MNN. Jan. 29, 2014. Canada and the true globalists are trying to steal the agenda through “Idle No More Inc.”. When Idle No More incorporated, it became registered as a sub-corporation within the rules of the Corporation of Canada. Idle No More Inc. is not grassroots, grassroots don’t have millions of dollars to set up dozens of workshops all over the country at the same time. The globalists remain in charge. “Idle No More Inc.”

It’s time to take these bankers’ money machine away. Until then nothing will change. Pierre Elliott Trudeau put Canada into debt slavery with the international bankers. In 1974 he fraudulently gave power to the private banks to print the money at interest. For the first time in Canadian history Canadians had to learn the meaning of “deficit”. Every child at birth owes $85,000 to the banksters, the Crown. [Look on internet for each person’s share of the national deficit].  The plan is no one will ever get out of debt.  

Today Trudeau’s son, Justin, is seeking to become the CEO of the Corporation of Canada. He should be fixing what his father broke. When the money machine is taken away, then the bankers will be charged with fraud and theft and put in jail, as they were in Iceland. “Iceland Revolution”. The debt is fiction. It does not exist. No one owes them one cent.  

INJUNSNow is the time for the band and tribal council grid over our lands and resources that serves Canada to be dissolved. Without these corporate Injuns, Canada has to deal directly with their true landlords. 

For our fellow victims [Canadian citizens] of the broken British/Canadian corruption system, the solution is for each community to form a self-sufficient council to take care of each other through the provisions of the Guswentha/Two Row Wampum under the Kaianerehkowa, the law of this land.  

Grassroots, anyone?

Grassroots, anyone?

Pete Seeger. Two Row Wampum supporter. Pete Seeger, 1919-2014 said: “Songs are funny things. They can slip across borders. proliferate in prisons, penetrate hard shells. I always believed that the right song at the right moment could change history”.   Pete Seeger. “Turn, turn, turn.” 

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MNN. July 17, 2013. Prime Minister Harper’s former economic hit man within Indian Affairs, Jim Prentice, also known as “The-Dim-Apprentice”, is warning us, his Indigenous landlords, to turn over our energy and natural resources to the international bankers real quick, or else! Harper’s scam-the-Indians-and-get-a-commission right hand man left government to become a big cheese at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. It’s one of the banks that exists on deposits from the ever growing $350 trillion Indian Trust Fund. His job is to con us.

Dim: Such a sweeeet deal you can't pass up"!

Dim: Such a sweeeet deal you can’t pass up”!

He told the bankers that we are being given a chance to cash in on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The clock is ticking. Change of life is coming fast!

They have to fulfill the international law requirements of “duty to consult”. The true grassroots Indigenous are being avoided. They are going to talk only to their trained seals, the Band Councils Inc. and their other corporate Injun organizations. Their job is to sign away our resources and our “pesky” existence. The genocide can only happen with the artificial Indians’ cooperation. Their bonuses are already being deposited into off-shore accounts. This corrupt system is looking for another traitor like Joseph Brant to sell all our land to them illegally.

Dim said, “Hey, Injuns, we are giving you ‘incredible opportunities’ to let us steal your possessions. We will give you a few jobs. This is a chance for us to get rid of you for good. Step right up!”

Dim is scamming us everywhere dragging along his helpmates, Assembly of First Nations Inc. We’re going to incorporate you all then we’re going to have a hostile takeover of everyone of you.lying lawyer

Dim says he’s the “bridge” between us his landlords and our natural resource and his multinational corporate friends who are trying to steal it.

He alleged to AFN that economic benefits outweigh environmental concerns until all Indigenous resources are extracted.

Dim warned AFN to run fast to the conference at the picnic folding table to negotiate “constructively’. This means “sign here!” Some corporate Injun mouthpieces with forked tongues are being picked who will sign quickly, listen to government advisers and talk for us.

“Nation building” is liquefied natural gas terminals on the West coast to Ring of Fire [James/Hudsons Bay] to pipelines. Whether we like it or not, these are going to move ahead without us. They can’t have another tree! It was murder the Indians, now it’s murder everything on and under the land. CARS

Dim commented, “You’ve spent years in our Admiralty courts trying to get governments and companies to stop stealing your natural resources”.  It’s no use!

AFN Inc. has been told that business needs our cooperation, and their job is to deliver. All Canada belongs to us. AFN Inc. wants to generously share our resources with their owners, the bankers. Jim Prentice should listen to Ted Nugent sing: “Ooh, snake skin cowboys/Who the hell do you think you are? You’re dancing around with your high-heeled boots. Don’t think that should get you far…snakeskin cowboys


Battle of Queenston Heights 1812, when  the British left  the Mohawks to fight invasion of 3,000 Americans.

