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June 22, 2021


Ottawa, Ontario

Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, on June 21, National Indigenous Peoples Day, issued the following statement where he plead guilty as leader of the Corporation of Canada to 13 counts of millions of murders, genocide, terrorism and lies. It is estimated that 3,950,00 children were murdered at the church and government schools. The corporations of Canada and United States of America together committed the the genocide of all indigenous on turtle island.  

TRUDEAU: You asked cana’jon to celebrate the” vibrant and diverse cultures, languages, and beautiful traditions of corporate First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples”.  You intentionally did not mentioning almost 100% of the onkwehonweh of turtle island [the original people]. You recognize the important “contributions” Indigenous peoples have made to Canada.  

GUILTY PLEA #1: “First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples” are Corporations of Canada, working for you. turtle island is our land, water, air, resources, plants, animals and all nature which you forcibly stole. We did not contribute anything!

Government said to the Indian sellout: “I’m gonna make you  an offer you can’t refuse.”

TRUDEAU: “… And it was 25 years ago that the Government of Canada and their agents of their ”Indian” organizations chose June 21 to celebrate National Indigenous Peoples Day. Most of us never heard of this nor consulted. 

GUILTY PLEA #2: Every day is important to us since the beginning of time until the end of time. July 1st and now June 21 are “Indigenous Genocide Days” when canadiens [the squatters] celebrate the murder of 150 million indigenous of the Western Hemisphere.  

TRUDEAU: “… that there is much more work to do on the important journey to reconciliation. The recent tragic findings of remains near the former Kamloops Residential School [death camp] serve as a stark reminder of the systemic oppression, inequalities, and discrimination that Indigenous peoples have endured over the past years, decades, and centuries, and the injustices and challenges they continue to face today.”  

GUILTY PLEA #3: You acknowledge that the genocide started 500 years ago. You cannot reconcile murdering and genociding. You must be dissolved. If not, you will remind us of your crimes, including your flags, statues and foreign languages.

The Prime Minister with a briefcase can steal more money than the man with a gun”.

TRUDEAU: You admit “…at least 150,000 Indigenous children [per year] were forcibly separated from parents and communities, and carried off to places where their languages and culture were prohibited in an attempt to intentionally eliminate them. These children suffered emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission also reported that thousands of children were sent to these schools never returned home. The exact number of children who [were murdered] died may never be known and, devastatingly, many parents never found out what happened to their children. This intergenerational trauma continues to today and we must continue to ensure that the necessary supports for those who have been retraumatized … are provided. …  – this must be our collective commitment toward reconciliation. 

 GUILTY PLEA #4: YOU RECITED THE GRAPHIC GUILTY PLEA ADMITTING THE HORRORS OF THE SADISTIC GENOCIDE: kidnapping innocent children and babies; torturing and murdering over 150,000 children, and the emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. While they did not care how many were murdered, they did care about what they paid the church for the murders-for-hire. You have the exact figure. You and the church have exact records. According to our figures, there was an average of 200 new students every year in each residential death camp, which is 25,000 new students each over 125 years. There were 158 death camps, each with 25,000 students over the 125 years, equals 3,950,000 indigenous students.   

GUILTY PLEA #5: The Truth and Reconciliation Commission also reported that thousands of children never returned home, meaning they were murdered; followed by the 60s scoop, sterilization, snatching babies, eliminating procreation, CAS, jails and other extinction programs outlined in the “Indian Act” and “Indian Lands Acts 1924”, requiring the automatic dissolution of Canada, to be forever shunned by all countries of the world. YOU CALLED THIS “THE FINAL SOLUTION TO THE INDIAN PROBLEM”, which Adolph Hitler adopted. 

 We want no apology. They are equal guilty parties to the worst horrors ever known to mankind. TRUDEAU: “The Government of Canada continues to call on the churches to issue a formal apology to Indigenous peoples impacted by the residential school system”. All churches are co-partners with the government with equal responsiibility for premeditated and ongoing genocide and murders.

Behind every successful fortune is a crime.

TRUDEAU: “Taking responsibility is one of the Calls to Action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and is an essential step to advancing truth and reconciliation in Canada”. Thus the churches must be dissolved automatically and shunned forever by all the nations of the world and by those genocided. 

 GUILTY PLEA #6: Murderers do not issue apologies to their victims so that you can reconcile with your victims. According to church doctrine, you will then expect us to forgive you and then we will heal!!  tehontisokwariton. We cannot heal through any intervention by the poerpetrators of the murder and genocide. 

TRUDEAU: “We must also acknowledge, honour, and respect those who have passed” [or caused to pass]. Recently created is the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, September 30, a federal holiday.,…  to encourage Canadians to learn about and reflect on our country’s history and present day truths, as well as to commemorate the survivors, their families, and their communities [if they’re still alive]. There can be no restoration of friendly relations with murderers and genociders.  

GUILTY PLEA #7: As you say, your corporation intentionally murdered and genocided us so cruelly so that you can celebrate the very people you murdered, leaving us to grieve. It is too late to acknowledge those you murdered. You want to apologize to us because many of us are not dead yet. The ‘indigenous leaders are your puppets controlled by your corporation. We have no leaders. Each one of us is sovereign. The Indian Lands Acts and Indian Act means that genocide, murder and terror are still on your agenda. The remedy is to automatically dissolve. Had the genocide been completed, there would only be you here to celebrate!

They don’t mention to you that we are Mohawk.

