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MNN. SEP. 20, 2014. Surprisingly some Canadian Metis support the Scots in their quest for sovereignty. The relationship between the Scots and us is still that of colonizer and colonized. The Scots came over to get “free” Indian land that was advertised by the colony of Canada.

It’s time to reveal Scottish complicity in the ongoing genocide of the Ongwehonwe of Great Turtle Island. They helped and benefitted from the biggest holocaust in all mankind. The independence referendum does not “decolonize” Scotland. It appears they want to remain under the umbrella of the Roman banking empire based in London.

Mum. I was only kidding. I wasn't really going to leave you.

“Queen Mum. I was only kidding. I wasn’t really going to leave you”.

The Scottish oligarchs headed by the Sinclair family are one of the richest and most powerful banking families in the world. Rosslyn Chapel has corn and aloe vera carved into its walls 80 years before Columbus set sail for the Americas. The Templars were here in the 1300s. They built a tower in Rhode Island at that time. Rosslyn Chapel is an exact replica of King Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem where the Templars spent 200 years.

Rosslyn Chapel Indian corn & aloe vera carvings.

The Templars invented international banking and worldwide Free Masonry began in Scotland. William Sinclair was the first Grand Master.

The Scots came to Canada for one purpose, to steal and get our land by any means! They worked alongside their British counterparts to steal all our land and imprison us all as inferior beings. Sir John A. Macdonald is the first CEO of the Corporation of Canada.john a macdonald

The Scots are at the top of the hierarchies of dispossession of our lands and resources. To carry out genocide MacDonald set up the death camps known as Indian residential schools, to kill the Indians and brainwash us. Macdonald’s racist Indian Act and incarcerating us in concentration camps called “reserves” epitomizes the genocide policy exported around the world by the British Empire based on the model they developed here with their Scottish CEO.

Scotland’s corporate ISO number is 3166-2 registered in the Vatican. They are part of the rigged game set up by the bankers in the City of London. They voted to stay in the bankers’ 51% majority rules system so their minds will continue to be split. They will never become of one mind and war will continue. Kaianerekowa teaches us how to become of one mind on all issues affecting the people. The referendum vote was all smoke and mirrors.

You can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but you can never fool the Mohawks.  train acoming

As Scotsman, Rod Stewart, warns the people of impending danger: “People get ready. There’s a train a’comin’…” Hear: Rod Stewart. “Train A’coming”.

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Scotch Canadians



Happy Birthday Friday the 13th

Happy Birthday Friday the 13th
Today Friday 13, October, 2006is the 699th year anniversary of King Phillip of France’s arrest and disbanding of the Knights Templar on Friday 13, October 1307. This is the start of the bad luck legend. Their leader Jacques DeMolay was arrested and charged with heresy. All of the Templar Knights were arrested as heretics in a covert operation set-up by the King and the Pope.At that time the Templars had invented international banking became very rich and they had one of the largest fleets in Europe. There fleet escaped from the trap, their flag was the skull and crossbones.                                                

The Templars became the Rosicrucian in France and the Freemasons in Scotland. To this day maintaining a secretive front.


Many East Coast Nations have stories about explorers coming in the 1300’s. The first Masonic Temple ever built is Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. It was finished in the 1440’s and carved in stone there is corn and aloe vera. Since they were only found in North America, the evidence of the oral stories is confirmed.

Dekanawida told us of these visitors 1000’s of years before but he called them “The White Serpent”. The Teutonic Knights became the Illuminati, he called these guys “The Red Serpent” The New World Order is the “Black Serpent”

He also said that soon we would see the second sun, coming after the Elm trees all die(They only have a few years left)

As I tell everyone, believe what you want, that is our way. There has been a lot of smart people who have taught us much. The smartest, in my opinion, was Dekanawida.


poster: Thahoketoteh