MNN.  Jan. 12, 2013.  This Indigenous proclamation supercedes every Royal Proclamation because this is all our land.  Natural law will be the legal way of Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island, and our peoples.

Great Turtle Island, Our great Mother.

Great Turtle Island, Our great Mother.

Stephen Harper, put away your copy of the “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.  It isn’t going to work here on Onowaregeh like you thought.  Scrap your “Heil Harper” bills [C-45 etc.] that were going to shred us to pieces.  Your wife just cashed in all her assets, like other family members of the corporation. They know Canada is on its way down. Last year you went often to Switzerland to make sure your secret banks accounts remain secret.  

Canada cannot legally exist without valid treaties. All your contracts are illegal. Without the stolen revenue to run your corporation, Canada will have to dissolve.  Only Indigenous people can legalize them.    

Canadians, everything belongs to your Indigenous landlords, your cities, towns, municipalities, every piece of land and everything below, on and above it.  Rent and taxes will be paid to us. You are one of our resource.    

The Ottawa meeting on January 11, 2013 was a complete disaster. We hereby proclaim that Canada is null and void for reneging on their Guswentha treaty obligations. 

1.We shall resist the genocide program. 

2.Any mutli-national corporations doing business here will deal directly with us or leave Great Turtle Island.  

3.The corporation of Canada shall be dissolved.  All the criminal shareholders shall be tried in the international Criminal Court for Genocide.  Before doing any business with us, the list of all the shares holders of every corporation shall be provided. We will only deal with people face-to-face and not with artificial entities. 

Harper's soulmates.

Harper’s soulmates.

4.The women shall establish governing bodies in each community as land is the duty of the Women’s Fire. Those who met with Harper to discuss women’s responsibilities violated the natural law and their people. They treasonously conspire with the alien male hierarchical system. These traitors shall be named and lose their voices.   

5.Those Indians who make secret illegal deals for Canada with Russia, China and others without our permission shall be publicly known as back-stabbers.  Canada and its criminal protection racket have no right to get a cut from any deal on Great Turtle Island.   

6.The men shall resume their fire and carry out their responsibilities according to will of the people. 

7.We will deal with whomever we please. We are not obligated to give anything to the settlers, neither to federal, provincial nor any other corporate entity.    

8.The numbered treaties are not legal. They are contracts that violate Guswentha, the law of the land. Canada got their nominees to sign them to illegally cede land from one hand to the other. 

9.We can block any of our roads or structures that are aiding in the genocide of our people. The International Criminal Court will agree.   

10.The band council entities and embassies shall be removed from our communities.    

11.The traditional people shall stand the tree of peace in all our communities. When the usurpers are removed, and we assume our proper position in the communities, everything will be straightened out very quickly.  

12.War, pollution and corporatism will no longer exist on Great Turtle Island. Pretend democracies, run on a 49%-51% concensus process, will become extinct [meaning 51% rule, 49% moan].  We will become 100% of one mind on all issues that affect us all as Kaianerekowa teaches us. 

Consensus of the People.

Consensus of the People.

This declaration is a symbolic string of white wampum with the following message: “Now we stand as brothers, let us plant this tree.  And water its roots.  It’ll grow from sea to sea.  Watch it grow to the sky and bask in its shade.  It represents the unity we now have made”.  Thahoketoteh: The tree

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