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MNN.  Sept. 2, 2019. 


Wampum 72 of the kaianerekowa provides that the soil of the earth from one end to the other [pole to pole, ocean to ocean] is the birthright of the original people who naturally occupy it. No foreign people have the right to take over the land of the inherent people. The so-called “conquest of America” is a bare-faced robbery of onkwehonweh land.


The power of the kaianerekowa great peace is in the mind of the original people. The power originates from our DNA which is stimulated by creation through our memory. The kaianerekowa has the tools to spread peace among mankind. Here it is no longer possible for the white demons and their followers to walk with us in peace with creation. They destroy turtle island without guilt or responsibility. They will perish or return to their motherland.  The white demons came to turtle island by following the artificial route to turtle island in a clockwise direction.


Our original natural karenna, the sound known as language that connects us to our mother provides the natural direction of our mind, energy and body. These elements are balanced. Fallen minds dissolve. We do our ceremonies and give thanks in a counter clockwise direction, which is the direction of the spinning of the earth. We reject control by the clockwise directed corporations. This consciousness push us toward our natural objectives.  

These private corporations called governments go clockwise, against nature. They set up systems to make people go against nature and to control them. Even foreign trees planted here are dying because they do not belong on turtle island. The 1% and their followers build walls, armies and weapons to protect themselves from the natural reality.  

The corporations and the United Nations stand at the apex of it all. Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, is their demonic plan for the world for us to study. The white demons called band council, AFN, chiefs, first nations and other made up names work together to try to annihilate us, to remove our inherent native title and to help assert the white demons on turtle island and the world.   

We naturally belong to everything as part of the fields of energy of turtle island. The invaders cannot imagine what we will do for our children.  

Fear is for those who have a lot to lose. Power is their worst addiction.

Cosmic energy enters the body of the original people through the medulla and then to the cerebrum, where the energy is stored. We are like musical instruments, each playing our own tune. Some of us play in harmony with others, creating beautiful music. Some play solo in a different key to the rest. We work to together to exist in harmony. Our psychic energy never leaves. The women are nurtured by the earth, they create life and we go back to our mother.  


We reject fictional rules and ways. Those who help their demon masters try to control us. This will come to an end. Of that we are very very sure. 

Jim Morrison of the Doors said, “If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is”. Politicians and corporatists need artificial vibrations and excitement. The white demons and their followers have no regrets about massacring and brutalizing unarmed native people, babies, women and people who did nothing to them.  

kasatstensera kowa sa oiera, the great natural power, gives us everything we need, medicine, food, support to build our families, ideas for our minds to fight the genocide and water to survive. Everything within and on the earth gives of itself, winds, seasons, temperatures. We communicate with the grandfather thunderers, hatowi, medicines. We clean our houses and keep sicknesses away. The sun settles in the west. The moon pulls the waters. Stars provide direction when we need it. We are told stories of how we got here.


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MNN. Dec. 11, 2013. Canada has announced they are heading North to try to make an illegal corporate grab of 1.2 million square kilometers of Indigenous sovereign territory from the Arctic to the North Pole. International law provides that the owners, the natural Indigenous people, animals and other inhabitants, must be consulted about this invasion of their territory. Prime Minister Harper thinks he can smooth talk the Inuit into letting him steal what can’t be bought. North Pole Dances

The attached brilliant film, “Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change”, outlines the deep knowledge of the Inuit about the destruction created by the invading scientists, governments, developers and other intruders.  “Inuit Knowledge & Climate Control”.arctic sun





On January 2006 and August 2009 the Women Title Holders of Great Turtle Island notified the International Forum of Nations of the Indigenous inherent jurisdiction which cannot be violated.

MNN. “Arctic Grab – “Something Rotten in … Canada …”

polar-plungeAfter doing a few “polar bear” plunges, fancy pole dancing and double talking, they will return empty-handed.

PM Harper to Finance Minister Flaherty: "Brrrr! They can keep their North Pole!"

