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MNN. Feb. 9, 2015. On May 18, 1997, over 100 Haudenosaunne/Iroquois were brutally beaten by New York State Troopers. They disrupted a sacred tobacco burning ceremony at Onondaga, the capital of the Iroquois Confederacy. Lawyers, Terrance Hoffmann of Syracuse and Abramowitz, Grand, Iason & Anello of New York City, volunteered to act for us, free of charge. Since then the Troopers lost twice to have their case thrown out, purporting they were just carrying out orders in the line of duty.homeland

The Admiralty court was advised that if this case went to trial the Haudenosaunee would win. Judge George Lowe advised NYS to make a financial settlement with us. 13 plaintiffs refused the “cash and shut up” settlement. The case must now proceed to trial. In February 2014 the lawyers made a motion to drop those of us who did not agree with the settlement. This case was never about money. It’s about accountability and holding those responsible to account. Judge Wiley Dancks allowed the lawyers to drop us.  [Andrew Jones et al v. Parmley, et al Civil Action No. 98-CV-374 [FJS][TWD].

We are lawyerless and penniless. It seems this was part of their plan. We recently met in Onondaga and became of one mind. We will defend ourselves and ask for all the disclosures. We’ve been 18 years in the wildnerness of the US court system. It reminds us of Apache Chief Geronimo’s last stand in the wilderness of Mexico.

Court business house up that way!

Their whole system is pretend. They don’t even see it! Ha ha!

The United States District Court Northern District of New York may be doing an end around Article 7 of the Canandaigua Treaty which states:

“Lest the firm peace and friendship now established should be interrupted by the misconduct of individuals, the United States and the Six Nations agree, that for injuries done by individuals, on either side, no private revenge or retaliation shall take place; but, instead thereof, complaint shall be made by the party injured, to the other; by the Six Nations or any of them, to the President of the United States… as shall be necessary to preserve our peace and friendship unbroken, until the Legislature (or Great Council) of the United States shall make other equitable provision for that purpose”.

Canadaigua 1794 Only the US President can deal with our issues.

Only the President of the United States shall preserve our peace and friendship unbroken. Canadaigua 1784.

As Bruce Cocburn sings: “Apartheid in Arizona, slaughter in Brazil. If bullets don’t get good p.r., there’s other ways to kill. Kidnap all the children, put them in a foreign system, bring them up in no man’s land where no one really wants them. It’s a stolen land”. We’d appreciate and welcome any help you might have. MNN Kahentinetha2@yahoo.com


See. Old fashion settlement process: Lakota fistfight over mascot t-shirts.

Read. Bank of Canada fraud case.

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MNN. May 7, 2013. The gun owners have not fallen into Obama’s trap. The National Rifle Association NRA meeting in Texas is a good example of their great fears. TV star Glenn Beck said, “Guns should only be in the hands of good people”! Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin said, “The men and women who secured this country have the answers”. They are beginning to see the answer to survival is to go to the Indigenous people.

Anonymous put out a billboard connecting the weapons culture to the genocide of our people. Geronimo stands with 3 warriors, with the caption, “Homeland Security: Fighting Terrorism since 1492”. The plight of North Americans is being equated to the genocide of over 100 million Indigenous People who were protecting their lives, lands and possessions. It is over 500 years of domination and ethnic exploitation we have endured. The bankers and their corporate media continue to try to malign us with their loud hysterical cries, superstition, magic, irrational beliefs, fatalism, wishful thinking and opportunism all rolled into one. The masses are not buying it! 

Homeland Security ..

“Homeland Security: Fighting Terrorism since 1492” 

The desperate fascist media have not put a spin on it yet. This billboard indicates they admit to the murder and displacement of the Indigenous People. The 2nd amendment [right to bear arms] was put in their constitution to prevent the rise of a dictatorship within their republic.  

The use of this photo shows they think they are in the same situation that Geronimo was in. They inadvertently have come to the Indigenous People for the solution.   hysteria

They are frightened, paranoid or fear the future.  Placing themselves in solidarity with us is the beginning of the end of the war problem. We have the answers. The light is shining on the path that leads to the source of peace, freedom and equality. The gun owners will assist us when we stand up the tree of peace in Onondaga where it always resided. The war problem will end forever. As the Guess Who sings: “Eagle all gone. And no more caribou. Guns, guns, guns! God speed mother nature. never really wanted to say goodbye” Gun, Guns, Guns

The answer has always been here, the Great Law of Peace, Kaianerehowa. We will calmly explain Skenna, Kasatstensera and Karihwiio and they will listen. 

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MNN. Feb. 27, 2013. Cayuga chief of the Iroquois Confederacy, Deskahe, was sent to the League of Nations in Geneva in 1922 to apply for membership and to try to influence it to become an egalitarian system. The bankers wanted one world government with a hierarchy controlled by them. We were sponsored but usurped by the bankers.

 Today due to the abundance of Indigenous resources and funds, Canada is the premier corporatist model for the one world government – corporatism (fascism, Nazism and democracy of the 50% +1), which can be manipulated by the bankers. The corporations illegally control the state, religions, law enforcement, military and media. They give themselves the final word on everything, bank accounts, businesses, citizenship, all employment in all entities large and small. 

Sequoia, leading longest declared war with US.

