MNN.  Jan. 23, 2013.  It’s “Nazism”. [Operation Paperclip]. Harper and his criminals are trying to get away with genocide and the biggest theft in banking history, our “Indian Trust Fund”. With the help of his band councils and provincial and territorial organizations PTO, Prime Minister Harper is trying to assimilate us, terminate our rights and end our identity as the original people of Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island, as if we never existed.

Harper & corporate Indians in the same boat.

Harper & corporate Indians in the same boat.


His ‘tables’ will force us to terminate ourselves.  If we don’t agree, the table will be folded and taken away.  The PTOs think they will get piles money for helping him.  Advisory services will be picked out to bypass our defending our lives and stopping the theft of everything we have.  

"Elites" heading for their hideouts.

“Elites” fleeing to their hideouts.

Former Bank of Canada head, Mark Carney, is in London to complete the theft of our $3 trillion “Indian Trust Fund”.  Our funds are meant to prop up their banking fraud and top up the blood line system [apartheid].  

Indigenous title will be extinguished. Underlying title will be turned over to the provinces.  Like the “Trail of Tears”, we will be forcibly removed from our homelands, thrown out on the snow in the middle of winter, with our children and elders. To get our homes back, we will have to register with the provinces.   “Leaders” will b selected for us.  

The Indian Act is illegal. To be interpreted by Harper and his puppets.  Our communities will be turned into municipalities. We will be separated and individualized.  Our communal society will be made illegal and dismantled. 

The final nail is:  neutralize us; taxation; provinces to get jurisdiction of us and our properties; eliminate our communities; impoverish us economically; dismantle all legitimate agreements such as the Guswentha [Great Peace of Montreal 1701].  

Band councilors are major consplrators to the crime. Harper’s corporate Indians are going to help him terminate federal trust responsibility, reduce spending, shift us to the provinces and get rid of Indian Affairs that holds our money.  He wants to renew the abusive relationship, not to remove the tarnish from the chain.  

This is the US termination Act and Canadian 1969 White Paper rolled into one. It is paper theft to accelerate the genocide and get away with it in the eyes of the world, so international bankers can continue to steal our natural resources. 

We are still here.  We will stop the theft and extermination attempt. We are a part of Great Turtle Island and always will be. Paper cannot remove us or separate us from our Mother.  Electronics cannot snuff us out. We are still on our land and will not let one single thing leave. Herr Harper, you will not be able to remove one single stone, tree or drop of water, from your jail cell in Nuremburg!  

Harper & Atleo:  We were following orders to commit the genocide.

Harper & Atleo: We were just following orders to commit genocide.

“We’ll hold our heads up high as we move along, thinking with one mind, as we sing our song.  We’re glad to say, we say loud and clear, through all the sadness, we are still here.”   Thahoketoteh: We are still here

Read Russell Diabo: Harper Launches Termination Plan:  As Negotiation Tables Legitimize Canada’s Colonialism.  

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MNN. Jan. 16, 2013. Calling out from the earth to us Indigenous people are 150 million of our men, women, children and babies who were murdered by the white race for our lands. They are urging us to bring back natural law and order for the sake of the future generations, who are waiting to be released to us by our great Mother Earth.

Our ancestors are not gone, invisible, forgotten. We are here.

Our ancestors are not gone, invisible, forgotten. We are here.


The Canadian and US corporations are trying to find and punish “leaders” of the Idle No More movement.  Our ancestors in each of us are calling us. Even the plants and animals are waiting for us to hear them.  

Canada is vulnerable. All infra-structure is critical to transport our resources to international markets for their war program. This will end. The Corporation of the US is involved when their source of electricity, oil and gas are at stake. US Military Northern Command or NORTHCOM has already been given the green light through 911 treaty fraud to invade Canada at any time they deem fit.  

