HELPLESS TO HOPELESS – Human Breaking Point – Silent War

 HELPLESS TO HOPELESS – Human Breaking Point – Silent War

by Kahentinetha Horn on Tuesday, June 8, 2010 at 2:39pm ·

MNN. Aug. 31, 2009. Canada’s military is using Indigenous to test their “war on terror” and to train their killers. Helplessness and hopelessness are old strategies: such as putting pressure on us, taking it off, cops grabbing our youth, torturing, maiming and threatening them and then releasing them.

Psychological warfare is supposed to replace real total war. Silent Weapons are economic and psychological tactics to herd and enslave peoples through coercion. Its developers are unspeakably evil.

The Pentagon’s counter-insurgency warfare program is based on the theories of Prof. Martin Seligman of the American Psychological Association to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (ptsd) of war veterans. MNN is interpreting Peter Chamberlin’s revealing Weaponizing Psychology – Treating People Like Dogs [28 Aug, 2009. ]

The US military created computer-modeled psyops plans based on Seligman’s theories of “learned helplessness,” to create “learned hopelessness”, to push people to the breaking point.

The masses constantly get false reports like the economy is improving. Some people and animals give up when faced with inescapable pain, cruelty and relentless uncertainty.

The CIA’s torture/interrogation program is based on this “water-boarding” mentality. Prisoners are electro-shocked and treated like dogs. Dog cages, collars and leashes break down resistance and destroy their will to escape, even when offered a way out. This was done to our children in residential schools.

Servicemen are subjected to traumatic shock and stress. Hypnosis teaches aggression and resisting human nature and exhaustion. They’re told that real “men” and “patriots” can overcome any trauma they saw or inflicted. Actually many vets do not recover.

The Real Warriors Campaign does not treat the unstable and those traumatized by the organized slaughter they carried out, or those who attempt suicide or go on shooting sprees. Otherwise the fascist war on terror cannot be expanded.

The military thought they could turn “learned helplessness” or temporary insanity into a useful weapon. SEAS, synthetic environment for analysis and simulation, is a hopelessness predictor on when people will break down emotionally and become borderline unstable.

The Sentient World Simulation SWS is using current real events to break down peoples. Military leaders think they can predict behaviors by controlling individuals and mobs through various economic and psychological stresses.

Homeland Security and Defense Department use SWS to manipulate populations through fear and anxiety-induced helplessness. Favorite panic causing events are earthquakes, tsunamis, terrorist attacks, fake bombs, economic melt down and false flag operations like 911.

Canada created a replica of the Mohawk community of Kahnawake to train soldiers in lethal warfare against civilian Indigenous. Pentagon simulated Baghdad for the new Special Forces counter-insurgency program. They try to anticipate snipers, blind spots and breaking points of civilians. Peaceful-looking actions are supposed to win over locals and take advantage of their breaking points.

These strategies didn’t work. Both the failed Israeli invasions of Lebanon and last year’s destruction of Gaza were based on these theories. Adversaries were temporarily weakened. The Israeli world image remains darkly stained.

The elite beast is panicking because they could not make us submit. They forgot their failures in Vietnam, Iraq and elsewhere. Creating learned helplessness, mass hopelessness and capitulation is failing.

We can stop this Silent War. Don’t give up!

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