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MNN.  Oct. 5, 2012.  On October 1, 2012 we went to Federal Court in Toronto to remind Canada of the law and the lawbreaking that is going on in Kanekota.  Kanekota is a British Protectorate. Trespassers must stop breaking the law.     

On October 5, 2012 Judge Aalto confirmed that their Royal Proclamation supercedes all Admiralty Statutes, statutory law and rules.  Then he told us they have no jurisdiction or will to respect it.  He clearly violated his oath to their Queen, making him guilty of high treason.  The penalty is death, which we did not ask for.  The last thing Thahoketoteh of Kanekota told Judge Aalto was, “You be careful of your decision.  If you break a royal proclamation, you will be guilty of high treason”.  Now he is. [Thahoketoteh of Kanekota v The Queen T-1396-12.] 

The Royal Proclamation confirms the Guswentha/Two Row Agreement, the supreme law of Onowaregeh/Great Turtle Island.  The 1701 agreements with the French and English are the only laws that give the newcomers the right to live on our land.  They broke these and now illegally reside here.   According to the Royal Proclamation 1784 their subjects must respect the Guswentha in all matters.   

The Federal Court agreed that in 1784 Captain General Frederick Haldimand signed on behalf of the king a proclamation to protect Mohawks from white encroachment forever.   Canada can no longer pretend ignorance of the laws.  The Federal Court put on the public record that Canada openly admits its criminality and refuses to follow the law. 

Judge Aalto erroneously proclaimed that the Federal Court overrules a Royal Proclamation. [He should be kicked out of law and put in jail]. This is all gobblety-gook to sidestep the lawbreaking and gives more time for corporate destruction of Kanekota.  He also ruled that “as this court has no jurisdiction to deal with these issues, leave to amend is also denied.” Meaning he decided that we could never appeal his wrong decision.  He showed that the Federal Court is nothing more than a kangeroo court.  

We do not accept this law breaking.  Under Wampum 44 of the Kaianerekowa/Great Law, the Women Title Holders have the duty to notify all settlers that as their proclamation supercedes all their rules and statutes, all their settlements, developments and permits violate the proclamation and the Guswentha.   

Judge Aalto did not dispute any of our arguments, that: 

1-The Nanfan Treaty is the Guswentha agreement with Great Britain.  

2-The Haldimand Proclamation is their order that there shall never be any encroachment by their people on our land.  

3-The Indian Lands Act 1924 is illegal as it was never taken to the Indigenous people, passed in any legislature nor brought to the Queen.  It was a side deal of the Minister of Indian Affairs of the Colony of Canada and the Minister of Mines of Ontario.  All Ontario settlers rely on this illegal statute for their title.  

4-The seizure of Canadian Hydro Developers windmills built in Kanekota without our consent belongs to the Mohawk Nation.  Canada broke its laws on “Aboriginal consultation” at the Ontario Municipal Board OMB hearings regarding these illegal eyesores.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR-jbTGh87g  The Municipal, Provincial and Federal governments must be notified of this ruling.   

5–The Outdoor Education Center by the Etobicoke Board of Education was stolen.  Now they are trying to illegally re-sell it.  

6-Enbridge Gas has illegally built a pipeline through Kanekota.  

7-Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty has illegally built a multi-million dollar estate on Kanekota. 

The Shareholders of the foreign Corporation of Canada have set up the Admiralty court system, to keep what has been stolen from us.  The courts make and manipulate its rules to make profits for the shareholders. For them the Royal Proclamation exists but they don’t have to follow it if they don’t want to.    

Dekanawida, the Peacemaker, showed us the path.  He knew that we had the mind to figure out the solutions.  Change for peace starts in each person’s mind. 

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6 thoughts on “Federal Court Case T-1396-12…

  1. As much as I hate to read these rulings, it has become usual and customary for decisions like this to be rendered. We should be mindful that both the U.S. and Canada were founded on the Doctrine of Discovery. Inasmuch, all protestations and attempts for redress will fall on deaf ears.

    Stay true to your beliefs, say your prayers and know history and who is ruling against what is right. I admire the women here for putting this issue up before the court. Be mindful that in every case likewise, a verdict/decision appears that renders the findings one of Kangaroo Court.

  2. Canada does have a new Governor General…not that he’d be any better at respecting the wishes of the Queen herself than Michaelle Jean was in not sending the Mohawk Manifesto to Her Royal Highness, but is it worth attempting again? Also , what does it take to get a court case moved to the Hague? Perhaps this would serve as the ‘third, neutral body’ that Queen Anne’s Royal Order dictates?

  3. the strategy now requires rethinking the existing process – UNDRIP has changed the world and the World does not know it. Geneva, the Hague, the UN, the Supreme Courts are now shifting – Now is the time for the MOhawk Chiefs to step into their role as leaders of the First Nations Peoples. The Tecumseh Collective will again be supportive of the Mohawks – as in the past. Let’s take the next step – the decisions mean nothing if we let them sit. Take them to the Court of Public Opinion through the Occupy Movement. All my relations.

  4. Ruling and overruling their own decisions and treaties (or rather treachies) as usual nasty, predictable and in their favour…What You’ve done matters as we should show and remind that we know what’s going on and that we see the difference between the truth and the lie, even if for some people it’s visibly only “a matter of convenience”. No matter “US” or “Canada” we are being constantly reminded that one can’t make friends with a rabid dog. Obama is bowing in front of islamic sheiks but mocking our war bonnets,and hey, since when are muslims “indigenous”?! “THE BUREAU OF INDEGENOUS MUSLIM AFFAIRS (BIMA) IS A NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION SEEKING STATUS WITH THE UNITED NATIONS AS A NON GOVERMENTAL ORGANIZATION (NGO)”.
    Some law –breakers, no matter the chair they placed their arses in should remember that we are here, fed up and tired with their shit on our land.

  5. The first thing all Originals of Turtle Island send documents, such as a “Complaint”, check your Black Laws Dictionary” to the UN Security Council, that we are still alive, cause the court see us as dead entities. The real Originals must be under, “Tribal, Custom, and Uses”, the clan mothers are the law.

  6. illegal actions by governments is once again proven, that sort of practice has been shown over and over many times through. these governments must be dismanteled and a new direction must be persued. There are many positive movements seeking healthy and wise persuits, the people behind the movements are young, as they are closer to the truth and honesty, and they care and they are willing to do whats right. There are many older people supporting the positive movements. The value of power and greed destroys goodness and healthiness. There are teachings that foster and nurture healthy values, and them teachings are the laws of our homelands. We all know the recourse should status quo remain.

    meegwetch for all your hard work and determination, this document is very valueable and sets and supports course to healthiness and balance.

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