MNN. Nov. 25, 2013. 80 members of the Cree Nation of the isolated Attawapiskat community on James Bay in northern Ontario have been suddenly flown out. The women, children, babies, elders and men have been placed in motel rooms in Kapuskasing. Nobody knows for how long. Their government-provided clapboard houses have burnt down. In the meantime the employees of DeBeers are nearby digging out diamonds from their land and living in state-of-the-art houses. attawapiskat house

Chief Theresa Spence went on a hunger strike a year ago to resolve this issue. The issue received worldwide attention. Nothing changed. Millions of dollars rolled in and disappeared. On December 30, 2012, the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs announced that by the end of 2012-13 fiscal term, the federal government will have spent $131 million on Attawapiskat since 2006, including the construction of 60 new and renovated houses. What houses? A new school was built!

Where is our money? Stolen, of course! The invaders and their hangers-on took our funds and resources. The corporate elite responsible for this devastation built multi-million dollar mansions on our land. Right now over 40 multimillion dollar mansions are on sale in Montreal’s upscale neighborhood in Westmount. They are advertised in the Montreal Gazette. The following is one of the mansions. They all sit on Bear Clan Mohawk Nation land. The asking price for this particular house is $10.8 million. You can be sure the owner did not lift a finger to earn it.

This outrageous one family house is for sale for $10.8 million!

This outrageous one family house is for sale for $10.8 million!

The bigger question is why are all the billionaires fleeing Montreal with our money?  Where are they going? To survive what’s coming?

The people of Attawapiskat have been through this several times, trying to deal with the destruction of their homeland. We are challenging the International corporate elite at every turn. Attawapkiskat, Elsipogtog, the list grows of those standing up for our mother …

Rosemary Clooney sings about our toxic third world government provided mansions in the north: “This ole house is a-gettin’ shaky/This ole house is a-gettin’ old/This ole house lets in the rain/This ole house lets in the cold”.Rosemary Clooney. This Ole House”!

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MNN.  JAN. 26, 2013.  We are subduing the enemy without physically fighting them. Now he is ours. The bridge is there, but they will not be able to escape. Their only retreat is to jail or death.

Cul du sac!

Bankers’ cul du sac!


Our enemy is irritated because of their own arrogance, which is their greatest weakness. The paradigm is shifting.  Their “slaves” want to be free.  The path of their subjects leads to the Great White Roots of Peace. They are already coming to us to open their own minds. Once their minds awake to the truth, no one can put them back to sleep.  The peace will return to us and our Mother as our ancient teachings direct. This will be the end of the oligarchs here on Great Turtle Island.   

The pyramid will be taken apart from the inside. The bottom shall disassemble the top. The rest of the hierarchical system will collapse.  It is against the laws of nature.    

Row, row, corporate Indians!

Row, faster, corporate Indians!

Canada Prime Minister Harper’s main role is to ramp up resource extraction for their planet trashing plans. His corporate Indians [AFN, band councils] are all following the same business plan. The only time line that puppet Shawn Atleo is going to make is to get on the same boat as a galley slave with his masters and sail off to prison for the traitor that he is.  

Atleo wants to rejuvenate education [brainwashing] for the Indians, not himself. He knows the truth about the real brutal history of his corporate masters. His knowledge of the genocide and stolen trust fund will land him in a Nuremberg cell with his best friend, Herr Harper. He will say, “I was just following orders!”  But the orders did not come from the women of his nation. This is high treason against his own people.  All the other band councilors and the SS Indian Affairs system will be on the same big boat to Europe.  Since we won’t have prisons here, they will have to go home. They’ll be witnessing from afar the rebirth of our Mother Land, Great Turtle Island, from their jail cells in the Fatherland [Europe]. 

