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MNN. 6 Sep. 2021. As karonhiaktajeh said, “We [the indigenous people of the earth] are one people and we stand together”. As time goes on Anglo Americans and their allies show us their innate ugliness. To them killing an Afghani man and 9 kids ‘by’ mistake is “collateral Damage”. Guys in Colorado push buttons and drop missiles and drones on innocent people, on purpose.


The invaders have no soul. They hate us indigenous because we reveal the truth about them. There will be a response. The Chinese technology far exceeds what Americans have. The empire intrude on other peoples, land and culture as they did to us. We were called savages, atheists and terrorists. They declared us as “non-human” and according to their Christian belief they could murder us with impunity.

Almost everyone has fallen for it. Hedonist Trudeau called an election to take the focus off the thousands of unmarked hidden graves of murdered children found at Indian Residential School death camps. They are not holding themselves accountable. They avoid the humanitarian beauty of the kaianerekowa. They are terrified of the truth. “We’re going to get to bottom, of all this”, they say as they all swear an oath of secrecy to the Queen, especially, this, the biggest secret. 

Who and what is the corruptor. It is hate. This empire will not last. The past cannot be changed no matter what lies the colonists tell. We have the truth. We learn from it. The psychotics make up fantasies to make horrific deadly decisions, all based on lies which they cover with many more lies. No matter what, they will always be lies. Their spies and intelligence agents said that leaving Afghanistan would be a breeze. It was a lie. They had other plans. Psychotics wrote the scripts for the psychopaths to act out this terror. 

It’s a never ending war between good and evil, while they play the tag of death.

The world watches. The demise of America will be shown on youtube. Their contorted faces, greed, hatred, envy and planning of massacres of us and indigenous people all over the world. They hate us. They want to know the price of everything and not the natural value of things. They have been programmed into the republic of war culture which they brought from where they came. Afghanistan was a complete fiasco for 20 years. They lost. Yet Americans still want to take the last shot. It’s costing $ trillions.

The world is finally seeing the real face we seen for 500 years. They have no qualms about committing violence and crimes. They kill to kill. They are confirming to the world that war is wrong. They shoot deer and moose, any kind of animal, just to kill. 80 million buffalo wiped out to starve the Sioux, reducing the herd to 800. They killed 150 million of us and our children and tried to conceal the murders and genocide.


We view our land as a trust for our children that are yet unborn. We say “not for sale”. The foreign corporation known as the Crown could never legitimately have the land.

The psychotics want to control the force of life, like “serial killers”. They give themselves a licence to do this with impunity, without ethics and morality. Society lives in terror. Only the military establishment thrives to feed their never ending addiction to war. They came onto the shore of turtle island and saw everything the wanted to steal. They declared, “This should belong to us”. Their  corruptors directed them to exterminate the original people, which would eliminate all witnesses to the crime. 

Their psychotic leaders declared they can commit premeditated murder and genocide, in the name of freedom, human rights, and democrcy!!!. After Afghanistan they have no triumph, so like little children the Americans and their allies drop bombs on their way out. Campaign contributors are concerned that the politicians cannot easily sell another war. The noose is tightening around the neck. The US is the second most hated country in the world after Israel.

The US empire is unnatural and on the brink of annihilation on turtle island. Since we were not totally genocided, kaianerekowa the great peace survives from the beginning of time to the end of time.

The US deceived the world and now itself. They are ia-ronon-kwe-kiken. They are not natural people. They think they can murder and take no blame. 

They speak more cruel every day. They show no conscience. They cover up their evil with charity and NGOs sent to countries pretending to help them but are spying to undermine them. Nature is helping mother earth. 

The psychotic monsters are currently looking for new lands, adventures and people to kill. Those psychopaths in Colorado probably just sent another drone to kill someone, which would inevitably include innocent men, women and children going about their lives. They will never acknowledge it. They are already rewriting their past to escape what they are, evil doers. 

Blood drips from the hands of leaders and politicians of United States, Canada, and those ruled by the new British Empire which is a financial empire out of the City of London. The life of others is unimportant to them. When they are gone, a burden will be lifted from the world. We will be safer. They think they have to try to destroy us or we will destroy them with the truth. 

As Eric Burdon and the Animals say about war: “He blesses the boy and they stand in line. The smell of gun grease and the bayonets they shine. He is there to help them all that he can. To make them feel wanted. He is a good holy man. Sky Pilot. you are soldiers of god. You must understand. The fate of your country is in your young hands. May god give you strength to do your job real well. If it was all worth it, only time will tell. In the morning they returned with tears in their eyes. The stench of death drifts up to the skies. A young soldier so ill looks at the Sky Pilot, remembers the words “Thou Shalt Not Kill”. Sky Pilot. Sky Pilot. How high can you fly. You never reach the sky.” Box 991, kahnawake [Quebec Canada] J0L 1B0.  












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June 22, 2021


Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, on June 21, National Indigenous Peoples Day, issued the following statement where he plead guilty as leader of the Corporation of Canada to 13 counts of millions of murders, genocide, terrorism and lies. It is estimated that 3,950,00 children were murdered at the church and government schools. The corporations of Canada and United States of America together committed the the genocide of all indigenous on turtle island.  

TRUDEAU: You asked cana’jon to celebrate the” vibrant and diverse cultures, languages, and beautiful traditions of corporate First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples”.  You intentionally did not mentioning almost 100% of the onkwehonweh of turtle island [the original people]. You recognize the important “contributions” Indigenous peoples have made to Canada.  

GUILTY PLEA #1: “First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples” are Corporations of Canada, working for you. turtle island is our land, water, air, resources, plants, animals and all nature which you forcibly stole. We did not contribute anything!

Government said to the Indian sellout: “I’m gonna make you  an offer you can’t refuse.”

TRUDEAU: “… And it was 25 years ago that the Government of Canada and their agents of their ”Indian” organizations chose June 21 to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day. Most of us never heard of this nor consulted. 

GUILTY PLEA #2: Every day is important to us since the beginning of time until the end of time. July 1st and now June 21 are “Indigenous Genocide Days” when canadiens [the squatters] celebrate the murder of 150 million indigenous of the Western Hemisphere.  

TRUDEAU: “… that there is much more work to do on the important journey to reconciliation. The recent tragic findings of remains near the former Kamloops Residential School [death camp] serve as a stark reminder of the systemic oppression, inequalities, and discrimination that Indigenous peoples have endured over the past years, decades, and centuries, and the injustices and challenges they continue to face today.”  

