mega corporations that are gulping our resources and ever growing $135 trillion Indian Trust Fund by enforcing illegal corporate by-laws. 

A strong connection exists between criminality and colonial governments. Illegal corporate by-laws are imposed on us, using genocide, murder, violence, corruption and lies. They are unconcerned about the massacre of the buffalo, starvation of the people, incarceration, kidnapping, killing and raping our children in residential school death camps. They complain we primitive people have a hard time adjusting to cities. 

Well-paid shills, Gilmore and Whitehead, provided no clear evidence of “Aboriginal organized crime” in Canada. Probabilities, assumptions and innuendo are outlined. Our nations are being systematically defamed for the career advancement and salaries of cops and their academic accomplices.ideologues 

The fear of mounties has to be promoted. As Nelson Eddy sang: “Look out for the Mounties (Here come the Mounties)/We come … somebody hide, somebody better hide! The Mountie.

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