MNN.  Feb. 10, 2012.  What is white culture?  To steal everything the brown and black people have and pretend it’s theirs?  Should failed states and gluttonous culture continue to be forced on us?

Bankers and rulers see our population growth as dangerous to their security? Because they murdered so many of us and now we are coming back!  What are their new plans?

Prince Philip, leader of the World Wildlife Foundation said, “If I were reincarnated, I would return as a killer virus to lower the human population”.  Be careful what you wish for, Phil.  You’ll be returning to England.  Celts will take care of you, you Goethe Nazi.

Mark Steyn in America Alone said, “If you can’t out-breed them, cull them!”.  As they sip their tea, “When will the great culling start, dahling?”.

Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood and the Eugenics Society in 1922 said, “Those who should never have been born should not be maintained”.  The elites want to continue breeding with each other to create idiots who spout such stupidity.

They fear genocide and elimination of their genetic property, even though they still need cheap labor.  Elites are white and ageing.  Careful breeding will be needed to maintain their white ruling bloodline, like sperm banks to force mixed race couples to have white children!

Race problem is being solved by blacks, browns and yellows pouring into their states, where whites are being beiged out.

Whites have the least melanin in their genes.  Other peoples, plants and animals have melanin and relate to each other naturally.  The whites may return to Europe to live among each other, which is becoming an Arctic-type wasteland.

They are crying about becoming victims, trying to make us feel guilty for them.  They need to study REAL victimology.

Between 2000 and 2010 only one out of 10 births in US were white.  90% were Indigenous, Black and Asian.

They claim Black men having sex with white women is sexual aggression.  Why?  Because they killed and raped us when they arrived?

They worry about what will happen to the world when they can’t keep an eye on things.  It will improve!

What happens to the bankers in London?  US is unreliable and unstable economically.  China is implementing a barter system with Iran and other countries, oil for Chinese products.  The UN wants control because they’re losing money worldwide.

International investors are using other currencies.  What happened to all those Ameros they sent to China six years ago?  [].

People of pallor worship death.  In the US political system, as roads crumble, schools close, quality of life collapses, they focus on war and killing.  They love it, are entranced by it, glory in it.  The more horrible, the more orgasmic!

Their morbid fascination with death is fanatical.  Leaders long for the Middle ages to make torture legal and offer our children as living blood sacrifices to their cult.

Indigenous always found native languages and stories provided an understanding of human behavior.

A common Indigenous story is that the brown, black and yellow people were made of clay.  The white race was made from the foam that washed upon the shores. It stayed a while, disappeared as the sun beat down on it and then shrivelled away.

Nature purges what is out of balance.

We must get back to being real human beings, ongwehonwe, who have a normal relationship with the land.

The white race is getting bored, losing their spark of life and withering away, reminding us of the Procol Harum song:  “That her face at first just ghostly, turned a whiter shade of pale.”

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