GUILTY PLEA #3: You acknowledge that the genocide started 500 years ago. You cannot reconcile murdering and genociding. You must be dissolved. If not, you will remind us of your crimes, including your flags, statues and foreign languages.

The Prime Minister with a briefcase can steal more money than the man with a gun”.

TRUDEAU: You admit “…at least 150,000 Indigenous children [per year] were forcibly separated from parents and communities, and carried off to places where their languages and culture were prohibited in an attempt to intentionally eliminate them. These children suffered emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission also reported that thousands of children were sent to these schools never returned home. The exact number of children who [were murdered] died may never be known and, devastatingly, many parents never found out what happened to their children. This intergenerational trauma continues to today and we must continue to ensure that the necessary supports for those who have been retraumatized … are provided. …  – this must be our collective commitment toward reconciliation. 

 GUILTY PLEA #4: YOU RECITED THE GRAPHIC GUILTY PLEA ADMITTING THE HORRORS OF THE SADISTIC GENOCIDE: kidnapping innocent children and babies; torturing and murdering over 150,000 children, and the emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. While they did not care how many were murdered, they did care about what they paid the church for the murders-for-hire. You have the exact figure. You and the church have exact records. According to our figures, there was an average of 200 new students every year in each residential death camp, which is 25,000 new students each over 125 years. There were 158 death camps, each with 25,000 students over the 125 years, equals 3,950,000 indigenous students.   

GUILTY PLEA #5: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission also reported that thousands of children never returned home, meaning they were murdered; followed by the 60s scoop, sterilization, snatching babies, eliminating procreation, CAS, jails and other extinction programs outlined in the “Indian Act” and “Indian Lands Acts 1924”, requiring the automatic dissolution of Canada, to be forever shunned by all countries of the world. YOU CALLED THIS “THE FINAL SOLUTION TO THE INDIAN PROBLEM”, which Adolph Hitler adopted. 

 We want no apology. They are equal guilty parties to the worst horrors ever known to mankind. TRUDEAU: “The Government of Canada continues to call on the churches to issue a formal apology to Indigenous peoples impacted by the residential school system”. All churches are co-partners with the government with equal responsiibility for premeditated and ongoing genocide and murders.

Behind every successful fortune is a crime.

TRUDEAU: “Taking responsibility is one of the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and is an essential step to advancing truth and reconciliation in Canada”. Thus the churches must be dissolved automatically and shunned forever by all the nations of the world and by those genocided. 

 GUILTY PLEA #6: Murderers do not issue apologies to their victims so that you can reconcile with your victims. According to church doctrine, you will then expect us to forgive you and then we will heal!!  tehontisokwariton. We cannot heal through any intervention by the poerpetrators of the murder and genocide. 

TRUDEAU: “We must also acknowledge, honour, and respect those who have passed” [or caused to pass]. Recently created is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, September 30, a federal holiday.,…  to encourage Canadians to learn about and reflect on our country’s history and present day truths, as well as to commemorate the survivors, their families, and their communities [if they’re still alive]. There can be no restoration of friendly relations with murderers and genociders.  

GUILTY PLEA #7: As you say, your corporation intentionally murdered and genocided us so cruelly so that you can celebrate the very people you murdered, leaving us to grieve. It is too late to acknowledge those you murdered. You want to apologize to us because many of us are not dead yet. The ‘indigenous leaders are your puppets controlled by your corporation. We have no leaders. Each one of us is sovereign. The Indian Lands Acts and Indian Act means that genocide, murder and terror are still on your agenda. The remedy is to automatically dissolve. Had the genocide been completed, there would only be you here to celebrate!

They don’t mention to you that we are Mohawk.

TRUDEAU: “Saying sorry for these tragedies is not enough [agree]. We need to right past wrongs and address ongoing challenges,… with action”. You are working with your puppets, not us the real indigenous people, “to implement … the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 76 Calls to Action”

GUILTY PLEA #8: These crimes to deliberately poison our water and food can never be righted. Only your automatic dissolution and banishment from turtle island can make it right. You work only with corporate invented ‘Indian’ agents who are genocided. All the wrongs were committed mostly against us. These calls to action are unnecessary by a non-existing criminal corporation that has been dissolved.

TRUDEAU: “On June 3, two years after the release of Reclaiming Power and Place: The Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, CANADA released the Federal Pathway. Budget 2021 also proposes historic investments t… in the Federal Pathway, create a safer future for Indigenous peoples, and contribute to ending this national tragedy”.  

GUILTY PLEA #9: once again you are creating the pathway for us, which is the continuing genocide and murder! “Investments” means using our vast Indian Trust Funds to finish the job. This business plan will benefit only Canada! You admitted guilt resulting in automatically dissolution of Canada. There is no “federal pathway”. We remind you that for you and your agents who plead guilty and are convicted according to the kaianerekowa, you have nothing because you are automatically dissolved. Remember your father’s “69 White Paper” to genocide us which you now call your “Framework Agreement”.

TRUDEAU: “It is the responsibility of the Government of Canada to make significant change [to our laws and policies] within our federal institutions … to improve outcomes for Indigenous peoples and for all Canadians, … in partnership with Indigenous peoples.

GUILTY PLEA #10: The convicted corporation and all its fraudulent institutions have automatically dissolved and cannot make laws or policies. Your only pathway is respect for the kaianerekowa and teiohateh from the beginning of time to the end of time.

TRUDEAU DOUBLE-TALK: You say, “We are putting those words into action. Today, the Parliament will pass legislation to advance the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples UNDRIP. [Your corporate] Indigenous leaders, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls have all said that the Declaration is a roadmap for the federal government to work in partnership with Indigenous peoples to advance reconciliation.  The roadpap is between you and your puppets. By implementing the Declaration, we are advancing social and economic equality, promoting economic participation, and protecting Indigenous governance and laws, lands and territories, and cultures and languages. By your guilty pleas, Canada is automatically dissolved.

GUILTY PLEA #11: These sell-out corporate groups working for you have no right to represent the true natural people placed on turtle island by creation. They too are dissolved.  Automatic dissolution eliminates all this double talk. Once again you conceded your guilt for murder, genocide and terror. kaianerekowa and Implementing UNDRIP means you must dissolve! You are trying to make your crimes and murders go away and move on with the genocide! You murderers will never get our land, have a native culture or speak a natural language of turtle island, which you need to become a country. You will go home. Parliament does not exist. Dissolution is the death penalty for the corporation. Indigenous corporate councils [are your puppets], the TRCommission, and National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls did not say that the Declaration is a roadmap. Your non-existing corporation cannot reconcile with us sovereign people. Our jurisdiction is to care for our mother, our culture and our languages. When you sign UNDRIP you must agree to promote economic participation, protect Indigenous governance and laws, lands and territories, and cultures and languages. Because of your crimes, you have to automatically dissolve and respect our true natural governance here on our homeland. FOUR COUNTRIES DID NOT SIGN UNDRIP. EVERYBODY ELSE RECOGNIZES OUR SOVEREIGNTY.

