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RE: QUEBEC SUPERIOR COURT FOR DECLARATORY RELIEF AND TO OBTAIN A SAFEGUARD ORDER, CASE #500-17-120468-221: Kaheninetha et al v. SQI, McGill University, et all.; and Intervenors Independant Spedical Interlocateur for Missing Children & Unmarked Graves…. 


We have learned that at this stage that Justice Gregory Moore is not able to issue a safeguard order to halt excavation work in zone #11 of the former Royal Victoria Hospital. The Judge relied on the Expert Panel’s mapping report which authorized excavation work in zone #11 if there is careful monitoring of the work and if it is limited to this area. We consider that the Expert Panel must be involved in overseeing the investigation to adapt it to the findings on the ground.

The emergency hearing on September 14th only treated zone #11, whereas the substantial breaches to the agreement will only be dealt with by the court on October 27th, 2023. These include the following:

1) Disbanding the Expert Panel

2) Failure to share GPR data with the Kahnistensera, the Expert Panel and the Canadian Association of Archeology

3) Failure to establish the origin of the scent of human remains that were detected by search dogs, with less than 0,06% chances of false positives

4) Failure to give access to the buildings to find the origin of the scent of human remains

5) Threats to the security of Indigenous Cultural Monitors after a racially-charged attack of Elders and Cultural Monitors by security guards which were seen to be still present on the site last week, despite assurances that they would be removed

6) Failure to abide by several recommendations of the Expert Panel, including adding a forensic expert to preserve the chain of custody

We’re happy to wake up every morning and face whatever lies ahead without fear.  As Patty Page so eloquently put it:

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