The circulation of our goods, resources and energy drives the war economy.  Our duty is to stop the war problem. Critical infrastructure is at our mercy.  Blockades are deadly to the economy.  Millions are employed in the theft of our natural resources.  All consultation for our resources is between industry and government, not with us. That is why the wars continue.  

Corporations tire of Indigenous protests. They want to deal directly with Harper’s corporate Indians who are willing to be paid off without consulting us, to have the guise of legality for their contracts. Our ancestors won’t allow that. We will stop genocide.  We the owners want a list of the shareholders of each corporation. Our ancestors direct that any involved in the genocide of our people will not be doing any business on Great Turtle Island.  

Corporate Chiefs and band councils are agents of the crown, who take an oath to the Queen of England. They are no longer in but out of the canoe.  

Canada holds $3 trillion of our Indian Trust Funds. The Queen and her family take a cut on everything that’s done in Canada. It is used to finance non-stop war and to kill us off.  The criminals responsible for the biggest holocaust in all humanity will be held accountable.  

Split of Indian Trust Money:  4% goes to the Vatican, international Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.  3% goes to the Mediating Group? 2% for the ASM?  1% to the eternal trust deposit forever.  The Queen signs this deal.   

Nothing can stop this awakening of our people.  We stand with nothing to lose.  The fight is ours to win. 

Faces coming from beneath the ground.

Faces coming to us.

As Robbie Robertson sings in “Ghost Dance”:  “Crazy Horse was a mystic, he knew the secret of the trance.  Sitting Bull, the great apostle of the ghost dance.   Come on, Commanche. Come on, Blackfoot.  Come on, Shoshone.  Come on, Cheyenne. We shall live again.  Come one, Arapahoe.  Come on, Cherokee.  Come on, Paiute.  Come on, Sioux.  We shall live again.”  Robbie Robertson: Ghost Dance


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MNN.  Jan. 4, 2013. Harper, take some food to Chief Theresa Spence now, she’s hungry!  Canada’s Prime Minister did not call in the Haudenosaunee or the traditional people.  He doesn’t want to hear the truth. 

Harper wants poverty in the midst of plenty.  So on January 11th he is calling in his band council puppets to tighten their strings inside a cozy warm meeting room.  Not outside next to Chief Spence’s wigwam. Harper’s worried because his subsidiary corporation, AFN, is screwing up his timeline for his genocide business plan.   

Harper's puppets

Harper’s puppets

Harper wants to change “Idle No More” to “Indian No More”.   It’s a PR nightmare for him, the Corporation of Canada and their bankster shareholders. He and his puppets have all taken an oath to the Queen of England.  They need ever more money to control us and stop our disobedience. 

bankster boss in City of London

bankster boss in City of London

His Indians won’t demand the re-negotiation of the Guswentha, or for us to govern our continent, or to relinquish their power.  They left the canoe and jumped onto the colonial ship.  All the buckskin and feathers won’t bring them back. Having one foot in each vessel is forbidden.  Their job was always to divide, conquer and continue the illusions.  They broke our laws of survival.  

We want nothing less than national liberation, freedom and independence! The bankers’ empire will be eliminated.  We call for their orderly withdrawal from Great Turtle Island. The Two Row Wampum/Guswentha of June 25, 1701 gave the settlers the right to live here in peace.  This was breached.  Now they are squatters and have to legalize their presence here. 

Every dictatorship has to end.  No more plundering and murdering of innocent people, with the help of their artificial Indians. 

PM Harper & Chief Atleo of AFN

PM Harper & Chief Atleo of AFN

Canada knows their Indigenous landlords are ungovernable. They are threatened by our forthcoming independence on our own land. They don’t want us to be of one mind.  That will eliminate war. To protect their lie, they need another false flag to give themselves a reason to arrest us, suppress our human rights and freedom of speech and call us “terrorists”.