Iceland is now the only free country on earth because the bankers are all in jail and they’re printing their own money.  The banks collapsed because all the deficits owed to them were proven to be frauds. Private companies like airlines or other businesses fail when they are mismanaged or proven to be fraudulent. So they did.  Banks are high stakes companies, like casinos. They thought the house always wins.  Ordinary people should not have to pump up the banks through their taxes. The financial sector was huge and gobbling up all the professionals.  It is now the smallest, as it should be.  When financial sectors failed, other businesses blossom.  

Atleo wants to cooperate with economic growth, more trade with western countries to build weapons that continue the never ending war on terror throughout the planet. This goes against the supreme law of Great Turtle Island. He must go. 

Bankers & accomplices: You can't hide.

Bankers & accomplices: You can’t hide.


As Jimmie Rodgers wrote:  “Well, I Had a friend named Rambling Bob, who used to steal, gamble and rob.  He thought he was the smartest guy in town, but I found out last Monday that Bob got locked up Sunday. They got him in the jailhouse way downtown”. Original:Jimmie Rodgers: He’s in the jailhouse now

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MNN.  Jan. 13, 2013.  Indigenous youth, you have work to do.  Remove the destructive corporate slavery system. Put the Great Law in place to protect the people and the land.

The white population of Canada is going down.  The elite are leaving with all the money they stole. Trillions of our stolen loot is in offshore accounts of the corporations of Canada and US. Some of the settler elite are staying behind to steal what’s left and try to perpetuate the illusion of freedom. [Harper’s Enabling Act, Bill C-45 etc.]. The settler elite will try to start fights between us [corporatism].  Just remember, we are all one people.  

Harper heading for off shore 'vacation'.

Harper heading for off shore ‘vacation’.

The band councils cannot become intermediaries between us and the multinational corporation of Canada, to sell our resources. They have always been part of the greed and genocide program, trained to think hierarchically to enslave us.  

Corporate Indians are willing pupils of decadence.  Without access to capital, they will have to follow our path. Everyone has to live by the Kaianerekowa or leave Great Turtle Island.  

Our youth are smart. Corporate Canada fears them. Funds to education and health were cut by design to block our access to knowledge so we will not be prepared to run our territories. 

The January 11 meeting in Ottawa between Harper and his soul mates was to discuss getting our resources. Prime Minister  Stephen Harper is the middle man between us, our natural resources and the elite buyers. Canada takes a cut like the Mafia’s protection racket.  

We will regain control over what’s ours.  Our youth will set up a new world order known as the great peace. They will stand the tree so the world can become free and our Mother Earth can be protected.  

Young people will not fall into the traps being set for them, like criminalizing us, keeping us poor, ignorant and without hope.  The youth will keep a good mind and stay on the path, with the Guswentha and Kaianerekowa to guide them. 

The ‘owistah’ [shiny things] disease will be cured. The bankster hierarchy will be removed. International elite and their friends are the shareholders who invest in the settler elite.  This private network runs all multinational and country corporations worldwide.  Elite want solid investments and quick returns without any care for environmental destruction and human rights atrocities.  They are already investing our money elsewhere and collecting the returns for themselves.

DIA 'war room' gang getting ready for action.

DIA ‘war room’ gang getting ready for action.

The agents of the elite, the politicians, bankers and military, may be meeting right now in the War Room on the 14th floor of Indian Affairs, Ottawa. They are angry at not being able to extract our resources and export them to their banker and industrial overlords.  Especially that we are not sinking into misery and poverty as per their business plan. 

Get ready, set, go!

Get ready, set, go!

As Muse sang to the youth:  “Another promise, another scene, another packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed.  With all the green belts wrapped around our minds, and endless red tape to keep the truth confined, so come on.  They will not force us, and they will stop degrading us, and they will not control us.  We will be victorious.  So come on.” Muse: Uprising

We never gave up our land.  We will fight with the truth until we win.  

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MNN.  Jan. 12, 2013.  This Indigenous proclamation supercedes every Royal Proclamation because this is all our land.  Natural law will be the legal way of Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island, and our peoples.

Great Turtle Island, Our great Mother.

Great Turtle Island, Our great Mother.