Battle of Queenston Heights 1812, when the British picked up their dead general and ran away. Then 92 Mohawks stood up and  3,600 Americans ran back down the cliff and back across the river.









Global News

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MNN. July 16/13. Idle No More was a grassroots Indigenous movement until it got incorporated in January 2013. The owners are shareholders and are now part of the foreign corporate grid structure that controls us and our possessions. The settlers can become part of Idle No More, decolonize themselves and help stop the genocide. Idle No More is governed by the foreign corporate hierarchical structure of Admiralty Law, the law of commerce. It can get a bank account, be taken over by anybody through 51% purchase of the shares. The bankers will take control, if they haven’t already. All corporations exist to generate profit for the shareholders.

Women have everything we need. Incorporation is slavery..

Women have everything.  

Idle No More can sue, buy, sell property, make contracts, pay taxes, even commit crimes. It protects the owners from personal liability for debts and obligations. Tax receipts can be provided to foundations and government bodies for donations to their enterprise. Like all corporations, annual meetings are obligatory.

MNN is an advocate of the real law of the land, Kaianerehkowa/Great Law of Peace. We have never been idle in all our existence. True Indigenous nations are the independent sovereigns of Onowaregeh/Great Turtle Island, and keepers of the law of peace.  

All corporations are controlled by the bankers. Those who remain with Idle No More Inc. can’t fight an entity they have become a part of. It makes no sense.

It will be easier to get money from our enemies.

It will be easier to get raise funds. 

The corporate band council sell-outs are the same. They work for and get paid by the Corporation of Canada. These traitors will be brought before their people to answer for their treachery. 

Idle No More awakened settlers to the genocide. Now they can follow the white roots of peace. If their minds are clean, they can follow the real law of the land, the Kaianerekowa. They are welcome to take protection in the shade of the tree of peace with us. As the band “Show of Hands”  points out ; “When the Indians, Asians, Afro-Celts It’s in their blood, below their belt. They’re playing and dancing all night long. So what have they got right that we’ve got wrong? Seed, bark, flower, fruit. They’re never gonna grow without their roots Branch, stem, shoot They need rootsRoots

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IDLE NO MORE Canadian trade-mark data

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FILED: 2013-01-10

FORMALIZED: 2013-01-14

APPLICANT: Jessica Gordon, 7 Vanier Crescent, Saskatoon, S7L 5J8, SASKATCHEWAN

TRADE-MARK (Word): Idle No More


WARES: (1) catalysts of blankets mugs, clothing placards

SERVICES: (1) providing education

CLAIMS: Used in CANADA since October 26, 2012.

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MNN. June 26, 2013. Tensions are rising at the Highway 126 anti-fracking camp near Elsipogtog First Nation in Kent County, New Brunswick (Wabanakik). By June 23, on National Aboriginal Day, twenty-nine had been arrested. One is in hospital. 

NB FRACKINGWarrior Chief John Levi is calling supporters to help resist seismic testing by US corporation, Southwestern Energy (SWN), and the provincial government. Their bosses are the bankers who own the corporations of Canada and the US. 

The Mi’kmaq, Maliseet, Passamaquoddy, Acadian and other Indigenous peoples of Wabanakik refuse to give their consent. Aggressive RCMP and SWN private security forces are protecting the testing and stirring up confrontations. Protesters are threatened by undercover RCMP who steal SIM cards from cell phones and physically assault elders. 

FRACK ARTResistance continues. Peaceful roadside pickets, blocking trucks and surrounding SWN vehicles are underway. Arrestee Gilogoetj Dedam explained: “They’re destroying our land … If we got off that road, those trucks will drive right by”. 

The cops are becoming more violent, shoving, denying water and bathroom access and tightening handcuffs to cause blood stoppage and bruising. 

A sacred fire, a line of open tents, a communal kitchen, gathering space, singing and drumming creates an inviting environment for supporters and visitors. 

FRACKEDThe resistance is against environmental destruction. All businesses bend the rules. Now they openly break them with impunity. Corruption and violence is how business is done at every level of the corporate system. The “owistah” disease is in full bloom. The corporations want us out of the way to get our resources.   

Hear the wind blow. Feel the breeze in your face. Watch from the tree of peace. The hierarchical monetary system is crumbling. Canada sits on top of the New World Order pyramid. The preferred model is ownership of everything and everyone by a few bankers.  

