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MNN. Oct. 20, 2016. NYS District Court of Freddie Scullin [Bones] pulled another dirty corporate “my’trick”. A day after the verdict on October 14, 2016 was in, which let off all the INDIAN Detail mercs for their criminal enterprise at onondaga, all the evidence and exhibits was boxed and sent to the plaintiffs.

I-81 INDIAN Detail think they got away with it!

I-81 INDIAN Detail thinks they got away with it!

Jones, et al v. Parmley, et al, 98CV374 is being appealed and this evidence is suppose to go to the 2nd Circuit Court.

Local Rule 79.1(d) requires that evidence can only be removed after the case is over. They could be tampered with and derail the appeal. The Onondaga 15 plaintiffs were told to not open the boxes.




onondaga 15, whatever you do, don't open the box!

onondaga 15, whatever you do, don’t open the box!

They want to get rid of the clean evidence that Judge Scullin [Bones] kept out of the case. Otherwise they could not have gotten the verdict they wanted to cover up the criminal acts of the I-81 INDIAN Detail.


No, it's Freddie Scullin [Bones].

Freddie Scullin [Bones]. “Get rid of it quick!”

The court demonstrated again that it is a big filthy dirty chimney full of soot, sediment and dust. The court personnel, judges, lawyers and clerks, are the soot that’s accumilted. Anyone taken in there comes out covered in the filth. Don’t wear white when you go to court as you’ll be covered with their smoke and mirrors.



The court is a private corporation for the profit of its shareholders. Their cops book people and create customers. The victims are captured and brought into the Admiralty vessel for processing. The chief pieces of soot figure out all the charges they can lay. Then the victim is given a deal to pay or go to the big fire house for a short or permanent stay or eliminated altogether.

Scullin [Bones]: "My job is to protect the business!"

Scullin [Bones]: “My job is to protect the business!”

The kaia’nere:kowa is the way back to peace and sustainability. Unity, strength, peace.

Midnight Oil asks: “The time has come to say fair is fair. To pay the rent. To pay our share. The time has come, a fact’s a fact. It belongs to them. Let’s give it back. .. How we can dance when our earth is turning. How do we sleep while our beds are burning?”. 



Adam L. Pollock

Angela C. Winfield,

Brittany E. Aungier,

Carol. Rhinehart,


Devin M. Cain,

lkan Abramowitz,

Gabriel M. Nugent, Joanna Gozzi,

Jodi M. Meikin


Robert J. Anello

Terrance J. Hoffman

TimothY P. Mulvey

The jury found the INDIAN Detail innocent of this assault and beating:

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MNN. Oct. 18, 2016. The US genocide of our people is not over until the kaia’nere:kowa wins! We will not retreat or surrender. The colonial settlers who do not stand with us are complicit. Corporate rules are created to make them unaccountable for their attempted annihilation of us and creation. The I-81 INDIAN Detail soldiers were tried and found not guilty of a millitary attack of unarmed onkwe’hon:weh on private land during a ceremony. They wore war helmets and carried war equipment. We rotino’shonni are going to hold them accountable. We will continue until they are charged with genocide in the international court.

The moose horn always works!

The moose horn always works!

Just like Oka in 1990, it was a surprise attack on May 18, 1997, of the unarmed men, women, children and elders, by the heavily armed NYS INDIAN Detail. When the attack started everyone yelled to grab the kids and run for our lives. The INDIAN Detail viciously attacked us with their steel tipped bats, boots, arms, pepper spray and every war equipment they had. Our people faced them and were beaten, legs and ribs broken, heads bashed and then arrested. The military did not open fire with gatling guns, though they might have had them ready nearby.

Those onkwe'hon:weh just won't surrender!

Those onkwe’hon:weh just won’t surrender!

The women, kids and elderly made up 75% of the people. The “weak ones” were the target to decimate our community and families.

The onondaga tribal chiefs do not do their own fighting. They want everyone to submit to their corporate rule. Oren Lyons and Ollie Gibson helped send in the NYS INDIAN Detail to beat up and threaten their own people. They made up the “hit list”.

