MNN. Aug. 2, 2013. When disaster strikes, the first thing to do is to get up out of your chair. Indigenous population is growing at a fast rate, by 50% between 1996 and 2006. The Metis by 33%. Are they “Metis Inc.” or our traditional Indigenous relatives? Incorporated Injuns cannot sign away land and resources to multinational corporate bankers. bouncing_check

Some of our youth get caught in the colonial loser’s game of quick easy money to do their dirty work.  Tribal and band councils inc. and national organizations like AFN Inc. drive the colonial covered wagon and let the horses try to pull us over the cliff. They help create the social destitution that forces us to take handouts of our own money. 

Our traditional Indigenous youth refuse to become part of the grid set up by the corporations. These pseudo signatories are created to meet international law requirements of “consultation and informed consent”. 

And all these criminals are going to the prisons in the Fatherland!

And all these criminals are going to the prisons in the Fatherland!

The incorporated chiefs are allowing construction of the pipeline across Canada to carry flammable crude oil to the world market. They are paid for their treachery. On June 6 a runaway train rammed into Lac Megantic [Quebec] killing over 50 mostly young people. Montreal, Maine and Atlantic Railway declared bankruptcy. Their checks are bouncing. A ‘rubber’ check is when a promise is made and then not kept. Non-sufficient funds (NSF) means a check cannot be cashed because the money’s gone. The banker shareholders are always paid first leaving none to cover the costs of deaths, destruction and damages. The same banking families shareholders own 51% of all the railways. Corporations bankrupt one corporation. Another of their corporations buy it for pennies on the dollar. Canada gave permission to operate as before.     

Our continued existence blocks the bankers from completely owning Great Turtle Island. They want to leave the environmental calamity to us. 

The long road home to the Fatherland.

The long road home to the Fatherland.

Big business is trying to weaken our ever-growing educated and capable youth who have to be twice as good, hard working and qualified to get a job. Our youth want to assert our right to live in natural integrity with each other and with the world around us. 

“Die Broke” author, Stephen Pollan, 1997, advised, “Spend as much as possible. Make sure that last check you write is to the undertaker and it bounces”. Let’s remind the corporate world that things are a-changin every day.Bob Dylan: “The Times they are a-changin.”

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