PM Harper to Finance Minister Flaherty: “Brrrr! They can keep their North Pole!”


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MNN. NOV. 3, 2013. We true Indigenous are the caretakers of Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island. The great natural power inspires us to stand up for our inherent values, mainly to protect the environment.  Our land was stolen by the self-serving bankers to establish one of the most vicious capitalistic war machines in the history of the world. More and more are standing with us and helping us keep an eye on our enemies. sun tzu  

The invaders made us their scapegoats and murdered over 100 million of us. The designed system of fear of these greedy war mongers is crumbling.  US and Canada’s divide and rule system is dissolving as it is all built on lies and corruption.  

The rulers are inventing lethal technology to try to keep their power. The public stands up to them more every day. The rulers are slitting each other’s throats, like muggers and street gangs battling over stolen loot.  

elsipotog standFrom 1492 to the present, fear and anti-Indian’ism hid the “big lie” of genocide and theft. Truth is the basis of our power. It’s shaking up the resource extraction by the multinational corporations and their operatives. Our philosophy will protect the earth and the people.  We remain loyal to Kaianerekowa, the only sovereign law of Great Turtle Island. We will stand up to the club-wielding murderous criminal invaders to defend our Mother Earth.  

The unscrupulous traffickers of Wall Street are falling. Investors, beware of the banker fraudsters! Our unsurrendered land is being illegally put up as the collateral to raise money from you on the stock exchange to desecrate the earth and continue war.  

enemies within“Immigrants” born here or abroad had deeply ingrained ignorance or anti-Indian attitudes. A few carpetbaggers continue to try to create divisions. Now many want to live by the Kaianerekowa. Their control by fear is weakening.    

Well-meaning people run for office to clean up the corruption. It’s like Al Capone running for mayor on the campaign promise to clean up the Mafia!!”  

We're here standing with our Mother Earth.

We’re here, standing with our Mother Earth. 

Even US President Obama is trying to deflect us by proclaiming November as “National Native American Heritage Month”. He could be trying to sidetrack us while his multinational energy buddies come in and kill us for our resources!

To everyone, follow the great white roots to the tree of peace and take shelter. Come to one mind with us. Anti-Indian’ism is extinct. The rulers of this corporate paradigm will all die off soon. See and hear some of the Indigenous music of today: Tribe Called Red: “Electronic Pow Wow”.

We always hear about the “Crown”. This is who they are: private shareholders who own everything through the debt scam.

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mnnlogoMNN, AUG. 27, 2013. In today’s Postmedia News, Natural Resources Minister Joe ‘the-clock-is-ticking’ Oliver said, of course, the “clock is ticking”. Extractions and exports of Indigenous resources have to be done asap before it’s too late [for what?]. It’s a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity [said Oliver, following the used car salesman hard sell approach]! These dudes have been watching too much sci-fi! They want to make one of those faster-than-light moves on us. It’s too late! They can’t spin everything around us so fast while their corporate Injuns try to sign away the natural world. She’s not for sale! 

Resource Minister Oliver: "Hurry up before it's too late!"

Resource Minister Joe Oliver: “Quick! Corporate band council Injuns, sign here before your people catch on!”

The bankers have no “birthright” to economic prosperity and to capitalize on our resource bounty. “Listen. Things have to be set up now! Pipelines and export terminals have to go up fast as possible”. The bankers’ fake corporate grid “will not last forever”, says Oliver. They know we Indigenous People are part of everything. We and our Mother have all the power! We constantly remind the settlers that we, the natural people of Great Turtle Island, are sovereign and that international law supports our position. We must be fully informed and will never give our land and resources. 

Canada wants to speed up resource extraction and transportation to markets to line their own pockets as fast as they can. They think they have to squash and annihilate us, the caretakers, who are naturally connected of the land. Not able to steal nature, the illegal Corporation of Canada will dissolve. They will declare bankruptcy, leave Great Turtle Island and return to their Fatherland to become paupers again as they were when they arrived here. 