Those who pray to some outside entity to save them are giving their power to the enemy. Speak to our ancestors. Otherwise the enemy wins.

New York State Police George Beach, Dennis Blythe, James Parmley, Robert Haumann and James D. Moynihan planned, supervised and carried out this unprovoked attack. George Beach ordered the soldiers to remove their name tags, that there be, ‘no negotiation, and just take them anyway you can’. The people were circled and everyone was assaulted. No one was supposed to escape. The videos shows no one was on the road. Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor’s decision in 2006 confirmed that the attack was illegal and The INDIAN Detail had no defence and could not plead qualified immunity.

George Beach orders to INDIAN Detail: "Remember to get the right guy!"

George Beach orders INDIAN Detail: “Remember to get the right guy!”

Protocol has now been established to let the army attack anybody with impunity. We could not identify the disguised force. They could have been any mercenary unit brought in to take us out.

The press was at the biggest ceremonial gathering of the rotinono’shonni/Iroquois Confederacy. They made up the story that it was a “protest”.

This attack was a false flag. NYS made up lies that we were trespassing on our own property, that we were on the highway, that we might have a gun and so on. The military and the Indian Ring were in charge of this

If this case stands unchallenged, they would allow, reward and condone unlawful attacks by the military.  The onondaga15 are filing a notice of appeal.

Bruce Springsteen made the same kind of vow about not retreating: “We made a promise… proud brothers, in the stormy night, with a vow to defend. No retreat, baby. No surrender”.

Standing Rock.



Adam L. Pollock

Angela C. Winfield,

Brittany E. Aungier,

Carol. Rhinehart,


Devin M. Cain,

lkan Abramowitz,

Gabriel M. Nugent, Joanna Gozzi,

Jodi M. Meikin


Robert J. Anello

Terrance J. Hoffman

TimothY P. Mulvey

The jury found the INDIAN Detail innocent of this assault and beating:

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Amy Goodman out.




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MNN. 15, 2016. The following jury summation by one of the victims/plaintiffs was stopped half way through by Judge Frederick Scullin. NYS delayed this trial for almost 20 years.

Freddie Scullin [Bones] instructing the court.

Freddie Scullin [Bones] instructing his court.

 Three lawyers will Appeal the Jury Verdict in Jones, et al v. Parmley, et al to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals on behalf of all 15 Plaintiffs.

Justice delayed is par for the course.

“We tried to give you evidence of what happened to us on May 18, 1997:

1.The easement issue is false. In Oct. 2005 Justice Sonia Sotomayor of the US Supreme Court for the 2ND Circuit Court explained in Jones v. Parmley that NY Interstate 81 is on the Jones property. The Jones Family gave NYS Dept. of Public Works a limited right to go on their private property to repair the highway. No right was given to the NYS Police. This includes acreage next to the highway on which the Jones house and yard are located. The NYSP I-81 INDIAN Detail was trespassing when they attacked the people on May 18, 1997. [2nd Circuit opinion].consensus

The attempted massacre to get us off a highway on our land which we were not on is not justified. All INDIAN Detail police witnesses at the trial said the plan was to clear the highway. They marched, lined up, came onto the private property towards us, beat us and then arrested us. It is unlawful to attack a peaceful gathering on private property!

2.District Attorney Mulvey said it’s all about money. We are all pro se, without lawyers, because our lawyers [Hoffman, Aniello and the others] dropped us without notice. There were over 100 of us victims, mostly women and children. 125 plus and over 200 Jane and John Does were on the INDIAN Detail who acted as a unit. There are now 54 charged!




3.The attack, beating and arrests were criminal,. It was during the start of the ohenton kariwa tekwen, a sacred ceremony. They busted it up, violating our first amendment rights.

4.NYS Police has no Caucasian, African-American or any other racial profile Detail. Only an I-81 INDIAN Detail. We were singled out as INDIANS.

5.Mulvey demanded we identify our assailants when the INDIAN Detail can’t even identify each other. The INDIAN Detail met at the staging area at the Kmart and the Fire Hall in Nedrow to plan this premediated attack. There was to be no negotiation.

