MNN. Dec. 11, 2013. Canada has announced they are heading North to try to make an illegal corporate grab of 1.2 million square kilometers of Indigenous sovereign territory from the Arctic to the North Pole. International law provides that the owners, the natural Indigenous people, animals and other inhabitants, must be consulted about this invasion of their territory. Prime Minister Harper thinks he can smooth talk the Inuit into letting him steal what can’t be bought. North Pole Dances

The attached brilliant film, “Inuit Knowledge and Climate Change”, outlines the deep knowledge of the Inuit about the destruction created by the invading scientists, governments, developers and other intruders.  “Inuit Knowledge & Climate Control”.arctic sun





On January 2006 and August 2009 the Women Title Holders of Great Turtle Island notified the International Forum of Nations of the Indigenous inherent jurisdiction which cannot be violated.

MNN. “Arctic Grab – “Something Rotten in … Canada …”

polar-plungeAfter doing a few “polar bear” plunges, fancy pole dancing and double talking, they will return empty-handed.

PM Harper to Finance Minister Flaherty: "Brrrr! They can keep their North Pole!"

PM Harper to Finance Minister Flaherty: “Brrrr! They can keep their North Pole!”


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mnnlogoMNN. AUG. 31, 2013. Detroit’s funeral directors were informed that the City “can’t process birth and death certificates because they have no paper and don’t have money to buy any.” After the July 18, 2013 bankruptcy the creditors want cash! Dying is easy. Proving you’re dead is getting impossible! Cities are corporations. Bankers are 51% of the shareholders. Their authorization is needed on almost everything. Soon all licenses, certificate and documents will be unavailable if they can’t get the paper or the mark of the beast. Families can’t access bank accounts, file insurance claims or get court document, and so on.

Government employees are sitting outside their offices with nothing to do [and probably not getting paid]. mark of beast

The Onondaga woman who kept our records of Haudenosaunee passport recipients kept the paperwork in a shoe box under her bed. She knew each person and their family. She’s died since. 

The settlers don’t know each other. Recently the morgue told funeral directors that bodies would not be released without proper documents and only on weekdays. The Mohawk Nation News editor ran into the opposite problem. A death certificate was put on her Equifax credit file. She could not borrow money or do business or prove she was alive. Only her people could make an exception by vouching for her. who am i

Everyone fears for their pensions. Liens have been put against the city’s debts. Nothing can leave. Bank accounts are frozen. 100 US cities are on the verge of bankruptcies. 

The settlers reneged on the Great Law and the Two Row Wampum where everyone is equal and has a voice. Their violation is leading to chaos and then to revolution against this system of debts.  

"Achtung! Soon we will give everybody a number".

“Achtung! No more names. Soon we will give everybody numbers tattooed under their arms”.

We Indigenous have to stay out of it. The “Iotikstenha”, Women who care for the people, have the job of listing who are members of our nations and instructing them to follow the Great Law.  


kid with casino


The Bourne Trilogie “Extreme Ways” shows the  perils of identity loss: “Closed my world and never opened up to anything, then it fell apart”Bourne Trilogie, Extreme Ways. MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com  For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to mohawknationnews.com  More stories at MNN Archives.  Address:  Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada J0L 1B0]



She No Speak




MNN. June 24, 2013. Why did Kanienkehaka/Mohawk power break down? Our men were weakened by the deliberate social and political breakdown, alcoholism, war, poor physical and mental health, teachings of pacifism, movement restrictions, loss of lands and economic rights. Traditionally Haudenosaunee women speak out and question everything.  We are the inherent holders of the land for the coming generations. We create peace by regulating war. None can be called until the women try three times to achieve a peaceful solution. We appoint the warriors, define the conflict and negotiate peace. When the newcomers realized that Haudenosaunee chiefs acted on the recommendations of the women based on the consensus of the people, they set out to break these power bonds. A policy was developed to deal with men only on land, political and trade issues. 

Indigenous women face cultural & lifestyle changes. They dispense wisdom and reason.

Indigenous women face cultural & lifestyle changes. They still dispense wisdom and reason.

The tie to the earth is through the women. The men protect these connections. The strong female role as the foundation of Haudenosaunee society was uprooted. The male dominated hierarchical system took its toll on all the people. The invaders are educated to not hear or see us. Women as the progenitors of the soil were forced by policy to be subservient to the men. will not reform

European men felt uneasy about dealing with women, especially in relation to land and resource holdings. Indigenous female power bonds were a major obstacle. The matrilocal communal land holding system was targeted for destruction. A new regime of land held by a few foreign bankers and corporate entities was set in place to conform to the European hierarchical world view. 