Sequoia, Seminoles still at  war  with US.


As agents of a foreign entity, Canada violates international law.  Informed consent of the majority of people as expressed in free and fair elections is required before we can be absorbed by another state. This never happened. We are independent and seek our freedom. We have the right to our nationalities, freedom of speech, movement, family life, security of the person, land, resources and funds.  

As independent sovereign people, we Rotino’shonni:onwe [Iroquois Long House people] have retained our knowledge of our true history, system of governance and treaty making powers. Our international relationship is with the Queen, not the corporation of Canada. 

Sitting Bull, great strategist.

Sitting Bull, great strategist.

A major Indigenous concept influenced international law. The “Guswentha” or Tekeni Teiohate. The “Two Row Wampum”, is a relationship created between two sovereigns. 

The canoe and boat travel side by side on the river of life. Each vessel symbolically contains their people, language, form of government, laws, culture, traditions and ceremonies. In the Indigenous canoe are all the lands, waters and resources that the natural world has vested in the Ongwehonwe. The parties agree to not interfere or make war with the other, forever. “Comity” is an important feature where each party agreed to turn an alleged guilty party over to their own nation for trial and punishment. two row old

The First Rotino’shonni:onwe treaty with a European nation was with the Dutch around 1606, a Peace and Friendship” and “Trade and Commerce” treaty. The Dutch could trade freely in Rotino’shonni:onwe Territory without hindrance. Similar treaties called the “Covenant Chain” were made with Great Britain, France, the Thirteen Colonies, and eventually the United States. 

The Crown issues illegal licenses and title documents from one end of Canada to the other violating the Peace Treaty of 1701. This acknowledges the vast territorial and cultural rights of the Onkwehonwe. Canada has refused to truthfully answer the jurisdictional question raised by Indigenous, which is, “Do you follow your own constitution?” If yes, then they have to nullify illegal laws, pay reparations and damages.  

Geronimo, held off US army until family threatened with death.

Geronimo and a few  held off US army for 30 years.

Deskahe, died for our people.

Deskahe, died for our people 1925.

After Deskahe’s efforts failed, we were put into prisoner of war camps [reservations]. All our lands, resources and funds were taken. Indigenous genocide the world over accelerated. Conditions were crafted of poverty, disease, theft of our children, impoverishment, which continue to this day. Deskahe was murdered trying to make Canada   law abiding. 

As Johnny Cash remembers others in “Drums”: “Long Pine and Seqoia, Handsome Lake and Sitting Bull. There’s Mangas Colorado with his sleeve so red and full. Crazy Horse the legend. Those who bit off Custer’s soul. They are dead, yet they are living with the great Geronimo. And there are drums…” Drums by Cash

Crazy Horse, the legend.

Crazy Horse, the legend.

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MNN. Mar. 29, 2010. We Indigenous know that we are being monstrously targeted. We are scattered throughout Great Turtle Island. The colonial government is trying to create a reason to remove and scatter us.

Our communities are deliberately being made unviable, unlivable and mismanaged to create weakness, hunger and thirst. Fierce restrictions, cutbacks, no jobs and no economy are being imposed to create hopelessness.

Resettlement is part of the strategy. Many of our people already have been removed to concentration-extermination camp conditions: Mohawk to Wahta, Innu to Labrador and Inuit to the high Arctic. Curfews and passes were imposed. Food and necessities were rationed. Many died. Our children were removed to residential schools. About half were killed.

In 2005 over 60 Australian Aboriginie communities were placed under martial law run by the military.

For 500 years European invaders continue the genocide of Indigenous. They control the money, police, government, economy and military.

The corporate media does not expose these atrocities. Communication is controlled. The masses say little.

Many of our people join the aggressors or pacifist cults. Some support Canada and US extermination policies, especially the colonial band and tribal councils. They put down any resistance. They will be heroes for convincing us to go like lambs to the slaughter. Their Indian cops tell us it’s futile to resist and encourage us to be passive.

Our resources are being used to carry out the genocide. Hannah Arendt said that in WW II almost without exception Jewish leaders in Germany and worldwide cooperated with the Nazis to carry out the Jewish holocaust. They designed the camps, targeted resisters, compiled lists to send to the concentration camps, which properties to seize and distributed the yellow star ID badge that Jews had to wear. Their own money paid for their holocaust.

If the band and tribal councils do not help their masters, there will be unorganized chaos and less of us will be killed or affected. They will discourage resistance, sabotage rescue attempts and coerce us to re-settle. Our lands and properties are probably being promised to them. In the end, they will be put on the same trains with us. The Apache trackers who helped the US army capture Geronimo were all sent to the same prison in Florida.

Fascist thugs believe that natural law is based on violence and that brutal force can solve social problems; democracy is the enemy of the people because it inhibits brutality; life is a perpetual struggle for existence. Only the strong and brutal survive; and the world belongs to those who seize and control it. [Hitler: Main Kempf].

Anti-Indian racism, threats to our babies, young men and women are control tactics. Our interrelationship with the natural world must be renewed. Living in identifiable communities is necessary. Solidarity must be created between our families. Trusted supporters must be found.

In the end Hitler’s Jewish police were gunned down: “If you can do this to your own, what would you do to me?” Using our own against us is an old tactic. It‘s harder to resist when our own are trying to help eliminate us.

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