MNN. FEB. 12, 2011. The US government is going to issue treasury certificates or vouchers in place of dollars. The new currency will not be backed by gold. It will be backed by local resources, labor and services of the people. That’s why international bankers are currently putting a value on the world’s assets for the coming global takeover.

The multi nationals and the colonial corporations of “Canada” and “US” are run by the international bankers. They have to bypass us in order to steal our resources on the way to owning everything.

Our Indigenous resources worldwide will be the standard and we are not being asked or getting any benefits. We have the duty to resist this theft and destruction.

For example, the Toronto and London Stock Exchanges are being merged to carry out this theft and sale of Indigenous resources to enrich the European oligarchs. Toronto will be selling our mining, oil and gas. “We are becoming a growing resource power in a resource hungry world that everybody wants a piece of” [Financial Post FP3 Feb. 10/11]. The new stock exchange will be run and controlled from Europe.

This happened before. After World War I Germany suffered total economic destruction. Governments could not issue their own currency. The global bankers issued money, using gold as the asset. Gold was owned by secret private international banking cartels, like the Federal Reserve and Federal Bank of Europe.

The Reich bank and 150 other private banks in Germany printed money for mass borrowing at high interest rates. This created high prices. The German mark became worthless. Peoples’ savings and businesses were wiped out. Private banks grabbed their properties.

In 1933 the National Socialists came to power. To get around the international bankers Germany nationalized banks and businesses and printed its own currency.

The international bankers wanted their share. They boycotted German trade and commerce, which lead to unemployment and deprivation.

Foreign investors decreased the value of the German mark and bought lands and businesses at rock bottom prices.

In 1935 Germany started public works like flood control, repairing public buildings and infrastructure, building homes, roads, bridges, canals, ports, etc. German labor, goods and services were paid with debt-free and interest-free bills of exchange’ [vouchers]. The workers used their certificates to get goods and services.

Within two years unemployment was almost non-existent, the new currency was stable, there was no debt, inflation nor taxes. It restored foreign trade. The international bankers refused to give credit and boycotted German industries.

Germany set up a barter system. Equipment, commodities and raw materials were exchanged directly with other countries, cutting out the bankers.

In 1938 one ethnic group owned one-third of real German property. They dominated politics, businesses and all professions. They controlled the Reich bank and other private banks, publishing, cinema, theatres, press, 41% of iron, 57% of other metals and 80% of the stock exchange.

The idea of creating money rather than using the artificial financial system was spreading to other nations. WWII was declared on Germany to bring Germany back under the heel of the bankers.

World War II brought Germany back under the heel of the bankers.

Indigenous people will hold onto our birthright, land, air, water and resources of Turtle Island. These international banks have no rights over us. We will cut down their fangs and claws!



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