Stephen Harper, put away your copy of the “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.  It isn’t going to work here on Onowaregeh like you thought.  Scrap your “Heil Harper” bills [C-45 etc.] that were going to shred us to pieces.  Your wife just cashed in all her assets, like other family members of the corporation. They know Canada is on its way down. Last year you went often to Switzerland to make sure your secret banks accounts remain secret.  

Canada cannot legally exist without valid treaties. All your contracts are illegal. Without the stolen revenue to run your corporation, Canada will have to dissolve.  Only Indigenous people can legalize them.    

Canadians, everything belongs to your Indigenous landlords, your cities, towns, municipalities, every piece of land and everything below, on and above it.  Rent and taxes will be paid to us. You are one of our resource.    

The Ottawa meeting on January 11, 2013 was a complete disaster. We hereby proclaim that Canada is null and void for reneging on their Guswentha treaty obligations. 

1.We shall resist the genocide program. 

2.Any mutli-national corporations doing business here will deal directly with us or leave Great Turtle Island.  

3.The corporation of Canada shall be dissolved.  All the criminal shareholders shall be tried in the international Criminal Court for Genocide.  Before doing any business with us, the list of all the shares holders of every corporation shall be provided. We will only deal with people face-to-face and not with artificial entities. 

Harper's soulmates.

Harper’s soulmates.

4.The women shall establish governing bodies in each community as land is the duty of the Women’s Fire. Those who met with Harper to discuss women’s responsibilities violated the natural law and their people. They treasonously conspire with the alien male hierarchical system. These traitors shall be named and lose their voices.   

5.Those Indians who make secret illegal deals for Canada with Russia, China and others without our permission shall be publicly known as back-stabbers.  Canada and its criminal protection racket have no right to get a cut from any deal on Great Turtle Island.   

6.The men shall resume their fire and carry out their responsibilities according to will of the people. 

7.We will deal with whomever we please. We are not obligated to give anything to the settlers, neither to federal, provincial nor any other corporate entity.    

8.The numbered treaties are not legal. They are contracts that violate Guswentha, the law of the land. Canada got their nominees to sign them to illegally cede land from one hand to the other. 

9.We can block any of our roads or structures that are aiding in the genocide of our people. The International Criminal Court will agree.   

10.The band council entities and embassies shall be removed from our communities.    

11.The traditional people shall stand the tree of peace in all our communities. When the usurpers are removed, and we assume our proper position in the communities, everything will be straightened out very quickly.  

12.War, pollution and corporatism will no longer exist on Great Turtle Island. Pretend democracies, run on a 49%-51% concensus process, will become extinct [meaning 51% rule, 49% moan].  We will become 100% of one mind on all issues that affect us all as Kaianerekowa teaches us. 

Consensus of the People.

Consensus of the People.

This declaration is a symbolic string of white wampum with the following message: “Now we stand as brothers, let us plant this tree.  And water its roots.  It’ll grow from sea to sea.  Watch it grow to the sky and bask in its shade.  It represents the unity we now have made”.  Thahoketoteh: The tree

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mnnlogo1CANADA AT WAR:  OKA 1990 

MNN.  Jan. 3, 2013.  Truth prevailed and only we can control our destiny.  Dekanawida instructed us to transform war into peace, to bring everyone to one mind.  We are telling Prime Minister Harper and his invading soldiers and police to refute the New World Order and sit in the shade of the Great Tree of Peace.  Otherwise they might be buried along with all the conflicts they have created. 

Army & Warrior faceoff 1990

Army & Warrior faceoff 1990

In 1990 when we objected to our burial and ceremonial grounds being turned into a golf course, Canada sent 5,000 heavily armed para-military police, RCMP and soldiers to surround us.  

The Corporation of Canada declared total war on us, using old Greek tactics.  The army laid a siege around us. Food was stopped to starve us to death.  People were imprisoned.  We could not go in or out of the razor wired compound.  Energy and communication were turned off.  After three months, they demanded we surrender or they would open fire on us.  We had to come out. The army brutalized and arrested us. Thousands of people ran to Oka, surrounded the army, helped some of us escape, protected the children and elders.  