NYS INDIAN Detail two-step to knock out ceremonies on onkwe'hon:weh land.

NYS INDIAN Detail two-step to knock out ceremonies among onkwe’hon:weh people at onondaga.

6.Mostly women and children were sitting around chatting at picnic tables on a nice sunny day. The children were playing nearby.

7.Videos show nobody on the highway then. Cars were slowed down.

8.At the ceremonial fire somebody said they saw cops marching down the highway towards us. We saw no one on the highway. The cops had stopped or slowed down the cars. We saw the military unit marching with riot gear, guns, batons and other war equipment. We felt totally threatened.

9.Most of us were around the ceremonial fire in the field about 150 yards from I-81. The attack was a violation of our inherent rights. The evidence proves we were not protesting. We immediately started looking for our children.

10. We saw the I-81 Indian Detail line up along the highway and silently march towards us. They were wearing military helmets, visors, we couldn’t see their eyes, no name plates and started doing their dirty deed. They started to hit everybody. There was chaos. Everyone was yelling, “Get the kids. They’re going to kill us”.

11.The INDIAN Detail surrounded us. We tried to back away. We never heard any commands that we disperse or that we would be arrested. My granddaughter had been grabbed and thrown into a van or car and driven away. I later found her waiting with other people at a restaurant.

12.Our children were hysterical, screaming and crying as they saw their parents being beaten. They will never forget this. The Indian Detail grabbed two children on Kennedy Road and slammed one of them against a car. They ran for their lives.

I-81 INDIAN Detail: "Just following orders"!

I-81 INDIAN Detail: “Just following orders”!

13.Women were shaking as they hid in the bush hanging on to their babies.

14. Why didn’t Beach and Parmley meet with us to politely ask, “Please don’t go on the road”. One squad car parked on the side of the highway would have been enough.

15.The Indian Detail was staged at the Fire Hall and Kmart. Over 75 victims are not here today. Some have passed away. This premeditated attack was based on surprise ambush tactics. One witness said that BIA tribal chiefs Oren Lyons and Ollie Gibson were at the fire hall during the planning of the attack. This indicates their complicity.

16.The Indian Detail wore no nameplates. [NYSP Supt.] George Beach went around the Fire Hall and ordered them to remove them so no one could identify them. As soon as they removed their badges, they all knew they were breaking the law.

Cops hard at work.

Cops hard at work.

17.Everyone has a right to defend themselves against illegal assault by outside forces.

18.Dennis Blythe, the special investigator, met regularly for 12 years with the tribal chiefs at Orchard Valley golf club and sat in the longhouse with them. Setting up the Indian Detail racial profile means he, Parmley and Beach knew such ceremonies are part of our culture. Their attack is an act of genocide to eliminate part of a racial group. Gibson told the Indian Detail to “arrest everyone”.

19. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. The First amendment provides that the cops have a duty to protect everyone’s right to have a ceremony, to assemble peacefully and to speak freely.

20. No one ever told us that we had done anything wrong.  Budgie and Stone Horse both told the commanders that we were not going on the highway and that it was a peaceful gathering that had started on May 8th, which the cops were monitoring. All charges against us were dropped immediately.  hqdefault

21. I-81 Indian Detail worked as a unit and committed criminal assaults together. They should all be convicted. Everything happened to all of us.

22. Our limited evidence was not disputed nor denied. The Indian Detail said they did not remember very much. They never told us our rights. They had no dispersal plan. There was no dialogue with us. The metal tipped baton is a deadly weapon. In the Nuremburg Trial it was confirmed that “I was following orders” is not a defence. Those in cars and paddy wagons, out of sight, in the offices all played a role.

23. We were terrorized. Mr. Bucktooth was beaten by at least six cops near the ceremonial fire for holding a eagle feather fan. The medicine woman was sitting there when Trooper Smith picked her up with his baton. The handicapped child in the body cast was knocked over and trampled. There was no legal reason to touch any of us, to handcuff us, to rough us up, to push the women or anybody or pull babies out of their seats from the cars and throw them on the ground, to arrest an 11-year old girl and cuff her to a chair for hours at the Police station, or to knock a 6 months pregnant woman on her stomach to the ground and handcuff her behind her back.