Says the Crown:  Make up for your sins in church.

TRUDEAU: “Through Jordan’s Principle, the federal government is committed to providing First Nations children living on and off reserve with equitable access to government-funded programs including speech therapy [in English or French only], educational supports, medical equipment, mental health services and more. We also remain committed to working with our Indigenous partners to support Indigenous students’ access to a safe and high-quality education that meets their unique needs and helps them get the best start in life. And with the support of the Government of Canada, First Nations communities have lifted more than 100 long-term drinking water advisories. This progress is just a few examples of what we have accomplished, but there’s much more to do. 

 GUILTY PLEA #12: One of Jordan’s principles is kidnapping and sending our kids to residential school death camps. You will help those who call themselves “First Nation”, a corporate designation, and not the original onkwehonweh. We live on all our land. The corporate boundaries are not for us. You are the squatters. We are in the canoe and you are on the ship, which will soon be taking you home. Your government-funded public services all come from our Indian Trust Funds and resources stolen from us. Everything is ours. You are not our partners. You want to provide education supports like the residential schools to erase us? Your murderers are trying to take control of the victims. You purposely destroyed our water and deliberately allow filthy sickly drinking water in our communities so we will get sick and die. Your main accomplishments are murder and genocide.

 TRUDEAU: “All of us have a role to play in telling the truth of our past and addressing the systemic injustices that Indigenous peoples and communities still face today. The Government of Canada will continue to work to do better so Indigenous peoples across this country feel safe and respected, and have a real and fair chance at success. Only through concrete actions, and by working together, will we build a better path forward.”

 GUILTY PLEA #13: You said genocide continues today. Tell us the whole truth. Live by the kaianerekowa and teiohateh. For murdering, genociding and terrorizing us you have forfeited your ability to exist on turtle island. As a sovereign, I hereby automatically dissolve you and your businesses.

The nations of the world cannot have any relationship whatsoever with genociders and murderers. We continue to defend our lives from your conceited quest for genocide.





LAST QUEEN, LAST POPE – Repeat – Audio

LAST QUEEN, LAST POPE was first posted on Feb. 28, 2014. The knock out blow  to “dump the queen” gained momentum when Prince Harry and Meghan thrashed the monarchy, its racism, no concern for the people, genocide and general nastiness.

Harry & Meghan. spilling the beans.

The Queen is the main mask of the Crown as head of the Company/corporation called “Canada’, a Mohawk word for “squatters”. She is the major shareholder of the Crown based in the VatIcan which has false claims to own our mother, the earth. All mainstream media of the “Five Eyes” is through the Queen’s intelligence service MI5, “operation mockingbird”. We saw classy Meghan professionally take down the British aristocratic amateurs of “the firm”. Meghan gave the Nazi House of Windsor a good beating. Like the French Revolution the only way to be free is “off with their heads”.







MNN. Feb. 28, 2014. Soon the British monarch, her family, and her minions, as per the Magna Carta, will be removed by the people of England. When that happens, all her corporate assets – Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand – will revert to the true natural owners placed by creation. The “Crown” based in the Vatican and all their banking tentacles throughout the world will fall.  The Pope is the Emperor of Rome. Everyone who takes an oath to a criminal is a criminal. They will be dealt with.

Queen: "No. We wont trade jobs. Mine is to kill and pillage. Yours is to put away the money!"

Queen: “No. We won’t trade jobs. Mine is to kill & pillage. Yours is to pacify & salt away the money!”

The Kaianerekowa will then be applied on Great Turtle Island. The Onkwehonwe will deal with the “masters of war” using our law and new technology, to make them clean up their mess. These criminals will answer to the people for each one of the over 100 million Indigenous they murdered here.

The oligarchy teaches that whoever has the most money makes the rules. The revolution has begun in each person’s mind. We are each sovereign in our own mind. Anyone can tell us what they think, not what to think. The spiritual frequency changes that will occur on our Mother Earth will cause everyone to remember everything from every past life. We’re not sure who said this:

The waters of truth will clean everything. The oligarchy will be washed away. Once the earth begins her cleansing, there will be no more lies, murder or destruction.

We Onkwehonwe were to teach them to love and take care of each other and every living thing attached to the earth in our communities. The weapons of war will be buried under the Tree of Peace for all time.

The Black Wampum will be applied to all the criminals.

The black beads hit the floor. Then warrior smashes criminal's head.

The black wampum hits the floor. Then the warrior smashes the criminal’s head, tehonwatisokwariton, to smash out evil from the brain where it starts.

They will have one last chance to become of one mind with us. When the War Chief drops the black wampum they can grab it before it hits the floor. If they do not grasp it, the men will bash in their heads with war clubs. Their brains will be on the floor next to the black wampum. This will happen in all Great Turtle Island communities. Genocide has always been their plan for us. The DNA memory of those who did the genocide will be erased from mankind. They and their weapons will be buried, never to be seen again.

Elizabeth and Francis will be the last Monarch and the last Pope. Good riddance!



As Johnny Cash foretold, the oligarchs will be cast into a burning ring of fire, and they will go down, down, down, and the flames will shoot higher. And it burns, burns, burns, the ring of fire! Johnny Cash. “Ring of Fire”.


Family names of Crown and Its Minions. The Crown & Its Minions.Wall Street.

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SOUND OF MUSIC Audio – Republished


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skenna karenna. nonen onka tionkwetayeri raskaneks ne ahateweyensteh ne skennen karenna, roriwayen ne tonayawenneh, onenktsi enhakwaren ne ronwarihonniennireh, skatne tehontoneh tahnon enhonterennoten. 

Six years ago MNN posted an excellent take on how we have all been purposely disconnected from the natural sound and the natural time. The 13 moons were changed into 12, the 13 notes were changed into 12. 

MNN. Jan. 5, 2014. The orenda [energy], oyendera [body] and onikonra [the mind] all work together to be healthy and to communicate with the natural world. We are spirit beings with inherent vibrations. Taking us off natural sound and natural time creates divisions in our mind so that we can be separated from the oneness. 

Pope Disney: "You take over time and I'll take over music and sound".

Pope Disney to corporatists: “You take over time and I’ll take over music and sound”.