To oppress our women is to oppress all of us. The “She No Speak” colonial system is rigid, punitive, demeaning and self-deprecating towards women. We are not supposed to question male authority. 

Europeans broke the women’ power through non-native religious influence and the Indian Act and Federal Indian Law passed by the colonists. These violations of the rule of law forced us in a subservient position to our men in our relations with the colonists. The major underpinnings of Kanienkehaka sovereignty were undermined.  

she no speakWe survived a holocaust. Our views, duties and responsibilities do not need to be validated by their foreign  tribal and band council Injun accomplices. The balance between men and women is the ultimate reason we are still here and an important people today. As Aretha Franklin points out: “I get tired [just a little bit], keep on trying [just a little bit]” even though everybody knows who we are! “Respect”

Indian Country Today article.

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MNN. Jun 15, 2013. We are the biggest contributors in history. Our real estate, Great Turtle Island, has been illegally put up by foreigners for the largest economy in the world! The crooks are rushing to eject us from our land to try to squeeze the last bit of our rights and ever growing $305 trillion Indian Trust Fund. They will get the bums rush. The rest will follow the white roots and take shelter under the tree. Everybody will be equal, have a voice and be of one mind with us. 

"Hurry up! It's almost too late".

The rulers and band/tribal councils: “Let’s get out of here quick, take it all with us and hide!”

The colonial population is in fast decline? The real work force is predominantly native and people of color. We are having lots of babies. The schools are full of brown faces. Many non-natives don’t want  kids but want ours to work for them and take care of them in their old age.  

A cheap work force is their dream. They fear us taking control of our lives, thinking for ourselves and making our own economic and social decisions. 

The leaders of the G20 economic summit are controlled by mostly whites from countries with depleted resources. They want a military power to run the world through slavery and theft. They live in walled enclaves, guarded by troops and keep ordinary people at a distance, especially the natural people of Great Turtle Island and the world. 

We’re supposed to change their sheets, empty their potties, wipe their bums, feed them, etc. but not respected as the true landlords. We are supposed to serve, bow and scrape to them. That’s ending fast!

birth rateGreat Turtle Island is turning brown. Nature favors dark eyes and hair. Except for the ruling oligarchy with blue eyes and mostly fake blond hair. They are a type of albinism, a genetic adaptation, to cope with the cloudy skies of Europe. They can’t adapt to the strong sun and are getting bred out. 

One day the young people will be shocked to learn that Great Turtle Island was once overrun by visiting palefaces! ”Whatever happened to them, Totah? Did you ever see one?” 

There will soon be a shortage of young people to fill vacant positions in the public sector, services, manufacturing, etc. We will take the jobs and complain about the violations of our sovereignty, theft of our funds, lands and resources. Maybe they’re afraid we’ll run their society like an Indian reservation. Indigenous women have powerful roles in future social, political and economic life. Our most powerful role is yet to come.whites good














Soon the rulers and their accomplices will be singing the song by Dr. Feelgood: “Went down to the employment office lookin’ for a job … I got tossed out on my ear. I’ve got the bums rush again”. “Bums Rush”. MNN Mohawk Nation News kahentinetha2@yahoo.com Thahoketoteh@hotmail.com For more news, books, workshops, to donate and sign up for MNN newsletters, go to www.mohawknationnews.com  More stories at MNN Archives.  Address:  Box 991, Kahnawake [Quebec, Canada] J0L 1B0















MNN,  Dec. 24, 2012.  We call for the reinstatement of the only legal contract allowing the settlers to live here, the Guswentha [Two Row Wampum].   It is the basis of the Great Peace of Montreal 1701.   According to international law, having reneged on this contract, everything reverts back to one day before it was ratified on June 25 1701.  They refuse to abide by it.  Their default of their contractual obligations to live in peace and be of one mind with us has been nullified and void.  They are illegal occupiers, squatters.