Illegal charges were laid on us, which did not stick.  We proved that what we did was political and not criminal.  It was under the guidance of the Great Law.  We were sanctioned by Creation.  

Some soldiers told us later they were trained to carry out atrocities on us, such as racial slurs, hitting, spitting, brutalizing the women and children and even stabbing one child in the chest.  

We learned some strategies ourselves:  to stay dispersed; to keep some outside for communication, food runs and bail money; and to organize people to come to our rescue. Today’s flash mobs are effective guerilla tactics where we suddenly show up, do a round dance and then leave. 

LRAD attack

LRAD attack

During these occasions, security could bring in the cops to surround us, provoke riots, beat and then arrest us. We usually bring our children, so we would be unable to physically resist.  They will use the latest crowd control urban warfare methods, such as LRAD, a long range acoustic device and sonic weapon.  It sends pain inducing sounds that could burst our ear drums.  Now drones can be fired at us legally.  

In 1990 our sell-outs set up nearby to translate Mohawk into French and to advise the police and army. The time has come for all to assess our native and non-native allies.  

Afterwards this same elite Canadian airborne regiment was sent to Somalia to commit the same atrocities against the natives there.  

The UN, US and Canada are the New World Order.  We have the goods they want and need. We intend to eliminate the divide and conquer war strategy of the bankers who own the UN, US and Canada corporations. The idea that whoever has the money makes the rules is finished. The bankers’ money printing machines will be shattered.  They will be arrested and jailed for their fraud and crimes, and deported. 

The council of Women and the Council of Men will re-establish the peace.  It is a natural duty. The land is owned by the future  seven generations.  We are borrowing it from them. We will do everything necessary to take care of it for them.  We are fighting for our identity and rights to control our lives, territories, commerce and way of life.  

The administrators of Canada’s genocide, the band and tribal councils, tried to take over the “Idle No More” agenda.  These colonial serpents are not welcome. They are preparing to meet Harper on January 24th, which Chief Spence may attend if she has not died of hunger.  

Worried Harper

Worried Harper


As Memphis Slim sang:  “You may not have me all the time.  You may never go my way.  Mother Earth is laying for you, because of all the debt you’ve got to pay.  Don’t care how great you are.  Don’t care what you’re worth.  When it all ends up, you’ve gotta go back to Mother Earth.” 

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MNN.  Jan. 2, 2013.  The “Indian” reserves are concentration camps for Indigenous people, designed to breed hopelessness, suicides and eventually death. The world is seeing hunger striker Chief Theresa Spence as a victim of this policy. 

The main function of reserves is genocide to purge Canada of their “undesirable elements”, the owners of the land, to get our resources. 

Oka Mohawk Crisis 1990

Oka Mohawk Crisis 1990

Fences were built around us.  We needed passes to get in or out.  Indian agents and band councilors were trained to be wardens.  These prisoner of war camps were set up on Oct. 24th 1924 by Duncan Campbell Scott, the Superintendent of Indian Affairs, the real power of the colony at the time. The Indian Act was the Corporation of Canada by law, to carry out the “final solution of the Indian problem”, that is the total extermination of our people.  By 1950 Canada proudly boasted there were only 89,000 of us left. 

Over 100 million of our people in the Western Hemisphere perished in the biggest holocaust in humanity.  

Prime Minister Pudge Harper and Jim Flaherty’s Bill C-45 is singling out our children for destruction. 

Flaherty & Pudge Harper

Flaherty & Pudge Harper

Our children were grabbed and taken to the residential school death camps.  Since 1924 almost half died from starvation, exposure, brutality, disease and murder.  In the 1930s Nazi doctors were invited by Canada to do medical research on our children and then kill them. 

Some death camps were near population centres to use us as cheap labor, for prostitution rings and sex slaves for the local elite and to be sacrified in ritualistic murders by the pedophile clergy.   