Onowaregeh, creation of Great Turtle Island.

Onowaregeh, creation of Great Turtle Island.

Also  “free energy” may soon be available which will impoverish all these freeloaders. Oliver said, “Canada was not built by nay sayers”. No, the corporation was built by greedy murderers who methodically carried out the genocide of millions of our people! Our Mother Earth is going to have the last say! 

Those wishing to live in peace may follow the roots to the source, take shelter and be of one mind.

Those wishing to live in peace may follow the roots to the source, take shelter and be of one mind with us.

As Neil Young reminds us all: “Respect Mother Earth and her giving ways/Or trade away our children’s days.” Mother Earth, Neil Young.

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MNN. Mar. 18, 2013. The Jesuits have always been the storm troopers of the Catholic Church. They came to the Western Hemisphere to “spread the lie of male hierarchy”.  The real reason is to use bio-weapons and all means of mass murder. The Western Hemisphere is to be the Zion of the Christian prophetic teaching. All Indigenous people would have to be assimilated or murdered into their vision. Christians, according to the Book of Genesis, state, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth … and God said, Let us make man in our image…”.

Eat your heart out, girls!

The Pope likes Prada, but i like Armani, girls!

Today we have old men wearing dresses pretending they are the moral authority. They are trying to force a man-made hierarchical world view on everyone. It’s unnatural doctrines include things made good, even though they are obviously evil.   

Our opening thanksgiving  ( Ohenten Kariwatkwa )  places us in an Interdependent system of relations that tie all elements of the natural world together – plants, animals, people, sun, moon. We are all equal. The inner core of our knowledge system guides us. Our culture provides an insight into real consciousness coming from our ancestors. The natural world sustains us. We are still here because of the insight of our ancestors. 

Turtle Island

Turtle Island

Many of our people wanted to get along with these men in dresses. Now the artificial and treasonous Indian governments [band councils] know their job is to continue the biggest holocaust in history. They sacrifice traditional values to live as conquered people at the bottom of colonial society. They accept the male hierarchal assumptions which go against natural law. 

Brebeuf: Remember to tell everybody back home!

Brebeuf: Remember to tell everybody back home!

We saw the false consciousness of the scheming visitors who hold the cross in front and behind their backs are the small pox infested blankets. We Haudenosaunee caught them mapping out our territories, acting as the intelligence arm of the military. We tried them and found them guilty of spying. They did not want to return to Europe for punishment according to the Two Row Wampum agreement. They chose to be executed here as  martyrs by being burnt at the stake.   

Their legacy is the CIA, MI5 and the Mossad which continue the genocide programs worldwide to all Indigenous. 

We spend our lives developing our personal relationship with the whole universe. Our way of life on Great Turtle Island is valid and non-compromising. We are free in body, mind and spirit to spread the truth to all peoples of the world. We are all children of Mother Earth. The power is in putting our minds together. The peace is to live together in harmony with each other and the natural world by balancing the female and male energy. 

two row old

As Def Leppard sang in When the walls came tumbling down; “All the women were captured and chained. And national suicide was proclaimed. When the walls came tumbling down. When the walls came tumbling down. Everybody ran and screamed at the sound… when the walls came tumbling down.”

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MNN.  8 May 2012.  An expensive amateur propaganda and slick video by APTN,  “Canada Will Get No Warning Next Time We Strike”, Says [one] Mohawk’, is a joke!  We have no guns, bombs, armies, nor threaten anybody.  We advocate peace and non-violence.