Prime Minister Harper, also known as “Pudge”, what are you waiting for? t spenceTo let Theresa Spence of Attawapiskat die in her tipi in the cold, not far from your nice warm mansion at 24 Sussex in Ottawa, which sits on our land?  Go see her today.  Take her some food.  She is hungry.  We want her to live.  You seem to want her to die.  Why?    


sussex drive

According to the natural law of Onowaregeh [Great Turtle Island], the Women must take over our communities.  According to the Kaianerehkowa, [Great Law of Peace], we have the jurisdiction and duty to protect our children and the land we are bringing them into.  On these issues the men get their authority from us. 

To implement our rights, all borders will now be fully monitored by the Ongwehonwe Women. Immigrants will no longer be told we are extinct or pacified. We will decide who comes onto our land and receives benefits from us.  Not foreign corporations who are wrecking everything and raping Mother Earth.  These artificial entities can no longer trespass on us.

parliamentWe demand control of all resources and immigration.  Their artificial economic system is based on debt, war, oppression and death.  We will end this.  Instead of declaring war, CEO “Pudge’ Harper of Corporation Canada must come to us and discuss their deficit owed to us, their landlords.          

His Band councils set up under the genocidal “Indian Act” signed the illegal treaties [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.}.  They are all fraudulent because they breach the Guswentha.  Their system is causing Theresa Spence’s hunger.  They and their supporters are the “Indian’ agents who are working with their masters to try to annihilate us.  They must step down and stand up their Council of Women under traditional law, the key to peace.  The councils and their followers can dissolve into the Corporation of Canada and leave our communities because they are in violation of the Guswentha.  We remind these Indian agents they have committed treason under the Great Law.    

Where are those Indian cigarette millionaires who are abusing the Great Law to make themselves filthy rich?  Owistah is the disease that prevents us from becoming of one mind.  We must return to the ‘we’ to stop the white divide-and-conquer serpent.  As Sitting Bull said, “Money soon gone, but land is forever”.

There is no need for police, jails and imperialism.  Each person has a duty to act on behalf of the Great Law of Peace.  Our responsibility is to our Mother Earth everywhere. 
Everyone can take shelter under the great Tree of Peace.      

Nobody freed the Palestinians.  They freed themselves.   We Indigenous everywhere must also free ourselves.  We have to break the chains that bind. Everything comes from within each person.  We cannot rely on the invaders whose mandate is total extermination of us so they can have free title of the Western Hemisphere.     

one peopleNo one in the world can stop us from becoming free.   We are on the path to world peace, skennen, and the weather spirits are marching with us.  

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Federal Court Case T-1396-12…


MNN.  Oct. 5, 2012.  On October 1, 2012 we went to Federal Court in Toronto to remind Canada of the law and the lawbreaking that is going on in Kanekota.  Kanekota is a British Protectorate. Trespassers must stop breaking the law.     

On October 5, 2012 Judge Aalto confirmed that their Royal Proclamation supercedes all Admiralty Statutes, statutory law and rules.  Then he told us they have no jurisdiction or will to respect it.  He clearly violated his oath to their Queen, making him guilty of high treason.  The penalty is death, which we did not ask for.  The last thing Thahoketoteh of Kanekota told Judge Aalto was, “You be careful of your decision.  If you break a royal proclamation, you will be guilty of high treason”.  Now he is. [Thahoketoteh of Kanekota v The Queen T-1396-12.] 

The Royal Proclamation confirms the Guswentha/Two Row Agreement, the supreme law of Onowaregeh/Great Turtle Island.  The 1701 agreements with the French and English are the only laws that give the newcomers the right to live on our land.  They broke these and now illegally reside here.   According to the Royal Proclamation 1784 their subjects must respect the Guswentha in all matters.   

The Federal Court agreed that in 1784 Captain General Frederick Haldimand signed on behalf of the king a proclamation to protect Mohawks from white encroachment forever.   Canada can no longer pretend ignorance of the laws.  The Federal Court put on the public record that Canada openly admits its criminality and refuses to follow the law. 

Judge Aalto erroneously proclaimed that the Federal Court overrules a Royal Proclamation. [He should be kicked out of law and put in jail]. This is all gobblety-gook to sidestep the lawbreaking and gives more time for corporate destruction of Kanekota.  He also ruled that “as this court has no jurisdiction to deal with these issues, leave to amend is also denied.” Meaning he decided that we could never appeal his wrong decision.  He showed that the Federal Court is nothing more than a kangeroo court.  

