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MOHAWKS V. HER MAJESTY.  FEDERAL COURT, TORONTO:  October 1, 2012.  Re:  Kanekota 

MNN.  Sep. 27, 2012.   The hearing is on Monday October 1 at 10 AM, 180 Queen Street West. Toronto. Thahoketoteh will be arguing Rule of Law with the Attorney General on the issue of Kanekota.  All welcome.


Kanekota, “where the water comes from the earth”, is a 525 sq. mi. tract in the northern portion of the Haldimand Tract.  The Royal Proclamation of 1783 provides that Canada has the responsibility to protect the Mohawks forever and that there shall never be any encroachment. 

Thahoketoteh states, “I would be pleased if you could come to the courtroom as a witness.  The argument will be chronological, starting at 1701 with the introduction of the Gushwenta, up to the present”. 

The Gushwenta is the formula whereby the settlers agreed to become of one mind and live with us in peace. It was ratified in 1710 when our Royaner visited Queen Anne’s court. This will now be on the Public Record for everyone.  The return of the Peace is almost here. 

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  1. Love the people in the east, so many have not been able to stand with us and was an honour to have the opportunity in my life to stand with your people…my life was validated…This case and many more coming – LOOK AFTER THE WELFARE OF ALL CREATURES TO BE PROTECTED BY THE PEOPLE OF THE EASTERN DOOR WAY AND OTHERS WILL FOLLOW,,,MAKE SURE THE LANDS ARE TAKEN CARE OF, THATS WHO WE ARE!…THATS WHY WE HAVE CAME TO BE!!! I will do what i can to get the support…prayer is why we are still here,,,our stand is why were going to keep moving forward…Good News!

  2. Linda when I was a boy living in Maryland///Some of my mothers ( Friends) (people) from the reserve came to visit////I remember mom showing me a white an black beeded belt////she said tready////is that whats on my screen???????Looks like it//////love to all beau

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