MNN. Mar. 8, 2008. After being kidnapped, suffering unimaginable abuse in Guantanmo Bay, Egypt, Syria and in torture chambers in Israel, his “Wholyness” the Red-X has emerged from captivity without a bruise. His captors wanted him to reveal the secret of how Indigenous peoples continue to resist the so-called “new world order” and the “war on terror. They could never penetrate his infinite “Indigenality”. He mounted the silver bird and returned to his mountain cave where the sun never sleeps and the stars always shine to contemplate the state of the world. Once again his infinite “sageocity” illuminated the portals of MNN.

His Eternal Magnificence, the Great Red-X, reminded us that “As the keepers of the first light of the east”, the Mohawks have the duty to protect Turtle Island. Our iron workers helped build the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. We are compelled to seek the truth about the demolition of the Twin Towers and Building #7 on September 11, 2001. This is what we know”.

The “Warriors of the 4th Dimension” were able to deconstruct the circumstances around 911. It was a “false flag” operation designed by the international banking cartel and its military and political affiliates to perpetuate their “war that will never end in our lifetime”.

The “War Chief of the 4th Dimension” revealed to the Great Red-X that, “Our Warrior Council omni witnessed the corporate boardrooms and bedrooms of those who control terrestrial affairs. They invisibly viewed and overheard the discussions on creating a one world government based on fascism, martial law and prostitution. As David Rockefeller once said, “All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the new world order.” Could it be that the capture of Eliot Spitzer in “fragrant delicto” marks the dawn of the new world order? Also, Mayer Rothschild, private banker, said, “Give me control of a nation’s money supply and I care not who makes its laws”.

Their hurry to establish this diabolical system for the “stranglification” of the masses reveals their irrational fear of the return of the Kaianereh’ko:wa, the Great Law. It ordered Turtle Island before the great confusion caused when some Europeans got lost and washed up on our shores. The return of the Kaianerehkowa will herald a time of equality, where everyone has a voice, genuine democracy and peace. It will wipe out war, poverty and tyranny. True democratic principles such as the 2/3 vote, women’s equality and people’s referenda will underlie decision making. This is causing the oligarchs to shake in their Gucci boots and sweat blood into their Armani arm pits.

The misleading motto spun by the oligarchs is “fighting worldwide terrorism” which really means the unleashing of all-out martial law on the “North American Union”. Saber rattling against Iran suggests an invasion and a dirty bomb could be unleashed to create a second “911” in the U.S.

Six weeks before the Twin Towers came down, the omni Warriors saw many people affiliated with the current U.S. administration and Federal Reserve Bank discussing how to benefit from what are called “put option stocks”. This is when Wall Street traders bet on whether a company will prosper or fail within a six week period. If it doesn’t fail, Trader A pays Trader B the amount of the bet. If it falls, Trader B pays Trader A one hundred times the amount of the bet.

As sensed by the Warriors, the traders bet “put option stocks” on the following 38 companies:

1)Merrill Lynch; 2)AMR; 3)American Express; 4)American International Group; 5)AFA SA; 6)Bank of America; 7)Bank of New York; (8)Bank 1 Corp.; 9)Bear Stearns; 10)Boeing; 11)Carnival; 12)Chubb; 13)Cigna; 14)Citigroup; 15)Can Financial; 16)Continental Airlines; 17)l3 Communications Holding; 18)Lehman Brothers Holdings; 19)Lockheed Martin; 20)Lone Star Technologies; 21)LTV Corp.; 22)Delta Airlines; 23)General Motors; 24)Hercules; 25)Marsh & McLennan Coso; 26)Metlife; 27)Morgan Stanley Dean Witter; 28)Northwest Airlines; 29)Progressivecorp; 30)Raytheon Corp [makes drone missiles]; 31)Royal Caribbean Cruises; 32)Royal Sun Alliance; 33)Southwest Airlines; 34)United Airlines; 35)U.S. Airways; 36)Vornado Realty Trust; 37)W.R. Grace and Co.; and 38)X.L. Capital.

The traders who bet they would fall reaped huge windfalls and the companies got insurance after 911.

