MNN. Mar. 10, 2013. The Vatican is going through hierarchical highs and lows, mostly lows. Picking a new Pope is almost like a funeral to bury the biggest heist of minds and money in history. Notice no women are involved. Millions are flocking to Rome to see the smoke signal. The German former SS officer who made it to the top might even become a saint.

What does this mean?

The Pope represents the Christian dream of holy perfection on earth, until he quit. They have to find someone who can keep controlling the masses, intellectually, spiritually, financially. The Pope has to keep supporting his friends, the banker warlords. Selfish and egotistical men have to stay in control. 

Corruption is caused by patriarchy. Its goal is to break the link between women and the earth. The papacy helped create colonialism. Church and government are still working together trying to control us and pervert the natural intellect. 

Why are people worried about the pope’s resignation? People don’t know how to use their own power. They are looking for someone to give them some power. The power is the fire burning in their owns minds, in all of us. 

Shorter dresses for the priests.

Shorter dresses for the priests!

Live satellite coverage of the occasion in Rome shows nothing but men everywhere wearing dresses. Women are seen among the lay “pilgrims” and the “faithful”. The main visual impression left is that men have done a good job of taking over the world and eliminating women from positions of honor. They are the handmaidens who have the kids, do the scrubbing and baking. Women have to be put down so these men can live with their own impotence. Those dried up celibate cardinals, bishops and priests are not going to keep the world going, that’s for sure. They’re having a tough time just keeping their Church going.  

It’s partly about money to keep themselves on easy street, five star hotels and the jet set lifestyle. They travel the world to secure their land holdings that they never paid for and never paid tax ever anywhere. Their hands are always out to fleece the sheep. 

What's the answer?

Who won?

The sheeple worldwide are waiting for the different color of smoke to come from the chimneys at the Sistine Chapel. They feel comforted that the smoke will continue to be in their eyes, Instead of turning to the fire within their own minds. Christians, it is you that you are waiting for. 

As Jimi Hendrix sang in “House Burning Down”: Well, I asked my friend, “Where is that black smoke coming from?” He just coughed and changed the subject. Said, “Wha’, I think it might snow some”. So I left him sipping his tea and jumped in my chariot and rode off to see just why and who could it be this time. Look at the sky turn a hellfire red. Somebody’s house is burning down, down, down, down.  House burning down

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MNN EDITORIAL: Deadly shell game is over!

MNN  Nov. 6, 2011. Western society is a closed society.    Families are mostly immediate members.  Victimization of women and children is hidden.   

Indigenous communal society is open.  We are one family.  

The white race has always experimented on their own people to create humans that are obedient.  Their economic, social and government institutions reflect this.  They seek to domesticate and control all other humans.  


The international partnership of bankers, politicians, bureaucrats, corporations and military have committed mass murders to try to instill hopelessness and fear in us.     

Global control is a big shell game based on these entities controlling our money.  Their confidence trick is to perpetrate fraud to take over the world.  It’s imploding.  They need another con game to create world fascism.   

US President Obama vows to try to erase our inherent tie to our land by revolution so as to steal it.  We are resisting this attempted split between us and our mother, the earth.  

Killing, brutalizing, displaying Gadafi’s bloody body was meant to disrupt our system.  It didn’t. 

At the current “occupy” protests cops and protesters are from the same herd.  Cops see anyone on the street as a potential enemy.  These elite controlled sheepdogs fire at their own people to scare and herd them back in line, to get them ready for the great culling. 

Cops fear coming face to face with the “free ones”.  At us they send drones, chemical weapons, bombs and killer bacteria. 

They think they can outsmart nature.    

Caucasians are basically plain people, colorless, with uneven features and suffer from genetic anomalies. 

Addiction to plastic surgery is rampant among their rulers and the social climbers, to look younger, fitter and show off their wealth. They have no respect for elders. 

They get surgically fixed up cute-like so they can be favored pets. “Here, cutie, cutie.”    

The women favor the Barbie Doll look:  short nose, overblown lips, blond, blue eyed with generic even features, big boobs, fake bronzed skin and straight capped teeth.  The men are paranoid of going bald.        

Are they hiding their reptilian forbears?  We can still see their immoral system of oppression of mankind and that the world is based on white privilege.    

“We shall hide the truth so close in their face, they shall not recognize it until it is too late”.  [The Secret Covenant, Constitution of the Blood Line.] 

Drawing blood was how the colonists got our possessions.  They fear losing their self-centered dream, not being able to pay their college, house and car loans or their vacations.     

The betrayed occupy protesters keep supporting their worse tyrants. 

They face their tormenters, saying, “Look, see what you’re doing to me!”  Their masters say, “Good.  Suffer some more!”  To stop their complaining, they’re stroked once in a while.     

The free ones cannot submit to anyone. The rulers are obsessed with wiping out our naturalness.  

Indigenous defenders are guerilla strategists.  Our initiative comes from nature.  We can start all over again as long as we have our minds, our land, our lives and our people.  

The rulers tried unsuccessfully to change us by slapping, beating, and trying to make us run back to lick their hand.  Those “unfit’ were sterilized or “put down”.   

We live in close knit family groups.  We loathe captivity and are suspicious of strangers.  Those who rebel are targeted and disposed of, one way or another.  

According to Darwin’s research on selective breeding, the brains of domesticated animals is 23.9% to 35% smaller than their wild predecessors, such as the wolf and present day dogs.  Domestics are being taken care of.  They don’t need large brains.  They don’t even need chains. 