We do not accept this law breaking.  Under Wampum 44 of the Kaianerekowa/Great Law, the Women Title Holders have the duty to notify all settlers that as their proclamation supercedes all their rules and statutes, all their settlements, developments and permits violate the proclamation and the Guswentha.   

Judge Aalto did not dispute any of our arguments, that: 

1-The Nanfan Treaty is the Guswentha agreement with Great Britain.  

2-The Haldimand Proclamation is their order that there shall never be any encroachment by their people on our land.  

3-The Indian Lands Act 1924 is illegal as it was never taken to the Indigenous people, passed in any legislature nor brought to the Queen.  It was a side deal of the Minister of Indian Affairs of the Colony of Canada and the Minister of Mines of Ontario.  All Ontario settlers rely on this illegal statute for their title.  

4-The seizure of Canadian Hydro Developers windmills built in Kanekota without our consent belongs to the Mohawk Nation.  Canada broke its laws on “Aboriginal consultation” at the Ontario Municipal Board OMB hearings regarding these illegal eyesores.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR-jbTGh87g  The Municipal, Provincial and Federal governments must be notified of this ruling.   

5–The Outdoor Education Center by the Etobicoke Board of Education was stolen.  Now they are trying to illegally re-sell it.  

6-Enbridge Gas has illegally built a pipeline through Kanekota.  

7-Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty has illegally built a multi-million dollar estate on Kanekota. 

The Shareholders of the foreign Corporation of Canada have set up the Admiralty court system, to keep what has been stolen from us.  The courts make and manipulate its rules to make profits for the shareholders. For them the Royal Proclamation exists but they don’t have to follow it if they don’t want to.    

Dekanawida, the Peacemaker, showed us the path.  He knew that we had the mind to figure out the solutions.  Change for peace starts in each person’s mind. 

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MNN. June 24, 2005. Commissioner Sidney B. Linden of the Ipperwash Inquiry in Forest Ontario just sent Pierre George and the Women Title Holders a letter. He virtually admitted his guilt over what we were accusing him of. He has no jurisdiction to carry on this inquiry and that genocide goes on behind public inquiries.

First we got a letter from Derry Millar, Linden?s Commission lawyer. He made his own decision to block us bureaucratically. This has been their standard ?modus operandi? to never let our constitutional jurisdiction question get past the bureaucracy to the judicial arena. This allows the genocide to go on in a rule of law society.

Bureaucrat, Derry Millar, cranked out an arrogant response to us and we blasted him right in the gut. We told him to get out of the way. He felt the pain. He ran to Sidney Linden. What we were accusing him of was blocking access to Linden, ?Look at what they are saying to me. Waaa Waaa!?

Linden says, ?Don?t worry, Derry, I?ll take care of this?. Linden answers the constitutional question that he does have jurisdiction. The law indicates he doesn?t. He did not identify a single piece of legislation or precedent All he told us was ‘in my view’!

Linden decided he has constitutional jurisdiction on Stoney Point land by an Ontario ?Order in Council?. There are 12 procedural hurdles he could have used to jam up our action. He lost his temper. He decided to put Pierre and the Women Title Holders in their place! We took the stick of judicial genocide and stuck it to him.

Judge Linden?s angry refusal allowed us to go directly to the Supreme Court of Canada via the Divisional Court. Amnesty International should look at this aspect of the Ipperwash Inquiry. Pierre George took it a step further than Dudley.

It is out of the ?political? circus set up to evade the rule of law right into the ?legal? arena. It can?t be swept under the carpet.

Linden showed his guilty mind in relation to the crime of genocide. He is judicially willfully blind to the law. He has no right as ?Commissioner? in the Ipperwash Inquiry to call himself ?The Honourable Justice Sidney B. Linden?. His only capacity legally is Commissioner? through the Order in Council. He answered the question as both a Commissioner and as a ?Judge?. We now have a precedent by a Superior Court of Justice of Ontario. He negate the constitutional question without any basis other than, ?in my view?.

The cause of genocide is the utter breakdown of the rule of law. The rule of law is the basis of our Indigenous constitution, the Kaianereh?ko:wa/Great Law. Their constitution is supposed to be the basis of their society, which they don?t practice.

Linden put our question in the court system. The Divisional Court now have to confirm or deny his decision.

When they gave us a slap in the face, they lost their hand. They better get use to that.

Kahentinetha Horn
MNN Mohawk Nation News

poster: Thahoketoteh