The U.S. Securities Exchange Commission had the control list. They refused to release it. It was accidentally released to the Canadian Security Exchange Commission shortly after 911. Ian Mulgrew, writer for the Vancouver Sun, put the list in an article on February 23, 2002. It was almost immediately taken off the internet.

Fortunately, the Red-X telepathically stimulated the intuition of earthly Warrior, Splitting-the-Sky. He diligently hand wrote the list from the internet and put it on his fridge right away. Another article came into his realm. Bill Bergman was working for the Chicago “Federal Reserve” and was fired after investigating the suspicious “put option stocks”. Splitting-the-Sky, being the brilliant researching Mohawk that he is, thought, “Why was he fired for looking into these “prophets of death” stocks?

He was driven to google “who owns the Federal Reserve?” To his amazement, a list appeared that included two prominent banker families, Lord Rothschild of the Bank of England and David Rockefeller of Chase Manhattan. He saw that many of the 38 corporations that went down were on the Federal Reserve list. Trillions of dollars were made at the expense of over 3000 lives lost in the Twin Towers, hundreds of thousands of soldiers and people killed in Iraq and Afganistan and still counting.

The Red-X mused, “What is the real story? 19 Saudis flying planes into those buildings and diesel fuel melting the steel just doesn’t cut it!”

The Towers were an asbestos bombshell. Like many built in the 1970s, they were constructed with vast quantities of cancer causing asbestos. Law suits were imminent. Removing it would cost possibly as much as the value of the buildings. It would be cheaper to set demolition explosives and blow the place apart, either accidentally or as a terrorist act. The insurance and put option stocks could then be collected by the traders and the companies.

In January 2001 Larry Silverstein made a $2.3 billion bid for the World Trade Center. On July 24 the New York Port Authority accepted the offer. Silverstein took out an insurance policy that covered “terrorist attacks”!! When the Towers came down, Silverstein was awarded almost $5 billion from 9 different insurance companies, with the help of Elliott Spitzer. It was heard that vigilant Larry also took out insurance on the Sears Building in Chicago. So Watch out!

StrataJet was in the Towers weeks before 911, which could have been enough time to wire up the building. Closing a number of the floors for weeks at a time was called “upgrading”. George Bush’s brother, Marvin, headed StrataJet Security, held the two year security contract on the Towers which conveniently ended on September 11, 2001. After that there was nothing to secure.

The Warriors of the 4th Dimension decided to put the spot light on the NYC rats. The Mayor, Rudy Guiliani, had a bunker on the 23rd floor of the World Trade Center #7 Building. Red-X was not surprised to learn that this building went down with all kinds of CIA, Department of Defense and SEC records of 30 to 40 money laundering cases.

The video, “Loose Change” claims remote controlled cruise missiles were fired into those buildings just before the nose of the planes hit the buildings. This caused people to look up into the sky while the real destruction was being done at the bottom of the building. Left were pools of molten steel that smoldered for months.

The warriors of the 4th dimension have been wondering if it was possible that a hydrogen bomb was used to destroy those buildings. Witnesses saw squibs of smoke projecting outwards from each floor that was blown up. Millions of degrees of heat were generated that exploded upwards which vaporized everything in its upward journey. No bodies, no computers, no desks, no cement.

Everything was pulverized into a hot white fine powder.

The War Council of the 4th Dimension heard how easy it would be to set up explosives on every 4th floor. When detonated by thermite by remote control, the steel would be severed into 34 ft. pieces. This would make it easier to pick up and haul away. Guiliani did not allow an independent investigation of the area. Apparently the metal was hauled to China and Asia and melted down and made into war ships.

The Mohawks can never rest until the full story is told. What do you think? There has to be a reason why the Great Red-X was captured and tortured for so long! Is it sheer malevolence or was there something else to it?

Kahentinetha Horn

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See the “Prophets of Death” by Tom Flocco;

Michael Rupert: “Crossing the Rubicon”;

“Who Owns the Federal Reserve?”; and

“Loose Change”; “End Game”; Zeitgiest”:

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