On Dec. 21, 2012 Pope Ratzinger said that, “… child rape isn’t bad.  It is normal back in his time.  Pedophilia isn’t absolute evil.  Child pornography is normal in society.  There is no good or evil.  Only better than or worse than.” 

The Nazis studied these extermination and death camps as a model for their concentration camps.  Their first ones were called residential schools.  Hitler told the US, “Don’t point your finger at me.  Look what you’ve done”.  

Band councils are the camp commandants, who run these camps for the multinational corporation of Canada, for the gradual disappearance of our people. The reason was to extract every resource beneath our feet.  

Indian Band councils knowingly facilitate the efficient disintegration of our people.  Near Chief Spence’s community of Attawapiskat the DeBeers Diamond Co. built a modern settlement with plumbing and hydro for the workers in the mines. The native people are being poisoned to death from the environmental destruction.  DeBeers wants them removed so they can destroy everything.  The CEO of DeBeers told the CEO of Canada, Harper, not to speak to Chief Spence.    

We will not use force of arms, arrests, prisons and assassinations even though the enemy is using brute force on us.  

Our power is in the home and the community.  To defend ourselves we need a strong military and civilian defence structure.  We have the right to protect ourselves.  We will never leave our land.  

Our men will safeguard our communities so that that our women and men can set up functioning councils. Our home communities will not be dismantled.  The genocide programs and their administrators will be dismantled. The Corporation of Canada and their band councils are criminal organizations and will pay for their crimes. If there is no apparatus to enforce their will, they can’t exist.  

periscopeWe will assert ourselves as the true people of Onowaregeh, Great Turtle Island.  The Corporation of Canada is an illegal entity that is a homeless boat nation.  Maybe the defunk shareholders will find a new home to practice their Admiralty Law.  Like the Beatles sang, “So we sailed into the sun til we found a sea of green, and we lived beneath the waves in our yellow submarine”.  

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MNN: Mohawk John Kane urges Chief Spence to halt fast


MNN.  Jan. 2, 2013.  Kane of Native Pride told MNN that he is urging Chief Spence to halt her fast out of concern for her life.

Kane says, “the ‘nation to nation’ relationship is a white man’s concept and urges Chief Spence to halt her ‘suicide mission’.  Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence said,“First Nations leadership need to take charge and control of the situation on behalf of the grassroots movement. We need to re-ignite that nation-to-nation relationship based on our inherent and constitutionally protected rights as a sovereign nation. We are demanding our rightful place back, here in our homelands, that we all call Canada.”

native pride

“I could not disagree more. I have listened to this bullshit about “nation-to-nation” relationships all my life. Our sovereignty is not vested in someone’s idea of what a “nation” is. Our sovereignty is a birthright; it comes from Creation. It is our right and authority to carry ourselves. This notion of nationhood came from the white man. So did the idea of individuals vested with power over their people. Our sovereignty is not vested in some man-made institution, a band chief, first nation, federally recognized leader or anyone else. It is an individual right, power and responsibility. None of the words we use to describe ourselves translate to anything close to “nations”. We are simply the People.

Theresa Spence is no more a nation than the smallest child stomping out a round dance. Those that claim to be the “First Nations leadership” should settle in behind and among the people and stop trying to be what the white man created. This bogus leadership is the reason the people will be Idle No More.

My message to Ms. Spence is to grab a sandwich and stand with your people. A thirty day attempted suicide makes a sensational story and draws plenty of sympathy but it undermines what the people are rising up for. No one individual is the face of this movement and no individual act symbolizes the movement or passion. For any of these “leaders” to now claim to be “Idle No More” only begs the question as to why the hell they have been idle till now. The sovereignty and power is in the people.

Ms. Spence still seems to be missing the point. A request for Idle No More leadership to join with the chiefs reflects a lack of understanding. It is those who have sat separate and above their people that need to stand among them. … join the people. Glorification of such an act is the last thing our young people need.

John Kane, Mohawk, is radio host of Let’s Talk Native Pride