TRUDEAU: “Saying sorry for these tragedies is not enough [agree]. We need to right past wrongs and address ongoing challenges,… with action”. You are working with your puppets, not us the real indigenous people, “to implement … the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s 76 Calls to Action”

GUILTY PLEA #8: These crimes to deliberately poison our water and food can never be righted. Only your automatic dissolution and banishment from turtle island can make it right. You work only with corporate invented ‘Indian’ agents who are genocided. All the wrongs were committed mostly against us. These calls to action are unnecessary by a non-existing criminal corporation that has been dissolved.

TRUDEAU: “On June 3, two years after the release of Reclaiming Power and Place: The Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, CANADA released the Federal Pathway. Budget 2021 also proposes historic investments t… in the Federal Pathway, create a safer future for Indigenous peoples, and contribute to ending this national tragedy”.  

GUILTY PLEA #9: once again you are creating the pathway for us, which is the continuing genocide and murder! “Investments” means using our vast Indian Trust Funds to finish the job. This business plan will benefit only Canada! You admitted guilt resulting in automatically dissolution of Canada. There is no “federal pathway”. We remind you that for you and your agents who plead guilty and are convicted according to the kaianerekowa, you have nothing because you are automatically dissolved. Remember your father’s “69 White Paper” to genocide us which you now call your “Framework Agreement”.

TRUDEAU: “It is the responsibility of the Government of Canada to make significant change [to our laws and policies] within our federal institutions … to improve outcomes for Indigenous peoples and for all Canadians, … in partnership with Indigenous peoples.

GUILTY PLEA #10: The convicted corporation and all its fraudulent institutions have automatically dissolved and cannot make laws or policies. Your only pathway is respect for the kaianerekowa and teiohateh from the beginning of time to the end of time.

TRUDEAU DOUBLE-TALK: You say, “We are putting those words into action. Today, the Parliament will pass legislation to advance the implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples UNDRIP. [Your corporate] Indigenous leaders, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls have all said that the Declaration is a roadmap for the federal government to work in partnership with Indigenous peoples to advance reconciliation.  The roadpap is between you and your puppets. By implementing the Declaration, we are advancing social and economic equality, promoting economic participation, and protecting Indigenous governance and laws, lands and territories, and cultures and languages. By your guilty pleas, Canada is automatically dissolved.

GUILTY PLEA #11: These sell-out corporate groups working for you have no right to represent the true natural people placed on turtle island by creation. They too are dissolved.  Automatic dissolution eliminates all this double talk. Once again you conceded your guilt for murder, genocide and terror. kaianerekowa and Implementing UNDRIP means you must dissolve! You are trying to make your crimes and murders go away and move on with the genocide! You murderers will never get our land, have a native culture or speak a natural language of turtle island, which you need to become a country. You will go home. Parliament does not exist. Dissolution is the death penalty for the corporation. Indigenous corporate councils [are your puppets], the TRCommission, and National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls did not say that the Declaration is a roadmap. Your non-existing corporation cannot reconcile with us sovereign people. Our jurisdiction is to care for our mother, our culture and our languages. When you sign UNDRIP you must agree to promote economic participation, protect Indigenous governance and laws, lands and territories, and cultures and languages. Because of your crimes, you have to automatically dissolve and respect our true natural governance here on our homeland. FOUR COUNTRIES DID NOT SIGN UNDRIP. EVERYBODY ELSE RECOGNIZES OUR SOVEREIGNTY.

Says the Crown:  Make up for your sins in church.

TRUDEAU: “Through Jordan’s Principle, the federal government is committed to providing First Nations children living on and off reserve with equitable access to government-funded programs including speech therapy [in English or French only], educational supports, medical equipment, mental health services and more. We also remain committed to working with our Indigenous partners to support Indigenous students’ access to a safe and high-quality education that meets their unique needs and helps them get the best start in life. And with the support of the Government of Canada, First Nations communities have lifted more than 100 long-term drinking water advisories. This progress is just a few examples of what we have accomplished, but there’s much more to do. 

 GUILTY PLEA #12: One of Jordan’s principles is kidnapping and sending our kids to residential school death camps. You will help those who call themselves “First Nation”, a corporate designation, and not the original onkwehonweh. We live on all our land. The corporate boundaries are not for us. You are the squatters. We are in the canoe and you are on the ship, which will soon be taking you home. Your government-funded public services all come from our Indian Trust Funds and resources stolen from us. Everything is ours. You are not our partners. You want to provide education supports like the residential schools to erase us? Your murderers are trying to take control of the victims. You purposely destroyed our water and deliberately allow filthy sickly drinking water in our communities so we will get sick and die. Your main accomplishments are murder and genocide.

 TRUDEAU: “All of us have a role to play in telling the truth of our past and addressing the systemic injustices that Indigenous peoples and communities still face today. The Government of Canada will continue to work to do better so Indigenous peoples across this country feel safe and respected, and have a real and fair chance at success. Only through concrete actions, and by working together, will we build a better path forward.”

 GUILTY PLEA #13: You said genocide continues today. Tell us the whole truth. Live by the kaianerekowa and teiohateh. For murdering, genociding and terrorizing us you have forfeited your ability to exist on turtle island. As a sovereign, I hereby automatically dissolve you and your businesses.

The nations of the world cannot have any relationship whatsoever with genociders and murderers. We continue to defend our lives from your conceited quest for genocide.