FRACK WORLDAll war is about printing money and controlling how it’s spent. All wars are banker wars. We only need one more war to bring peace to the world; the people against the bankers and no one needs to get bombed. We remember Buffalo Springfield sang; “There’s something happening here/What it is ain’t exactly clear. There’s a man with a gun over there/Telling me I got to beware. I think it’s time we stop, children, what’s that sound/Everybody look what’s going down” For what it’s worth

Dangers of fracking. FRACKING: Drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure to fracture shale rock to release natural gas. Ground water, environment and health are destroyed.

War Chief Levi speaks.

Elsipotog Story. 

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MNN. Feb. 17, 2013. When the European military came to Great Turtle Island, they met Indigenous warriors who did not meet them head on. They attacked and disappeared into the woods. Our men used swarming to attack and defeat the much larger and better armed British and French formations. Behind our fighting groups we had a democratic organization. There were natural loyalties among us that glued us together. It was defensive. The colonists ended up having to deal with us as equals.

Indigenous invented guerilla warfare.

Indigenous guerilla warfare.

Idle No More utilizes this strategy. Hierarchical governments cannot deal with this. They will break down. Soon Canada has to deal with the Indigenous people’s natural government formations. 

Hierarchy is becoming powerless. The internet is changing the way people get information and communicate. It empowers smaller units. From the large to the few, to the small and the many! It is breaking the spell of corporate hegemony and capitalism over society. 

Hierarchy works at controlling people. The Idle No More movement shows there is no way to control grassroots Indigenous people. Power is being devolved into small units, which are interconnected. Global conflicts are being reshaped. The existing order will be overturned because the power is in the people. 

Swarmers know hierarchical power is artificial and against the natural way. Hierarchies need a target. There is none. One minute they are there and then they just disappear. Hitting back at nothing is not winning. We the people have power and are using it. We can be visible or invisible. Internet spreads information more effectively than mass media. New thoughts are being spread to the public independent of mass media, which has lost its brainwashing power. We can listen to anyone we chose. Swarmers can be unorganized or well organized. They are everywhere. 

Ineffective cop cluster.

Ancient war games.

To combat swarming, like the “Idle No More” sudden formations in shopping malls and elsewhere, the US military is developing “BattleSwarm”. The military is broken down into small units. Pods operate in clusters. It won’t work because they are not based on natural affiliations. 

Thinking for ourselves is a human survival spirit. Swarming reflects the human instinct to make connections. It demonstrates the social will in each of us to think and act for ourselves and to help our people. We work together, use our minds to help and defend ourselves from abusers. There is no mastermind. It strikes from all directions and then withdraws. The interconnection is on a subconscious level. They move from place to place, do something and disappear into the night. It is as though one mind is in control. 

Corporate Canada has seen that their band and tribal council apparatus is totally ineffective in controlling us. We urge the councils, don’t coddle up to the powers that are out to kill us. Don’t stand in front of the enemy and ask for anything. We warn you, don’t put on the fascist uniforms and help the colonizers eliminate our people to save yourselves. Just get into their boat and be on your way.

One People. One Fire.

One People. One Fire.


As The Anderson Shelter sang in “People Power”: “Give the power to the people now! Time for us to kill off the sole cash cow. Power People now”.The Anderson Shelter: People Power

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MNN. Feb. 3, 2013. During the Caledonia struggle, former Prime Minister Mulroney gave Prime Minister Harper some advice on how to deal with Indians.

Mulroney “First, you gotta make those Indians look bad. Hire some top publicity firms. Put out 4 negative stories for every positive one. Say the Indians are breaking the law. Block them from arguing their case publicly. They have too many valid papers and good arguments. Lay criminal charges wherever you can”.Roache-Mulroney-Harper-800x582

Harper:   I got that one, Brian.

Mulroney: “Lie. Confuse the public. Say they have no real evidence. Suggest they ‘might’ have weapons and criminal records! The public won’t read the “might”. They’ll just read “weapons” and “criminal”. Make negative images so the public sees the Indians as the bad guys. Say you are “defending law and order” [while you are evicting them from their legal property]. Never mind that they might only have 2 by 4s, bats or a bag of stones. Don’t mention the millions of dollars you are spending on ouzies, tasers, pepper spray, ear drum splitters, M-16s, silencers and the latest in ultra high tech weaponry for the cops”. 