Whose peers?

Who are their peers?

24. The jury found the NYS I-81 INDIAN Detail not guilty.

25. Judge Scullin did not allow us to question each juror that was selected or to have our rightful say throughout the trial.

As Bobby Bare points out in his song “The Winner” as he sings to Judge Scullin [Bones]: “Now, you remind me a lot of my younger days, with your knuckles a’clenchin white. But, boy, I’m gonna sit right here and sip this beer all night. And if there’s somethin that you gotta gain or prove by winning some silly fight, well, okay, i quit, i lose, you’re the winner. So i stumbled from that barroom, not so tall and no so proud. Behind meIi still hear the hoots of laughter from the crowd. But my eyes still see and my nose still works and my teeth are all still in my mouth. And you know, I guess, that makes me the winner!”




Adam L. Pollock

Angela C. Winfield,

Brittany E. Aungier,

Carol. Rhinehart,


Devin M. Cain,

lkan Abramowitz,

Gabriel M. Nugent, Joanna Gozzi,

Jodi M. Meikin


Robert J. Anello

Terrance J. Hoffman

TimothY P. Mulvey

The jury found the INDIAN Detail innocent of this assault and beating:

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MNN. Dec. 18, 2015. The last war will be the people against the bankers. Bankers profit from war. The people lose. The people have to eliminate the shareholder liability clauses in the corporate laws which allow the bankers to get away with financing all wars. babylon falls

No more shareholders of corporations not being responsible for their debts and crimes. No more hiding behind a corporate mask anymore. Not a shot needs to be fired. It’ll be over in one day. There will be no more need for war. No more ordo ab chao or false flags anywhere. banksters laugh

War is like a heroin addiction. The bankers will have to go cold turkey and they’re gonna have the sweats like all junkies.

War is an economy. People are addicted to their economy, but are actually addicted to war. They have to learn about the peacetime economy. whitehouse burns

Of all addictions, war is the worst addiction. Unlike heroin addiction, there is no methadone program for war. The bankers have been dabbling in war since their beginning in the 1700s.

Another banker goes own, can't live without war!

Another banker goes down, can’t live without war!

One hit leads to 1000 more and they can’t get enough. Just like heroin users cannot dabble in heroin use,  people cannot dabble in war. The warmongers will have to go cold turkey.

The bankers should take note of George Thorogood’s song because they will be drinking alone in their war party: I drink alone, yeah, with nobody else. I drink alone with nobody else. When i drink alone, I prefer to be by myself.  Every morning just before breakfast, I don’t want no more coffee or tea. Just me and my good buddy, Wiser, that’s all I ever need, cause I drink alone with nobody else. Cause when I drink alone I  prefer to be by myself”.[I drink alone].


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Canada might send troops to Washington.

Bankers’ hired war boys.


TRC release and-reconciliation-commission

Canada’s oligarchs – parasites a’plenty!

biometric passports:

Russia is ready!

Prussia education system.




 mnnlogoMNN. Sept, 4, 2013. MNN, Sept, 4, 2013. Nameless, Faceless. It is immoral to kill and steal? In a two-party theft, one person steals from or fatally injures the victim. The thief or killer could get caught, arrested, put on trial, imprisoned or executed. The criminal might argue they need food, shelter, clothes, a flat screen TV, or a cell phone.  They beg for all charges to be dropped on compassionate grounds. They are victims of inequality!

Curtains are drawn. We know who you are!

Plunderers! Curtains are open. We know who you are!


A third party joins in, known as a “threesome”. The artificial corporate hierarchy is a third party system. They carry out the theft of our property, give it to another or even kill us for it. We are the victims of the other two parties. Fake corporate by-laws are passed. Their enforcers can kill us the natural owners with impunity.   

Yale Threesome.

The “menage a trois”: corporation, their subjects and resisting Indigenous victims!