The human cell is an electric magnetic field of possibility. Old indigenous languages are in touch with true consciousness. By design English does not generate those patterns. 

Physical healing can be aided or hindered by tone. Frequencies are deliberately altered to weaken the spiritual impact. Singing gets into deeper levels of the subconscious, accessing insights beyond artificial belief systems. Out-of-tune languages such as English vibrate at different frequencies. Many of us were beaten when we spoke our own language and forced into the English vibration. 

All of creation communicates on the earth on the 13 note solfaggio scale. The original frequencies are recorded in the “Book of Numbers” in the Old Testament , “Healing Codes of the Biologic Apocalypse by Dr. Leonard Horowitz”. The Greek mathematician, Pythagoras, invented the chromatic scale that is 12 notes. When tuned to A440 all the original 13 salfaggio frequencies will be hidden between the notes of the chromatic scale so that you will never hear them.

The original 13 salfaggio notes are all that nature creates upon. The original sounds of nature that Creation communicates with are hidden between the artificial man-made chromatic scale to further disconnect us from nature.  

Mohawks do the small condolence ceremony to connect with creation. We take the soft leather and wipe our eyes, the eagle feather to clean our ears and drink the clearest water. Our body then clears itself. The frequencies of our songs also connect us. The native drums connect us directly to Mother Earth. 

The sounds are there but we are not hearing it. They have been deliberately turned down and masked. “Owistah” [the money disease] prevents us from becoming of one mind. When we boost the volume on the natural frequencies, we will hear the vibrations and the consciousness of the universe. An old paradigm will emerge to heal all the separation that’s been artificially created. 

Memory is experience and intelligence stored in the cells of our mind and body called DNA. With the right stimuli, sounds and frequencies, information is released from the true self. 

Music is for the secret ear. Changing the notes causes the matrix of thought and well-being to be squelched. Frequencies can turn grief into joy, cause people to connect to their inner source. These channels have to be kept open so the life force can flow. 

The 12 note chromatic scale is essentially thought control. The 12 month Gregorian calendar takes us off natural time to cement their thought control. It take us out of tune as a piece of the force energy of creation which gives us our power as creator beings. 

At the deepest level we are together as a body, spirit and mind. Indigenous worldwide can lead us all back to healing ourselves in our own minds. When 5 of the ierokwah [Iroquois] nations figured this out in our own minds, our teacher, Dekanawida, left. He asked us to help the rest of the people in the world to figure out this simple formula in their own minds. He said, “te-ia-ta-te-wen-nio”, that each one of us is sovereign. We all have a piece of the source energy within our minds that gives us our power as creator beings.

nia’wen tsi wasewata’honsat

Mother Earth is changing her frequencies. So will all life. You will have to return to Mother Earth.

The music prophet, Jimi Hendrix, tuned to A417, one of the original solfaggio earth frequencies, the only modern musician to do that. 

His song, “Third Stone from the Sun”, [our Mother] is all about frequency and vibration. He said, “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace”.

 Jimi Hendrix. “Third Stone from the Sun”.


Introducing the 12-note chromatic scale band!

Introducing the 12-note chromatic scale band!

Peace shall reign.

Peace shall reign.

Keshe. Timetable for taking our planet back”.

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Please post and distribute. oya na tehatiyarostens ne onkwesonha, aktehnon nihatinakareh tanon oya natehatiwennotens, akwekon tehsonkwawi kanon entowatorahtshekeh tanon tsino natekontakhanion. 

Original From: MNN. “CANADA EXTORTS MOHAWK CARS” Sep. 20, 2009 about Everett Report 1922. 

Audio to text of article:


MNN. The timely Everett Report of 1922 confirms us as caretakers of turtle island. Our children and the unborn have all the rights. We can never convey or sell any of turtle island from ocean to ocean, pole to pole.  Read about the systemic injustice since 1492: 

link to “The Everett Report 1922

MNN. The NYS Everett Report of March 17, 1922, found that no attempt was ever made to control the Mohawks of Akwesasne. That’s because that section lying within NYS is separate and distinct from the United States and Canada. [p. 317]. So is all of Great Turtle Island.

Aliens have only those rights we gave them under the Great Law/Kaianerehkowa, which was temporary. Should they cause loss, wrong, suffering or endanger the peace, the War Chiefs reprimand and expel them. [Wampum 74]. They have no voice in council. [Wampum 76]. Canada, US, Mexico or any foreigners cannot interfere with us.

They arrived with nothing, then stole, created paper money backed by military force and tried to take everything from us.

Red Jacket, Corn Planter and other Iroquois told US President George Washington that they are fighting over everything that belongs to our children, all our lands, resources and waters, including all the beds of all the waters of Great Turtle Island. [p. 186-7]

Their politicians, judiciary and military know we never gave up anything. Canada, US, Ontario, Quebec and New York State promised to protect us from them.

International law provides that title to land cannot be taken away without the fully informed consent of the lawful owners. If it’s stolen and used for twenty or a million years, they never get title.

At Akwesasne, Canada Customs goons are grabbing our cars and demanding $1000. These hoods nab us as we come over the bridge, take us out to the back and beat us up. A fleet of armored tow trucks haul away our vehicles. Canada threatens unarmed people with heavily armed RCMP, OPP, Cornwall and Akwesasne police forces.

Some of these community members carry pinkish purple cards showing they are Camel Toe Treaty people. This cult says a treaty was signed in Central Park in New York City in 409 AD. Egyptian tombs were left behind. They purport that Indigenous were signatories that brought down the Roman Empire! None of this has any basis in the Great Law or in history. rotinoshonni:onwe have a birthright to freedom of movement on Great Turtle Island.

Before putting the military boots to us, the colonists sent in the camels to confuse, anger and scare us. We don’t want another 1990 Mohawk Oka Crisis style attack by 5,000 heavily armed soldiers. They obviously fear true facts, which can’t be blown up, shot at or destroyed.

Canada, give it up. Your imaginary line [border] doesn’t belong here.

We will never renounce our rotinshonni’on:we birthright. Three recent Federal Court of Canada rulings confirm our sovereignty. Because we live in akwesasne,  kahnawake, kanesatake, khenteke, oswego, kanienkeh, kanatsioharekeh and wahta or anywhere on turtle island, we are not residents of the corporations of Canada or the United States. Brutal attacks and human rights violations by settler colonial border thugs are not investigated.

These attacks show panic, weakness and impotence. Predatory banksters are trying to plunder the world with impunity.

Everybody in the world knows that two party deals for our land and possessions between foreigners are illegal.




