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ABOUT MOHAWK NATION  Mohawk Nation News service began during the Mohawk/Oka crisis of 1990 by providing updates on the resistance. MNN grew to become an internationally recognized news service providing independent indigenous commentary on Kanion'ke:Haka/Mohawk land, legal, culture, history, and current issues as they affect the nation. OUR MISSION  Through daily news and articles to raise awareness of the sovereignty position of the Kanionke:haka/Mohawk, in particular:   1. The impossibility of legitimately alienating our land according to our constitution, the Kaianereh'ko:wa/Great Law;   2. The original constitutional relationship between us, the United States and Canada is nation-to-nation as governed "According to the Two Row Wampum Canada and the US must respect our nation.."   3. Resistance to the illegal misrepresentation of our people by "foreign" federal, state and provincial entities and their band, tribal and other corporations constitutes genocide according to international law; and   4. To resist illegal colonial reasoning and impositions. HISTORY  The Kanion'ke:haka/Mohawk Nation is a member of the Rotino'shonni:onwe/Iroquois Confederacy. We are the "Keepers of the Eastern Door" of Great Turtle Island where Creation placed us. Our constitution/philosophy, the Great Law of Peace, provides that we are free, automonous, equal and have a voice. it is universally illegal for foreigners to usurp our inherent sovereignty, territories, resources, air and water.
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