Our job is to carry the burden of peace. We won’t use bombs, burn buildings, cut electricity, sever transportation and lights, erect razor wire, fly over with choppers and jets, stab children as they did to us at Oka in 1990.  [See “Acts of Defiance” on MNN homepage]. 

We will be recognized as a sovereign state by the community of nations. Canada will hand over responsibility for foreign relations, security and immigration immediately to us, as was agreed in the Guswentha.   

Resistance is only beginning.  Our beloved land will be free and independent forever, as she was always meant to be.  We will be respected by every nation in the world for the great people we’ve always been.  We will take our proper place at the table of nations. No longer will the occupiers usurp our right to rule.   We will end the theft of our vast lands, our freedom and stop the unimaginable suffering of our peoples.  Only true indigenous thinking will bring us peace. 

As Robbie Robertson sang:  “In circles we gather.  Moonlight fires are healing, taking us back, just make us go back.  Beating hearts as one, you’re in Indian country.  This is Indian country”. Robbie Roberson:Stomp Dance

Women stomping out foreigners

Women stomping out foreigners

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MNN: Mohawk John Kane urges Chief Spence to halt fast


MNN.  Jan. 2, 2013.  Kane of Native Pride told MNN that he is urging Chief Spence to halt her fast out of concern for her life.

Kane says, “the ‘nation to nation’ relationship is a white man’s concept and urges Chief Spence to halt her ‘suicide mission’.  Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence said,“First Nations leadership need to take charge and control of the situation on behalf of the grassroots movement. We need to re-ignite that nation-to-nation relationship based on our inherent and constitutionally protected rights as a sovereign nation. We are demanding our rightful place back, here in our homelands, that we all call Canada.”

native pride

“I could not disagree more. I have listened to this bullshit about “nation-to-nation” relationships all my life. Our sovereignty is not vested in someone’s idea of what a “nation” is. Our sovereignty is a birthright; it comes from Creation. It is our right and authority to carry ourselves. This notion of nationhood came from the white man. So did the idea of individuals vested with power over their people. Our sovereignty is not vested in some man-made institution, a band chief, first nation, federally recognized leader or anyone else. It is an individual right, power and responsibility. None of the words we use to describe ourselves translate to anything close to “nations”. We are simply the People.

Theresa Spence is no more a nation than the smallest child stomping out a round dance. Those that claim to be the “First Nations leadership” should settle in behind and among the people and stop trying to be what the white man created. This bogus leadership is the reason the people will be Idle No More.

My message to Ms. Spence is to grab a sandwich and stand with your people. A thirty day attempted suicide makes a sensational story and draws plenty of sympathy but it undermines what the people are rising up for. No one individual is the face of this movement and no individual act symbolizes the movement or passion. For any of these “leaders” to now claim to be “Idle No More” only begs the question as to why the hell they have been idle till now. The sovereignty and power is in the people.

Ms. Spence still seems to be missing the point. A request for Idle No More leadership to join with the chiefs reflects a lack of understanding. It is those who have sat separate and above their people that need to stand among them. … join the people. Glorification of such an act is the last thing our young people need.

John Kane, Mohawk, is radio host of Let’s Talk Native Pride






MNN.  JAN. 1, 2013.  Corporate band and tribal councils are falling.  A new day is coming.  Out with individualism.  In with collectivism.  The fraudulent corporations of Canada and the United States of America are duly put on notice that you will be soon dissolved. Your shareholders will be liable for all their crimes.  The strategy of corruption, deceit and death through their band and tribal council apparatus is over.  They are all going down.  There will no longer be a means to apply the genocide program on us and everyone else in the world through this fraudulent corporate business plan.sun never    

The band councils job is to help Canada and US kill us, destroy us, buy us and make us give in. Through them we have been attacked militarily, politically, socially and ideologically. Illegal orders violating their own corporate constitutions, to totally exterminate us physically and psychologically, have never been rescinded. The Appropriations Act of l871 and the Indian Act of 1876 are illegal corporate by-laws.  Because traditional truths were passed to us by our elders, we are still here.  [Sun never sets on Indigenous people].sunlilght    

If Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat dies of hunger, it’s the symbolic death of these councils.  Harper and Obama rely on them to control us, our land and resources. When they fall, so do their parent Corporations, Canada and the US.    

