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MNN. March 29, 2008. Our Haudenosaunee Territory is now infested with paper “Algonquins” and virtual “Algonquin” communities created by “Mother” Joan “Ho”lmes. She is the darling researcher, registrar, genealogist, membership clerk, judge, jury and would-be executioner of our nationality. She is the “gun for hire” by Canada or anybody that wants to become or create paper mache “Indians”. We understand she receives a large sum of money for each Indian she signs up. If the real Indigenous at Ardoch or Sharbot Lake want an Algonquin identity, according to our ways, they have to live on Algonquin land.

Mother Joan has also been known to write fake history about the Haudenosaunee that Canada uses to try to settle their phony claims to our land. She’s been hired to write the phony history of the Mohawks of Kanehsatake, Kahnawake, Akwesasne, Tyendinaga and Wahta. She even helped convince the ignorant Kanawake band council that our land was given to us by Louis XIV!!!

We are a bigger industry for these gangsters than General Motors! In the syndicates they set up, all the top jobs go to “non-natives” except for the figurehead, like Ellen Gabriel, who gets brought out for photo ops. She does not legally represent us. Only members of her organization vote for her. It’s like saying the head of the women’s auxiliary of the church represents all Canadian women.

Those Algonquin “Nohawks” who don’t follow the party line are called NLA, “No Longer Active”. We are informed that Mother Joan creates “Indians” with a five year expiry date. Is “nationality” like a driver’s permit! It looks sillier and sillier all the time. Right now about 20 people have up-to-date licenses and run the whole show. This gives them access to lots of money. They also have a “chief-in-training” who gets voted in by those few “Nohawks” who have active status. Mother Joan needs 125 virtual Algonquins for each community to be able to “conduct business” called “joint ventures”, which are run by non-native shell companies, like Coreshellgroup.

According to reports of witnesses who were in court, Judge Cunningham issued an order that the “Algonquins” cannot “speak directly or indirectly to anyone who they believe could be or is in contact with the Mohawks”!! How did this guy graduate from law school? They could get six months in jail for violating this order. How do they plan to monitor it? The Sharbot Lake “Nohawks” agreed to this condition. It apparently was requested by Neil Smitherman, the ambulance chaser [lawyer] for the uranium mining companies, Frontenac Ventures Corporation and Platinex, who want to mine in the area. An ambulance chaser for “Ardoch Algonquins”, consented to this decree. How can a court be making orders like this? It seems like they think they can do anything they want, that the law is something they can dictate.

In the meantime, Doreen “Wishbone” Davis, another “Nohawk”, is running a cigarette shop on Silver Lake, with Unity and Confederacy flags flying out front. The non-native girl working there said that the RCMP gave Doreen permission to run her store. The land is leased by a native guy from a non-native. This is not sovereignty.

The colonial perpetrators are panicking to cover-up their fraud and questionable activities. This whole scam needs to be investigated by the RCMP fraud squad and the Auditor General of Canada. They think their Shakspearean tragedy is still running, but it’s over. We’re hanging on to our vegetables that we should be throwing at these corrupt actors.

This order sounds like a prototype of the kind of controls that the colonists will try to put on the “real” Indigenous who stand up to the frauds being committed by the corporations, mining companies and colonial governments and their agencies.

We took over the Thurlow Aggregates Quarry in March 2007, to protest an age old robbery and injustice over the illegal infringement on our land without our informed consent. It is a clear violation of our authority and international law. At first the band council supported us. Then Julian “Who-was-born-in-Italy-and-thinks-he-knows-how-to-run-a-banana-republic-like-Canada” Fantino met with the Tyendinaga band councilors, Donald R. Maracle, Roy Brant, Trevor Lewis, Barry Brant and Blayne Loft. They denounced us and went to other communities and corrupted them against us.

Last April 2007 the Mohawks of Tyendinaga demonstrated on the CN Railway tracks. The trains between Montreal and Toronto were shut down for 20 hours. A Mohawk woman met with the Commissioner of the OPP, Julian Fantino. He asked her to try to get them off the rail line or “he would kill them”. They went through the police lines to speak to the demonstrators. The police pointed their weapons at the men, women and children.

Last July 2007 Randy Cota of the Ardoch “Nohawks” asked our people to go up to help them. Our men felt something was eerie about it. They went up and were alarmed when they saw the Ontario Provincial Police involved at the protest site. Cota forgot to tell our people that he was an OPP officer. It was almost like the Mohawks were being set up for an ambush by the OPP bush-wackers. There were no Indians locally, only the settlers all dressed up in their Ralph Lauren cottage wear. Something did not add up. They decided to get out. Since then these “Nohawks” have treated us with disdain.

Fantino publicly said last June 29, 2007, on the “Day of Protest”, “We want a peaceful day”. Behind the scenes he had lined up APCs, tanks, soldiers and paramilitary. He had everything ready to wipe us out.

CBC’s “The Current” got some handwritten notes by OPP officers on how Commissioner Fantino planned to raid the Mohawk demonstrators on the night of June 28 on Highway 401, Highway 2 and the CN Rail line. Actually, nothing was blocked. As promised the Mohawks removed their peaceful demonstration on June 29th. Shawn Brant turned himself in for “mischief”. The notes described how Fantino brought in the TRU Tactical Rescue Unit, SWAT team, Emergency Response and the Riot Squad along with police choppers and aircraft to watch the Mohawks. Even though nothing was going on, Itchy Fingers Fantino gave the site commander, Carson Pardy, the final call to go in, which they did not.

Mandy Smart of Tyendinaga said she saw the heavily armed OPP gathering in the area. The OPP wanted to use force. When she met with Fantino, he warned her that if the Mohawks did not leave by 6 a.m. on June 29th, there would be an attack. “He did not care if the men, women and children were behind those lines.” CN Rail which runs through disputed Mohawk land, suspended rail traffic between Montreal and Toronto for the day.

Last Monday, March 24th 2008, Shawn Brant went to court. Randy Cota has been trying to help make Shawn out to be the leader at Tyendinaga. On March 18th Cota forwarded a message to Shawn Brant from his OPP colleague, Nathan Leland. Leland had sent a memo to his operatives [JUS] to watch a video on Shawn Brant entitled, “Why has he not been arrested for terrorism?” It came from caledoniawakeupcall, a racist anti-Iroquois site run by one of their operatives, Gary Mchale.

Shawn Brant has been told that if he does not accept a plea deal of 12 years for “blocking” the railroad and the Trans Canada highway, they will put him away for 90 years. [ocap@tao.ca 416-925-6939]

We’re beginning to think it’s time for us to clean up our communities of these outside influences. It looks like this is what’s happening. We all want a clean peaceful community.

Kahentinetha Horn, MNN Mohawk Nation News

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