The waters of the women flow to bring forth new life forever

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Constitution Turtle Island 5 – 2020-08-22, 8.47 PM


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MNN. Aug. 23, 2020. 


K#4. iseh atortarho tanon asenyawenreh sarasetsen ensowakwehnienstakeh tsi non nikatsenhaien tohsa teyotson, tohsa wahkenrayentahn. ken watien tsiowatstakawah  onerahontsa akonhonwtha ayesehwatatonniaten.









[At the same time]


“Still another version of this translation describes the chiefs as derivative of “rotiiones”, or walking the  Good Path”. Both translations indicate a monastic quality to the Rotianer. The Rotianer walks a good path acting as an example to the people of the Higher devotion to Good, and strive for a Devine Perspective in protecting the people from the Evil Forces who think “ie henskeri “wa’tente”, or I will “Frustrate their purpose”. 

The chiefs had skills and talents in the days of war between the Five Nations. Some of the chiefs are described as warlords, others as sorcerers. In the future chiefs would use their psychic or mental powers to protect the people. The chief’s covenant was to brace each other locking arms in a circle around the Great Tree. In the 1870s the chiefs told visiting Native Nations this ‘fence’ was to protect the Tree from any falling foreign object, the Tree being the People. . . . [continue reading the text . . . . file:///Users/kahentinetha/Downloads/Great_Peace_1992%20(1)%20(1).PDF

— Glossary

@645… The Statements by Six Nations Statemen

  1. Introduction
  2. The Historical Position of the Six Nations
  3. Peace, Unity and Thanksgiving 

@943… The Historical Position of the Six Nations by Asa R. Hill, Secretary, Six Nations Council

@1047… The Historical Position of the Six Nations

@1346… The Historical Position of the Six Nations

@1462… April 25, 1991. A Presentation to the Government of Canada by the Mohawks from Grad River Territory on behalf of Richard Maracle

@ 2667… The Development of kai:ianereserakowa. A discussion of the Great Law as a Principle or Divine Ethic 

@2682… The Dark Times

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The Mohawk, Robbie Robertson, and the Red Road Ensemble, sing the “Unity Song” for all of all of Turtle Island: “In circles we gather. Moonlight fires are healing. Taking us back. We just make it go back. Beating hearts, beating hearts, as one. This is Indian country. You’re in Indian Country.”






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To: Governor Cuomo of New York State, Chris Cuomo of CNN, New York Times, Mohawk Nation News

From: an onkehonweh of turtle island.

Army of the Frontier stands firm against Indian Outbreaks despite Retrenchement and Red-Tape

MNN. June 13, 2020. The definition of a cult – “order followers’. The following video taken of the vicious unwarranted attack on the rotinshoinni [original peoples]] on May 18, 1997 at Onondaga is a prime example of systemic ongoing injustice in New York State. SEE video [8 mins].

Everybody is now talking about outlawing the chokehold. They should outlaw all racist beatings and injustices. Perpetrators should be dealt with harshly and quickly so it will never happen again. This brutality started with the first uninvited settler colonists. It’s a bubble that needs to burst. The cult is trying to fulfil the ultimate goal of their corporate business plan known as Canada and the United States. COVID19 is being used to lock down everyone on earth. They will continue to protect themselves and keep a tight control on turtle island and the world. Their laws work very well for the white rulers, liars, thieves and cheats. We original people are forced to live under the systemic injustice, racism, oppression and genocide that has been perfected by them and spread throughout the world.


  1. All US presidents up to Lincoln owned African slaves. They are the ultimate hypocrites.
  2. Systemic racism is the basis of the US corporation that squats on our land from pole to pole and ocean to ocean. Some original people survived the genocide of 150 million natives throughout turtle island.
  3. We refused to be slaves. Europeans kidnapped the Africans to be their slaves here.
  4. When slavery was abolished in 1865, the blacks were emancipated and became soldiers for the whites to continue the genocide of the natives. We called them “Buffalo Soldiers” because of their nappy hair like a buffalo. They wiped out 60 million buffaloes to starve out the original peoples. They were manning the gatling guns on the Sioux at Wounded Knee in 1890. The blacks continue to glorify what they did for the white man.   Then they were disbanded and diverted to other useful purposes of the whites.
  5. The United States designed a system of racism to control the former slaves, the riffraff and to eventually extinguish the surviving onkwehonweh [original peoples]. This system continues to be enforced by mainly white police and military, protected by a private court system with no accountability, responsibility, and liability.
  1. The system of “divide and conquer” works well for the 1% worldwide.
  1. The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis exposed this system. He was murdered by a lethal chokehold that was used on us, Palestinians and others with impunity. Now there is worldwide condemnation.


It is our duty under the great law of peace, kaianerekowa, to stop the ongoing threat to the land and the people. This is summarized in the “Two-Row Justice v. United States/World Court”: STUDY THIS CASE:

Over 200 plus armed New York State Police attacked the unarmed men, women and children rotinoshonni [ierokwah, iroquois] without provocation. They had no badges, no name tags, carried a hit list. They were fully armed vigilantes in collusion with the so-called governing body of the corporation known as the ONONDAGA NATION to destroy and take control of our economies. We came together to discuss alternative measures.


Over the past 23 years, the New York State Police was protected from punishment by a system set up solely for that purpose. The following 8 systemic government partners ensured New York State Police would never suffer any penalty civilly or criminally for their crimes against the rotinshonni:

1.New York State Police

2.New York Attorney General

3. New York State Governor

4.United States District Court for the Northern District of New York [Syracuse]

5.United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit [New York City]

6.Supreme Court of the United States

7.United Nations, Permanent Forum on Indigenous Rights, United Nations Declaration of Rights for Indigenous Peoples [UNDRIP]

8.International Court of Justice at The Hague, The Netherlands [World Court]. KENNETH DEER of Kahnawake works for the Rockefeller corporation known as the UN. His role is to make sure none of the legitimate Iroquois issues get on the court docket in New York or Geneva.    

The website and videos show the New York State Police  could indiscriminately beat, injure, terrorize, and arrest 100 peaceful unarmed men, women, children, and elders who were gathered for a meeting and ceremonial feast on their own land. Government departments completely supported the police.


1.The vicious uncalled for attack.

2.The original peoples filed a Civil Rights action in United States District Court [Syracuse] which was ignored.

3.The New York State Police, the New York Attorney General, and the New  York Governor refused to acknowledge any blame.

4.The United States District Court supported this delay by allowing the Civil Rights Action to languish on its docket for 20 years.

5.After 17 years 76 original peoples settled for a few dollars and walked away.