We constantly object and are branded as enemies of the state, selfish, greedy, uncaring criminals and terrorists.  The corporate by-laws portrays these receivers of stolen goods as not committing a crime. The enablers call it the ‘budget’ on how our ever-growing $375 trillion Indian Trust Fund is spent.

We are pushed out of the way so government [controllers of the mind] can survive. Genocide eliminates us and our voices. The  bankers carry it out with the help of their ”subjects” who have signed on. Canadians don’t see themselves as criminals as government is supposed to provide for them. No one asks where the funds come from.   

hitlers policiesThere is no limit on stupidity! Stealing is stealing. The statute of limitations never expires. It doesn’t magically become moral when the government carries out the crime for its subjects who want to avoid direct responsibility. Turning away from responsibility for the continuing genocide of our people makes them guilty and complicit in the crime. They just ‘vote’ or kiss the corporation. Even if they don’t vote, we never hear them pronouncing that they are going to return one inch of stolen land.     

The Great Law of Peace gives us the tools to maintain ourselves and others. Dekanawida and Jigosaseh saw that we could exist as self-directed people living in the best interests of everyone. Government is not enforcement so one has more than everybody else. Letting corporate rulers distribute our stolen possessions has created the tyranny of the Fourth Reich, the merger of corporation and state on Great Turtle Island.  

The German Nazi anthem could be revised and sung by Americans: Germany, Germany above everything,
 Above everything in the world’, The True Fuhrer Adolph Hitler.

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MNN. Mar. 19, 2013. The state has done extensive research on training humans to kill others. Indigenous have been the victims of calculated mass murder. The Germans studied the North American Indian genocide very closely. They dehumanized the Jewish People to set up conditions to create the holocaust.

Replicas for target practice.

Target practice.

A psychotic minority has developed training to overcome the instinct to recognize the humanity of another. They were alarmed that only 15 to 20% of soldiers fired at an enemy. Only 2 or 3% are natural born killers. Killing provokes extreme reactions like nausea, vomiting and long lasting PTS disorders. 

Final solution!

Final solution!

Now almost anyone can be trained to commit murder in certain conditions. [Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, “On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society”, New York; Little, Brown & Co. 1995. 

How to kill a human: 

1. Authoritarian Command: a hierarchy creates an “obedience reflex”. 

2. Pack Mentality: In a group the individual avoids personal responsibility. In a firing squad, the killer can imagine that someone else fired the fatal bullet. 

3. Distancing the Victims: Overlook their humanity. Don’t look into the victim’s eyes or smell the fear. Weapons are designed to reduce the enemy to a target. Unmanned drones shield killers from seeing the human agony. The murdered are nobody’s. 

4. Not Looking at Victim’s Eyes: Shoot the victim in the back when they are fleeing, not when they’re attacking. Kidnappers are more likely to murder a hooded victim.  

5. Avoid Thinking about ordinary Humanity: Victims can’t be seen doing ordinary things like eating, sharing a cigarette or playing with their kids. The enemy’s culture should not be known. That’s why Canadian schools don’t teach anything about our cultures. We are targets that should be eliminated. 

6. Bias Media: Report only negatively to create unsympathetic image of victims. 

7. Dehumanize Targets: Americans called Vietnamese “gooks”, “geeks” and “targets”. Arabs are “extremists”, “fundamentalists” or “insurgents”. Canada defined a person as “anyone other than an Indian” from 1876 to 1952. The killing rate increased to 95% when soldiers shot at human looking targets. Canadian police shoot at targets that look like Indigenous women. 

8. Conditioning: Create real looking battles. A replica of Kahnawake was built to condition soldiers to kill Mohawks.  

9. The “Double Bind”: the killer is put in a position where they think they are at risk and have to kill. 

The Canadian Border Services Agents at Akwesasne frequently use the “double bind”. In 2008 two grandmothers were pulled over, their ID and car keys were taken, and made to sit in the car for over an hour, surrounded by armed commandos. Other Indigenous were pulled over and let go. The guards stayed tight-knit so that none succumbed to feelings of common humanity with the women. None could take responsibility for the subsequent vicious assault. 