Mulroney: “Announce that you want to solve the crisis peacefully. Shut the People out of the negotiations. Deal only with those on your payroll [corporate Indians]. Let the Ministry of Propaganda [corporate media] do their job of putting out 4 bad stories for every good one. Announce that you will tour the reserves to see what the people need. [Still hasn’t done that!] Appoint a known adversary of Indians [such as Mike Harris] as chair of a Commons Committee on Aboriginal Affairs. You know, someone who excuses police brutality. 

Harper:   You are right Brian ! Mike is our man, remember he got away with the Ipperwash thing.

Mulroney: Act surprised that the protesters won’t leave peacefully.  Then surround them, point guns at them and scare them. Stop their supporters from entering or leaving the protest. If the Indigenous keep resisting, some of them and even our cops might get killed or hurt. Remember, there will be men, women and children there. Indian Affairs policy has been to absorb the Indians into Canadian society whether they like it or not. Harper, your job is to “clean it up” so US and foreign companies can get richer extracting their resources without paying them. You and I will load up our pockets, hahahah! The bankster’s economy depends on clear cutting, mining, water diversions and generally despoiling the land.

Harper:  We are working on new laws right now to be rid of those pesky indians

Mulroney:  “The Indians just want to make a stand on a principle, like land and resource rights and their poor living conditions. Tell them, “You’ve made your point.  Now go home”. 

 Harper: “We know there are no leaders. We want to see who the main resisters are. We need a target, someone to shoot at.

Mulroney:   “Our miltary needs practice so we can send them out to support American interests in the Middle East and elsewhere. We both got elected due to support from American companies. Don’t bite the hands that feed us. Gotta think about our Benjamins, not the people, Stevie.chin

 Mulroney:  “Keep saying, “No one will get hurt”, if they do as they’re told.  The main resisters should be told that the cops will take them out.

 Harper:  “The cops don’t want to do the killing!

Mulroney:  “Put native cops on the front line. Mention native factionalism all the time. Let the cops beat Indian prisoners so it doesn’t leave bruises on their faces. They die later of their injuries, like Lasagna of the Oka crisis. I was PM then. It’s dirty work that someone has to do. Cops don’t really care if they lose one of their own. Few remember Marcel LeMay who was killed at Oka? If a cop gets shot by “friendly fire”, pretend it was the “injuns that done it. With one of your Senate appointments, put in an Indian face. 

Harper:  ”What happens if some of our cops sympathize with them?” 

Mulroney:  ”Say it’s the Stockholm Syndrome. He’s gone crazy. Then run a feature on an old anti-Indian fable. It’s cowboys and Indians time again, Stevie, yee haw! hahahah!

Mulroney:   “The Indians just want to carry out their original legal rights that we promised long ago.  We have to avoid that at all cost, Stevie.  


Time to feed the Masks

Our amorphous source that is everywhere told us about this secret conversation on their Indigenous genocide program.  

Listen to Jimi again: “Some people say day dreaming is for the lazy minded fools with nothing else to do.  So let them laugh.  Laugh at me…”Jimi Hendrix: May this be love

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MNN.  Feb. 1, 2013.  In the 1770’s Joseph Brant was one of the most prominent traitors of the Mohawks. In 1804 he was kicked out of the Iroquois Confederacy by the people. He committed treason and treachery to help the British try to wipe out the Mohawk Nation. He helped take down the Tree of Peace and put in its place the US constitution of war.  Joseph Brant died alone in 1807 in his mansion in Burlington Ontario. Two years earlier he murdered his own son. That’s the end he deserved. According to Wampum 58 of the law of the land, when the pine tree is chopped down, his voice is never to be heard by the people ever again.


It would be a really good idea to listen to your Women now!


 Brant died alone because of his treachery to his people [right].

Canadian Senator Brazeau is Harper’s poster boy to add an Indian face to the appointed Senate. He said that though Idle No More has put aboriginal issues in the news, he does not support their methods. “They don’t stand for anything,” he said. “I, as an Algonquin person, am living proof that no one will colonize me.”  [LOL].

Brazeau, like all other Senators, reports to the shareholders [bankers]. He makes sure the band and tribal council chiefs are good Indians, who push the global agenda. The omnibus bills were written by the Senators. He lobbies for these bills to be passed. These bills are meant to relinquish our existence and our title to our land and resources. He helps the economic royalists, who are accelerating the extraction of our resources for their global war economy.

Brazeau is not an Algonquin. Both his feet are out of the canoe. He took an oath to the Queen of England and forfeited his native identity. In fact, he colonized himself. His women should remind him of this fact. He adopted new customs, language and ideologies.  He is indistinguishable from the white culture he represents.