Our truth is terrifying the world’s corporate rulers.  To them we are scarier than Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, Tamil Tigers, Hezbollah, Islamic terrorists, even Quebec Separatists, Lone Wolf operatives like the underwear bomber, multi issue extremists,  environmentalists, anti-capitalists and animal rights activists.    
We are called ‘Aboriginal extremists’ because we have always defended ourselves when attacked, at Oka in 1990, Caledonia land reclamation at Six Nations, Tyendinaga Quarry and wouldn’t let border guards carry weapons in Akwesasne.
Self-defense is called terrorism.  When the masses understand us, the British divide and conquer card is trumped.        
The masses want answers from the bankers and their foot soldiers. Where’s the money?  Democracy?  Our future?  How did you become so filthy rich while we have hardly anything?
We’re hitting the Canadian economy, which is based on theft of our land, resources and genocide.  The liars’ club includes CSIS, RCMP, CBSA, Public Safety, DND, CBC, CTV [the thought police] and others. 
The program is called “Ordo ab chao”, order out of chaos.  It’s not working anymore.      
Strangers enter our communities, saying they’re vaguely related to us. They answer to outside handlers. The elders who ask questions are discredited.  Radical rhetoric and actions are started to create confusion and division.  We get targeted.         
The Mohawks can revitalize the Iroquois Confederacy.  In 1784 Deseronto, settled in Tyendinaga.   Joseph Brant left Tyendinaga with 17 families to start Brantsford on the banks of the Grand River, Six Nations. 
Both took orders from the European oligarchy, bankers and mind controllers.  Mohawks constantly resist.  To further try to divide us, an “imaginary line” called the border was put between the corporations of “Canada” and “US”. 
Their ultimate prize is for every person on earth to bend to their will, to kill off 75% and to decide who lives and dies. 
Thirty years ago Che Quevara, a true warrior, said, “I envy you North American Indians.  You’re living in the belly of the beast.  Your greatest fight is yet to come”.   
The evil system brought to Great Turtle Island in 1492 is shutting down. In “Masters of War” Bob Dylan said:  “And I hope that you die and your death will come soon.  I’ll follow your casket in the pale afternoon.  And I’ll watch while you’re lowered down to your deathbed.  And I’ll stand over your grave til I’m sure that you’re dead”. 
Deception always has to hide in darkness. Truth can withstand the scrutiny of daytime and light.  Unlike corporate tyranny, Mohawks have nothing to hide. 
Corporatism of 51% is finished.  The Kaianerehkowa of one mind shall lead the way.    
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MNN. APRIL 10, 2012.
Is Kahnawake Mohawk Community being Las Vegas’ized? Who’s trying to eat our brains, to get us to produce a get-something-for-nothing society?
A casino will affect almost every aspect of our lives. Jealousy, competition and gluttony should not rule our culture or economy. Why live unnaturally and unequally, beyond our means?
We should be strengthening our family and community ties, producing our own energy and food and keeping the soon-to-be desperate foreign interests out. Coming is hunger instead of plenty, cold instead of warmth, violence instead of peace. To survive we have to take care of each other.
Many of us elders remember the modest and meaningful life we once had. The men went away to do ironwork and the women and children stayed home and took care of our community.
Having worked in an Indian casino, the harm is easy to see. The house always wins. The work force will be mostly non-natives. Many of us don’t qualify for jobs due to our backgrounds, non-criminal records and not speaking French.
A larger police force is being trained, armed to the teeth, directed from the outside. Their main job is to protect the casino, employees, management, patrons and financial interests and to keep us quiet. Disputes will be decided in colonial courts.
What are we giving up? Our children’s birthright? The Seigneury lands for a casino?
Whose nest is being feathered? We need complete honest answers now about how the palms of Quebec, Ottawa, outsiders and their nominees in our community are being greased.
No doubt our income and winnings will be taxed.
What kinds of people will be traversing our lands, looking for who and bringing in what? The worst of society shall come.
We are promised $1000 a year. Once we take this, we are agreeing to this invasion. There is no accountability. Who are the financiers? What collateral or property are we putting up for the loan? Those of our grandchildren who will be born into the debt and turned into corporate Indians of Canada.
This venture doesn’t make sense. The demographics don’t add up.
Worse, our people could become habitual gamblers, gambling our lives away. It’s part of the Indian Affairs 100-year plan to get “rid of the Indian problem”, to enrich a few and keep the rest poor. The divide and conquer card is still in play since 1609 when Champlain dealt it from the bottom of the deck.


