THE BANKERS’ “MASTER PLAN” FOR TURTLE ISLANDMNN. April 6, 2007. The bankers want Turtle Island lock, stock and barrel. They’ve been working at it for hundreds of years and failed. The Indigenous people keep fighting back. Is this why they are escalating their attacks on us?

The Rotinonhsoni:onwe/Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy designed a real democracy on Turtle Island. Five nations joined to form the Confederacy – Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca. Later the Tuscaroras joined. Our constitution known as the Kaianereh’ko:wa, the Great Law of Peace, is based on the natural world where all are equal. It is the most democratic form of government ever devised. There is no monarch and unlike the Greek democracy, there is no elite or ruling class. The power and the peace are in the people.

By the time the Europeans invaded Turtle Island, there were already 300 other Indigenous nations who were friends and allies of the Confederacy. Based on the Two Row Wampum, we all agreed to live in peace, respect each other’s culture, ways and territories. When we made treaties and agreements, all our best interests were taken into account.

The chairman of the Confederacy, an Onondaga, is known as the “Tododarho”. He is neutral and must always think about maintaining the peace and integrity of our people, land and possessions. As a spokesman, the people count on him to sanction decisions according to our law and in the best interests of our future generations.

In 1996, the Tododarho was on his deathbed. He called for specific Iroquois to visit him in the hospital, three men and one woman. The Tadodarho wanted to pass on a mantle to the ordinary people who he felt represented the true desires of the people. He wanted to remind us that we can never surrender Turtle Island. The moment we do then all our land and resources would be transferred to the banks and the multinational corporations who’ve coveted our possessions since their arrival.

Treaties create international and domestic law. Our treaties with the U.S. and Canadian colonists are the law of the land. Under the Two Row the colonizers can live under their own laws, if that’s what they want to do. But their laws do not apply to us or to the land.

When the Europeans invaded Turtle Island, we did not become part of their capitalist system. Because Creation made us part of this continent, the banks are trying to find ways to remove the restrictions that stop them from seizing all of Turtle Island. Our democratic principles that are influencing people everywhere else are coming into conflict with their hierarchical systems that is bent on controlling the world.

Our fight has always been with the central banks that were set up by the monarchs, kings and queens of Europe. They want ownership and control. They’re trying to get it by setting up surrogate banking institutions here.

Over the centuries every time there was an attempt to exploit us, our land and resources, we did our best to block it. When the hydro electric power was to be developed in northern Quebec, it was the Crees who stood up for the land. We are the legitimate owners and the land owns us. The bankers want to remove us and our title.

They’ve tried. The monarchs sent their priests here first. The colonial governments of the U.S. and Canada forced us to hand over our children to the churches. Then the pedophiles molested and destroyed them. They hoped to pass the submissive spirit down from generation to generation, submissive to their authority, to the Vatican, to the hierarchies and to the royalty in Europe. We were not supposed to fight back when they took our land and our lives.

Then the monarchs sent over their military and government apparatus. They put up false chiefs and political organizations to run the Indigenous nations. That’s falling by the wayside too.

They are having a hard time with those of us who did not go to residential schools and with the new generation of young Indigenous people. They want to send in the army to destroy those of us who escaped this indoctrination. At Six Nations they found out that our real authority is our traditional Confederacy Chiefs who represent the will of the people.

President Thomas Jefferson once said “There is scarcely a king (or would-be king) in a hundred who would not, if he could, follow the example of Pharoah – get first all the people’s money, then all their lands and then make them and their children servants forever”.

For more than 200 years these international banking families dominated the European scene after they established the Bank of England and other central banks in Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland. The Rothschilds dominated the banking scene as they do today. They created a banking system which controls every other banking system in the world.

All the gold and silver that the U.S. claims that backs the American dollar has disappeared. Today’s dollar is really counterfeit, worth about 4 cents.

The European Bankers always won. They reaped fortunes by financing the various nations in their wars against each other. They engineered conditions of despair so they can turn people into puppets. These nations were plundered, pillaged and bled dry by war debts to the bankers.

Where do the monarchs get their power from? Through their blood line. In Europe they are the “masters” of the people. Their elite are the bankers, business people, governments and academics. We have blood lines too. Our spokespeople become the “servants” of the people.

The kings and queens of Europe are the richest people in the world today. For example, the Royal family in Holland owns Shell Oil Company, the biggest multi national company in the world and has controlling shares in many other multinational corporations.

The monarchs and their multinational corporations would not hesitate to break up the U.S. and Canada, which they consider to be their colonial “band councils”.

How are they doing this? Europe has gained control over the colonial monetary system on Turtle Island.

The Federal Reserve System came into being when the Federal Reserve Act was by passed by Congress in 1913. The bankers were granted the right to create money out of nothing and to lend it to the U.S. government at interest. This usury system is backed by the courts and the police.

The problem for them on Turtle Island is that the Indian lands are immune from seizure. The banks are presently in the process of illegally removing that protection. Actually, all of Turtle Island is not theirs to seize. We never gave anybody jurisdiction over us or our land as required by international law.

Simply put, the creation of money is called the “banking reserve system”. In the past when the bank loaned out money, it had to have money in its vaults to cover the loan in case the cash had to be produced. The central banking system was created so that the individual banks would not need to have any deposits. The banks could write checks and create money with no backup money. If they needed any “liquid cash”, the central banks covered for them or printed more money.

What is “debt financing”? In their system the lender is always the “master” over the borrower. For example, to borrow money for a house or car, you go to the bank and put your house or car up as “collateral”. The bank lends you $100,000 for your house. Over the next 25 years you have to pay back the loan plus interest, which could be more than double what you borrowed. The bank never gave you any money. They just wrote checks for the amount you borrowed. If you can’t pay, the bank seizes your house which they sell for money.

Ordinary U.S. and Canadian citizens own very little. It all belongs to the banks which control the money supply. Everyone is in hawk to them. This is how the banks are gaining control over the whole world.

The governments and corporations have been putting up our land as collateral to borrow money from the financiers for their developments. We never surrendered any of it. This is fraud. They pretend to own it and everybody pretends along with them. Using threats of military violence on us if we protest, it’s theft and extortion.

Should the clan mothers, chiefs and the people lose our authority over Turtle Island, then the European kings and queens and their corporations will grab it through their surrogate banks and puppet governments in Ottawa and Washington.

The European monarchies have been unable to gain control over Turtle Island because we have no monarch sitting at the top of a hierarchy they can buy off. Even the non-natives don’t want a monarch.

Is this what the warfare is all about? Is this why there is such a big interest in the position of the Tadodarho? The bankers want to decide who shall be the Tadodarho and what he shall do for them.

Kahentinetha Horn
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