The wannabe Holly “wood Indian” is supposed to lull our young people into wanting to become a traitor like him. He is helping the economic royalist bankers steal our land and the ever-growing $4 trillion Indian Trust Fund stashed in Indian Affairs in Ottawa. Mark Carney, former Governor of the Bank of Canada, is trying to siphon the loot over to the banker royalist syndicate in England. INTERPOL is now investigating him.

Brazeau, as Hank Williams advised:  “Your cheatin’ heart will pine some day, and crave the love your threw away.  The time will come when you’ll be blue.  Your cheatin’ heart will tell on you.”

Hank Williams: Your Cheatin heart














MNN.  JAN. 17, 2013.  US & CANADA corporations merged on February 4, 2011.  They have the same shareholders, owners and business plans for illegal resource extraction. Canadians and Americans have not been informed. The EU Times in Europe made the announcement on January 17, 2013. In effect, this is Hitler’s 1938 “Anschluss”, the takeover of Austria by Germany.  Canada is now a substate of the US.North American Union in E.U. Times

Merging of corporate thievery.

Merging of corporate thievery.

In 2004 President Bush and Prime Minister Martin signed the “911’ Agreement allowing the US military to invade Canada anytime the US deems it necessary to eliminate “terrorist threats”.  Essentially, Canada is under martial law.  

Our Indian Trust Fund is over $3 trillion, coming from monies set aside from the exploitation of our resources. It is set aside according to international law treaty requirements. The oligarchs who run the world are stealing it. The banks, Vatican, Queen, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the families in charge have been dividing it amongst themselves.  The fake bankers’ world economy is based totally on continual war.   

Canada is the third biggest country in the world. The oligarchs cannot make war without our resources.  The shareholders of the country corporations illegally sell our raw materials to each other.    

The corporate merger of 2011 benefits big business, banks, big oil, drug companies and their war-making machine. Our materials are needed to attack anybody who stands in the way of resource extraction. The military tell Congress, Senate and Parliament who will be bombed, or their economy will fail. 

Our materials make weapons to kill our brothers and sisters in all parts of the world. We can stop the war by stopping the resource extraction from our homeland. It violates our laws. 

Since WWII the US military has invaded 60 countries to continue imperial war.  To make guns, bombs, tanks and weapons of mass destruction, the raw materials come from Canada, such as coal, oil, gas, food, wood, aluminum, steel and compites. 

Tanks need iron, aluminum, oil and saltpeter.  Guns need zinc, iron, steel, magnesium, brass, polymer, ceramis, wood and fiber glass. Bombs need plutonium, radio active elements, explosives, isogn, mega cyte, mexallon, nocxium, pyerite, titanium, zydrine and tailings from nuclear power plants.  Gunpowder needs sulphur and charcoal. Computers need copper, lead, aluminum, platinum, tin, gold, silver, bromine and mercury.  Electronics need nickel and chromium. 

Except for rubber, all these materials are available in Canada.  

War-mongers spread lies through deception, disinformation and finally false flag wars. They scream, “Get rid of the Indian Act.  Bring in Bill C-45 to expedite resource extraction”.  The genocidal Indian Act is illegal and will be eliminated. Control of Great Turtle Island will return to us, as Creation intended.  

We will stop war the world over by stopping the illegal extraction. We will never support any war. Kaianerekowa directs us to support peace everywhere on earth through mutual consensus.   

United to stop war.

United to stop war.

As Edwin Starr sang: “War means tears to thousands of mothers’ eyes.  When their sons go to fight and lose their lives.  I said, WAR, huh, good God.  Y’all, what is it good for.  Absolutely nothing.  Say it again.” Edwin Starr: War

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MNN.  Jan. 10, 2013. Time to drop the Black Wampum.  The Indigenous People charge the Band Councils, Assembly of First Nations, provincial and territorial native organizations and all ‘Indian’ entities of the Corporation of Canada with “conspiracy” and “fraud”.

Wampum 44 of the Kaianerekowa, provides that the Women are the “progenitors of the soil”. Our duty is to preserve the land’s integrity on behalf of all our relatives.    

Traditionals carry out penalty for treason

Traditionals carry out penalty for treason

Wampum 58 provides that as you knowingly betrayed and violated the will of the People, you have conspired to commit treason. You worked with a foreign entity to try to dissolve and destroy our title and birthright. As corporate agents of Canada you have no authority to enter into any agreements or contracts for any of our lands or possessions with them or any corporate entities.  You represent only yourselves and those who voted for you. You are helping them to fraudulently use our land and resources as collateral to raise money on the international stock market to come in and rape our land.  