MNN.   MAR. 31, 2012.  “Give me your tired, poor, huddled masses and immigrant entrepreneurs yearning to get rich exploiting the Indigenous people”.  The original burglars that came to Great Turtle Island are inviting more burglars into our house.  Where have we seen this before?
At our expense colonial Canada is enticing more aliens to come and kill and trample the original owners of this land.  They arrive with nothing but the dirt under their fingers nails.  They will be given jobs, housing, family sponsorship, health care, school tuition, pensions, maybe a car or transit pass.
We can’t even dream of this for ourselves!  Our education, living standards and opportunities are getting worse by the minute.  Many of us will keep living in barely furnished, windowless, door-less and barely heated houses in the frozen north.  The teachers, DeBeers and other multinational workers will live nearby in mansions provided by government and corporations that are gouging our minerals and piping away our water and oil.  They want us out of our communities into urban ghettoes.  They can’t stand the sight of us landowners, except as Calgary Stampede type tourist attractions.
Prime Minister Harper invited the Irish and others to come and squat with him.  These rootless hordes have demolished their own nest and think they can start all over again on someone else’s natural habitat.   Many are being welcomed in Toronto with open arms, where they don’t have to speak French.
We’ve helped these incompetents before.  Where did it get us?  The Irish potato came from the Indigenous people of the Andean Mountains in South America.  The Irish were dying out.  The Spanish took it to Europe in the 1500s.  From 1845 to 1851 the Irish were being starved in a fight over ideology.  The poor Choctaw Indigenous people gathered $710 and sent it to help them out.
One and a half million fled to Great Turtle Island.  Half died on the floating diseased-infested rotten boats.  They escaped a manmade calamity of corrupt politics, ignorance, suppression and poverty.  What else is new in Ireland?  They landed and helped themselves to our possessions.  They’re swarming over here again.  Why do we have to support these have-nots from Europe or anywhere?  At least the Chinese land here already rich, for the most part.
We are getting hit again with these drop-outs who have no allegiance to their own country, just money.  Their greed let the EU set them up for a fall.  These avaricious people should stay home and fix up their mess.  We land owners don’t want another load of discarded people dropped on us.
Who is opening our door to these people?  Canada and US can’t even take care of those who are already here.  Taxpayers, who live off our resources, are being burdened with cutbacks, medicare, social assistance, failing infrastructure, unemployment and collapse of the economy.  The rulers think there are too many people of color here.    So they are bringing them in to keep power in the hands of the white people or their token nominees.   They are bringing in people to fight the Indian land owners.
We get nothing from this occupation.  The carpetbaggers have willfully stopped us from having an economy. By design, we will get even less.  We want our possessions.
We remind the Irish:  “It’s a long way from Tipperary.  It’s a long way to go….”    And, “Indian eyes are not smiling”.  So jig your way out of here, back to your Emerald Island!
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MNN.  Mar. 16, 2012.  We need to know the origins and motives of our opponents.  Melanin is the genetic component of Indigenous people, plants, animals, mother earth and everything on it.  This connects us to each other and the natural world.  it’s scientifically based.  

The relationship between the earth and our mind is based on our interwoven electric magnetic field.

 Whites lack this interconnection.  They fear and want to control nature. They have created a negative artificial existence.  They carry out orgies of destruction without empathy, reason or purpose.

 Indigenous have memories going back thousands of year.  Whites have no genetic past life or memory of who they are and where they came from.  They make up a past life. 

 The white race has very little if any melanin.  They are thus not attached to the earth. 

 They fly around in their spaceship circling the earth.   To land they have to latch themselves onto something that is attached to Indigenous earthlings.     