6.15 refused to settle, known as the “Onondaga 15.

7.After 17 years of representing the Onondaga their 15 lawyers withdrew from the case, leaving them lawyerless.

8.This was followed by an appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York City.

9.The United States District Court did not allow the Onondaga 15 to present their case to a Jury, and were no-caused.

10.The United States District Court protected its government family member, the New York State Police.

11.The next stage was at the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York City.

12.They rubber-stamped the systemic injustice to protect all governmental injustice.

13.The final stop at the Supreme Court of the United States proved that SCOTUS as a last resort in the United States justice system would ensure government will never be held accountable.  Nothing can slip through the cracks of their fake justice system to expose the United States systemic injustice to its Citizens and the World. [See Petition for Rehearing in Supreme Court, wherein Supreme Court Justice Sotomayer recused without giving the Onondaga 15 their right to waive the recusal pursuant to Congressional law. 10 years earlier she was a Judge on the Second Circuit, wrote an extremely favorable Opinion in favor of the Onondaga 15 against the New York State Police.

14.There is no redress for the Onondaga 15 in the United States justice system. It proves the Onondaga 15 cannot stand before the fake justice system and expect resourse.

15.The Onondaga 15 went to the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Rights to expose this United States systemic system of injustice. The website shows the private corporation known as the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Rights would not open the door for the Onondaga. It is a major part of the World-wide systemic injustice, racism, and police/military brutality. UNDRIP falsely broadcasts to the World that Indigenous Peoples Rights must be protected and supported throughout the World.

16.Next the Onondaga 15 tried to get the case into The International Court of Justice at The Hague, The Netherlands. This World Court too refused to expose systemic injustice in the World.

17.The only remedy is the kaianerekowa [the Great Law of Peace] and teiohateh [two-row wampum], the original and only law of onowarekeh, great turtle island and for the world. Webite has these documents.

The original natural peoples placed on turtle island by creation are not Americans or Canadians. The invaders murdered, imprisoned, enslaved the original people of the Western Hemisphere. Everyone who stays on turtle island must abide by the kaianerekowa and two-row wampum. Otherwise they are here illegally.

Beware of those that have created and benefitted from the system of injustice. They will be advocating for the status-quo to remain. The systemic injustice worldwide is exposed.

Governor Cuomo, the ball is in your court! Every corporation on turtle island, throughout the Western Hemisphere, is null and void. Every original placename [cities, towns, streets, parks, rivers, lakes, etc. etc.] must be immediately restored in the original languages. Every European system of injustice must be destroyed.


As Deep Purple hits the nail on the head about the current madness we are dealing with: “ Don’t look too long in my face, it could be a big mistake. I’m hanging on a thread so fine, I need a little space. I shouldn’t say but I know I must, I’ve had enough of pain and I’m pissed off standing in the rain. It makes me feel like a mad dog . . .”

CONTACT:  THE ONONDAGA 15. c/o MOHAWK NATION NEWS,  P.O. Box 991, Kahnawake, [Quebec Canada] J0L 1B0

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Susnaghe Neneh‎ to First Nations Say ENOUGH! The settler empire always needs an expensive “venture” against Indigenous People. Paras, not police. The total RCMP planned gross spending for 2019-20 is $5.1 billion dollars. $3.1 billion dollars (60%) of that budget is used on “Contract and Indigenous Policing”. Indigenous people only make up 4% of the population.





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MNN. Apr. 26, 2020. COVID19 has become part of the 95% depopulation of the world according to UN Agenda 21 and 30.


In 1974 the UN informed the world that the state has no use for ‘useless eaters’. The masters of the settler colonists set up a system on who would live or die. The invaders spread viruses among us. 150 million natives of turtle island were exterminated. The invaders made laws to give themselves the unlawful right to murder us without being charged with homicide. We were declared to be non-persons. The immigrants were given permits to extinguished us and steal our land. They started with the viruses they brought here, then bounties for heads, scalping and so on. Now COVID19 virus has come, will fade and come again.

The settler colonists are conditioned to obey their masters who keep them in a hypnotic state. Their white uneducated medicine man even suggests they inject themselves with household cleaners to kill the virus. Everyone is quarantined in their homes, must stand 6 ft. apart, wear masks, wash their hands and don’t go to their cottages. They’re jobless. Penniless. Businesses are closed down. Oil goes bust to minus $0 a barrel. Old people are dying like flies. Now their master is suggesting they play Russian roulette by going back to work and taking their chances on dying from the virus.

The government controls the fork and so the population.


More see how useless their existence is. They do the dirty work for their masters. They want to get back to what they call “normal”, which is to continue to destroy nature worldwide.

Their routine is the couple gets up in the morning and goes their separate ways. Now they are together all the time. Relationships are collapsing. Crimes brought from Europe like incest, pedophilia and child abuse are rearing their ugly heads here more than ever.

Changing their routine has caused massive confusion. Their education system conditions them to do the same thing every day at the same time. Turn off the lights. Sleep. Get up. Sit at the desk. Go to the factory. Obey their masters.

They are focused on their pay and jealousy of each other over materialistic existence. The American dream has become a nightmare. The entertainment industry can’t reinforce their monetary based life. They are told lies and deceit like we were for 500 years. They’re terrified of job, food and money shortages.



onkwehonweh are programmed by creation based on nature. We are nurtured to never put money first. Do your job to the best of your ability and your needs will be met.

The virus intensified their frustration, stress and paranoia. Fear, loss and an unknown future are dominating their lives. The oil industry was shut down because nobody is buying. Trucks are being made that operate without drivers. No skilled immigrants are being brought in to do the work.

Nobody’s driving, planes aren’t flying, factories are closed, nobody’s working, every business is closed indefinitely.

Their psychopathic masters want them to go back to work and “take your chances”.

okwehonweh are not listening to these foreign dictators. Our ancestors warned us to not trust the white man. Those who can are hoarding food while the infrastructure falls apart.

The white race needs masters who give orders. They will obey and return to work because they are desperate. The consumer society is losing customers who shop for products they don’t need.

Killing Joke has been incubating this song for 5 years and is now striking: “I am the virus. Death to misery & tears. Calculated waves of fear. Drawn up by think tanks. There’s a darkness in the west. Oil swilling guzzling corporate. Central banking mine f…..g omnipotence” .


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MNN. March 3, 2020. #KahnawakeStandsWithWetseweten is a short podcast highlighting the voices of Kahnawake and the people standing in solidarity with our family at wetsuweten.