We shall reclaim Great Turtle Island.  No more divide and conquer. Honest people here and the world know we are the land and resource owners.  Stealing from us to enrichment themselves is going to stop. Government prison guards patrolling the community cell blocks are sell-out Indian and paramilitary police. Any advance by them is an act of war.     

We will protect our communities, improve our living conditions and bring peace to everyone.  We are not the enemies or rivals. We did not commit the frauds and attacks that caused centuries of suffering to us and our Mother Earth.  Our visitors are welcome to live under the protection of the Guswentha and the Great Law, where our protection comes from.  They must come to one mind with us on the original agreements allowing them to live on Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island. 

The great natural power designed our ways to give us our instructions, energy and courage.  We will set things right without military weapons, death or destruction.   

Our Mother wants us to remove you corporate bloodsuckers.   You can leave with what you came with.  Nothing!

As Wilie Nelson and others sang, “Turn out the lights, the party’s over.  They say that all good things must end.  Let’s call it a night. The party’s over”. partys over



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MNN.  Dec. 30, 2012.
Our Mother Earth is instructing us to protect her from corporate Canada’s murder and rape. 
The “Idle No More” movement to stop Omnibus Bill C-45 is gaining worldwide momentum.  They too are listening to our Mother.

earthCanada’s chief financial officer, Jim Flaherty and CEO Prime Minister ‘Pudge” Harper have illegally signed the equivalent of the “Enabling Act” of 1933 that brought Hitler to power. [Below].

enazblingC-45 removes indigenous people and takes our land and resources to establish a dictatorship of the bankers.  Parliament provides the illusion of freedom to the masses.  Their band councils in our communities are being staffed or trained by “Nazi” agents. Distress and crisis are being created to declare martial law.  Arrests, torture and death are here.  Our concentration camps called reserves are under strict surveillance and control [Indian agents]. 

Non-Natives can steal our land through a legislated voting fraud set up by this illegal bill.  Funds for education, health and other essential services will be dissolved.  Everything is being transferred to provinces that have no responsibility for us.  Our education funds will go to non-native schools to assimilate and brainwash our children.  

Our constant marches and flash mobs are alarming Harper’s banker bosses in the City of London.   

We are all victims. When the masses turn their backs on the genocide, they are complicit in it.  Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat has been driven to this point of desperation where she may soon die of hunger. She could ask the Indian Act band councils to step down and forego their obedience to their colonial masters, or be banished from our communities to live with their corporate puppeteers. 

These well paid traitors and liars are helping our enemies try to tear us apart. Close them down!  Let our people go! Our law provides that their voices and that of their children are never to be heard from again.  As Chief Seattle said in 1896, “Man did not weave the web of life, is but a mere strand.  Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself”.  

The real revolution is spirit evolution.  To start it we must respect each other, other nations and all creation to bring peace and harmony to us and the world.   

Canada controls our stolen funds.  We won’t take up arms.  Flash mobs can appear on highways, railways, rivers, canals, at the headquarters of the multinational corporations that steal our natural gas, oil, minerals, logging and creates infrastructures to rape our Mother.  

As Karonhiaktajeh said, “People with fighting spirit shall not become casualties of psychological warfare”.  

When the Men declare martial law in our communities, our traditional fire will be rekindled.  The Great Law of Peace is our natural way.  Not artificial like banks and corporations.  We will be equal in voice and authority, to defend every member nation. Our Mother’s resources shall be shared fairly.  The foreign corporation of Canada will be dissolved and everything will be returned to us. 

