MNN. Nov. 13, 2007. It looks like the many former and current victims and their families were relieved that the atrocities of Thomas Delaronde, Mary Swamp and Laureen Delaronde of Ganienkeh have become public.

Thomas, Mary, Laureen and their ‘plotters’ allege that MNN committed “treason” by writing the facts and posting it in a place where the world can see it. What treason? The Great Law is about freedom of speech. This is suppressed in Ganienkeh. [ HISTORIC “GANIENKEH” – the attempted…. ]

MNN did not encourage a “takeover”. It called upon people to save an important project which should have grown and prospered into a model of Indigenous sovereignty and human rights. Instead it has been turned into a closed isolated cult-like camp of ‘mindless groupies’. Accusing MNN of advocating a “takeover” proves that Ganienkeh has become a private corporate enterprise of three conspirators and their paid worshippers.

Thomas, Mary and Laureen did not tell us why so many people left Ganienkeh. The excuse is that “not everyone could adapt to a life without running water, electricity, modern conveniences and the worries of not knowing what would happen next”. What about those who did adapt? Why did they leave?

Anyone who asked about accountability for projects and behavior were isolated and ignored. The questioners were made to feel unwanted. This neglect eventually filtered down to their children who left to save their children from scorn. These deliberate psychological abuses are violations of the entire philosophy of the Great Law.

In some instances so-called “seers” were consulted to create a type of “witch hunt” against these questioners. One person was singled out as practicing “bad medicine”. Spreading these false stories among their supporters was meant to create hatred and fear of this person. Eventually the grandchildren were infected with the same garbage. The family, relatives and grandchildren then had to leave.

The founders like Karoniaktajeh were adamant about keeping out superstitions such as “witchcraft and sorcery”. They condemned these practices as “mind control” strategies of the church and the government. When the “disciples”, Thomas, Mary and Laureen, were seen “blessing” the water in Ganienkeh, many questioned their “beliefs”.

Other atrocities include denying a young mother with a newborn baby firewood to heat her home in wintertime on direct orders from Thomas; denying access of a parent to see their child or be “shot” trying; belittling young married couples who were having marital problems; and young people succumbing to outside addictions such as drugs and alcohol being ostracized rather than helped, labeling them as “too much trouble”. These are all violations of the Great Law.

The Ganienkeh Indian Project was created so that Indigenous peoples could grow and develop to their fullest. We had to address all the issues that afflict our people. Ganienkeh was not meant to be the private estate of a few privileged “schemers”, Thomas, Mary and Laureen.

Those who stole money and property from Ganienkeh were often welcomed back without much scrutiny. These were often close associates and family members of Thomas, Mary and Laureen. Rather than punishing the guilty, often the friends or relatives of the “thieves” were beaten. Guilty by association!

A non-native professional employed in the community stole what was said to be over $1 million. He had gained the trust of the “social set” [Thomas, Mary and Laureen]. Investigators tracked him to Hawaii where he lives in luxury.

Viable projects were either deliberately failed and neglected or turned down. Agricultural projects that should not only feed but financially help the community fell by the wayside. Beef cattle were allowed to inbreed depleting the herd’s bloodline. Goat farming became a laughing stock. They were left un-milked for up to three days on a number of occasions.

Farming projects were mismanaged by the “clique” [Thomas, Mary and Laureen] who controlled the funding. Workers were expected to be productive using equipment that was obsolete 50 years ago. [Doesn’t this sound like Indian Affairs?] Requests for modern equipment to improve production went unheeded by the “gang of three”.

Other good projects were proposed such as canning, a bakery and a butcher shop. They were all ignored. It was easier to reap the windfall of cash from slots and cigarettes. It was too much trouble to create alternative and self-sufficient ways to carry the community through tough political times like illegal state and federal tax assessments on gas, gaming and cigarettes.

Workers began to neglect their responsibilities. If the “cabal” [Thomas, Mary and Laureen] didn’t seem too concerned about how things ran, then why should they, especially for their low wages and no benefits?

Many came to Ganienkeh from all across Turtle Island with nothing. They hoped to escape the oppression, destitution and despair of “reservation” and city life. Ganienkeh was a ray of hope. No drugs, no alcohol, no foreign laws to deny them their identity! They left behind a “black hole” they dreaded returning to. Consequently they had to tread lightly, fearing expulsion from Ganienkeh by the “junta”. Many grew tired of the rhetoric and seeing only a select few benefiting from everybody’s hard work. They left [of “their own free will”, as the “grand manipulators”, Thomas, Mary and Laureen, often said].

It’s true that a small minority was expelled for violating the Great Law. The vast majority left due to mistreatment, abuse, neglect and atrocities committed against them by these three who fancied themselves as ‘plantation slave owners’.

There were free thinking and knowledgeable people who came to help Ganienkeh, who thought it would benefit all Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island . They wanted to see the fulfillment of Karoniaktajeh’s idea of a national identity on the world stage for all true people to learn from. In the eyes of the “divine rulers”, such far-sighted people posed the biggest threat to their little empire. These “would-be string pullers” had to stop these generous people from helping.

When these “tyrants”, Thomas, Mary and Laureen, could not maneuver the Great Law for their own benefit, they descended to violence! No peace, power and righteousness here! Only blind rage, hate, jealousy, revenge, gossip, greed, threats and laziness! 8,000 to 10,000 people did not give up their voice. They were muted through fear and they had to leave.

Thomas, the leader of the “dictators”, often speaks of the “kawatsire”, family, as the foundation of the Great Law. Many of their own blood relatives want nothing to do with them. Why?

The trustees on the “ Turtle Island Trust” recently released a letter throwing their support behind Thomas Delaronde. They thanked him and his “henchwomen” for what they have done for Ganienkeh. One trustee is a close “personal” friend of Thomas. He refuses to be swayed in his support for this distorted and deformed-minded man. A few years ago when people who had “adapted” to the lack of modern conveniences were being pushed out, they paid a visit to him. They told him of Thomas, Mary and Laureen’s corruption. The trustee told them, “You’re upset now. You’ll get over it”.

In the early 90’s some Onondaga families asked Ganienkeh to help them reacquire land by using the Turtle Island Trust. They refused. It has become the toy of Thomas and his “sidekicks”, Mary and Laureen. No one else need apply.

The Grand Council of the Iroquois Confederacy sanctioned the establishment of Ganienkeh in 1974. The Confederacy has an obligation to see that this project continues its original intent, with the backing and support of the Mohawk people. Thomas and his “groupies” have stated that they will not recognize the Confederacy. Says the forked-tongued self-admirer, “There are no longer any true Onkwehonweh left. They all follow the Indian Act or federal Indian law”. This is not true!

Thomas, Mary and Laureen closed down the school. Almost $1 million worth of books, materials and manuscripts were destroyed or burned. Text books were sold for 25 cents each. They felt there was no need to educate the children on world history and current events. Just like some famous book burners in the past, their actions are not original. It’s popped into the minds of so many tyrants throughout history all around the world.

Ganienkeh is only 33 years old, still in its infancy stage. It’s prone to mistakes like any child. The other 8 Mohawk communities are “elders” by comparison. The Confederacy as a whole has a very mature mind.

Thomas and his “preschool dynasty” have become big spoiled brats. They come and go as they please. They answer to no one. They’re like those kids who murder their parents because they don’t want to be accountable for their actions.

It’s time for us to gather our minds among the roots of the great swamp elm and to counsel. Once again we must save this great project that can still be a model for other Indigenous nations to follow. Public problems require public debates. The only solution to this is through an open and transparent procedure as prescribed by the Great Law.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

poster: katenies