MNN. Feb. 27, 2013. Cayuga chief of the Iroquois Confederacy, Deskahe, was sent to the League of Nations in Geneva in 1922 to apply for membership and to try to influence it to become an egalitarian system. The bankers wanted one world government with a hierarchy controlled by them. We were sponsored but usurped by the bankers.

 Today due to the abundance of Indigenous resources and funds, Canada is the premier corporatist model for the one world government – corporatism (fascism, Nazism and democracy of the 50% +1), which can be manipulated by the bankers. The corporations illegally control the state, religions, law enforcement, military and media. They give themselves the final word on everything, bank accounts, businesses, citizenship, all employment in all entities large and small. 

Sequoia, leading longest declared war with US.

Sequoia, Seminoles still at  war  with US.


As agents of a foreign entity, Canada violates international law.  Informed consent of the majority of people as expressed in free and fair elections is required before we can be absorbed by another state. This never happened. We are independent and seek our freedom. We have the right to our nationalities, freedom of speech, movement, family life, security of the person, land, resources and funds.  

As independent sovereign people, we Rotino’shonni:onwe [Iroquois Long House people] have retained our knowledge of our true history, system of governance and treaty making powers. Our international relationship is with the Queen, not the corporation of Canada. 

Sitting Bull, great strategist.

Sitting Bull, great strategist.

A major Indigenous concept influenced international law. The “Guswentha” or Tekeni Teiohate. The “Two Row Wampum”, is a relationship created between two sovereigns. 

The canoe and boat travel side by side on the river of life. Each vessel symbolically contains their people, language, form of government, laws, culture, traditions and ceremonies. In the Indigenous canoe are all the lands, waters and resources that the natural world has vested in the Ongwehonwe. The parties agree to not interfere or make war with the other, forever. “Comity” is an important feature where each party agreed to turn an alleged guilty party over to their own nation for trial and punishment. two row old

The First Rotino’shonni:onwe treaty with a European nation was with the Dutch around 1606, a Peace and Friendship” and “Trade and Commerce” treaty. The Dutch could trade freely in Rotino’shonni:onwe Territory without hindrance. Similar treaties called the “Covenant Chain” were made with Great Britain, France, the Thirteen Colonies, and eventually the United States. 

The Crown issues illegal licenses and title documents from one end of Canada to the other violating the Peace Treaty of 1701. This acknowledges the vast territorial and cultural rights of the Onkwehonwe. Canada has refused to truthfully answer the jurisdictional question raised by Indigenous, which is, “Do you follow your own constitution?” If yes, then they have to nullify illegal laws, pay reparations and damages.  

Geronimo, held off US army until family threatened with death.

Geronimo and a few  held off US army for 30 years.

Deskahe, died for our people.

Deskahe, died for our people 1925.

After Deskahe’s efforts failed, we were put into prisoner of war camps [reservations]. All our lands, resources and funds were taken. Indigenous genocide the world over accelerated. Conditions were crafted of poverty, disease, theft of our children, impoverishment, which continue to this day. Deskahe was murdered trying to make Canada   law abiding. 

As Johnny Cash remembers others in “Drums”: “Long Pine and Seqoia, Handsome Lake and Sitting Bull. There’s Mangas Colorado with his sleeve so red and full. Crazy Horse the legend. Those who bit off Custer’s soul. They are dead, yet they are living with the great Geronimo. And there are drums…” Drums by Cash

Crazy Horse, the legend.

Crazy Horse, the legend.

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