 Masks hide their real selves so they can mix with real human beings. 

 Their government is a political pigsty that invents wars, weapons, death, destruction, fear.  Their leaders need obedience from their slaves who both envy and hate them.

 Their ties are artificial, man made, like corporatism, government, paper money.  Some form ties with Indigenous to try to get the security they need.

Even their religions reflect their skyward orientation.  Their digging deep into the earth for oil, coal, and minerals has not provided the foundation they seek.  They are trying to take over the globe, using us as their anchor.


Their people were sent out long ago to find us to save themselves. They can’t survive without us.  They’ve tried to capture and imprison us to keep us as a source of mental energy and extension into our great mother. 

 We broke the chains that bound us, casting them adrift. 

 Living in peace is natural for us and requires great sacrifice.  Evil and corruption have to be exposed to restore harmony. 

 Our younger brother came much later from another world and created the problems we have today.  We tried to bring them back into the family.  They started killing us and becoming more destructive. 

 Our great mother has a memory.   She is determining their fate.  By the end of this century they will be gone. 

 We are reminded of a song about the, “One eyed, one horned flying purple people eater”:  “But that’s not the reason I came to land.  I wanna get a job in a rock and roll band”.  “He went on his way and then what do you know, I saw him last night on a tv show” [American Idol].  He was blowing it out, really knocking them dead, playing rock and roll music, through the horn in his head”. 

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MNN.  Feb. 21, 2012.  For over 400 years the Vatican, Europe, Britain, Africa and other nations have used Great Turtle island and beyond as the dumping ground for their undesirables.  Through deliberate betrayal and extermination, over 300 million Indigenous became less than 10 million within two generations.  The worst holocaust on earth is still not talked about.

Mathew Kristin Kiel [Reaping the Genetic Whirlwinds] writes that these crimes were to satisfy the lusts of the invaders and their descendants for our sacred land and possessions.

Millions were off-loaded here, Canada, Australia and other Commonwealth nations:  their psychopaths, bastard nobility, unwanted royal sons who were greedy, arrogant and ruthless, violent inmates from prisons and workhouses, flop houses, brothels, thieves, con-artists, ne’do’wells, their unfit and uncivilized. [We apologize if we missed anybody.]

Many psychopaths stayed behind to pull the strings.

African-Americans, they owe you!  The white slave traders profited.  The Black African royalty, village chiefs, elders, warrior societies, shamans and religious leaders did the dirty work.  [Like the colonial Indian tribal and band councils here.] They rounded up their people in exchange for money and weapons to become filthy rich.  They became the rulers and leaders of African society.  Today they sit in the UN [International Department of Indian Affairs] and decide everybody’s fate.  They never stopped the oppression and abuse by the European American psychopaths.

Well, British, French, Dutch, Spanish and others, we survivors have a message for you.

The US junta is your fully-grown ugly, unwanted, dangerous, diseased stepchild.

Their direct descendants are now the wealthy powerful elite rulers of the US and the globe.  Their war economy threatens wholesale annihilation of all, from which Europeans are benefitting.

You profited from the rape, pillage and genocide of our sacred lands, nations and peoples.  Stop your evil spoiled brats.  They need more than a good spanking.

According to WHO, you have the highest rate of sociopathic and psychopathic disorders of any race in the world.  We noticed that right from the beginning.

Take your great-grandchildren home.  Or you will realize your worst fears, “We shall be cast down from whence we came for all eternity”.  Everyone knows that children will follow your example instead of your words.

These great-grandchildren are born of your genetics with human ills inflicted on us to fester like a cancer.

The bills have come due for past and present crimes against humanity.  These must paid until we are satisfied.

Santana sang:  “You’ve got to change your evil ways, baby, before I stop loving you…  and every word I say is true.  You’ve got me running and hiding all over town.  You’ve got me sneaking and peeping and running you down.  This can’t go on.  No, no.  Lord knows you’ve got to change.”