MNN. June 27, 2013. Our spirituality is based on giving greetings and thanks to the system that makes life on Mother Earth possible. Our people always had natural economics, all coming from the land, water and air. We first need nourishment to sustain ourselves. Our people were hunters, fishermen, trappers, gatherers and farmers. We always had a predictable steady supply of food. Then we could conduct other matters. Our ceremonies are based on this natural economy. 

Inca and Aztec grew crops on island sized floating rafts.

Inca and Aztec grew crops on island sized floating rafts.

Today it is impractical. The animals have been slaughtered. Our lands have been divided up and polluted. Plants, medicines and trees have been sickened since the coming of the Europeans to our shores. Many of the fish cannot be eaten because they are poisonous. 

Genetically modified organisms GMO is an organism whose genetic material has been altered. Through modern biotechnology plants and animals can be changed through insertion and deletion of genes. Genes are being inserted from another species, supposedly to repel infections, grow larger more quickly, change color, or whatever. This looks like the beginning of genetically modified human organism to replace the natural people. No one can confirm the long term damage altering nature. Our Mother Earth will clean it all up!

To weaken us, we have been made dependent on the European people for modified food, artificial support and life-ways. To strengthen our bodies and minds we have to relearn how to provide for our people in the normal natural way. Creation gave us a mind to think so we can survive.  

hydroponicsToday very little of our land is under our control. In Haudenosaunee territory economic enterprises have been formed to look at old, new and emerging technology. Hydroponics is the growing of food with water without use of soil, developed by the Aztecs 2,500 years ago. One acre of land can grow 400 acres of food, using green houses and the power of the sun, without pests, insects or genetic modification.  

Technology can produce foods which do not conflict with our principles, culture or traditions. If we can survive to the 21st Century, we can become one with our land and all our relations again.  

Economics is important. Let us be thankful for what has been given to us and ask for nothing. With the good memories that our ancestors passed down to us, we can help ourselves, our children and unborn generations. United we are powerful. 

monsanto salmonMonsanto Corporation represents the unnatural. We will put them out of business when everyone remembers how to use their memories. We will all become natural again. 

“Onkwehonwe” means ‘human beings forever’. When we are long gone our memories will continue. Our minds can create a world in which they will survive. They will look back at us with respect for doing the right things. Or they can see Indifference, failure or shame because we did not have the courage or conviction.  Let us not be guilty of neglect. They will look back at us with pride. Joni Mitchell reminds us of the true goal of the natural way; “Now they stood beside the treasure, on the mountain dark and red. Turned the stone and looked beneath it; PEACE ON EARTH was all it said.” One Tin Soldier

Video: GMO A Go Go!

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