Music by Kristi Lane Sinclair







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MNN. 28 FEB. 2020. akwehon ionkateriwarani entitawaneh. We are not Canadians.

The constitution act of 1982 is a continuation of their colonization of our land and people. It is impossible to bring our issues on colonization and genocide to the Admiralty Courts, WHICH IS FOR BANKS, CORPORATIONS ALWAYS ABOUT MONEY. The kaianerekowa was and still is the original law of this land. Our relationships are based on the teiohateh, the two row agreement.

McGill law students say that the indigenous people should be given the most respect because of sovereign law. UNDRIP UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People declared in 2007 has not been adopted by Canada. onowarekeh, turtle island, is the birthright of the tahatikonsontontie, the unborn onkwehonweh. According to our culture each of us are the original caretakers of all of turtle island. No one has a right to convey, surrender or sell any part of onowarekeh. It belongs only to the future generations placed on turtle island by creation. 

Minister of Justice David Lametti of the government of Canada ignores the violation of our culture as caretakers of the land. Foreign entities cannot impose fraudulent documents that convey the land of our unborn to anybody. We were invaded. onowarekeh was usurped. We were placed in POW camps called “reserves”. There was no war. The foreigners set about to extinguish us. They had the plan, the military and the weapons to take what they stole through their false claim ‘doctrine of discovery’. The Roman Catholic Pope declares he owns all heathen lands on the earth given to him by God. Anything based on a lie will always be a lie.


The McGill law students understand this. They signed and filed this letter to the Minister of Justice David Lametti.

“FEB 27, 2020.


We, the undersigned, as students and faculty members of the McGill Faculty of Law, object to the inaction of the Minister of Justice David Lametti in regards to the RCMP invasion of sovereign lands. As students of this faculty, we have a particular responsibility to call on the Minister, who is an alumni, a past Associate Dean, and a Full Professor at our Faculty, which prides itself on promoting reconciliation and recognizing Indigenous legal orders. We feel his continued silence on the RCMP invasion of unceded Wet’suwet’en territory has the effect of condoning the violence occurring at the hands of the BC government and the RCMP. We assert that he has a duty (1) to condemn the actions of the RCMP and the BC government as violations of ‘Anuch niwh’it’en (Wet’suwet’en law) and sovereignty. The actions of the RCMP and BC government undermine Indigenous and human rights protected under the Canadian Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Further, given that the Minister has the mandate to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and that neither the Crown nor TC Energy obtained the free, prior and informed consent of the hereditary chiefs, the Minister ought to (2) state that the Crown is violating the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and that the sovereignty of Wet’suwet’en people must be affirmed.

Since February 6th, the RCMP has been conducting raids on unceded Wet’suwet’en lands to allow TC Energy to build the Coastal GasLink pipeline. The hereditary chiefs of the Wet’suwet’en have never granted consent to TC Energy allowing them to undertake work on their lands. This is not the first time militarized RCMP officers have invaded Wet’suwet’en territory; in January 2019, similar raids took place. These are repeated attacks on the sovereignty of the Wet’suwet’en people. We, the undersigned, were also appalled when we learned this summer that the RCMP was ready to use lethal force during that operation.

Faced with the escalation of colonial violence, we are adding our voices to the large solidarity movement that has emerged across the world in support of the Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs. Given the role the Canadian justice system has played and continues to play in legitimizing colonialism, we have a special responsibility, as law students, to stand in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island. This is why the Truth and Reconciliation Commission singles out the legal profession and law schools to do better. We are trying to live up to those calls to action.

Aboriginal Title

The Wet’suwet’en people have been living on their lands since time immemorial. They have never ceded or surrendered their lands to Canada. In 1997, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that the Wet’suwet’en People, as represented by their hereditary leaders, had not given up rights or title to their 22,000 square kilometres of territory. These rights are also guaranteed and protected under Section 35 of the Canadian Constitution.

The Duty to Consult and Free, Prior, and Informed Consent.

The duty to consult is a constitutional obligation that must be fulfilled by the Crown prior to taking action or making decisions that may have consequences for the rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. The necessity of consultation has been affirmed in various Supreme Court of Canada rulings, including in Haida Nation v British Columbia (Minister of Forests) [2004] and Delgamuukw v British Columbia [1997], which mandate proper consultation with and deference to the hereditary chiefs. However, this duty falls short of the requirement set out in UNDRIP, which details the importance of free, prior, and informed consent in article 11(2). The importance of FPIC has been supported by other sources of international law, such as the Convention on Biological Diversity and the International Labour Organization Convention 169. It is clear that proponents of the Coastal GasLink pipeline have not secured the FPIC of the Wet’suwet’en nation, who remain opposed to the pipeline’s construction and have never ceded their territory.

While Coastal GasLink says it has consulted and signed agreements with all 20 First Nation communities along the path of the pipeline, the agreements were signed by elected councils created through the Indian Act, which does not grant them the authority to act beyond the boundaries of reserve lands. Under ‘Anuch niwh’it’en (Wet’suwet’en law), the five clans have not given their consent to Coastal GasLink to continue working on Wet’suwet’en lands. The hereditary leaders worry about risks to pristine waterways and salmon spawning grounds, as the people of Wet’suwet’en still use their ancestral homelands to hunt, fish, pick berries, and gather medicines.

A Violation of Indigenous Rights, Human Rights, and International Law

Earlier this year, in January 2020, the UN Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination called on Canada to immediately suspend work on the Coastal GasLink pipeline. In a two-page statement, the committee said it is alarmed by the escalating threat of violence against Indigenous peoples in B.C. and disturbed by the “forced removal, disproportionate use of force, harassment and intimidation by law enforcement officials against Indigenous peoples who peacefully oppose large-scale development projects” on their traditional territories.

Soon after, Kasari Govender, British Columbia’s human rights commissioner concurred with the UN Committee and stated, “This is a matter of fundamental human rights.” She too, urged Canada to immediately cease the forced eviction of Wet’suwet’en and Secwepemc peoples

Further, Minister Lametti received the mandate to implement UNDRIP into law by the end of 2020. The current actions of the RCMP and BC government clearly violate Article 10, which stipulates that no Indigenous person shall be removed from their land. They also contravene Article 32, which mandates governments to receive the free, prior and informed consent of Indigenous Peoples before any development is made on their lands.

The Importance of Legal Pluralism

Beyond duties and obligations found in the Canadian Constitution, our time at the Faculty has taught us to appreciate that numerous legal traditions exist within the borders of Canada. There are not only the common and civil law, but also Indigenous legal traditions. The assertion of Crown sovereignty over what is today known as Canada neither displaced nor extinguished Indigenous sovereignty, legal orders and title over their lands. We hold this to be a legal truth. The Rule of Law also means respecting ‘Anuch niwh’it’en and Wet’suwet’en sovereignty.

