MNN.  Mar. 16, 2012.  We need to know the origins and motives of our opponents.  Melanin is the genetic component of Indigenous people, plants, animals, mother earth and everything on it.  This connects us to each other and the natural world.  it’s scientifically based.  

The relationship between the earth and our mind is based on our interwoven electric magnetic field.

 Whites lack this interconnection.  They fear and want to control nature. They have created a negative artificial existence.  They carry out orgies of destruction without empathy, reason or purpose.

 Indigenous have memories going back thousands of year.  Whites have no genetic past life or memory of who they are and where they came from.  They make up a past life. 

 The white race has very little if any melanin.  They are thus not attached to the earth. 

 They fly around in their spaceship circling the earth.   To land they have to latch themselves onto something that is attached to Indigenous earthlings.     

 Masks hide their real selves so they can mix with real human beings. 

 Their government is a political pigsty that invents wars, weapons, death, destruction, fear.  Their leaders need obedience from their slaves who both envy and hate them.

 Their ties are artificial, man made, like corporatism, government, paper money.  Some form ties with Indigenous to try to get the security they need.

Even their religions reflect their skyward orientation.  Their digging deep into the earth for oil, coal, and minerals has not provided the foundation they seek.  They are trying to take over the globe, using us as their anchor.


Their people were sent out long ago to find us to save themselves. They can’t survive without us.  They’ve tried to capture and imprison us to keep us as a source of mental energy and extension into our great mother. 

 We broke the chains that bound us, casting them adrift. 

 Living in peace is natural for us and requires great sacrifice.  Evil and corruption have to be exposed to restore harmony. 

 Our younger brother came much later from another world and created the problems we have today.  We tried to bring them back into the family.  They started killing us and becoming more destructive. 

 Our great mother has a memory.   She is determining their fate.  By the end of this century they will be gone. 

 We are reminded of a song about the, “One eyed, one horned flying purple people eater”:  “But that’s not the reason I came to land.  I wanna get a job in a rock and roll band”.  “He went on his way and then what do you know, I saw him last night on a tv show” [American Idol].  He was blowing it out, really knocking them dead, playing rock and roll music, through the horn in his head”. 

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16 thoughts on “WHITE RACE ORIGINS – MNN Mohawk Nation News

  1. I am white.
    My family came over in 1650, german settlers to Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania honored their treaties.
    I am an organic gardener and care deeply for the land. I honor the spirits around me and venerate my Ancestors. I never take anything from the nearby woods without leaving an offering of tobacco. I do not support the American Empire’s wars or policies.

    I understand your anger, I understand your hate, but to claim that someone’s skin color denotes how close they are to the earth is ignorant and foolish.

    • i am happy to hear that you farm organically, that you respect native people, your own ancestors, and the land, that you do not support this empire’s wars in your heart and i hope that you continue that good work into the future. i just wanted to reply to the comment about PA which has in fact broken many treaties, many of which during the forced relocation of allegheny senecas over two generations starting in 1971. the last reservation in PA was razed, burned and flooded then, finally making PA what its officials call “indian free.”

      i hope that you can help steward crops that are native to PA and help us preserve food plants for future generations. thank you for farming organically.

  2. This article reflects pure racism and much hatred.

    I can understand your hatred. Native people’s of Turtle Island have suffered much from the taking of their lands and destruction of their cultures.

    But hatred will only bite you in your own ass.
    It will give you a miserable life.

    The greatest Native American Elders today teach the wisdom in love, compassion and moving forward. Moving forward is the key. Hating will never make your life better. Only creative solutions to sustainable living and finding ways to teach those around you, once you have learned it yourself.

    For seven generations a bad thing will carry its impact. Each generation has the power to put a halt to it if they can find the spiritual fortitude, if they can find their way to healing. Elsewise 7 generations turns into 49 and 49 turns into 7 x 49 and on it goes.

  3. i would like to hear more about how melanin production has anything to do with any other aspect of biology than tissue pigmentation, and vitamin D absorption. the fact that someone is claiming it has some intrinsic quality that is responsible for our connection to the earth is absurd. what about species that actually do have complete albinism? many aquatic and cave dwelling species produce no pigment of their own. are they less connected to the earth thereby? what about bacteria?

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