Poison Pine River

By Thahoketoteh .My history here at Hornings Mills goes back 3 years when I rented a place on the banks of the Pine River (Hornings Mills Tributary) My first summer
here I started to clean the physical pollution out of the river going through my yard. To date I have removed at least 20 tons of physical pollution out of the river.Two and half years ago I contacted the MOE in
Guelph to report an environmental emergency as there was a constant leaching of phosphate in the river. I had to contact them again a few days
later as no one showed up to address my concerns. The guy at MOE said he sent someone out and his guy said “a bit of foam in the river, no problem”
I told him no-one showed up here, the place that lodged the complaint. He started to get defensive and uptight and actually raised his voice and
said “dont tell me I dont care about Mother Earth” and I pointed out that he actually doesnt.

Then I contacted the Niagara Escarpment Commission and reported it to them and they bowed out saying it is not in their jurisdiction. Then I contacted the Nottawasaga Conservation Authority and they actually did come out and have a look but wouldnt even test the water to identify the contaminant. Nevertheless I have continued cleaning the river and have walked up the South Pine and the North Pine to condirm the P.O.P.
(persistent organic pollutant) comes from the Hornings Mills tributary.

The Mills that were here left a huge mess for us to clean up, the evidence is all here. There is at least a metre of concrete looking stuff (from the stone Mill that was here) clogging the river. A piece of it broke off and on the bottom is all of their other garbage (pipes, steel,…) I probably will find a kitchen sink. The POP is what concerns me the most as it is probably from the paper Mill and it is known that the increased incidence of Diabetes 11 is directly related to these POP’s from old Mill towns.

Since none of the “government people” who are supposed to protect the environment are doing their job I give everyone of you reading this the
authority to do your duty for mother earth and start protecting your future generations. It is the duty we all share for our unborn children. As Kahentinetha said in one of her articles “it is time to clean the deadwood out of the Canadian government and then we can clean the environment”

The deadwood in this scenario is the guy at MOE in Guelph who is covering up a huge environmental mess, probably for the perpetrators of the mess.
The solution is simple, get the shit out of the river as mother earth continually pumps clean water through the earth up here only a 1/2 mile from where they hid there mess in a man made lake. She will clean herself as she was designed to do.

Now Enbridge Gas is rushing on over to wreck it some more by putting a pipeline under the contaminated river (that we will clean). Even though our Women Titleholders sent them an objection that by the way, they never responded to.

There is a lot of rotting wood in the artificial society called Canada that needs to be cleaned out. Wake up Canadians. Do it now

Always promoting Peace,



poster: Thahoketoteh


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