“Any chief or other persons who submit to laws of a foreign people are alienated and forfeit all claims in the Iroquois nations, and to those of our Indigenous allies who abide by the law of the land, the Kaianerekowa”.  These traitors are not in but out of the canoe.  

Your connections with these foreign entities should be thoroughly investigated, starting with the shareholder list of the Corporation of Canada.  

If the Corporation of Canada wishes to enter into any formal agreement with the true Indigenous People, they must go through proper protocol with their Queen.  Order-in-Council UK [1704] affirms that a new impartial court can be set up to hear the land disputes on Onowaregeh.  We would be in agreement with countries such as Venezuela, Iran, Panama, Netherlands and Estonia setting up this impartial third party court.  

When Canada has no traitors, the corporation cannot trade the resources they have been stealing from us.  

Corporate traitors on the hunt.

Corporate traitors on the hunt.

Senator Patrick “House Injun” Brazeau said that the chiefs have to be prepared with a “business plan solution”.  Our solution is to get rid of assimilated Indians like you. 

The settlers to legally enter our land made agreements according to The Great Peace of Montreal 1701 based on the Guswentha. The Royal Proclamation 1763 affirmed this arrangement.  Parliament represents the party that agreed to live here, but reneged on it. At this point we have no choice but to control our own destiny.  

Traitors are worse than the enemy, the lowest of the low.  Every culture loathes them.  They help foreign governments overthrow, make war against and seriously injure their own people. They undermine us from within.  

Traitors have been punished by public execution, hanging, shooting at dawn and beheading. Russians shot their traitors in the head and made the family pay for the bullet.  In our way, the women make the decision to drop the black wampum in front of the traitor. Traitors would be banished and shunned forever, their name never to be heard ever again. Their family has no rights and no voice.  The seed dies.  

Among many, one of the foremost traitors among us is Oren Lyons from Onondaga.  He requested Canada to send the army on us in the 1990 Mohawk Oka Crisis.  We were peacefully protesting the expansion of a golf course on our burial and ceremonial site. 

As the Field Warriors say:  “You want a statue, or get an Order of Canada, be a traitor.” 

Indian Traitors soon to be extinct like dodo bird

Indian Traitors soon to be extinct like dodo bird

Dedicated to the soon-to-be-extinct corporate Indian traitors,  Mick Jagger sang:  “I’m on the run, I hear the hounds.  My luck is up, my chips are own.  So good-bye baby, so-long now.  Wish me luck, I’m going to need it, child.  The hand of fate is on me now.  The hand of fate is heavy now”.  Stones: Hand of fate

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MNN. Jan. 9, 2013.  We are confronting the Corporation of Canada.  Start by shutting down your foreign [band council] embassies in our communities immediately.  Traitorous chiefs, your foot in the canoe will be removed.  Red apples will no longer be tolerated.

Moving band office/Canadian embassy

Canadian embassy removal


Idle No More is the worldwide freeing of indigenous people. Listen to the thunder of the masses.  We are destroying the dungeons of oppression, heading for the higher hills of freedom.  This Tsunami is the beginning of the greatest liberation in history.  

Corporate murder, aggression and colonialism are over.  All wars will stop.  The earth will be fairly distributed. Our Mother is reminding us of our birthright, to shake off the colonial bondage, to strike the death blow to fascism.    

Our greatest weapon is truth and courage.  Anyone who continues to turn a blind to genocide is guilty of complicity, according to the UN Charter.  Corporations and artificial people will become nothing but faded memories.    


Who's in or out of the canoe?

Who’s in or out of the canoe?

The 600,000 Metis, the newly created Indians under the Indian Act, here’s the test.  You are true Indigenous if you stand with us, not with the corporation of Canada that gave you your corporate Indian status, to help them continue the illusion of legality.     

You want to be an Indian!  OK.  No more putting one foot in the canoe and one in the boat, violating the Guswentha.  You better not participate in the colonial defunct system. Come into our canoe.  We will welcome you with open arms. Come and be of one mind with us under the constitution of the Great Peace.  

The condor has met the eagle.  No more corporate identities or entities.  These birds fly very high.  We are united in the same sky along the same path.  Bankers beware. eagle&condor

Robin Trower sang:  “I watch for the love, living in the day of the eagle.  Eagle, not the dove”.  

Robin Trower: Day of the eagle

Global day of action

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