MNN.  Jan. 13, 2013.  Indigenous youth, you have work to do.  Remove the destructive corporate slavery system. Put the Great Law in place to protect the people and the land.

The white population of Canada is going down.  The elite are leaving with all the money they stole. Trillions of our stolen loot is in offshore accounts of the corporations of Canada and US. Some of the settler elite are staying behind to steal what’s left and try to perpetuate the illusion of freedom. [Harper’s Enabling Act, Bill C-45 etc.]. The settler elite will try to start fights between us [corporatism].  Just remember, we are all one people.  

Harper heading for off shore 'vacation'.

Harper heading for off shore ‘vacation’.

The band councils cannot become intermediaries between us and the multinational corporation of Canada, to sell our resources. They have always been part of the greed and genocide program, trained to think hierarchically to enslave us.  

Corporate Indians are willing pupils of decadence.  Without access to capital, they will have to follow our path. Everyone has to live by the Kaianerekowa or leave Great Turtle Island.  

Our youth are smart. Corporate Canada fears them. Funds to education and health were cut by design to block our access to knowledge so we will not be prepared to run our territories. 

The January 11 meeting in Ottawa between Harper and his soul mates was to discuss getting our resources. Prime Minister  Stephen Harper is the middle man between us, our natural resources and the elite buyers. Canada takes a cut like the Mafia’s protection racket.  

We will regain control over what’s ours.  Our youth will set up a new world order known as the great peace. They will stand the tree so the world can become free and our Mother Earth can be protected.  

Young people will not fall into the traps being set for them, like criminalizing us, keeping us poor, ignorant and without hope.  The youth will keep a good mind and stay on the path, with the Guswentha and Kaianerekowa to guide them. 

The ‘owistah’ [shiny things] disease will be cured. The bankster hierarchy will be removed. International elite and their friends are the shareholders who invest in the settler elite.  This private network runs all multinational and country corporations worldwide.  Elite want solid investments and quick returns without any care for environmental destruction and human rights atrocities.  They are already investing our money elsewhere and collecting the returns for themselves.

DIA 'war room' gang getting ready for action.

DIA ‘war room’ gang getting ready for action.

The agents of the elite, the politicians, bankers and military, may be meeting right now in the War Room on the 14th floor of Indian Affairs, Ottawa. They are angry at not being able to extract our resources and export them to their banker and industrial overlords.  Especially that we are not sinking into misery and poverty as per their business plan. 

Get ready, set, go!

Get ready, set, go!

As Muse sang to the youth:  “Another promise, another scene, another packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed.  With all the green belts wrapped around our minds, and endless red tape to keep the truth confined, so come on.  They will not force us, and they will stop degrading us, and they will not control us.  We will be victorious.  So come on.” Muse: Uprising

We never gave up our land.  We will fight with the truth until we win.  

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