An unseen voice gave orders on a cell to the commander.

One woman was pulled out of the car, grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground, her face pushed into the pavement until it was scraped, bloodied and dirtied. Her bones were almost snapped. The other woman was pulled out and the aggression came from behind. Her hands were cuffed behind her back. Guards stood where they couldn’t see her face as they tightened the handcuff to cut off the blood supply. While she suffered a heart attack, one man grabbed her pants, ordered her to bend over and tried to pull them down. 6 or 7 other officers entered and left the room to ensure that peer pressure remained in effect. 

The frenzy was fed. Then a lawyer entered. Suddenly they were accountable. They removed the handcuffs, gave her a place to sit and offered her a glass of water. An ambulance was called. Two native police officers watched silently, caught between group identities. 

It's government policy!

It’s government policy!

These tactics for war and killing are scientifically developed by economic royalist banksters and their military. 

These tactics remind us of Freddie Mercury singing:Killer Queen “She’s a killer queen. Gun powder, gelatine. Dynamite with a laser beam. Guaranteed to blow your mind, anytime.” 

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MNN:  19 Dec. 2011.  Because we aren’t like the colonial invaders, how many of us thought we were crazy?  They tried to make us imitate and look like them.  We’re not taking it anymore!  Look what’s happening.  

The US and European economies are falling like the WTC.     

European Union EU is a non-military empire, run by the IMF, EU and Central Bank.  Spain, Greece, Portugal and Ireland are staying in the EU prison, to help tear it down from inside.  

The US was never going to be an empire.  Their job was to create wars for the bankers. 

Millions of US rulers and their middle class agents are fleeing Great Turtle Island with the cashbox that contains the country’s resources and riches, to deposit into the City of London [central bank]. 

Political, financial and crime bosses will follow the money.  Those left behind will suffer without leaders to tell them what to do.  They will tear the US apart from within.   

Technology is creating fabricated information leading to decisions full of error.     

Government wages unending war on innocent foreigners and now there’s payback on their own people.  The masses are being threatened with austerity, fuel blockages, riot police, checkpoints, drones, limited mobility, an economic collapse, draconian controls, health emergencies, no political and legal order, starvation and death.  

Their moral compass is based on property, thrill seeking, addiction and kleptomania.  Their politicians and CEOs steal millions, so they emulate them.    

President Obama signed the Defense Authorization Act to bring in martial law.  Any US citizen can be arrested and detained without any criminal charges.  50 FEMA camps are ready to accept prisoners.  Millions of family-size plastic coffins await.  

The ex-pats are moving to Australia, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, South Africa, Spain, Brazil, Czechoslavakia, Thailand, Buenos Aires and Argentina, where English is spoken.  Japan, France, Italy and UK are out.  Too expensive.   

Americans can’t easily learn other languages.  These unilingualists can’t see the perceptions of others.    

Their brain patterns are being technologically altered to numb the creative side.  Their culture short circuits their thinking, causing a bipolar like behavior.  They fantasize and blind themselves to reality.  

The Western mind has been conditioned to be weak, shallow, blood thirsty and guiltless.  They suffer from anxiety and depend on medications.  Pharmaceuticals create diseases and addictive poison cures.  

Their artists are like Indigenous whose intuition and intellect work together to see reality. Many scientists and artists are politically persecuted or murdered.  They could have been the voice of truth.  

Information at the top of the pyramid will always be incomplete.  Voices below are varied, as they should be, with more insights.  The rulers are confused and have lost control of the masses.   

The old Soviet Union locked away its critics.  The United States expels them. Blacklists and restricted employment often work as effectively as the Soviet gulag system.  

We indigenous are staying out of their way but won’t let them trample us.  

We don’t have technology.  Yet our way is infiltrating their system. 

In the song, London Bridge, “Take the key and lock them up, lock them up, lock them up.  Take the key and lock them up, my fair lady”.  Remember, nothing artificial can last.  Nature tears down all walls. 

