MNN.  Feb. 13, 2012.  Whites are hardwired for insane power.

We learn about these crazy people by watching television, movies, playing video games and walking around the mall.  Visual depictions of bombings, murders, rapes, perversions, child abuse and other violence comes from their minds.

As they become the minority, they still think Indigenous and other people of color should sit at the back of the bus, so to speak.

We’ve been killed and oppressed by them to steal our land and resources to finance their economy and debt.

They got mad over not being able to domesticate us.  We just wouldn’t suck up to them.  They found no reason to not murder us.

New genocidal laws [Arizona] forbid learning true Indian history and the memories of who we are.

They’ve shown no guilt over these killings. They think they’re not sick because they said they’re sorry.

Their depression is due to their detachment from nature.  They’re missing melanin, a genetic factor in people of color, plants, animals and the earth.  They can’t empathize.  White farmers are the closest but they don’t get it.

These whites want to belong.  Some have come among us and wild animals to imitate our connection with the natural world.  They tame or kill.  Predators trying to tame predators!

Animals in their natural state teach us about life.  Wolves are cunning.  They teach us to stick together to take care of our families and the power of one mind even when miles apart.  The bear shows us how to develop our strength through the foods we eat.  The turtle shows us how to deliberate wisely and carefully.

Animals want to live in the wild.  They watch, wait and attack when agitated or to defend themselves, their territory, their young and their food source.

There are two recent separate cases of whites living among wild animals, treating them like tabby cats.  They started to pull rank on them.  One held back on the food for the bears.  The other tried to discipline the wolf, who practically lived in her house.

Money means nothing to animals and hierarchy is not a natural state.  These two women were no longer their servants.  Both animals did what comes naturally.  The women got ate.  The chubby traditionally attired non-native medicine man couldn’t understand why the wolf would eat such a nice old lady.

The invaders tried to make us and the animals depend on them, make us all into something we’re not.  They murdered over 100 million of us and 60 million buffalo.

Can’t these ignoramuses see the harm they’ve done to the environment, plants, animals and people?  A carbon tax can’t fix it!

No one is speaking for the animals, who need to be heard.  That’s what they told us.  The whites may expect the animals to thank them if they help them.

Just like Tweety Bird sang when Sylvester the Cat tried to devour him:  “I did.  I did.  I taw a putty tat creeping up on me”.  They’re so conditioned to think they’ll always get saved.


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