MNN. Feb. 3, 2013. During the Caledonia struggle, former Prime Minister Mulroney gave Prime Minister Harper some advice on how to deal with Indians.

Mulroney “First, you gotta make those Indians look bad. Hire some top publicity firms. Put out 4 negative stories for every positive one. Say the Indians are breaking the law. Block them from arguing their case publicly. They have too many valid papers and good arguments. Lay criminal charges wherever you can”.Roache-Mulroney-Harper-800x582

Harper:   I got that one, Brian.

Mulroney: “Lie. Confuse the public. Say they have no real evidence. Suggest they ‘might’ have weapons and criminal records! The public won’t read the “might”. They’ll just read “weapons” and “criminal”. Make negative images so the public sees the Indians as the bad guys. Say you are “defending law and order” [while you are evicting them from their legal property]. Never mind that they might only have 2 by 4s, bats or a bag of stones. Don’t mention the millions of dollars you are spending on ouzies, tasers, pepper spray, ear drum splitters, M-16s, silencers and the latest in ultra high tech weaponry for the cops”. 

Mulroney: “Announce that you want to solve the crisis peacefully. Shut the People out of the negotiations. Deal only with those on your payroll [corporate Indians]. Let the Ministry of Propaganda [corporate media] do their job of putting out 4 bad stories for every good one. Announce that you will tour the reserves to see what the people need. [Still hasn’t done that!] Appoint a known adversary of Indians [such as Mike Harris] as chair of a Commons Committee on Aboriginal Affairs. You know, someone who excuses police brutality. 

Harper:   You are right Brian ! Mike is our man, remember he got away with the Ipperwash thing.

Mulroney: Act surprised that the protesters won’t leave peacefully.  Then surround them, point guns at them and scare them. Stop their supporters from entering or leaving the protest. If the Indigenous keep resisting, some of them and even our cops might get killed or hurt. Remember, there will be men, women and children there. Indian Affairs policy has been to absorb the Indians into Canadian society whether they like it or not. Harper, your job is to “clean it up” so US and foreign companies can get richer extracting their resources without paying them. You and I will load up our pockets, hahahah! The bankster’s economy depends on clear cutting, mining, water diversions and generally despoiling the land.

Harper:  We are working on new laws right now to be rid of those pesky indians

Mulroney:  “The Indians just want to make a stand on a principle, like land and resource rights and their poor living conditions. Tell them, “You’ve made your point.  Now go home”. 

 Harper: “We know there are no leaders. We want to see who the main resisters are. We need a target, someone to shoot at.

Mulroney:   “Our miltary needs practice so we can send them out to support American interests in the Middle East and elsewhere. We both got elected due to support from American companies. Don’t bite the hands that feed us. Gotta think about our Benjamins, not the people, Stevie.chin

 Mulroney:  “Keep saying, “No one will get hurt”, if they do as they’re told.  The main resisters should be told that the cops will take them out.

 Harper:  “The cops don’t want to do the killing!

Mulroney:  “Put native cops on the front line. Mention native factionalism all the time. Let the cops beat Indian prisoners so it doesn’t leave bruises on their faces. They die later of their injuries, like Lasagna of the Oka crisis. I was PM then. It’s dirty work that someone has to do. Cops don’t really care if they lose one of their own. Few remember Marcel LeMay who was killed at Oka? If a cop gets shot by “friendly fire”, pretend it was the “injuns that done it. With one of your Senate appointments, put in an Indian face. 

Harper:  ”What happens if some of our cops sympathize with them?” 

Mulroney:  ”Say it’s the Stockholm Syndrome. He’s gone crazy. Then run a feature on an old anti-Indian fable. It’s cowboys and Indians time again, Stevie, yee haw! hahahah!

Mulroney:   “The Indians just want to carry out their original legal rights that we promised long ago.  We have to avoid that at all cost, Stevie.  


Time to feed the Masks

Our amorphous source that is everywhere told us about this secret conversation on their Indigenous genocide program.  

Listen to Jimi again: “Some people say day dreaming is for the lazy minded fools with nothing else to do.  So let them laugh.  Laugh at me…”Jimi Hendrix: May this be love

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