For these reasons, and in respect of the plurality of legal systems operating in so-called Canada, we understand it is essential that we not stand by passively. We want to enter into a legal system of which we can be proud. At this moment, Minister Lametti is not acting in accordance with this standard.

As part of our McGill Law community, we are calling on the Minister to uphold his responsibility to us, to Indigenous peoples and to Canadians, by making a statement condemning the invasion of the Wet’suwet’en land and nation. We acknowledge Canada’s long history of violently removing Indigenous Peoples from their lands – from residential schools, the relocation of Nunavik Inuit to the barren High Arctic to assert Canadian sovereignty over it, to the Oka Crisis and Ipperwash. The government’s current action represents a continuation of colonial governance and should be condemned as such.  

SIGNATURES OF MCGILL LAW STUDENTS: Adrian Levine, 3L, Adrienne Tessier 2L, Aidan Wall, 1L, Aimée Riou, 4L, Alanna Crouse, 2L, Alec Sader, 3L,Alessia Zenga, 1L, Alexandra Champagne, 1L, Alexandra Magazin, 3L, Alexandre Giroux 3L, Aliosha Hurry, 1L, Allisa Ali, 1L, Amanda Bowie-Edwards, 2L, Amélie Drouin, 3L, Ana Qarri, 2L, Andrea Sim 1L, Angar Awj 3L, Anna Gignac-Eddy, 1L, Anna Rotman, 3L,Annabelle Blanchet, 3L,Aretta Gelineau, 1L, Ariel Holmwood-Bramwell 1L, Attou Mamat, 2L, Audrey Parent, 1L, Austin McDougall, 1L, Aymen Benbouzid, 2L, Beatrice Mackie, 2L, Beth Friesen, 3L, Bradley Por, DCL, Breanne Lavallee-Heckert, 4L, Brett Howie, 2L, Camila Franco, 1L, Camille Rivard, 2LCassandra Betts, 1L, Chloe Barrette, 1L, Christopher Ivancic, 1L,Christopher Joseph Ciafro, 1L, Chrys Saget-Richard, 2L, Chukwubuikem Nnebe, 1L, Claire Henderson-Hamilton, 2L, Claire Lawrence, 3L, Corrine Tansowny, 1L, Curtis Mesher, 3L, Daniel Powell, 3L, Danielle Arseneau, 1L, Daniel Tamblyn-Watts, 1L, David How, 2L, Diana Stepner, 2L, Elise Mallette, 2L, Elizabeth Mu Tan Yu, 1L, Emilie Duchesne, 4L, Emily Cherlet, 2L, Emily Knox, 2L, Emma Brayley, 1L, Emma Lodge, 1L, Emma Sitland 1L, Félix-Antoine Pelletier, 3L, Gabriel D’Astous, 2L, Gabrielle Landry, 3L, Garima Karia, 1L, Geneviève Nevin, 1L, Genevieve Shemie, 2L, Georgia Therriault, 1L, Gwendolyn Muir, 4L, Hanna Rioseco 1L, Helen Tucker, 4L, Iradele Plante, 2L, Isabelle Coté, 1L, Isabelle Marie Zwicker, 1L, Jasmine Razavi, 2L, Jeanne Mayrand-Thibert, 1L, Jemark Earle, 2L, Jeremy lohier 1L, Jeremy Wiener, 1L, Jerry Lan, 3L, Jocelyne Couture, 3L, Jodie Côté-Marshall, 3L, Jonathan Martin, 2L, Julianna Duholke, 2L, Justin Miller-Clarke, 3L, Justin Jalea, 1L, Justine Simoneau, 3L, Kassandra Neranjan, 1L, Katerina Cook, 1L, Kathleen Barera, 3L, Kathryn Chadwick, 3L, Katrina graham, 1L, Kaelyn Macaulay, 1L, Karifa Magassouba, 1L, Kayla Míguez, 2L, Kerrin-lee Whyte, 3L, Khadija Ahmed, 1L, Kiana Saint-Macary, 1L, Kim-Lan Dam, 2L, Kimia Towfigh, 3L, Larissa Parker, 2L, Laura Doyle Péan, 1L, Lauren Manoukian, 2L, Laurent Côté-De Lagrave, 1L, Lauriane Palardy-Desrosiers, 2L, Léonie Bourdeau, 1L, Lian Francis, 3L, Liam Brunton, 1L, Liam Connor, 2L, Linda Muhugusa Murhimanya, 3L, Maia Stevenson, 4L, Marc Lussier, 3L, Margo Crawford, 3L, Mark Townsend, 1L, Maria Anghelidis, 1L, Marianne Goyette, 1L, Matthew Tse, 1L, Maya Gunnarsson, 3L, Meg Heesaker, 1L, Meghan Boyer, 1L, Mehlka Mustansir, 1L, Michelle Arentsen, 1L, Michelle Pucci, 2L, Miguel Therrien, 1L, Morgan McGinn, 3L, Natalia Koper, 2L, Natalia Paunic, 3L, Nevada McEniry-Hatajlo, 3L, Niamh Leonard – 1L, Nick Pineau, 1L, Nicole Maylor, 3L, Nicole Whitmarsh, 1L, Oliver Chan, 2L, Olivia Huynh, 2L, Raphael Schmieder-Gropen, 2L, Renaude Morin, 4L, Robyn McDougall, 1L, Rose Adams, 3L, Rose Savaria, 1L, Ryan Faulkner, 1L, Samuel Helguero, 1L, Sandrine Masri, 1L, Sandrine Royer, 1L, Sara Tadayyon, 2L, Sarah Nixon, 1L, Savleen Sur 1L, Sayre Potter, 2L, Sejeong Park, 2L, Sharayer Rajabi, 2L, Siddhartha Borissov-Beausoleil, 4L, Simon Filiatrault, 2L, Sonia Ahimana, 3L, Stewart Wiseman, 1L, Theresa James, 2L, William Bryson, 1L, Yanicka Poirier, Alumni, Yulia Yugay, 4L, Zach Morgenstern, 4L, Zain Abdulla, 1L, Zoë Christmas, 2L

Tom petty  sings about standing with the people; “Well I won’t back down
No I won’t back down. You can stand me up at the gates of hell. But I won’t back down. No I’ll stand my ground, won’t be turned around. And I’ll keep this world from draggin me down. Gonna stand my ground … and I won’t back down”

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