The deplorable inhuman conditions in our communities will be removed.  May the superior, dedicated and good minds come forward.  If they don’t standup, who will?  Our supporters will not be inconvenienced.  We need you.   

We will stand the tree back up for all to see, that true peace still exists here. There will be one more war on Great Turtle Island, the people against the bankers.  No children will be bombed.  The attack of the predator bankers will be repelled.  

homelandOur Mother is pushing us to rise up.  We defend and thank her.  Harper, our death knell can never be sounded.  

Jimi Hendrix predicted Earth changing times in the song, “Up from the Skies”:  “So where do I purchase my ticket.  I’d just like to have a ringside seat.  I wanna know about the new Mother Earth.  I want to hear and see everything.  I want to hear and see everything.  I want to hear and see everything.  Yeah!”   

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MNN.   MAR. 31, 2012.  “Give me your tired, poor, huddled masses and immigrant entrepreneurs yearning to get rich exploiting the Indigenous people”.  The original burglars that came to Great Turtle Island are inviting more burglars into our house.  Where have we seen this before?
At our expense colonial Canada is enticing more aliens to come and kill and trample the original owners of this land.  They arrive with nothing but the dirt under their fingers nails.  They will be given jobs, housing, family sponsorship, health care, school tuition, pensions, maybe a car or transit pass.
We can’t even dream of this for ourselves!  Our education, living standards and opportunities are getting worse by the minute.  Many of us will keep living in barely furnished, windowless, door-less and barely heated houses in the frozen north.  The teachers, DeBeers and other multinational workers will live nearby in mansions provided by government and corporations that are gouging our minerals and piping away our water and oil.  They want us out of our communities into urban ghettoes.  They can’t stand the sight of us landowners, except as Calgary Stampede type tourist attractions.
Prime Minister Harper invited the Irish and others to come and squat with him.  These rootless hordes have demolished their own nest and think they can start all over again on someone else’s natural habitat.   Many are being welcomed in Toronto with open arms, where they don’t have to speak French.
We’ve helped these incompetents before.  Where did it get us?  The Irish potato came from the Indigenous people of the Andean Mountains in South America.  The Irish were dying out.  The Spanish took it to Europe in the 1500s.  From 1845 to 1851 the Irish were being starved in a fight over ideology.  The poor Choctaw Indigenous people gathered $710 and sent it to help them out.
One and a half million fled to Great Turtle Island.  Half died on the floating diseased-infested rotten boats.  They escaped a manmade calamity of corrupt politics, ignorance, suppression and poverty.  What else is new in Ireland?  They landed and helped themselves to our possessions.  They’re swarming over here again.  Why do we have to support these have-nots from Europe or anywhere?  At least the Chinese land here already rich, for the most part.
We are getting hit again with these drop-outs who have no allegiance to their own country, just money.  Their greed let the EU set them up for a fall.  These avaricious people should stay home and fix up their mess.  We land owners don’t want another load of discarded people dropped on us.
Who is opening our door to these people?  Canada and US can’t even take care of those who are already here.  Taxpayers, who live off our resources, are being burdened with cutbacks, medicare, social assistance, failing infrastructure, unemployment and collapse of the economy.  The rulers think there are too many people of color here.    So they are bringing them in to keep power in the hands of the white people or their token nominees.   They are bringing in people to fight the Indian land owners.
We get nothing from this occupation.  The carpetbaggers have willfully stopped us from having an economy. By design, we will get even less.  We want our possessions.
We remind the Irish:  “It’s a long way from Tipperary.  It’s a long way to go….”    And, “Indian eyes are not smiling”.  So jig your way out of here, back to your Emerald Island!
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MNN.  Feb. 21, 2012.  For over 400 years the Vatican, Europe, Britain, Africa and other nations have used Great Turtle island and beyond as the dumping ground for their undesirables.  Through deliberate betrayal and extermination, over 300 million Indigenous became less than 10 million within two generations.  The worst holocaust on earth is still not talked about.