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MNN. FEB. 12, 2011. The US government is going to issue treasury certificates or vouchers in place of dollars. The new currency will not be backed by gold. It will be backed by local resources, labor and services of the people. That’s why international bankers are currently putting a value on the world’s assets for the coming global takeover.

The multi nationals and the colonial corporations of “Canada” and “US” are run by the international bankers. They have to bypass us in order to steal our resources on the way to owning everything.

Our Indigenous resources worldwide will be the standard and we are not being asked or getting any benefits. We have the duty to resist this theft and destruction.

For example, the Toronto and London Stock Exchanges are being merged to carry out this theft and sale of Indigenous resources to enrich the European oligarchs. Toronto will be selling our mining, oil and gas. “We are becoming a growing resource power in a resource hungry world that everybody wants a piece of” [Financial Post FP3 Feb. 10/11]. The new stock exchange will be run and controlled from Europe.

This happened before. After World War I Germany suffered total economic destruction. Governments could not issue their own currency. The global bankers issued money, using gold as the asset. Gold was owned by secret private international banking cartels, like the Federal Reserve and Federal Bank of Europe.

The Reich bank and 150 other private banks in Germany printed money for mass borrowing at high interest rates. This created high prices. The German mark became worthless. Peoples’ savings and businesses were wiped out. Private banks grabbed their properties.

In 1933 the National Socialists came to power. To get around the international bankers Germany nationalized banks and businesses and printed its own currency.

The international bankers wanted their share. They boycotted German trade and commerce, which lead to unemployment and deprivation.

Foreign investors decreased the value of the German mark and bought lands and businesses at rock bottom prices.

In 1935 Germany started public works like flood control, repairing public buildings and infrastructure, building homes, roads, bridges, canals, ports, etc. German labor, goods and services were paid with debt-free and interest-free bills of exchange’ [vouchers]. The workers used their certificates to get goods and services.

Within two years unemployment was almost non-existent, the new currency was stable, there was no debt, inflation nor taxes. It restored foreign trade. The international bankers refused to give credit and boycotted German industries.

Germany set up a barter system. Equipment, commodities and raw materials were exchanged directly with other countries, cutting out the bankers.

In 1938 one ethnic group owned one-third of real German property. They dominated politics, businesses and all professions. They controlled the Reich bank and other private banks, publishing, cinema, theatres, press, 41% of iron, 57% of other metals and 80% of the stock exchange.

The idea of creating money rather than using the artificial financial system was spreading to other nations. WWII was declared on Germany to bring Germany back under the heel of the bankers.

World War II brought Germany back under the heel of the bankers.

Indigenous people will hold onto our birthright, land, air, water and resources of Turtle Island. These international banks have no rights over us. We will cut down their fangs and claws!



MNN. Feb. 5, 2009. U.S. President Obama says he’s going to stimulate the Americans’ economy to stop its dive to oblivion. They’re looking to him for “obasms” because they don’t know how to save summer’s abundance to get them through the winter. No matter how hard he tries, nothings coming up! Like drug addicts hooked on dope, they want another fix. They think they can’t survive without it.Obama is facing a formidable government bureaucracy that’s controlled by a few “banksters” [bankers and gangsters]. The hierarchical system has jobs for the chosen few arranged in a pyramidal chain of command that is imbedded in every private and public financial, educational, political, economic, trade, military, pharmaceutical and social institution. Far from being “public servants” they’re on the take and basically never do anything useful for anyone. They grab as much money and benefits as possible and do almost no work. In fact, the less they do, the more likely they are to be promoted.At Indian Affairs offices in Ottawa, their desks are shiny and their feet are sitting on top of them. In the meantime the people they are supposed to serve are living in forced squalor. We’ve seen these bureaucratic bloodsuckers sit and listen to Indigenous people explain their dire situations in some isolated community. They’ve traveled from far away to ask for help. After hearing about the horrific situation, the bureaucratic leech puts his hands behind his head and says, “We can’t help you. You have to go see somebody else”. This is known as “passing the buck” to someone else until they wear them out and they go home with nothing.