Domestic animals are artificially bred to be submissive to their masters.  They pet, abuse them and then call them back for a pat on the head, who then wag their tails in submission. 

Using this model, the rulers introduced their people to hierarchy.  They eat anything and too much, grow fast, don’t flee, submit themselves to social control and are not tied to the land and the natural world.  

The rulers need other humans to look after and work for them.  Humbleness is rewarded.  Free and independent thinkers are weeded out. 

Their unnatural habitats called “cities” are toxic and unsustainable.  

The “Civilized” tried to get the Indigenous to do their work, get their food and take care of them.  We wanted to show them how to take care of themselves.   

Colonizers found that a species that has no fear of them can be quickly exterminated.  Over 100 million of us in the Western hemisphere were murdered.   

Canada tried unsuccessfully to make us become obedient servants. Half our children in their residential school, over 50,000, died or were murdered, through deliberate infections, experimentation, perversion by upper levels of the church, political, judicial and police systems.   

Recently a Texas judge and his wife were secretly videotaped brutally beating their 16 year old daughter with a leather strap.  She screamed and cried.  The next day she was swollen and bruised and her father said, “good”.  

In another true story, a preacher’s wife and mother of 3, shot her husband dead.  He had been abusing her, making her watch pornography, dress up like a whore and performed perverted sex on her.  She was acquitted.  

Both these stealth predators are upper middle class.   They can cover up their abuse.   Their victims did not question it until they snapped. 

Robert Jensen in “Why White People are Afraid” summarizes [AlterNet] that: 

They got their wealth through the work of others.  They stole the resources to make weapons to control the people and strip the earth.   

They fear losing what they stole if the political and social systems become fair.  If the hierarchy evaporated, resources would be evenly shared. 

They committed genocide to get and keep what they took.  They know of their depravity.  Their greatest fear is that everyone can see that hierarchy is a lie. 

When we become the majority, will we treat them the same way they mistreated us?  When we were the majority, we took care of them.  

The US has created Non-Human Zones to decrease the population of “immigrants” [Indigenous] whom they call “undesirables”. They think brown couples shouldn’t have children or only one.  They, however, can have more as nature is depopulating them. 

They are being absorbed out of existence.  The children of mixed couples are predominantly colored.    

Can domestication be bred out?  It took thousands of years to create the servile class by setting up the hierarchy and perverting the truth.  

How far will they go?  Let’s get ready to rock!  

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MNN. Dec. 26, 2009. The psychopath is aggressive, perverted, amoral, unfeeling, and without remorse. They think the masses have no rights. Only might makes right.
To get to the top of the colonial hierarchy requires a psychopath or someone agreeing to become one. White collar psychotics steal identities, use aliases, constantly lie, defraud and con for gain or pleasure.
Clinton Callahan wrote BEWARE THE PSYCHOPATH, MY SON, a revealing report on how evil is used for political purposes. He asks why there is so much war, suffering and injustice. All civilizations are system of slavery and mass murder created by psychopaths!
Over the past 50 years psychopaths tried to gain absolute control over government by using dumb puppets to run their systems. Band and tribal council systems in Indigenous communities are an example. These bodies operate as self-serving, calculating, amoral, soulless and unethical bodies for their masters with impunity. Innocent individuals can become corrupt when they become part of this inherently evil syndicate.
US, Canadian church and state tried to kill us off to steal our resources and property. They even want us to bow down and celebrate their brutality so we can enjoy our servitude.
Psychopaths recognize each other. They think they have a right to our possessions and to exercise power over us. Divide and conquer methods are used to set us against each other. This doesn’t work because open debate between our people is necessary no matter how diverse and loud. We eventually come to an understanding on how we will proceed.
Hierarchies need victims to keep them in business. They become obsolete should we become socially, economically and politically self-sufficient. Our survival and health depends on exercising leaderless psychological diversity. The colonial system labels those deviating from their control as terrorists who must be eliminated.
Fortunately, Indigenous psyches have not been in the clutches of these psychopaths long enough to disconnect us from our inherent thinking and feeling patterns that help us survive.
Conscience is normal in a human being. Psychopaths appear normal but are genetically created by an ancient disconnection between the instinct and thinking parts of the brain. They are conscienceless and cannot feel emotions. They are intellectually able to create fake emotional responses to fool us. They can be charming and articulate. They mimic normalcy while cold bloodily manipulating the masses.
Psychopaths created the hierarchical systems to reflect their need for domination.
Why do we tolerate psychopaths? They make the grazing sheep fear being without a slave master to run the hierarchies, as if there is no other way.
The CIA drug runners, killers, international banksters, corrupt military contractors, gung ho generals, corporate predators, political enablers, brainwashers and mind rapists are seeking the final desperate power grab. The certified psychopaths in intel and secret societies are running scared. They are losing control of the spread of knowledge. As people learn more, their power grows more threatened and they become more desperate.
Two things can bring down a psychopath: a bigger psychopath; and non-violent non-compliance no matter the consequences. To grind down the system, soldiers can refuse to fight, government workers, corporate drones and prison guards can refuse to work and doctors can refuse to treat psychopaths.
What is the psychopaths greatest fear? Being caught! What can destroy a psychopath? The Kaianereh’ko:wa/Great Law of Peace.

See: Without Conscience by Robert Hare; The Mask of Sanity by Hervey Cleckley; and Snakes in Suits by Robert Hare and Paul Babiak.