Mathew Kristin Kiel [Reaping the Genetic Whirlwinds] writes that these crimes were to satisfy the lusts of the invaders and their descendants for our sacred land and possessions.

Millions were off-loaded here, Canada, Australia and other Commonwealth nations:  their psychopaths, bastard nobility, unwanted royal sons who were greedy, arrogant and ruthless, violent inmates from prisons and workhouses, flop houses, brothels, thieves, con-artists, ne’do’wells, their unfit and uncivilized. [We apologize if we missed anybody.]

Many psychopaths stayed behind to pull the strings.

African-Americans, they owe you!  The white slave traders profited.  The Black African royalty, village chiefs, elders, warrior societies, shamans and religious leaders did the dirty work.  [Like the colonial Indian tribal and band councils here.] They rounded up their people in exchange for money and weapons to become filthy rich.  They became the rulers and leaders of African society.  Today they sit in the UN [International Department of Indian Affairs] and decide everybody’s fate.  They never stopped the oppression and abuse by the European American psychopaths.

Well, British, French, Dutch, Spanish and others, we survivors have a message for you.

The US junta is your fully-grown ugly, unwanted, dangerous, diseased stepchild.

Their direct descendants are now the wealthy powerful elite rulers of the US and the globe.  Their war economy threatens wholesale annihilation of all, from which Europeans are benefitting.

You profited from the rape, pillage and genocide of our sacred lands, nations and peoples.  Stop your evil spoiled brats.  They need more than a good spanking.

According to WHO, you have the highest rate of sociopathic and psychopathic disorders of any race in the world.  We noticed that right from the beginning.

Take your great-grandchildren home.  Or you will realize your worst fears, “We shall be cast down from whence we came for all eternity”.  Everyone knows that children will follow your example instead of your words.

These great-grandchildren are born of your genetics with human ills inflicted on us to fester like a cancer.

The bills have come due for past and present crimes against humanity.  These must paid until we are satisfied.

Santana sang:  “You’ve got to change your evil ways, baby, before I stop loving you…  and every word I say is true.  You’ve got me running and hiding all over town.  You’ve got me sneaking and peeping and running you down.  This can’t go on.  No, no.  Lord knows you’ve got to change.”




MNN.  Feb. 10, 2012.  What is white culture?  To steal everything the brown and black people have and pretend it’s theirs?  Should failed states and gluttonous culture continue to be forced on us?

Bankers and rulers see our population growth as dangerous to their security? Because they murdered so many of us and now we are coming back!  What are their new plans?

Prince Philip, leader of the World Wildlife Foundation said, “If I were reincarnated, I would return as a killer virus to lower the human population”.  Be careful what you wish for, Phil.  You’ll be returning to England.  Celts will take care of you, you Goethe Nazi.

Mark Steyn in America Alone said, “If you can’t out-breed them, cull them!”.  As they sip their tea, “When will the great culling start, dahling?”.

Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood and the Eugenics Society in 1922 said, “Those who should never have been born should not be maintained”.  The elites want to continue breeding with each other to create idiots who spout such stupidity.

They fear genocide and elimination of their genetic property, even though they still need cheap labor.  Elites are white and ageing.  Careful breeding will be needed to maintain their white ruling bloodline, like sperm banks to force mixed race couples to have white children!

Race problem is being solved by blacks, browns and yellows pouring into their states, where whites are being beiged out.

Whites have the least melanin in their genes.  Other peoples, plants and animals have melanin and relate to each other naturally.  The whites may return to Europe to live among each other, which is becoming an Arctic-type wasteland.

They are crying about becoming victims, trying to make us feel guilty for them.  They need to study REAL victimology.

Between 2000 and 2010 only one out of 10 births in US were white.  90% were Indigenous, Black and Asian.

They claim Black men having sex with white women is sexual aggression.  Why?  Because they killed and raped us when they arrived?