Our suggestion to Mr. Obama is to dump this scrounging class system. These freeloading gate keepers’ jobs are to sit behind the desk and take some of the cream as it passes by them. In the end, they’ve done a good job if they’ve made sure that the money meant for the people or program gets almost nothing. Indian Affairs is loaded with non-natives who are trained in that colonial system.

The ground under the feet of emperor Obama is shaking. If he wants to get more money to the people, he should get rid of this meat grinding slaughterhouse. These plunderers who were sent to Turtle Island by the European elite came here to kill us off so they could steal everything that wasn’t nailed down. 115 million of us were killed off. The elite who run these systems have to change or adapt to the new reality, and not just by getting rid of their babysitter, cleaning lady, chauffeur or maid. The conditions they have created are critical everywhere. The mobs are getting hysterical. People are resisting and reacting worldwide. Some think the elites are going to run. Where? To outer space? Good riddance!

This is how this pecking order system works. At the top of the triangle sits the boss who got there by hook or by crook. So the meanest scoundrel sits at the top, has long lunches, plays golf and hollers at people sometimes. Below him/her is a huge pyramid of people who “yes” the boss but call him down at the water cooler. The more people he has working under him, the more money he gets. The one with an empire of 100,000 employees is paid millions upon millions. The one with only two under him gets a much lower pay. So it pays to perpetuate the empire with more people in it even if they do nothing. After all, they have a direct line to siphon money out of the taxpayers’ pockets.

Let’s say that the government has budgeted $100,000 to fix a bad water plant problem in an isolated Indigenous community. This plant was designed by the bureaucrats and was meant to cause sicknesses and even death. They want to move these people because there is gold or diamonds underneath them or fresh water nearby to export to the U.S. 70% of Indigenous communities have toxic drinking water not fit for human consumption. This is no accident. Do you really believe the Canadian engineers are that incompetent?

The federal, provincial, municipal and band council hierarchies all take their cuts for “administration” all the way down to the community level. In the end there is almost nothing left to fix the problem. So another proposal goes up the chain, the bureaucrats do the same end run and pocket more money. They make even more by prolonging negotiations, court cases, licensing fees and making sure it doesn’t get resolved, because it wasn’t meant to. The people get warn down and are forced to make a deal that doesn’t benefit them. In the meantime, the band or tribal councilors who work with the banksters live like Middle Eastern sheiks, while crumbs trickle down to the people. If the problem was fixed, the whole hierarchy would fall down like a house of cards. Some bureaucrats might even lose their jobs, we hope. They fight like rats to keep their positions because they’re incompetent. Who else would hire them?

The whole set up of lazy bums depends on this system. It’s never meant to serve the people. In November 2008 the heads of the Wall Street financial hierarchies were the first to pocket $750 billion from the U.S. Treasury. Everyone appeared to oppose this package. The nation might have been threatened with martial law or something else that forced Congress to go along with it.

To save money and stimulate the economy, demolish the hierarchy. Then bring the relationship between the tax dollar and the grassroots closer together. Instead of getting one dollar out of $100, $95 will go where it’s needed.

Let’s b%&@!h slap these parasites in these bureaucracies who sit at desks behind glass walls in big buildings and stare at computers. They are roosting chickens who have jobs, homes, cars, university tuition for their kids and vacations for taking 90% in fees from the people whose resources they are stealing.

Why are the currencies going down in value? Why can’t they trade, ship goods or make contracts like they use to? The U.S. dollar is only paper with some printing on it that needs stolen Indigenous resources to prop it up. The thieves have been putting up our land and resources, without our knowledge or permission, as collateral on another parasite, the stock exchange. We never surrendered our land or resources to anyone. This form of raising money from the public is fraud. This toilet paper system of currency went along until we Indigenous people started to resist. We are the caretakers, trustees, protectors and defenders of the earth. Our responsibility is to help achieve balance within the natural world. Our duty is to stop the depletion of our resources which is killing everything and everybody. We, the stewards of mother earth, have spoken.

Karakwine & Staff, MNN Mohawk Nation News

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