Happy Birthday Friday the 13th

Happy Birthday Friday the 13th
Today Friday 13, October, 2006is the 699th year anniversary of King Phillip of France’s arrest and disbanding of the Knights Templar on Friday 13, October 1307. This is the start of the bad luck legend. Their leader Jacques DeMolay was arrested and charged with heresy. All of the Templar Knights were arrested as heretics in a covert operation set-up by the King and the Pope.At that time the Templars had invented international banking became very rich and they had one of the largest fleets in Europe. There fleet escaped from the trap, their flag was the skull and crossbones.                                                

The Templars became the Rosicrucian in France and the Freemasons in Scotland. To this day maintaining a secretive front.


Many East Coast Nations have stories about explorers coming in the 1300’s. The first Masonic Temple ever built is Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. It was finished in the 1440’s and carved in stone there is corn and aloe vera. Since they were only found in North America, the evidence of the oral stories is confirmed.

Dekanawida told us of these visitors 1000’s of years before but he called them “The White Serpent”. The Teutonic Knights became the Illuminati, he called these guys “The Red Serpent” The New World Order is the “Black Serpent”

He also said that soon we would see the second sun, coming after the Elm trees all die(They only have a few years left)

As I tell everyone, believe what you want, that is our way. There has been a lot of smart people who have taught us much. The smartest, in my opinion, was Dekanawida.


poster: Thahoketoteh