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MNN. Dec. 26, 2009. The psychopath is aggressive, perverted, amoral, unfeeling, and without remorse. They think the masses have no rights. Only might makes right.
To get to the top of the colonial hierarchy requires a psychopath or someone agreeing to become one. White collar psychotics steal identities, use aliases, constantly lie, defraud and con for gain or pleasure.
Clinton Callahan wrote BEWARE THE PSYCHOPATH, MY SON, a revealing report on how evil is used for political purposes. He asks why there is so much war, suffering and injustice. All civilizations are system of slavery and mass murder created by psychopaths!
Over the past 50 years psychopaths tried to gain absolute control over government by using dumb puppets to run their systems. Band and tribal council systems in Indigenous communities are an example. These bodies operate as self-serving, calculating, amoral, soulless and unethical bodies for their masters with impunity. Innocent individuals can become corrupt when they become part of this inherently evil syndicate.
US, Canadian church and state tried to kill us off to steal our resources and property. They even want us to bow down and celebrate their brutality so we can enjoy our servitude.
Psychopaths recognize each other. They think they have a right to our possessions and to exercise power over us. Divide and conquer methods are used to set us against each other. This doesn’t work because open debate between our people is necessary no matter how diverse and loud. We eventually come to an understanding on how we will proceed.
Hierarchies need victims to keep them in business. They become obsolete should we become socially, economically and politically self-sufficient. Our survival and health depends on exercising leaderless psychological diversity. The colonial system labels those deviating from their control as terrorists who must be eliminated.
Fortunately, Indigenous psyches have not been in the clutches of these psychopaths long enough to disconnect us from our inherent thinking and feeling patterns that help us survive.
Conscience is normal in a human being. Psychopaths appear normal but are genetically created by an ancient disconnection between the instinct and thinking parts of the brain. They are conscienceless and cannot feel emotions. They are intellectually able to create fake emotional responses to fool us. They can be charming and articulate. They mimic normalcy while cold bloodily manipulating the masses.
Psychopaths created the hierarchical systems to reflect their need for domination.
Why do we tolerate psychopaths? They make the grazing sheep fear being without a slave master to run the hierarchies, as if there is no other way.
The CIA drug runners, killers, international banksters, corrupt military contractors, gung ho generals, corporate predators, political enablers, brainwashers and mind rapists are seeking the final desperate power grab. The certified psychopaths in intel and secret societies are running scared. They are losing control of the spread of knowledge. As people learn more, their power grows more threatened and they become more desperate.
Two things can bring down a psychopath: a bigger psychopath; and non-violent non-compliance no matter the consequences. To grind down the system, soldiers can refuse to fight, government workers, corporate drones and prison guards can refuse to work and doctors can refuse to treat psychopaths.
What is the psychopaths greatest fear? Being caught! What can destroy a psychopath? The Kaianereh’ko:wa/Great Law of Peace.

See: Without Conscience by Robert Hare; The Mask of Sanity by Hervey Cleckley; and Snakes in Suits by Robert Hare and Paul Babiak.



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