They worry about what will happen to the world when they can’t keep an eye on things.  It will improve!

What happens to the bankers in London?  US is unreliable and unstable economically.  China is implementing a barter system with Iran and other countries, oil for Chinese products.  The UN wants control because they’re losing money worldwide.

International investors are using other currencies.  What happened to all those Ameros they sent to China six years ago?  [].

People of pallor worship death.  In the US political system, as roads crumble, schools close, quality of life collapses, they focus on war and killing.  They love it, are entranced by it, glory in it.  The more horrible, the more orgasmic!

Their morbid fascination with death is fanatical.  Leaders long for the Middle ages to make torture legal and offer our children as living blood sacrifices to their cult.

Indigenous always found native languages and stories provided an understanding of human behavior.

A common Indigenous story is that the brown, black and yellow people were made of clay.  The white race was made from the foam that washed upon the shores. It stayed a while, disappeared as the sun beat down on it and then shrivelled away.

Nature purges what is out of balance.

We must get back to being real human beings, ongwehonwe, who have a normal relationship with the land.

The white race is getting bored, losing their spark of life and withering away, reminding us of the Procol Harum song:  “That her face at first just ghostly, turned a whiter shade of pale.”

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MNN.  Jan. 31, 2012.  “The future ain’t what it used to be” [Yogi Berra].

White bankers being the bosses of the world is coming to an end. Their control and theft of Indigenous resources is over.  Their fortunes are declining.

Salaries, social programs, benefits and pensions are being cut back.  US elders, you may not see your pension until you are over 67 or more, if ever.  Cost of living keeps climbing.

Signs of hysteria!  New private prisons for those who don’t fall into line.  New super duper fighter jets grace the bigger military.  [A temporary fix.]

As Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in effect said in Davos Switzerland, “If we don’t put our act together, we’re in deep doo-doo.  Europe and the West are not important anymore. [They’re going broke and lost their slaves.] Third world peoples have to do all the work cheaply and provide the resources to us. China is bigger.  We have to push emerging economies into debt to us.  We’ll just keep throwing paper money at them!”  [Sounds like a quick fix!]

Indigenous have to be brought into line.  White supremacists oppressing people of color is in peril.

The white race is being absorbed out of existence. In 2023 majority of 18 and under will be people of color in  US and Canada, becoming a majority in 2042, or sooner.

Western nations will become third world countries.  What will it mean to be white?  No one seems to want to preserve them.  They’re not steeped in any cool culture that we want.  They’ve tried to destroy the world for the rest of us.

Four suggested scenarios.

1.  White minority remains in charge.  Bankers continue to rule everybody, keep stealing and pocketing.  US remains the West’s attack dog.

2.  Indigenous majority.  White minority.  Token whites created.  Opportunists claim white grandmother to get jobs and scholarships meant for white minorities.  Every child required to read, “Vanishing Whites”.

3.  Mostly Indigenous. Hardly any whites, who voluntarily set up Department of White Affairs to run their closed communities.  Create white culture villages [‘Touristans’] to show that once upon a time many white people lived on and dominated Great Turtle Island.  Many white volunteers for us to study. Some return to their homeland and find them taken over by people of color.

4.  Remaining Western countries with ‘chihuahua’ military.  We give humanitarian aid and condoms.  They try to continue white supremacy and divide and conquer tactics on their own people.  They don’t know what peace is.

According to an old Indigenous story, a frog was about to cross a river.  A poisonous brown spider asked if he could ride on his back.  The frog said, “No, you’ll bite and kill me”.  The spider said, “I won’t because then we’ll both die”.  The frog said, “Okay”.  As they crossed, the spider bit and poisoned the frog, who asked, “Why?  Now we’re both drowning?”  The spider replied, “Because it’s my nature.”

As our people saw in the beginning, it may be the invaders’ nature, tehotate’wara:ke, to [metaphorically] eat each other’s flesh.

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